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Polling Booth in Silchar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Silchar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Silchar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Hazi Abdul Matlib M.E. School1008Hazi Abdul Matlib
2Hazi Abdul Matlib M.E. School1043Hazi Abdul Matlib
31246 No.Tilain L.P. School 866Tilain
460 No. Topkhana Model L.P. School. 755Topkhana Model
5Sixty No Topkhana Model L.P. School550Topkhana Model
6Ram Nagar Buniyadi Bidyalaya 961Ram Nagar
7Ram Nagar Rampur M. E. School763Ram Nagar Rampur
8Ram Nagar Rampur M E School 520Ram Nagar Rampur
9Tarapur Madhya Banga Bidyalaya 1138Tarapur Madhya Banga
10Pecha Dahar Vety. Office1148Pecha Dahar
11Silchar Senior Madrassa Pecha Dahar924Silchar
121237 No. Ram Nagar Sishu Bidyalaya 745Ram Nagar
131237 No. Ram Nagar Sishu Bidyalaya636Ram Nagar
1478 No. Ram Nagar L.P. School 1187Ram Nagar
15684 No. Hazi Hamid Raja L.P.School Mazumder Bazar 1152Hazi Hamid Raja Mazumder Bazar
16Hazi Hamid Raja M.E. School1065Hazi Hamid Raja
17Hazi Hamid Raja M.E. School1116Hazi Hamid Raja
18335 No. Tarapur Pathsala 1173Tarapur
19257 No. Tarapur Assamese Primary School1264Tarapur Assamese
20257 No. Tarapur Assamese Primaryschool833Tarapur Assamese
21257 No. Tarapur Assamese Primary School 820Tarapur Assamese
22Surjya Kumaer M.E. School1108Surjya Kumaer
23Surjya Kumaer M.E. School1231Surjya Kumaer
24Surjya Kumaer High School1113Surjya Kumaer
25Surjya Kumaer High School724Surjya Kumaer
26Chiru Kandi L.P. School. 837Chiru Kandi
27Chiru Kandi L.P. School.539Chiru Kandi
28Netaji Memorial Institute 673
29Netaji Memorial Institute636
30919 No. Kabir Gram L.P. School796Kabir Gram
31919 No. Kabir Gram L.P. School984Kabir Gram
32919 No. Kabir Gram L.P. School 1044Kabir Gram
33Satsanga Topobon Nagar L.P. School1253Satsanga Topobon Nagar
34Satsanga Topobon Nagar L.P. School1297Satsanga Topobon Nagar
35381 No. Raghab Sing L.P. School1211Raghab Sing
36381 No. Raghab Sing L.P. School1120Raghab Sing
3783 No. Boaljur L.P. School 1233Boaljur
38Singari Nehru High School 906Singari Nehru
39Singari Nehru High School563Singari Nehru
40690 No. Boaljurmukh L.P. School 1021Boaljurmukh
41Chengkuri Bagan High School566Chengkuri Bagan
42Chengkuri Bagan High School1137Chengkuri Bagan
43565 No. Natun Kanchanpur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 716Natun Kanchanpur
44951 No. Nutan Kanchanpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1054Nutan Kanchanpur
45Budhurail M.E. School 1198Budhurail
4691 No. Rengti Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya706Rengti
4791 No. Rengti Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya592Rengti
481028 No. 6Th Assam Police Battalion L.P. School 675
49Chandrapur Basic School867Chandrapur
50Chandrapur Basic School689Chandrapur
5192 No. Arun Kumar Chanda L.P. School986
5292 No. Arun Kumar Chanda L.P. School923
5392 No. Arun Kumar Chanda L.P. School 1209
5492 No. Arun Kumar Chanda L.P. School 690
55795 Panchghori L.P. School 964Panchghori
56Silchar Polytechnic1086Silchar
57Silchar Polytechnic1247Silchar
58252 No. Ambikapur Pathsala916Ambikapur
59Swaraswati Bidyaniketan852
60Swaraswati Bidyaniketan1200
61Swaraswati Bidyaniketan818
62Swaraswati Bidyaniketan Room No Four 841
63252 No. Ambikapur Pathsala869Ambikapur
64252 No. Ambikapur Pathsala 1081Ambikapur
65252 No. Ambikapur Pathsala 954Ambikapur
66B. T. College1032?
