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Polling Booth in Sootea Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sootea

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sootea Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Sonitpur Krishipam Office1040Sonitpur
2Sonitpur Krishipam Office 613Sonitpur
3Bhalukpung L.P. School 634Bhalukpung
40/0 The Sonitpur Krishipam 881Sonitpur
5Chatai L.P. School 966Chatai
6Chatai L.P. School 503Chatai
7Dharikati L.P. School 1088Dharikati
8Gamani L.P. School 858Gamani
9Araligaon Govt. L.P. School 918Araligaon
10Rikamari L.P. School 815Rikamari
11Rikamari L.P. School 504Rikamari
12Chengalimari M.V. School 823Chengalimari
13Amloga Pathar M.E. School (Bodo) 825Amloga Pathar
14Phulaguri L.P. School 881Phulaguri
15Chengalimari L.P. School 1019Chengalimari
16Nonke Bakola Jr. Basic School (Near Er. Gate) 1193Nonke Bakola
17Nonke Bakola Jr. Basic School (Near Cotton Mill) 1140Nonke Bakola
18Sonaimiri L.P. School 1071Sonaimiri
19Sonainepali L.P. School 967Sonainepali
20Lokra Dafala L.P. School 870Lokra Dafala
21Assam Cotton Mill L.P. School 250?
22Assam Cotton Mill L.P. School 533?
23Lokra Dafala L.P. School 1208Lokra Dafala
24Lokra Dafala L.P. School 956Lokra Dafala
25Burhagaon Govt. L.P. School 951Burhagaon
26Burhagaon Govt. L.P. School 1078Burhagaon
27Molanpukhuri L.P. School 888Molanpukhuri
28Gormora L.P. School 599Gormora
29Gormora L.P. School 626Gormora
30Chariduar L.P. School 660Chariduar
31Chariduar L.P. School 721Chariduar
32Koloni T.E. Staff Club 919Koloni
33Koloni T.E. L.P. School 502Koloni
34Koloni T.E. L.P. School 631Koloni
35Bagijuli M.E. School 939Bagijuli
36Bagijuli L.P. School 758Bagijuli
37Bagijuli L.P. School 608Bagijuli
381 No. Jogibil Venture L.P. School 608Jogibil Venture
391 No. Jogibil Venture L.P. School 475Jogibil Venture
40Urahiloga Govt L.P. School 691Urahiloga
41Urahiloga Govt L.P. School 863Urahiloga
42Amloga Venture L.P. School 831Amloga Venture
432 No. Marisuti L.P. School 655Marisuti
442 No.Bordikarai L.P. School 655Bordikarai
451 No. Bordikarai L.P. School 669Bordikarai
461 No. Bordikarai L.P. School 646Bordikarai
47Pubchiloni Pam L.P. School800Pubchiloni Pam
481No.Marisuti Jr. Basic School538Marisuti
491No.Marisuti Jr. Basic School526Marisuti
501 No.Marisuti Jr. Basic School 586Marisuti
511 No. Balijuri L. P. School 537Balijuri
521 No. Balijuri L. P. School 816Balijuri
532 No.Balijuri L.P. School 766Balijuri
542 No.Balijuri L.P. School 499Balijuri
55Batamari L.P. School 618Batamari
56Batamari L.P. School 367Batamari
57Hatingabari M.E. School 879Hatingabari
58Randupam L.P. School 798Randupam
59Rangachakua High School 601Rangachakua
60Rangachakua High School 540Rangachakua
61Agripam L.P. School 814Agripam
62Agripam L.P. School 819Agripam
63Gorbil L.P. School 564Gorbil
64Gorbil L.P. School 591Gorbil
65Naharbari L.P. School 541Naharbari
66Naharbari L.P. School 556Naharbari
67Naharbari L.P. School 771Naharbari
68Uttar Jamuguri High School 566Uttar Jamuguri
69Uttar Jamuguri High School 476Uttar Jamuguri
70Nabil L.P. School 566Nabil
71Nabil L.P. School 515Nabil
72Towbhanga L.P. School 810Towbhanga
73Tupia Pachgaon L.P. School 719Tupia Pachgaon
74Tupia Pachgaon L.P. School 745Tupia Pachgaon
75Bakola M.V. School 839Bakola
76Murhadol L.P. School 944Murhadol
77Mazgaon L.P. School 945Mazgaon
78Bagabil L.P. School 825Bagabil
79Chamdhara Panigaon L.P. School 354Chamdhara Panigaon
80Chamdhara Panigaon L.P. School 627Chamdhara Panigaon
81Dighal.P.Ata L.P. School 897Dighal.P.Ata
82Gorge Gir School 944Gorge Gir
83Solaguri Jr. Basic School 856Solaguri
84Nandikeswar Jr. Basic School 569Nandikeswar
85Nandikeswar Jr. Basic School 438Nandikeswar
86Ghiladharia L.P. School 585Ghiladharia
87Dekachuk L.P. School 760Dekachuk
88Nizchilabandha Jr. Basic School879Nizchilabandha
89Tarun Puthibharal 725?
