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Polling Booth in Sidli Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sidli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sidli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1730 No. Hatisar L.P. School 1027Hatisar
2730 No.Hatisar L.P. School New Building 566Hatisar
3730 No.Hatisar L.P. School956Hatisar
4730 No.Hatisar L.P. School New Building 546Hatisar
5730 No.Hatisar L.P. School 1128Hatisar
6966 Malivita Bidya Kunja L.P. School 790Malivita Bidya Kunja
7971Sobhapur L.P. School712Sobhapur
8966 Malivita Bidya Kunja L.P. School 504Malivita Bidya Kunja
9836 No. Malivita L.P. School794Malivita
10836 No. Malivita L.P. School733Malivita
11Simalguri L.P. School 441Simalguri
12695 No. Amtekatanga L.P. School619Amtekatanga
13Amteka M.E. School 329Amteka
14Amteka Tanga (Amlaiguri) L.P. School 783Amteka Tanga (Amlaiguri)
15Oxiguri L.P. School 1069Oxiguri
16Oxiguri L.P. School 420Oxiguri
17Dakhin Amteka L.P. School 226Dakhin Amteka
18965 Amteka Chaya Kunja L.P. School1066Amteka Chaya Kunja
19965 Amteka Chaya Kunja L.P. School652Amteka Chaya Kunja
20749 Anadabazar L.P. School 818Anadabazar
21410 No. Nijlaguri L.P. School 762Nijlaguri
22Deosri L.P. School 956Deosri
23Deosri M.E. School (Private Egs Ssa) 260Deosri (Private Egs Ssa)
24Santipur Forest High School1130Santipur Forest
25Santipur Forest High School578Santipur Forest
26Simlaguri Forest L.P. School 1051Simlaguri Forest
27Simlaguri Forest L.P. School 161Simlaguri Forest
28Samudousa L.P. School 1033Samudousa
29Taraibari L.P. School 939Taraibari
30Khunggring M.E. School 472Khunggring
31Dakhingaon L.P. School 773Dakhingaon
32Khunggring M.E. School 671Khunggring
33793 No. Khagrabari Bangaon L.P. School 807Khagrabari Bangaon
34701Birinchiguri L.P. School489Birinchiguri
35Molandubi L.P. School 443Molandubi
36525 Hatidura L.P. School 562Hatidura
37525 Hatidura L.P. School 655Hatidura
38Ashrabari L.P. School 545Ashrabari
39Balajhar Salbari M.E. School 896Balajhar Salbari
40234 Salbari L.P. School 405Salbari
41Uttar Thaikadoisa L.P. School 871Uttar Thaikadoisa
42234 Salbari L.P. School384Salbari
43Thukrajhar High School 798Thukrajhar
44Thukrajhar High School 894Thukrajhar
45551 Patabari L.P. School 687Patabari
46Patabari Krishnapur L.P. School 479Patabari Krishnapur
47977 Sishubari L.P. School743Sishubari
48Lakhipur L.P. School 1070Lakhipur
49977Sishubari L.P. School 417Sishubari
50807 Patabari L.P. School 568Patabari
51973 Sapkata Primary School 813Sapkata
52Koilamoila Bazar L.P. School500Koilamoila Bazar
53973 Sapkata Primary School 361Sapkata
54970Choudhurypara L.P. School377Choudhurypara
55Thaigirguri L.P. School 487Thaigirguri
56972 Uttar Koilamoila L.P. School804Uttar Koilamoila
57549Uttar Gendrabil L.P. School843Uttar Gendrabil
58502 Patabari L.P. School 919Patabari
59174Parbatijhora L.P. School657Parbatijhora
60791 Kherdanga L.P. School 776Kherdanga
61315 Bhurpar L.P. School 695Bhurpar
62315 Bhurpar L.P. School 799Bhurpar
63Salbari Bhurpar L.P. School 753Salbari Bhurpar
64488 Thaikajhora L.P. School 844Thaikajhora
65488 Thaikajhora L.P. School 261Thaikajhora
66310Ranipur L.P. School 589Ranipur
67310Ranipur L.P. School600Ranipur
68615Balapara Jb School392Balapara
69Deolguri L.P. School 490Deolguri
70Deolguri L.P. School 588Deolguri
71Bengtol Joseph School 518Bengtol
72Bengtol Joseph School 879Bengtol
73Bengtol Joseph School 748Bengtol
74Ouguri M.E. School 510Ouguri
75Ouguri M.E. School 473Ouguri
76Bengtol M.V. School 864Bengtol
