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Polling Booth in Sibsagar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sibsagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sibsagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1502. No Jenganikatia Gir L.P School 686Jenganikatia Gir
2Adaha Sishu Bhaban 1050Adaha Sishu Bhaban
3502. No Jenganikatia Gir L.P School720Jenganikatia Gir
4Dhaiali Boys L.P School North593Dhaiali North
5Dhaiali Boys L.P School683Dhaiali
6Dhaiali Gir M.E School 937Dhaiali
7Dhaiali Gir M.E School713Dhaiali
8Komarphodia L.P School 683Komarphodia
9Komarphodia L.P School708Komarphodia
10Arjunguri L.P School653Arjunguri
11Arjunguri L.P School 858Arjunguri
12Thanamukh L.P. School673Thanamukh
13Urban Water Supply And Sewage Board Site Camp Sivasagar 673Sivasagar
14Thanamukh L.P School 778Thanamukh
15Thanamukh L.P School 409Thanamukh
163. No Gir L.P School 385Gir
173. No Gir L.P School 786Gir
183. No Gir L.P School 795Gir
193. No Gir L.P School1048Gir
201. No Town L.P School 774
21Sivasagar Govt. M.V. School 677Sivasagar
22Sivasagar Govt. M.V. School 801Sivasagar
23Sivasagar Bezboruah H.S School 574Sivasagar Bezboruah
24Sivasagar Bezboruah H.S School948Sivasagar Bezboruah
25Sivasagar Bezboruah H.S School664Sivasagar Bezboruah
26Kaliprashad Memorialhall 946Kaliprashad Memorialhall
27Kaliprashad Memorialhall 678Kaliprashad Memorialhall
282. No Town Primaryschool 698
30Phukan Nagar L.P School 1072Phukan Nagar
31Municipality Office 767
32Municipality Office 561
33Zilla Parishad Sivasagar 683Sivasagar
34O.N.G.C. Staff Club 734
35O.N.G.C. Staff Club 756
36Reginol Training Institute Ongc Sivasagar 836Sivasagar
37O.N.G.C. L.P.School 399
38O.N.G.C. L.P School319
39O.N.G.C. L.P School 260
40Polytechnical Highschool 932
41Polytechnical High School 763
42Polytechnical High School 835
43Thanuram Gogoi Memorialh.S. School 933Thanuram Gogoi
44Thanuram Gogoi Memorialh.S. School 919Thanuram Gogoi
45Thanuram Gogoi Memorialh.S. School 1125Thanuram Gogoi
46405 No Alimur Buniadi Bidyalaya1124Alimur Buniadi
47405. No Alimur Buniadi Bidyalaya 626Alimur Buniadi
48Dorikapar Namtial Pather Anwanwadi Centre405 Alimur Buniadi Bidyalaya Campus613Dorikapar
49Rangpur M.E. School604Rangpur
50Rangpur M.E. School749Rangpur
51Rudrasagar L.P School978Rudrasagar
52Rudrasagar L.P Schooouth548Rudrasagar
53M.E.Teka L.P School877Teka
54Meteka L.P School298Meteka
551. No Amguri L.P School 672Amguri
561 No Amguri L.P School603Amguri
57Rangput Balika M.E. School682Rangput Balika
58Rangput Balika M.E. School 756Rangput Balika
59Sankerdev Sishu Niketanold Law College Campus Sivasagar913Sankerdev
60Rangpur Gir High School596Rangpur Gir
61Rangpur Gir High Scholl485Rangpur Gir
62446Hatikosh L.P. School698Hatikosh
63446Hatikosh L.P. School716Hatikosh
64Dhulia Gaon L.P School 729Dhulia Gaon
65Dhulia Gaon L.P School 739Dhulia Gaon
66Rupahi High School 340Rupahi
67Rupahi High School 510Rupahi
68208 No Mothadang L.P School 755Mothadang
69Bangaon M.E School 743Bangaon
70Bangaon M.E School 632Bangaon
71Rupahikinar L.P School 1049Rupahikinar
722. No Bhatiapar L.P School 870Bhatiapar
73438. No Deojan Metekapothar L.P.School954Deojan Metekapothar
74438. No Deojan Metekapothar L.P.School310Deojan Metekapothar
753. No Bogidol L.P School 720Bogidol
76Bogidol M.E School569Bogidol
77Bogidol M.E School696Bogidol
78Halaguri High School 791Halaguri
79Sunderpur L.P. School 390Sunderpur
80Sunderpur L.P. School 154Sunderpur
816 No Halaguri Abhoikhona Bidalaya637Halaguri Abhoikhona
826 No Halaguri Abhoikhona Bidalaya565Halaguri Abhoikhona
83Barpatra M.V School617Barpatra
84Barpatra M.V School591Barpatra
85Gayen Gaon L.P School 667Gayen Gaon
86Gayen Gaon L.P School 690Gayen Gaon
87Mogorahat M.E School 869Mogorahat
88Mogorahat M.E School 1100Mogorahat
