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Polling Booth in Sonai Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sonai

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sonai Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1980 Harintilla L.P. School 958Harintilla
21239 No. Harintila L.P. School 742Harintilla
3One Four Zero One No. Lalmati L.P. School 716Lalmati
4Lakhinarayan Madya Engarajee Bidyalaya1103Lakhinarayan
5Lakhinarayan Madya Engarajee Bidyalaya1147Lakhinarayan
6689 No. Madhutila L.P. School 597Madhutila
7Bhorakhai Bagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya951Bhorakhai Bagan
8Bhorakhai Bagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1061Bhorakhai Bagan
9Sdo Pwd Divisional Office (Medical College) 789
101310 No. New Ghungoor Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1258New Ghungoor
111105 No. Ghungoor Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya973Ghungoor
121105 No. Ghungoor Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya995Ghungoor
13Bhorakhai H.E. School1004Bhorakhai
14Bhorakhai H.E. School1077Bhorakhai
15Bhorakhai H.E. School792Bhorakhai
16117 No. Silkuri Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1153Silkuri
17117 No. Silkuri Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya956Silkuri
18117 No. Silkuri Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 725Silkuri
19Silkuri M.E.School 656Silkuri
20Dorgakona Bagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 733Dorgakona Bagan
21Dorgakona Bagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya532Dorgakona Bagan
22Chatla Janata Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya 1009Chatla
23Nutantila Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 686Nutantila
24Nutantila Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya517Nutantila
2566 No. Dharamkhal 'B' Class Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 909Dharamkhal
26Dharamkhal Chabagan Nachghar788Dharamkhal Chabagan
27294 No. Sildubi Vivekananda Pathasala 1147Sildubi
28Roy Saheb Nabakumar Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya634
29Roy Saheb Nabakumar Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya918
30292 No. M.E.Nipur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1187Nipur
31661 No. Khilacherra Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 957Khilacherra
32293 No. Dakhin Barik Nagar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1174Dakhin Barik Nagar
331400 No. Silcoorie 1No. Basti Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1153Silcoorie
34116 No. Saidpur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1200Saidpur
351279 No. Saidpur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 966Saidpur
36782 No. Saidpur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya810Saidpur
37782 No. Saidpur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1107Saidpur
38302 No. Saidpur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1076Saidpur
39302 No. Saidpur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1095Saidpur
40Two One Nine No. Dakhin Krishnapur Pratamik Vidyalaya774Dakhin Krishnapur
41Two One Nine No Dakhin Krishnapur Prathamik Bidyalaya541Dakhin Krishnapur
4293 No. Krishnapur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1206Krishnapur
43Durgapally L.P School 1077Durgapally
44556 No. Ghungoorpar Balika Bidyalaya1154Ghungoorpar
45556 No. Ghungoorpar Balika Bidyalaya910Ghungoorpar
46202 No. Sabashpur L.P. School.754Sabashpur
4747 202 No. Sabashpur L.P. School. 733Sabashpur
48365 No. Uttar Krishnapur Parthamik Bidyalaya740Uttar Krishnapur
49365 No. Uttar Krishnapur Parthamik Bidyalaya952Uttar Krishnapur
50Aulia Tila Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1236Aulia Tila
51949 No. Uttar Krishnapur Tikar Parthamik Bidyalaya1182Uttar Krishnapur Tikar
52949 No. Uttar Krishnapur Tikar Parthamik Bidyalaya1053Uttar Krishnapur Tikar
53Uttar Krishnapur Anganwadi Kendra 836Uttar Krishnapur
54Yasin Choudhury Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya 1006
55490 No. Dhamalia Parthamik Bidyalaya827Dhamalia
56490 No. Dhamalia Parthamik Bidyalaya526Dhamalia
57Gangapur Sarkari Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya914Gangapur Sarkari
58Gangapur Sarkari Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya564Gangapur Sarkari
5997 No. Badripar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya786Badripar
6097 No. Badripar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya903Badripar
6197 No. Badripar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1193Badripar
62613 No. Badripar Hindi Pathsala 827Badripar
63516 No. Machpara Parthamik Bidyalaya 581Machpara
64516 No. Machpara Parthamik Bidyalaya713Machpara
6599 No. Neirgram Parthamik Bidyalaya 1155Neirgram
66667 No. Nazir Ali Pathsala1292
67Neirgram Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya 748Neirgram
68667 No. Nazir Ali Pathsala926
69667 No. Nazir Ali Pathsala 488
70Bagpur Uccha Engrajee Bidyalaya 631Bagpur
71326 No. Bagpur Maktab 1241Bagpur
72274 No. Jhanjarbali Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 841Jhanjarbali
73976 No. Uttar Jhanjarbali Parthamik Bidyalaya 803Uttar Jhanjarbali
74472 No. Satkarakandi Parthamik Bidyalaya 1192Satkarakandi
75960 No. Satkarakandi Parthamik Bidyalaya 1067Satkarakandi
76121 No. Dhanehari Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1130Dhanehari
77463 No. Madhya Dhanehari Parthamik Bidyalaya 754Madhya Dhanehari
