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Polling Booth in Sorbhog Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sorbhog

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sorbhog Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
11307 No. Kahitama L.P. School 437Kahitama
2No 1561Anantadev L.P.School 544Anantadev
3826 No. Labdanguri L.P. School 477Labdanguri
4826 No. Labdanguri L.P. School 745Labdanguri
5328 No. Oxyguri L.P. School 884Oxyguri
6No.184 Mainamata L.P. School 782Mainamata
7127 No. Dakua L.P. School 869Dakua
8Madhya Kharija Bijni Bodo Me School 696Madhya Kharija Bijni Bodo
9184 No. Moinamata L.P. School 816Minamata
101343 No. Pachim Kajiamati L.P. School 536Pachim Kajiamati
111397 No. Dakhin Kajiamati L.P. School 906Dakhin Kajiamati
12788 No. Barapeta Muslimbasti L.P. School 1039Barapeta Muslimbasti
13874 No. Barapeta Hindubasti L.P. School 757Barapeta Hindubasti
14874 No. Barapeta Hindubasti L.P. School 444Barapeta Hindubasti
15921 No. Barapeta Nepalibasti L.P. School 888Barapeta Hindubasti
16921 No. Barapeta Nepalibasti L.P. School 1087Barapeta Hindubasti
171803 No Ganashakti L.P. School Barapeta Reserve 1026GanashaktiBarapeta Reserve
18Bagariguri Pathar M.E. Madrassa 822Bagariguri Pathar
19Bagariguri Pathar M.E. Madrassa 902Bagariguri Pathar
20783 No. Baguriguri L.P. School 1155Baguriguri
21783 No. Baguriguri L.P. School 475Baguriguri
22193 No. Sukrungbari L.P. School 302Sukrungbari
23Sukrungbari Pathar M.E.School 1019Sukrungbari Pathar
24781 No. Poragaon L.P.School 998Poragaon
25238 No. Bagidwara L.P.School 489Bagidwara
26238 No. Bagidwara L.P.School 588Bagidwara
27Bhatarmari L.P.School 580Bhatarmari
28Bhatarmari L.P.School 511Bhatarmari
29Uttar Burikhamar L.P.School 1043Uttar Burikhamar
30924 No. Tekaimari L.P.School 934Tekaimari
31924 No. Tekaimari L.P.School 302Tekaimari
32141 No. Suliakata L.P. School 530Suliakata
33141 No. Suliakata L.P. School 602Suliakata
34436 No. Kumuria L.P.School 720Kumuria
35793 No. Dotara L.P. School 550Dotara
361556 No Peragaon Pathar L.P.School 716Peragaon Pathar
37Kamargaon M.V.School 821Kamargaon
3882 No. Jamadarbari L.P.School 929Jamadarbari
391988 No. Kayasthagaon L.P. School 427Kayasthagaon
401056 No. Khudnabari Pathar L.P. School 757Jamadarbari
41Kamargaon M.V.School 351Kamargaon
42Kamargaon High School 623Kamargaon
43Kamargaon High School 629Kamargaon
44789 No. Khudnabari L.P.School 761Khudnabari
45789 No. Khudnabari L.P.School 790Khudnabari
461560 No. Narayanguri L.P. School 608Narayanguri
47636 No. Raghab Bill L.P. School 520Raghab Bill
481329 No. Barengabari L.P.School 827Barengabari
49628 No. Mayangpara Lp School 550Mayangpara
50628 No. Mayangpara Lp School 516Mayangpara
511260 No Ellengamari L.P.School 931Ellengamari
521260 No Ellengamari L.P.School 639Ellengamari
53825 No. Kuthrijhar L.P.School 842Kuthrijhar
54825 No. Kuthrijhar L.P.School 749Kuthrijhar
55Uttar Gobardhana High School 795Uttar Gobardhana
56Uttar Gobardhana High School 595Uttar Gobardhana
57Uttar Gobardhana M.E.Madrassa 334Uttar Gobardhana
581073 No. Kalbari L.P.School 856Kalbari
59449 No. Khagrabari L.P.School 828Khagrabari
60449 No. Khagrabari L.P.School 590Khagrabari
611438 No Simulbari L. P. School 103Simulbari
62875 No. Jengrengpara L.P.School 880Jengrengpara
63875 No. Jengrengpara L.P.School 663Jengrengpara
641105 No. Narasingbari L.P.School 826Narasingbari
651105 No. Narasingbari L.P.School 325Narasingbari
661054 No. Khusrabari L.P.School 889Khusrabari
67956 No. Kalpani L.P.School 847Kalpani
68956 No. Kalpani L.P.School 419Kalpani
69Gamariguri L.P.School 750Gamariguri
70Gamariguri L.P.School 694Gamariguri
71Gobardhana L.P. School 464Gobardhana
72Gobardhana High School 663Gobardhana
73Gobardhana High School 721Gobardhana
74710 No. Dalogaon L.P.School 759Dalogaon
75Nimua Bapuji M.E. School 562Nimua Bapuji
76Nimua Bapuji M.E. School 552Nimua Bapuji
77413 No. Matanga L.P.School 863Matanga
78195 No Bhakuamari L.P.School 741Bhakuamari
79Nabajagaran L.P. School 598Nabajagaran