89Mogorahat High School School 239Mogorahat
90Pabhojan L.P School1012Pabhojan
91Pabhojan L.P School South263Pabhojan South
92910. No Longkak Primaryschool 631Longkak
9356. No Longkak L.P School 1046Longkak
94Dhekeri Gaon L.P School541Dhekeri Gaon
95Dhekeri Gaon L.P School579Dhekeri Gaon
96943. No Jathipatia L.P School 1050Jathipatia
97Chetia Boys L.P School 766Chetia
98Hahchara M.V School 937Hahchara
99Hukatiali L.P School 870Hukatiali
100Singhadwar L.P School 443Singhadwar
101Singhadwar L.P School855Singhadwar
102Bahgarh Chariali L.P. School 608Bahgarh Chariali
103Cherakapar High School558Cherakapar
104Cherekapar High School626Cherekapar
105Cherekepar L.P School 919Cherekepar
106Cherekepar L.P School743Cherekepar
107Dilihi Dhaiali High School671Dilihi Dhaiali
108Dilihi Dhaiali High School 918Dilihi Dhaiali
109Jayrapar M.V School 872Jayrapar
110Akhaiphutia Sishukalyan L.P School 938Akhaiphutia Sishukalyan
111171. No Kardaiguri M.V School577Kardaiguri
112171 No Kordoiguri M.V School561Kordoiguri
113Betbari Alimur Gyanuday M.E School 742Betbari Alimur Gyanuday
114Betbari Gyanuday High School 568Betbari Gyanuday
115Betbari Alimur Gyanuday M.E School845Betbari Alimur Gyanuday
116Sukan Pukhuri High School 840Sukan Pukhuri
117Sukan Pukhuri High School786Sukan Pukhuri
118Desang Sukan Pukhuri Mv School 700Desang Sukan Pukhuri
119Luthuri Chetia L.P School 1092Luthuri Chetia
120Betbari Higher Secondary School 577Betbari
121Betbari Higher Secondary School 594Betbari
122Da Gaon L.P School818Da Gaon
123268. No Tamulipukhuri L.P School 459Tamulipukhuri
124411. No Betbari Gir School 582Betbari Gir
12545 No Anganwadi Centre Icds 532
126411. No Betbari Gir School 596Betbari Gir
127Nimaijan L.P School 832Nimaijan
128Bhadhara Krishipam L.P School752Bhadhara Krishipam
129154. No Changelibaril.P School512Changelibari
130154. Nochengelibari L.P School 792Nochengelibari
131Maut Moupia L.P School 745Maut Moupia
132Darika Habi Parghat M.V School712Darika Habi Parghat
133Darika Habi Parghat M.V School526Darika Habi Parghat
134Kakojan L.P School 1112Kakojan
135Kakojan L.P School 702Kakojan
136660. No Majbari L.P School753Majbari
137660. No Majbari L.P School622Majbari
138Afala High School 644Afala
139Afala High School 1095Afala
140Disangmukh Basic School 946Disangmukh
141Disangmukh Basic School944Disangmukh
142Lepai Gaon L.P School521Lepai Gaon
143Lepaigaon L.P School690Lepaigaon
144183. No Betena Model L.P School 952Betena Model
145Tantipathar L.P School 250Tantipathar
146Uriamguri Me School 576Uriamguri
147Guskata L.P School 788Guskata
148Bheselimari L.P School 202Bheselimari
149Sungia L.P School 838Sungia
150Kunwarpur High School 770Kunwarpur
151Kunwarpur High School626Kunwarpur
152Karigaon Balika M.E. School 748Karigaon Balika
153Garkukh L.P School 650Garkukh
154Choulkora L.P School 949Choulkora
155Choulkra L.P School 725Choulkra
156Sastriji High School980Sastriji
157Sashtriji High School707Sastriji
158Patrachetia L.P School 754Patrachetia
159Patrachetia L.P School 555Patrachetia
160Dhopabaria Sishu Kalyan L.P School 505Dhopabaria
161Dhopabaria Lp School 701Dhopabaria
16254. No Dighaldariali Gir L.P School 1107Dighaldariali Gir
163Dimowmukh Miri L.P School 938Dimowmukh Miri
164177. No Akhaiphutia L.P School1038Akhaiphutia
165177. No Akhaiphutia L.P School 554Akhaiphutia
166Dilihi Dhaiali M.V School 1075Dilihi Dhaiali
167332. No Dhuliahabi L.P School 924Dhuliahabi
168Na Gaon Bagalhabi L.P School819Na Gaon Bagalhabi
169Kathpar L.P School 590Kathpar
170Kukurapohia L.P. School 615Kukurapohia
171Kathpar L.P School733Kathpar
172Konwarpur Gir M.E School 984Konwarpur Gir
173Konwarpur Gir M.E School 1043Konwarpur Gir
174Na Katani High School889Na Katani
175Na Katani High School669Na Katani

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