77Serfanguri L.P. School 695Serfanguri
78Serfanguri L.P. School568Serfanguri
79Bengtol M.V. School464Bengtol
80Vikrampur L.P. School 753Vikrampur
81212 Oxiguri L.P. School 530Oxiguri
82406 Amguri J.B. School 589Amguri
83406 Amguri J.B. School 553Amguri
84406 Amguri J.B. School 970Amguri
85613 Khungkrajhora L.P. School 600Khungkrajhora
86Rangijhora L.P. School 438Rangijhora
87Ashrabari M.V. School 608Ashrabari
88Ashrabari L.P. School 700Ashrabari
89Ashrabari M.V. School 550Ashrabari
90Goingpara L.P. School 833Goingpara
91Runikhata M.E. School 721Runikhata
92Runikhata Jb School 493Runikhata
93Runikhata M.E. School 514Runikhata
94Runikhata Jb School 770Runikhata
95418 Madhyam Dakhungaon L.P. School 731Madhyam Dakhungaon
96North Runikhata L.P. School 884North Runikhata
97945 Bashbari L.P. School 671Bashbari
98945 Bashbari L.P. School 595Bashbari
99Duttapur L.P. School 579Duttapur
100Duttapur L.P. School 536Duttapur
101Garlabari L.P. School 738Garlabari
10251Isalakhata L.P. School323salakhata
103Kahibari L.P. School 437Kahibari
1041146 No. Chandpur L.P. School 338Chandpur
105427 Dorogaon L.P. School 550Dorogaon
106427 Dorogaon L.P. School 568Dorogaon
107427 Nagdorbari L.P. School 404Nagdorbari
108830 No. Uttar Nagdorbari L.P. School 594Uttar Nagdorbari
109369 Anthaibari L.P. School 817Anthaibari
110980Salbari L.P. School394Salbari
111Subhaijhar M.E. School 831Subhaijhar
112Subhaijhar M.E. School 673Subhaijhar
113213 Chotto Nilibari L.P. School 863Chotto Nilibari
114Dababil L.P. School 492Dababil
115No. 571 Saragaon L.P. School 500Saragaon
116421 Pachim Joypur L.P. School 1056Pachim Joypur
117685Paniagaon L.P. School701Paniagaon
118612 Kaliyagaon L.P. School 930Kaliyagaon
11964 Bhabanipur L.P. School 491Bhabanipur
120979 Nangalbhanga L.P. School 892Nangalbhanga
121979 Nangalbhanga L.P. School 1033Nangalbhanga
122984 Manikpur L.P. School 551Manikpur
123538 Ladanguri L.P. School 1019Ladanguri
124614 No. Gobdapara L.P. School 685Gobdapara
125614 Gobdapara L.P. School 770Gobdapara
126No. 981 Durgapur L.P. School 356Durgapur
127Garubhasa M.E. School 964Garubhasa
128Garubhasa High School 696Garubhasa
129366 Lauripara L.P. School 540Lauripara
130Garubhasa L.P. School 380Garubhasa
131366 Laoripara L.P. School540Laoripara
132120 Shyamthaibari L.P. School 740Shyamthaibari
133120 Shyamthaibari L.P. School 645Shyamthaibari
134Bamungaon L.P. School 762Bamungaon
135Bamungaon L.P. School492Bamungaon
136201 Kumguri L.P. School 873Kumguri
1371167 No. Dhupguri L.P. School 909Dhupguri
138950 No. Thunkubari L.P. School 469 Thunkubari
139950 Thunkubari L.P. School 232Thunkubari
140105 Dangshibari L.P. School 722Dangshibari
141Garlabari L.P. School 410Garlabari
142746 Dotoraguri L.P. School 632Dotoraguri
143350 Tangabari L.P. School 1004Tangabari
144350 Tangabari L.P. School 772Tangabari
14535Dangaigaon L.P. School714Dangaigaon
14664 Deborgaon L.P. School 558 Deborgaon
14764 Deborgaon L.P. School 773Deborgaon
148Pub Hashrabari L.P. School 608Pub Hashrabari
149Pub Hashrabari L.P. School 833Pub Hashrabari
150Pub Hashrabari L.P. School 1071Pub Hashrabari
151Bhiranagaon M.E. School 701Bhiranagaon
152Bhiranagaon M.E. School621Bhiranagaon
153Bhiranagaon M.E. School749Bhiranagaon
154572 No. Chatiborgaon L.P. School846Chatiborgaon
155Chatipur M.E. School 863Chatipur
156572 No. Chatiborgaon L.P. School761Chatiborgaon
157Chatiborgaon L.P. School 1253Chatiborgaon
158279 Mojabari L.P. School 794Mojabari
1591144 No. Chotto Mojabari L.P. School 327Chotto Mojabari
160Deolguri L.P. School 665Deolguri