67Ram Krishna Bidya Mandir1088?
68Ram Krishna Bidya Mandir1182?
69B. T. College917?
70B. T. College 873?
71B. T. College 500?
721047 No. Sri Palli Bidya Mandirnimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1113?
731047 No. Sri Pally Bidya Mandirnimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1235?
741047 No. Sri Pally Bidya Mandirnimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 880?
75Sub Divisional Agriculture Engineering Office 905?
76Sub Divisional Agriculture Engineering Office 713?
77Hazi Khudeja Choudhury M.E. School 786?
78Iswar Chandra Bidyasagar 554?
79Iswar Chandra Bidyasagar 962?
80Bhagini Nibedita Gir H.E. School1161?
81Bhagini Nibedita Gir H.E. School877?
82678 No. Krishna Charan Pathsala1091?
83678 No. Krishna Charan Pathsala972?
84678 No. Krishna Charan Pathsala 1001?
85Gharbaran Amarchand Premodamoyee M.E.School 794?
86Gharbaran Amarchand Premodamoyee M.E.School 1008?
87693 No. Abul Kalam Azad Pathsala1050?
88693 No. Abul Kalam Azad Pathsala1239?
89693 No. Abul Kalam Azad Pathsala 1195?
90Shiv Colony L.P. School1079Shiv Colony
91Shiv Colony L.P. School952Shiv Colony
92Shiv Colony L.P. School 1265Shiv Colony
93Shiv Colony Anganwadi Centre 586Shiv Colony
94Kendriya Vidyalaya 925?
95Gurucharan College833Cachar
96Gurucharan College 1263Cachar
97Gurucharan College 1284Cachar
98Gurucharan College 1103Cachar
99Gurucharan College 1155Cachar
100585 No. Tikar Basti L.P. School. 766Tikar Basti
101Adhar Chand Higher Secondary School1140?
102Adhar Chand Higher Secondary School990?
103Adhar Chand Higher Secondary School 1042?
104Durga Shandar Pathsala398?
105Niranjan Paul Institute966?
106Niranjan Paul Institute1213?
107Durga Shankar Pathsala1007?
108Chotolal Seth Institute1362?
109Chotolal Seth Institute737?
110Kulada Sundari Pathsala1397?
111Kulada Sundari Pathsala711?
112Kulada Sundari Pathsala 435?
113Adhar Chand Higher Secondary School 1041?
114Biseshwar Pathsala 392?
115Silchar Collegiate School 890Silchar Collegiate
116Tarapur Gir M.E. School 556Tarapur Gir
117Chaitannya Nagar L.P. School539Chaitannya Nagar
118Chaitannya Nagar L.P. School1152Chaitannya Nagar
119Shyamacharan Dev Bidyapith502?
120Shyamacharan Dev Bidyapith759?
121Shyamacharan Dev Bidyapith 863?
122A. K. Chanda Law College772?
123A. K. Chanda Law College944?
124A. K. Chanda Law College 602?
125Normal School662?
126Normal School1005?
127Nityamoyee Balika Bidyalaya859?
128Nityamoyee Balika Bidyalaya851?
129Nityamoyee Balika Bidyalaya 729?
130Kendriya Vidyalaya774?
131Kendriya Vidyalaya1022?
132Kendriya Vidyalaya 996?
133Swami Vivekananda Bahumukhi Vidyalaya891?
134Swami Vivekananda Bahumukhividyalaya847?
135Swami Vivekananda Bahumukhi Vidyalaya 1042?
136Swami Vivekananda Bahumukhi Vidyalaya 658?
137Bir Tikendrajeet M.E. School934?
138Bir Tikendrajeet M.E. School1187?
139Malugram Balika Uccha Engrajee Bidyalaya741?
140Malugram Balika Uccha Engrajee Bidyalaya493?
141Devi Prasad Basic School883?
142Devi Prasad Basic School670?
143Radha Romon Goswami High School 1130?
144Radha Romon Goswami M.E. School 988?
145Ghaniala Basic School800?
146Ghaniala Basic School516?
