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Polling Booth in Sipajhar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sipajhar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sipajhar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Shantipukhri L.P. School769Santipukhuri
2Shantipukhri L.P. School768Santipukhuri
3Gangapukhuri L.P. School 747Kotara
4Gangapukhuri L.P. School 661Kotara, Barakhat, Gangapukuri
5Niz Sarabari L.P. School 918NizSarabari
6Niz Sarabari L.P. School 641NizSarabari, Sakiapara
7Katahi L.P. School 891Katahi
8Chamatiapara L.P. School 745Samatiapara, Katahi
9Lathapara L.P. School 524Lathapara
10Lathapara L.P. School 601Naapara, Lathapara
11Pubnagaon L.P. School581Nagaon
12Pachimnagaon Gir L.P.School428Nagaon
13Baneikuchi Gir M.E. School 817Nagaon, Baneikuchi
14Barampur Hs School 845Sarabari Barampur, Nagaon
15Barampur Hs School 698NizBarampur, Mollapara
16Baneikuchi Mv School531Baneikuchi, Bairagipara
17Baneikuchi Mv School 772Baneikuchi, Ramgaon
18Burhinagar College 785Mohaliapara, Sanapatipara (Sentipukhuri)
19Burhinagar College 964Mohaliapara
20Potapukhuri L.P. School 463Potapukhuri
20Potapukhuri L.P. School 463Bareri
21Potapukhuri L.P. School 981Potapukhuri
22Athkuria L.P. School 913Athkuria, Ghilakuri
23Athkuria L.P. School 865Athkuria
24Deomornai Hss School 840Kharkhowapara, Deumornoi
25Lozora L.P. School508Lozora
26Lozora L.P. School 787Lozora, Hirapara
27Lengeriajhar Krishak Hs School512Kaoikaragaon, Hirapara
28Lengeriajhar Krishak Hs School 852Kaoikaragaon
31Pati Darrangl.P. School510Patidarrang
32Pati Darrangl.P. School801Patidarrang
33Rainakuchi L.P. Schoo 771Pipirakuci
34Rainakuchi L.P. School 645Ramraipara
35Patharighat L.P. School655Patharighat, Alikhapara
36Patharighat L.P. School 526Patharighat
37Chengapara L.P.School 511Sangegapara
38Chengapara L.P.School 773Sangegapara
39Niranchuba L.P. School713Niranchuba
40Niranchuba L.P. School 595Niranchuba
41Kenduguri L.P. School 718Goalpara
42Kenduguri L.P. School 939Goalpara
43No.1 Piparakuchi L.P. School 568Batabari, Pipirakuchi
44No.1 Piparakuchi L.P. School 739Pipirakuchi, Sengapara
45Barkumarpara L.P. School 964Barkumar Para
46Barkaliajhar L.P. School 538Barkaliajhar
47Barkaliajhar L.P. School 587Barkaliajhar
48Muslimghopa Boys L.P.S882Muslimghopa
49Muslimghopa Boys L.P.S 523Muslimghopa
50Muslimghopa Gir L.P. School 618Muslimghopa
51Turai L.P. School 924Ghorasal
52Turai L.P. School 716Ghorasal
540Aghmara L.P. School 595Ghopeli
55Bogachola L.P. School712Bagachala
56Bogachola L.P. School 632Bagachala, Naopota
56Bogachola L.P. School 632Durduria
57Amchakali L.P. School518Kenduguri
58Amchakali L.P. School 800Kenduguri
59Natun Haripur L.P. School 596Haripur
60No 510 Khatara Lp School 651Khasdipila, Khatara
61Khasdipila Banipriya Sanskrit Tol 733Khasdipila
62Nagaon Hirapara L.P.S 525Nagaon
63Nagaon Hirapara L.P.S549Nagaon
64Dagiapara L.P. School 900Dagiapara
65No 513 Kamargaon Lp School 1193Duni, Kumargaon
66Duni Gir M.E. School620Maharipara
67Duni Hs School 437Tengara
68Duni Hs School472Duni
69Duni Hs School 690Duni
70Gabhara Mv School653Ghavara
71Gabhara Mv School 699Ghavara
72Bheruadal L.P. School 973Bihaigaon, Bheruadal
73Bherua Me School 989Bheruagaon
74No.1 Kahitali L.P. School 883Kahitali
75No.1 Kahitali L.P. School 765Hussain Chuburi
76Mahtali L.P. School 516Barangabari, Bamunjhar
77Mahtali L.P. School 1001Barangabari, Bamunjhar
78Mahtali L.P. School 731Mahtali, Karaibari, Bamunjhar
79Barbari L.P. School704Barbari, Malibaritari, Jayapur
80Barbari L.P. School 503Barbari
81Bonmajha Mv School 584Borigaon
82Bonmajha Mv School 1022Hangalpara
83Salikajhar L.P. School870Salikajhar
84Salikajhar L.P. School794Salikajhar, Sonarisal
85Burha Hs School 890Burhagaon
86Burha Hs School 615Titkuchi
87Barpathar Jr.Basic School755Barpathar
88Barpathar Jr. Basic School696Barpathar, Padmajhar
89Burhadai Chapara L.P. School 946Balikuchi, Buradoi
90Burhadai Chapara L.P. School 890Burahdaichapara
91Bishnupur L.P. School 772Bishnupur, Naodinga
92Bishnupur L.P. School 859Bishnupur
93Haldha L.P. School 898Jayantipur, Malibaritari, Halda
94Haldha L.P. School 481Halda, Sakarmukh
95Haldha High School 670Halda, Moijali
96Bachachuba L.P. School 880Bachachuba
97Bachachuba L.P. School 593Dheki Para