90Gotaimati Jr. Basic School 761Gotaimati
91Gotaimati Jr. Basic School 810Gotaimati
92Pachigaon L.P. School 907Pachigaon
93Hakama L.P. School 709Hakama
94Panpur L.P. School 680Panpur
95Batiamari Bhairabi L.P. School 766Batiamari Bhairabi
96Sitalmari Jr. Basic School 516Sitalmari
97Sitalmari Jr. Basic School 481Sitalmari
98Sitalmari Jr. Basic School 522Sitalmari
99Pachim Jamuguri L.P. School 587Pachim Jamuguri
100Khadaichuk L.P. School 725Khadaichuk
101Chutiam L.P. School 668Chutiam
102Chutiam L.P. School 660Chutiam
103Basudeo L.P. School 788Basudeo
104Basudeo L.P. School 711Basudeo
105Gamiripal Jr. Basic School 668Gamiripal
106Gamiripal Jr. Basic School 476Gamiripal
107Karchantola L.P. School 657Karchantola
108Karchantola L.P. School 588Karchantola
109Karchantola M.E. School 623Karchantola
110Karchantola M.E. School 749Karchantola
111Diptola L.P. School 839Diptola
112Diptola L.P. School 413Diptola
1141 No. Pubbarbhagia Jr. Basic SchoolN.APubbarbhagia
115Gamiripal M.E. School 885Gamiripal
116Jamuguri Gir L.P. School 663Jamuguri Gir
117Jamuguri Gir L.P. School 611Jamuguri Gir
118Pasgaon Saru Bhagia L.P. School 529Pasgaon Saru Bhagia
119Pasgaon Saru Bhagia L.P. School 681Pasgaon Saru Bhagia
120Jamuguri Model School 966Jamuguri
121Jamuguri Model School 587Jamuguri
122Jamuguri Model School 697Jamuguri
123Binapani L.P. School 634Binapani
124Salaguri L.P. School 647Salaguri
125Dhekari L.P. School 986Dhekari
126Dhobakata L.P. School 882Dhobakata
127Choibari L.P. School 513Choibari
128Choibari L.P. School 509Choibari
129Itakhola L.P. School 884Itakhola
130Itakhola L.P. School 753Itakhola
131Itakhola L.P. School 453Itakhola
132Dekorai H.S. School 866Dekorai
133Dekorai H.S. School 557Dekorai
134Dekorai H.S. School 620Dekorai
135Sadai Borah Govt. Basic School 920Sadai Borah
136Sadai Borah Govt. Basic School 605Sadai Borah
137Monai Bagan L.P. School 475Monai Bagan
138Joypur L.P. School 637Joypur
139Joypur L.P. School 681Joypur
140Joisidhi M.E. School 661Joisidhi
141Joisidhi M.E. School 570Joisidhi
142Swarang High School 533Swarang
143Swarang High School 416Swarang
144Swarang M.E. School 900Swarang
145Swarang M.E. School 208Swarang
146Anthaibari Bodo L.P. School 566Anthaibari Bodo
147Anthaibari Bodo L.P. School 557Anthaibari Bodo
148Nonke Balijuri L.P. School 702Nonke Balijuri
149Nonke Balijuri L.P. School 522Nonke Balijuri
150North Balijuri L.P. School 532Nonke Balijuri
151North Balijuri L.P. School 634Nonke Balijuri
152Balijuri Kailashipur L.P. School 511Balijuri Kailashipur
153Balijuri Kailashipur L.P. School 524Balijuri Kailashipur
154Tezal.P.Atti L.P. School 313Tezal.P.Atti
155Joypur High School. 481Joypur
156Joypur High School. 488Joypur
157Hatinga T.E. L.P. School 683Hatinga T.E.