161181 No. Simlaguri L.P. School 890Simlaguri
162181 Simlaguri L.P. School 817Simlaguri
163207 Madhya Kauniabhasa L.P. School 1060Madhya Kauniabhasa
164207 No. Madhya Kauniabhasa L.P. School 617Madhya Kauniabhasa
165Nalbari L.P. School 419Nalbari
166183 Sakati L.P. School 678Sakati
167Taktara L.P. School 874Taktara
168Taktara L.P. School 607Taktara
169Kashikotra High School 572Kashikotra
170Kashikotra High School 576Kashikotra
171Kashikotra High School 806Kashikotra
17297 Sidli Nimna Buniadi School 1012Sidli
17397 Sidli Nimna Buniadi School 758Sidli
174446 Kolobari L.P. School 498Kolobari
175No. 225 Angkorbari L.P.School 790Angkorbari
176186 Bilashpur L.P. School 820Bilashpur
177186 Bilashpur L.P. School 821Bilashpur
178193 Duligaon L.P. School 418Duligaon
179Krishnapur L.P. School 683Krishnapur
180193 Duligaon L.P. School 630Duligaon
181198 Pakhriguri L.P. School 649Pakhriguri
182198 Pakhriguri L.P. School 771Pakhriguri
183655 Nehalgaon L.P. School 943Nehalgaon
184655 Nehalgaon L.P. School 518Nehalgaon
185756 Kathalpara L.P. School 912Kathalpara
186756 Kathalpara L.P. School 834Kathalpara
18717 No. Choutaki L.P. School 608Choutaki
188Latagaon L.P. School 800Latagaon
189Pub Dakra Jaregaon L.P. School 1016Pub Dakra Jaregaon
190No. 2 Harigaon L.P. School 578Harigaon
191437 Kuhakati L.P. School 1052Kuhakati
192437 Kuhakati L.P. School 602Kuhakati
19384 Fulguri L.P. School 918Fulguri
19484 Fulguri L.P. School 583Fulguri
195669 Thuribari L.P. School 615Thuribari
196669 Thuribari L.P. School 890Thuribari
197669 Thuribari L.P. School 710Thuribari
198Basugaon Netaji Bidya Niketan 1042Basugaon
199Basugaon Netaji Bidya Niketan 1203Basugaon
200Basugaon Netaji Bidya Niketan 407Basugaon
201Basugaon H.S. School 870Basugaon
202Basugaon H.S. School 762Basugaon
203Basugaon H.S. School 636Basugaon
204248 Basugaon Town J.B. School 1020Basugaon Town
205248 Basugaon Town J.B. School 1053Basugaon Town
206821 Ramkrishna Ashram L.P. School 1129Ramkrishna Ashram
207821 Ramkrishna Ashram L.P. School 475Ramkrishna Ashram
208821 Ramkrishna Ashram L.P. School 766Ramkrishna Ashram
209Bhutiapara M.E. School 770Bhutiapara
210516 Choutaki L.P. School 454Choutaki
211Benibari L.P.School 349Benibari
212Choutaki Moktar School 741Choutaki
213Pankijhora L.P.School 1020Pankijhora
214165 Dologaon L.P. School 493Dologaon
215Fukagaon Satvendi L.P. School 547Fukagaon Satvendi
216165 Dologaon L.P. School 1040Dologaon
217Salakati M.E. School 1005Salakati
218Salakati M.E. School 1068Salakati
219472 Salakati L.P. School 374Salakati
220Kathalguri L.P.School 419Kathalguri
221Salakati Btpm M.E. School 663Salakati Btpm
222Rajadhop L.P. School 867Rajadhop
223Nandaguri L.P.School 1031Nandaguri
224512 Dholmara Nayachara L.P. School 940Dholmara Nayachara
225512 Dholmara Nayachara L.P. School 626Dholmara Nayachara
226114 Baragarh L.P. School 946Baragarh
227425Charaikhola L.P. School 654Charaikhola
228425Charaikhola L.P. School933Charaikhola
229514 Kathalguri L.P. School 675Kathalguri
230514 Kathalguri L.P. School 397Kathalguri
231514 Kathalguri L.P. School 737Kathalguri
232Dholmara M.V. School 957Dholmara
233Dholmara M.V. School 672Dholmara
234Dholmara High School (Venture) 539Dholmara
235Dharmapur L.P. School 573Dharmapur
236Manikpur L.P. School 311Manikpur
237Deosree Temporary Relief Camp 1055Deosree
238Deosree Temporary Relief Camp 389Deosree
239Runikhata High School 529Runikhata
240Santipur M.E. School 257Santipur
241425 Choraikhola L.P. School58Choraikhola

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