78Moinul Hoque Choudhury Uccatar Madyamik Bidyalaya968Moinul
79Moinul Hoque Choudhury Uccatar Madyamik Bidyalaya1035Moinul
80465No. Tasaddar Ali Mazumder Nimna Pratamik Vidyalaya770Tasaddar
81465No Tasaddar Ali Mazumder Prathamik Bidyalaya 483Tasaddar
82422 No. Dhanehari Parthamik Bidyalaya 1271Dhanehari
831556 No. Dhanehari Parthamik Bidyalaya 1112Dhanehari
84818 No. Dhanehari Nawaraj Parthamik Bidyalaya 998Dhanehari Nawaraj
851461 No. Dhanipur Lamargram L.P School 956Dhanipur Lamargram
86308 No. Dhanipur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 952Dhanipur
87471 No. Majhirgram Parthamik Bidyalaya 1098Majhirgram
88Mahakuma Parishad Tundurkandi Parthamik Bidyalaya 891Mahakuma Parishad Tundurkandi
89Sonai Nitya Gopal Ucchatara Bidyalaya860
90Sonai Nitya Gopal Ucchatara Bidyalaya594
91Sonai Nitya Gopal Ucchatara Bidyalaya 983
92Shivtila Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1157
93Shivtila Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya774
94M.C Das College 613
95469 No. Kazidahar Parthamik Bidyalaya1012Kazidahar
96469 No. Kazidahar Parthamik Bidyalaya1010Kazidahar
97Rupmia Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya784Rupmia
98Rupmia Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya834Rupmia
99126 No. Uttar Boaljur Parthamik Bidyalaya 1148Uttar Boaljur
100206 No. Dakhin Boaljur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1106Dakhin Boaljur
1011314 No. Salepur Parthamik Bidyalaya 632Salepur
102862 No. Berabak Parthamik Bidyalaya 1071Berabak
103205 No. Berabak Parthamik Bidyalaya 1030Berabak
104134 No. Chandpur Parthamik Bidyalaya 1128Chandpur
105Jharagul Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 811Jharagul
106Netaji Prathamik Bidyalaya 719
107133 No. Nagdirgram Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya759Nagdirgram
108133 No. Nagdirgram Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya816Nagdirgram
109Swarnalakhi Ucchatara Bidyalaya1057
110Swarnalakhi Ucchatara Bidyalaya939
111Lakhicharan Uccha Engrajee Bidyalaya 693
112Lakhicharan Uccha Engrajee Bidyalaya 695
113115 No. Dulal Roy Parthamik Bidyalaya 747
114115 No. Dulal Roy Parthamik Bidyalaya649
115145 No. Bekirpar Parthamik Bidyalaya917Bekirpar
116145 No. Bekirpar Parthamik Bidyalaya767Bekirpar
117487 No. Dakhin Bekirpar Parthamik Bidyalaya 963Bekirpar
118361 No. Nagdirgram Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 807Nagdirgram
119361 No. Nagdirgram Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 804Nagdirgram
120747 No. A.K. Azad Parthamik Bidyalaya 1232
121Nutan Kanchanpur Public Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya955Nutan Kanchanpur
122Nutan Kanchanpur Public Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya968Nutan Kanchanpur
123Dakhin Mohanpur Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya 1126Dakhin Mohanpur
124927 No. Dakhin Mohanpur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 908Dakhin Mohanpur
125460 No. Gorgoripar Parthamik Bidyalaya 932Gorgoripar
126458 No. Purba Gobinda Nagar Parthamik Bidyalaya 902Purba Gobinda Nagar
127124 No. Gobinda Nagar Parthamik Bidyalaya 760Gobinda Nagar
128874 No. Uttar Mohanpur Parthamik Bidyalaya840Uttar Mohanpur
129874 No. Uttar Mohanpur Parthamik Bidyalaya557Uttar Mohanpur
130455 No. Rangirghat Parthamik Bidyalaya 943Rangirghat
131122 No. Rangirghat Parthamik Bidyalaya 1152Rangirghat
132Chakoi Singh Manipuri Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya 832
133135 No. Nutan Ram Nagar Parthamik Bidyalaya817Nutan Ram Nagar
134135 No. Nutan Ram Nagar Parthamik Bidyalaya955Nutan Ram Nagar
135884 Nalgram L.P. School 1181Nalgram
136Gorerkandi Ahamdiya Madrassa 1122Gorerkandi
137315 No. Gorerkandi Maktab864Gorerkandi
138315 No. Gorerkandi Maktab752Gorerkandi
139478 No. Duburikandi Buniyadi Bidyalaya 712Duburikandi
140478 No. Duburikandi Buniyadi Bidyalaya554Duburikandi
141Swadhin Bazar Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya1183Swadhin Bazar
142Swadhin Bazar Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya1211Swadhin Bazar
143631 No. Bourikandi Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1183Bourikandi
144362 No. Dakhin Mohanpur Manipuri L.P. School 1040Dakhin Mohanpur Manipuri
145633 No. Boro Bouri Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 623Boro Bouri
146Ramdulal Roy High School 1110
147137 No. Kachudaram Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1026Kachudaram
148630 No. Kachudaram Parthamik Bidyalaya 678Kachudaram
149561 No. Kachudaram Parthamik Bidyalaya 918Kachudaram
150886 No. Dudpatil L.P.School 467Dudpatil
151160 No. Niz Dhanipur Parthamik Bidyalaya 874Dhanipur
152353 No. Kamalnath Parthamik Bidyalaya 843Kamalnath
153Bonraj Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya838Bonraj
154Bonraj Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya870Bonraj
155200 No. Choto Bouri Parthamik Bidyalaya 855Choto Bouri
156200 No. Choto Bouri Parthamik Bidyalaya579Choto Bouri
157Janata Madhya Engrajee Bidyalaya 774Janata Madhya
158144 No. Bidrohipar Parthamik Bidyalaya 1110Bidrohipar
159560 No. Sundari Parthamik Bidyalaya 964Sundari
160149 No. Sundari Parthamik Bidyalaya 899Sundari
161Bonraj Madhya Bongo Bidyalaya 1186Bonraj
162156 No. Tarapur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 687Tarapur Nimna
163156 No. Tarapur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya580Tarapur Nimna

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