80195 No Bhakuamari L.P.School 670Bhakuamari
81Kayemari L.P.School 439Kayemari
82Kayemari L.P.School 1071Kayemari
8380 No Chakouguri L.P.School 781Chakouguri
8480 No Chakouguri L.P.School 484Chakouguri
851440 No. Bunmaja L.P.School 874Bunmaja
86No. 1242 Dhekiajani L.P. School 421Dhekiajani
87822 No. Aikhari L.P.School 945Aikhari
88589 No. Bangshibari L.P.School 411Bangshibari
891096 No. Uttar Bangshibari L.P. School 748Uttar Bangshibari
90123 No. Safakamar L.P.School 938Safakamar
91Gobardhana Gir High School 802Gobardhana Gir
92892 No Katajhar Pathar L.P.School 1049Katajhar Pathar
93892 No Katajhar Pathar L.P.School 832Katajhar Pathar
94123 No. Safakamar L.P.School 771Safakamar
95Banikanta M.E. School 602Banikanta
96Banikanta M.E. School 654Banikanta
97No 313 Simlaguri Lp School 685Simlaguri
98No 313 Simlaguri L.P.School 848Simlaguri
99791 No. Bunmaja Pathar L.P.School 795Bunmaja Pathar
100791 No. Bunmaja Pathar L.P.School 644Bunmaja Pathar
101145 No Bilashipara L.P.School 806Bilashipara
102145 No Bilashipara L.P.School 768Bilashipara
1031139 No. Atagaon L.P.School 1007Atagaon
1041139 No. Atagaon L.P.School 555Atagaon
105182 No. Bajegaon Pathar L.P.School 801Bajegaon Pathar
106175 No. Dumoni L.P.School 828Dumoni
107175 No. Dumoni L.P.School 734Dumoni
1081192 No. Pubkhoirabai L.P.School 899Pubkhoirabai
1091192 No. Pubkhoirabai L.P.School 994Pubkhoirabai
110Dakshin Gobardhana G.P. Office 1098Dakshin Gobardhana
111Dakshin Gobardhana G.P. Office 1003Dakshin Gobardhana
112Binapani Sikshamandir Lp School 967Binapani Sikshamandir
113Binapani Sikshamandir Lp School 653Binapani Sikshamandir
114No. 827 Khoirabari L.P.School 676Khoirabari
115408 No. Moirajhar Pathar L.P.School 681Moirajhar Pathar
116408 No. Moirajhar Pathar L.P.School 611Moirajhar Pathar
117179 No. Baragua L.P.School 1120Baragua
118179 No. Baragua L.P.School 1033Baragua
119576 No. Jakhalibilor Pathar L.P.School 1196Jakhalibilor Pathar
120Dukhuni Bala L.P.School 774Dukhuni Bala
121Dukhuni Bala L.P.School 972Dukhuni Bala
1221564 No. Manipur Bidya Mandir L.P.School 1028Manipur Bidya Mandir
1231564 No. Manipur Bidya Mandir L.P.School 724Manipur Bidya Mandir
124Manipur Vidyamandir M.E. School 557Manipur Vidyamandir
125Kanailal M.E.School 996Kanailal
126Kanailal M.E.School 652Kanailal
127Kanailal L.P. School 512Kanailal
128712 No. Athiyabari Rajatram L.P.School 962Athiyabari Rajatram
129Gyanada Sanskrit Satuspad School 800
130712 No. Athiyabari Rajatram L.P.School 764Athiyabari Rajatram
131Subarnalata L.P.School 921Subarnalata
132Subarnalata L.P.School 771Subarnalata
133Uttar Barpeta Road M.E.School 699Uttar Barpeta Road
134Uttar Barpeta Road M.E.School 878Uttar Barpeta Road
135Gobardhana Dev. Block (Tathaya Kendra) 681Gobardhana Dev. Block (Tathaya Kendra)
136Gobardhana Dev. Block (Tathaya Kendra) 845Gobardhana Dev. Block (Tathaya Kendra)
137Gobardhana Dev. Block (Tathaya Kendra) 841Gobardhana Dev. Block (Tathaya Kendra)
138Gobardhana Dev. Block Office 931Gobardhana Dev
139Gobardhana Dev. Block Office 554Gobardhana Dev
140827 No. Khairabari Lp School 710Khairabari
141Sajani Kanta High School 647Sajani Kanta
142Sajani Kanta High School 656Sajani Kanta
144Sajani Kanta High School 549Sajani Kanta
145Kalahbhanga M. E. School 1017Kalahbhanga
146Kalahbhanga M. E. School 701Kalahbhanga
147Kalahbhanga Lp School 649Kalahbhanga
148Kalahbhanga M. E. School 1107Kalahbhanga
149Kalahbhanga M. E. School 641Kalahbhanga
150Kalahbhanga High School 649Kalahbhanga
151Dr. Kandarpa Kr Das Memorial Gir High School 773
152Dr. Kandarpa Kr. Das Memorial Gir High School 535
153Gopinath Bardoloi High School 931Gopinath Bardoloi
154Gyanada Sanskrit Satuspad School 596
155Gopinath Bardoloi High School 809Gopinath Bardoloi
156Gopinath Bardoloi High School 710Gopinath Bardoloi
157Gopinath Bardoloi High School720Gopinath Bardoloi
158Dakshin Barpeta Road Prak Parthamik L.P. School 730Dakshin Barpeta Road Prak
159Dakshin Barpeta Road Prak Parthamik L.P. School 708Dakshin Barpeta Road Prak
160Fatemabad T.E. L. P. School 432Fatemabad T.E.