158Hatinga T.E. L.P. School. 645Hatinga T.E.
159Uttar Balijuri L.P. School 427Uttar Balijuri
160Nonke Chengamari L.P. School 734Nonke Chengamari
161Chengamari L.P. School 559Chengamari
162Dikarai T.E L.P. School Main Building 552Dikarai T.E
163Dikarai T.E L.P. School Main Building 570Dikarai T.E
164Dikarai T.E Staff Club Ghar 581Dikarai T.E
165Dikarai T.E L.P. School Second Building 540Dikarai T.E
166Chengamari High School 662Chengamari
167Chengamari High School 543Chengamari
168Anil Bora L.P. School 735Anil Bora
169Anil Bora L.P. School 609Anil Bora
170Nehru Smriti L.P. School 585Nehru Smriti
171Deplunga T.E. Labour Club 497Deplunga T.E.
172Deplunga T.E. Labour Club 719Deplunga T.E.
173Salal Sonari Jr. Basic School 683Salal Sonari
174Pathak Kuri Govt. Jr. Basic School 726Pathak Kuri
175Pathak Kuri Govt. Jr. Basic School 547Pathak Kuri
176Nag Sankar High School 654Nag Sankar
177Nag Sankar High School 641Nag Sankar
178Niznagsankar L.P. School 761Niznagsankar
179Chamardoloni M.E. School 730Chamardoloni
180Chamardoloni M.E. School 728Chamardoloni
181Chamardoloni M.E. School 784Chamardoloni
182Karatigaon L.P. School 432Karatigaon
183Pahuchuwa L.P. School 908Pahuchuwa
184Bahuwabari L.P. School 529Bahuwabari
185Solalgaon L.P. School 501Solalgaon
186Solalgaon L.P. School 474Solalgaon
187Sootea Gir M.V. School 846Sootea Gir
188Batiamari Bhairabi L.P. School 845Batiamari Bhairabi
189Ojuli Rangagora Rupnath Brahma L.P. School 531Ojuli Rangagora Rupnath Brahma
190Ojuli Rangagora Rupnath Brahma L.P. School469Ojuli Rangagora Rupnath Brahma
191No.1 Nal Ghagari L.P. School 721No.1 Nal Ghagari
192Dafalabil L.P. School 704Dafalabil
193West Nal Ghgari L.P. School 453West Nal Ghgari
194Pambasti Forest School 548Pambasti
195Pambasti Forest School 313Pambasti
196Pubkoilajuli Venture L.P. School553Pubkoilajuli Venture
197Dapdapi Rongpur L.P. School (Bodo) 454Dapdapi Rongpur(Bodo)
198Dapdapi Rongpur L.P. School 849Dapdapi Rongpur(Bodo)
199Pachim Mansiri Bodo L.P. School 816Pachim Mansiri Bodo
200Gaojengbil L.P. School 842Gaojengbil
201Geruajuli Venture L.P. School 867Geruajuli Venture
202Geruajuli Venture L.P. School 709Geruajuli Venture
203Jogibil Venture L.P. School 667Jogibil Venture
204Jogibil Venture L.P. School 426Jogibil Venture
205No.3 Geruajuli Venture L.P. School 315No.3 Geruajuli Venture
206Lal Borahi M.E. School 849Lal Borahi
207Dapdapi Rongpur L.P. School 378Dapdapi Rongpur
208Pachim Koilajuli L.P. School 696Pachim Koilajuli
209Pachim Koilajuli L.P. School 814Pachim Koilajuli
210Amiopur L.P.School 418Amiopur
211Amiopur L.P.School 364Amiopur
212Kristianbasti Adaha L.P.School 603Kristianbasti Adaha

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