147Panchanan Shivbar Sishusadan Pathsala991Panchanan Shivbar
148Panchanan Shivbar Sishusadan Pathsala874Panchanan Shivbar
149Cachar High School351Cachar
150Cachar High School1025Cachar
151Cachar High School 845Cachar
152Cachar High School 708Cachar
153Joy Kumar Balika Bidyalaya1111?
154Joy Kumar Balika Vidyalaya1094?
155Abhoya Charan Bhattacharjee Pathsala 1069?
156Nuing Higher Secondary School389Nuing
157Nuing Higher Secondary School508Nuing
158Govt H.S. School (Boys) Bigyan Bhivag204?
159Govt H.S. School (Boys) Bigyan Bhivag518?
160Govt. H.S. School (Boys) Main Building936?
161Govt. H.S. School (Boys) Main Building877?
162Govt. H.S. School (Boys) Main Building1112?
163Govt. H.S. School (Boys) Main Building969?
164Chotolal Hindi Primary School337?
165Chotolal Hindi Primary School678?
166Hazi Keramat Ulla Pathsala515?
167Hazi Keramat Ulla Pathsala1061?
168Sanjay Gandhi Primary School 151?
169Lalita Das Balika Bidyalaya949?
170Lalita Das Balika Bidyalaya771?
171Lalita Das Balika Bidyalaya 844?
172Lalita Das Balika Bidyalaya 696?
173Nazir Patty Model Pathsala835Nazir Patty
174Nazir Patty Model Pathsala626Nazir Patty
175Nazir Patty Model Pathsala 829Nazir Patty
176Bipin Das L.P. School902?
177Bipin Das L.P. School1077?
178Bipin Das L.P. School 538?
179Radha Madhab Balika Bidyalaya540?
180Radha Madhab Balika Bidyalaya658?
181Public Ucchatara Madyamik Bidyalaya1099?
182Public Ucchatara Madyamik Bidyalaya1018?
183Deputy Director Veterinary Office950?
184Deputy Director Veterinary Office534?
185Deputy Director Veterinary Office 935?
186Deputy Director Veterinary Office 633?
187Radha Madhab Govt L.P. School766?
188Radha Madhab Govt. L.P. School982?
189Radha Madhab Govt. L.P. School841?
190Radha Madhab Govt. L.P.School 978?
191Tarani Mohan Das Laskar Academy1151?
192Tarani Mohan Das Laskar Academy798?
193Tarani Mohan Das Laskar Academy 1199?
194Tarani Mohan Das Laskar Academy 549?
195Holly Cross School575?
196Holly Cross School830?
197Radhamadhab College 1219?
198864 No. Kanakpur Primaryschool 776Kanakpur
199707 No. Anjab Ali Pathsala 1141?
20090 No. Kanakpur Primary School754Kanakpur
20190 No. Kanakpur Primary School679Kanakpur
202Noor Khatun Balika Bidyalaya 1140Khatun
203Zila Silpa Kendra1299?
204Zila Silpa Kendra1427?
205Zila Silpa Kendra 1142?
206Zila Silpa Kendra 1044?
207Madhurbond Gir M.E. Madrassa738Madhurbond Gir
208Madhurbond Gir M.E. Madrassa514Madhurbond Gir
209Fatema Laskar L.P. School729Fatema Laskar
210Fatema Laskar L.P. School554Fatema Laskar
211325 Madhurbond Maktab 1030Madhurbond Maktab
212325 Madhurbond Maktab1091Madhurbond Maktab
213325 Madhurbond Maktab945Madhurbond Maktab
214Hem Lochan Sr. Basic School771Hem Lochan
215Hem Lochan Sr. Basic School957Hem Lochan
216Berenga Mazumder Pathsala 1009Berenga
217Hazi Abdul Matlib Pathsala879Hazi Abdul
218Hazi Abdul Matlib Pathsala650Hazi Abdul
219236 No. Baghadahar Primary School805Baghadahar
220236 No. Baghadahar Primary School478Baghadahar
221981 No. Baghadahar Primary School 1177Baghadahar
222Betukandi Basic School1035Betukandi
223Betukandi Basic School911Betukandi
224451 No. Borjurai Maktab 640Borjurai Maktab
225447 No. Sangjurai Primary School 758Sangjurai

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