98Gopal.P.Ur L.P. School 497Gopalpur
99Nabajanata L.P. School 530Gopalpur
100Gopal.P.Ur L.P. School 724Duari Para
101Janseva Mv School 833Khatikuchi
102Janseva Mv School 904Dhoka Para
103Byaspara Sevak Hs School 511Byas Para
104Byaspara Sevak Hs School 737Byas Para
105Byaspara Sevak Hs School 534Balipara
106Pachim Chuba L.P. School 651Pachim Chuba
107Nayakpara L.P. School 519Meta Para
108Nayakpara L.P. School 963Nayak Para
109Garaimari Burhagohain L.P.School 659Gharoa Sonapur
110Garaimari Burhagohain L.P.School 491Gharoa Sonapur
111Punia L.P. School 570Punia
112Patgirichuba L.P. School 685Patgirichuba
115Dumunichowki L.P. School628Dumunichoki
116Dumunichowki L.P. School 727Dumunichoki
117Marua Chowki L.P.School 849Maruwachoki
118Marua Chowki L.P. School 730Maruwa Choki
119Khandajan High School 696Khandijan
120Khandajan High School 493Kanidal, Narikali, Khandajan
121Singimari L.P. School 582Singmari
122Singimari L.P. School 534Singmari
123Singimari L.P. School 539Badiasisa
124Bijulibari L.P. School 967Bijulibari
125Bijulibari L.P. School 661Sutiakata
125Bijulibari L.P. School 661Bijulibari
126Maroi L.P. School 1031Maroi
127Maroi Bijulibari Hs School602Maroi
128Maroi Bijulibari High School588Maroi
129Maroi High Madrassa 684Maroi
130Maroi High Madrassa 685Maroi
131Sipajhar Mv School 1198Bhuktabari
132Sipajhar Mv School 1147Bhuktabari
133Sipajhar Accademy Hs School 907Bhuktabari
134Gobindadham L.P. School 692Bhuktabari
135Niz Sipajhar L.P. School 1038Nizsipajhar
136No.84 Jyoti L.P. School 746Satkhali, Hatimuriachuba
137No.144 Satkhali L.P.School556Nizsipajhar, Satkhali
138No.144 Satkhali L.P. School 591Nizsipajhar, Satkhali
139Dasotani L.P. School 949Dostany
140Rupahikash Borluhit Bhaban 468Rupahi
141Sanowa L.P. School600Sanowa
142Sanowa L.P. School576Sanowa
143Salmara L.P. School 909Salmara
144Salmara L.P. School 434Salmara
145Gakhirkhowa L.P. School 706Gakhirkhowa
146Ganeshkuwari Hs School 982Ganeshkuwari
147Ganeshkuwari Hs School 622Ganeshkuwari
148Ganeshkuwari Hs School 436Ganeshkuwari
149Kalitapara L.P. School 835Kalitapara
150Kalitapara L.P. School 424Kalitapara
151Kuruachapari L.P. School 647Kalitapara
152No.2 Suktaguri L.P. School 641Suktaguri
153Kuruachapari L.P. School 1009Suktaguri
154Dhalpur L.P. School 941Dhalpur
155Dhalpur L.P. School 782Dhalpur
156Janakalyan L.P. School 929
157Janakalyan L.P. School 1051
158Kirakara Kv Madrassa 684Kira Kara
159Kirakara Kv Madrassa 814Kira Kara
160Kirakara Bazar L.P. School 1424Kirakara Bazar
161Kirakara Bazar L.P.School1437Kirakara Bazar
162Khalihoi L.P. School 580Khalihoi
163Khalihoi L.P. School 620Khalihoi
164Khalihoi L.P. School 838Khalihoi
165Fuhuratali Janapriya L.P.School 914Phuhuratali
166Fuhuratali Janapriya L.P.School 840Phuhuratali
167Bajnapathar L.P. School 774Bajnapathar
168Bajnapathar L.P. School 602Bajnapathar
169Bhati Kurua L.P. School 473Bhati Kurua
170Bhati Kurua L.P. School 502Bhati Kurua
171Bhati Kurua Sishu Bidyalaya 677Bhati Kuruah
172Daxin Kurua Balika M.E.School 708Daxin Kurua
173Kurua Mv School673Kurua
174Kurua Mv School 670Kurua
175Rajapukhuri L.P. School 759Rajapukhuri, Solardol
176Rajapukhuri L.P. School 661Rajapukhuri
177Jhakuapara Nimna Buniyadi School 801Jhakuapara
178Jhakuapara Nimna Buniyadi School 815Jhakuapara
179Devananda L.P. School606Devananda
180Pithakhowa Janakalyan L.P.S514Pithakhowa
181Devananda L.P. School 540Devananda
182Pithakhowa Janakalyan L.P.S 535Pithakhowa
183Ghorabandha Boys L.P. School 991Ghorabandha
184Ghorabandha Gir L.P. School 970Ghorabandha
185B.J. Gir Hs School 1219B.J. Gir
186Ghopa Mv School 801Ghopa
187Bordoulguri L.P. School 955Bordoulguri
188Bordoulguri L.P. School 982Bordoulguri
189Barathiabari L.P. School 520Barathiabari
190Barathiabari L.P. School 894Barathiabari
191No.2 Bordoulguri L.P.School 574Bordoulguri
192Bordoulguri M.E. Madrassa 730Bordoulguri
193No.2 Bordoulguri L.P.S883Bordoulguri
194Hazarikapara Gandhismriti Bidyalya 1016Hazarikapara
195Nehurusmriti Gir School 606Nehurusmriti Gir
196Nehurusmriti Gir School 561Nehurusmriti Gir
197Doulguri L.P. School 995Doulguri
198Kacharijhar L.P. School 550Kacharijhar
199Kacharijhar L.P. School 549Kacharijhar

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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