161Fatemabad T.E. L. P. School 335Fatemabad T.E.
162636 No. Raghab Bill L.P. School 489Raghab Bill
163Bishnujyoti High School 682Bishnujyoti
164Bishnujyoti High School 735Bishnujyoti
165Duramari Balika L. P. School 569Duramari Balika
166Duramari Balika L. P. School 542Duramari Balika
167Uttar Barnagar High School 768Uttar Barnagar
1681825 No. Sukanjani L.P. School 644Sukanjani
169Sahapur L. P. School 1021Sahapur
1701576 Sahapur L. P. School 1115Sahapur
1711297 No. Chengelia L. P. School 829Chengelia
1721297 No. Chengelia L. P. School 915Chengelia
173821 No. Nichuka L. P. School 1189Nichuka
174821 No. Nichuka L. P. School 752Nichuka
1751366 No. Madhya Nichuka L. P. School 788Madhya Nichuka
1761366 No. Madhya Nichuka L. P. School 945Madhya Nichuka
177422 No Kalahbhanga Vidyapara L. P. School 671Kalahbhanga Vidyapara
178422 No Kalahbhanga Vidyapara L. P. School 622Kalahbhanga Vidyapara
1791563 No. Dakhin Kalahbhanga L.P. School 1092Dakhin Kalahbhanga
180No.996 Sorbhog Bhagirath Lp School 1007Sorbhog Bhagirath
181231 No. Niz Damaka L. P. School 923Niz Damaka
1821487 No. Uttar Balarvitha L.P. School 998Uttar Balarvitha
183910 No. Bhaluki Balarvitha L.P. School 651Bhaluki Balarvitha
184Nabajagaran M.E. School 876Nabajagaran
185Nabajagaran M.E. School 920Nabajagaran
186Sorbhog Raiay Colony High School 742Sorbhog Raiay Colony
187Sorbhog Raiay Colony High School 663Sorbhog Raiay Colony
188Barnagar Juroram Pathak H.S. School 815
189Barnagar Juroram Pathak H.S. School 1018
190No.1824 Sorbhog Town L.P. School 685Sorbhog Town
191Juroram Pathak H.S. School 391Juroram Pathak
19271 No. Rampur L. P. School 603Rampur
193686 No. Boirapur Noontola L. P. School 549Boirapur ontola
194686 No. Boirapur Noontola L. P. School 631Boirapur ontola
1951184 No. Pachim Bhalukadoba L.P. School 851Pachim Bhalukadoba
196Pachim Barnagar High School 429Pachim Barnagar
197911 No. Kalbari L. P. School 1087Kalbari
198262 No. Dahalapara L. P. School 707Dahalapara
1991058 No. Kismat Dwarika L.P. School 901Kismat Dwarika
200334 No. Kalitapara L. P.School 986Kalitapara
2011166 No. Gellepara L.P. School 665Gellepara
20245 No. Uttar Ganakgari L. P. School 735Uttar Ganakgari
203Uttar Ganakgari L. P. School 656Uttar Ganakgari
204271 No. Bhaluki Salmara L. P. School 998Bhaluki Salmara
205271 No. Bhaluki Salmara L. P. School 1022Bhaluki Salmara
206373 No. Raipur L. P. School 708Raipur
207373 No. Raipur L. P. School 718Raipur
208709 No. Joshihati L. P. School 1100Joshihati
209480 No. Amguri L. P. School 855Amguri
210158 No. Dakshin Ganakgari L. P. School 678Dakshin Ganakgari
211158 No. Dakshin Ganakgari L. P. School 618Dakshin Ganakgari
212192 No. Baregaon L. P. School 666Baregaon
213192 No. Baregaon L. P. School 669Baregaon
214156 No. Feurakhuwa L. P. School 562Feurakhuwa
215156 No. Feurakhuwa L. P. School 602Feurakhuwa
21633 No. Bherbheri L. P. School 727Bherbheri
217Dakshin Bherbheri L. P. School 907Dakshin Bherbheri
2181021 No. Chakabaushi L. P. School 452Chakabaushi
2191021 No Chakabaushi Lp School 530Chakabaushi
220119 No. Meda L.P. School 922Meda
2211092 No. Meda L.P. School 730Meda
222Bagulamari L. P. School 746Bagulamari
223160 No. Balapet L. P. School 530Balapet
224160 No. Balapet L. P. School 566Balapet
225Chandamari L. P. School 811Chandamari

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