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Polling Booth in Sarupathar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sarupathar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sarupathar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Moinapara M.E. School 1119Moinapara
2Kurukagaon L.P. School 919Kurukagaon
3Kurukagaon L.P. School 908Kurukagaon
4No.1 Thuramukh L. P. School 769Thuramukh
5No.1 Thuramukh L.P. School 446Thuramukh
6Dhuliagaon L.P. School 823Dhuliagaon
7Dhuliagaon L P School 863Dhuliagaon
8Sarorgaon L.P. School 845Sarorgaon
9Habigaon L.P. School 662Habigaon
10Patkotia L.P. School 968Patkotia
11Morongi Dinanath High School 788Morongi Dinanath
12Telia Gaon L.P. School 1025Telia Gaon
13Jathipotia L. P. School 403Jathipotia
14Jathipotia L. P. School 904Jathipotia
15Udayan Te L.P. School 1173Udayan Te
16Dholaguri Bagan Club 856Dholaguri Bagan
17Kathani Bagan L.P. School 336Kathani Bagan
18Balijan L.P.School 1030Balijan
19Pura Jangle L.P.School 1164Pura Jangle
20Fallangani Nabajyoti L. P. School 614Fallangani Nabajyoti
21Fallangani Nabajyoti L. P. School 715Fallangani Nabajyoti
22Falangani Project L.P.School 1111Falangani Project
23Falangani Adhaa L.P.School 1024Falangani Adhaa
24Naharbari Bagan Office 455Naharbari Bagan
25No. 1 Konwani Pathar L. P. School 610Konwani Pathar
26No. 1 Konwani Pathar L. P. School 564Konwani Pathar
27Balijan Konwani L P School 868Balijan Konwani
28Murphulani Bagan L.P.School 659Murphulani Bagan
29Murphulani Bagan Club 1196Murphulani Bagan
30Asomi M.E.School 477Asomi
31Puranimati L.P.School 914Puranimati
32Barmasundari M.V.School 902Barmasundari
33No.1 Murphulani Gaon L.P.School 776Murphulani Gaon
34Chatianapathar L. P. School 667Chatianapathar
35Chatianapathar L. P School 678Chatianapathar
36Balijan N.C. L.P.School 714Balijan
37Rongajan Bagan L.P.School 758Rongajan Bagan
38Rongajan Bagan M.E..School1048Rongajan Bagan
39Soriakhat L.P.School 683Soriakhat
40Rangajan Bagan M.E. School 790Rangajan Bagan
41No.3 Ultajan T.E. L.P. School 832Ultajan
42Thurajan T.E. L.P. School 1098Thurajan
43Thurajan M.E. School769Thurajan
44Thurajan M.E. School 925Thurajan
45Bogidhola L.P.School 1181Bogidhola
46Gobindapur Bagan L.P. School 818Gobindapur Bagan
47Bhelowguri L.P. School 840Bhelowguri
48Bokial High School 758Bokial
49Bokial High School 934Bokial
50No.1 Buragohainkhat L.P. School 706Buragohainkhat
51Bokial Gaon L.P. School 906Bokial Gaon
52Bokial Te Jr. Basic School628Bokial
53Bokial Te Jr. Basic School 809Bokial
54Chophala Tea Estate Club 844Chophala
55Napam M E School 441Napam
56No.2 Chophala Grant L.P. School 473Chophala Grant
57Naharchala L.P. School 452Naharchala
58Chophala Bagan L.P. School 517Chophala Bagan
59Doigrungh Bagan Jr. Basic School 755Doigrungh Bagan
60Doigrungh Bagan Jr.. Basic School 781Doigrungh Bagan
61Diogurung Te Jr. Basic School 849Diogurung
62Morongi Bagan L.P. School 688Morongi Bagan
63Morongi Bagan L.P. School 682Morongi Bagan
64Letekujan Te L.P. School976Letekujan
65Letekujan Te L.P. School938Letekujan
66Doigurung L P School 1096Doigurung
67Doigurung L P School 1142Doigurung
68Ponka Sr. Basic School 915Ponka
69Ponka Sr. Basic School 928Ponka
70Rajabari M.E. School 701Rajabari
71Rajabari Letekujan High School 801Rajabari Letekujan
72Rajabari Letekujan High School 863Rajabari Letekujan
73Ponka Grant Bishnupur L. P. School 671Ponka Grant Bishnupur
74Ponka Grant Bishnupur L. P. School 546Ponka Grant Bishnupur
75Ponka Rupram Hazarika High School 803Ponka Rupram Hazarika
76No.1 Rongbongpathar L.P. School 766Rongbongpathar
77Naharjan L.P. School 748Naharjan
78No. 4 Rong Bong Pathar L.P. School 816Rong Bong Pathar
79No.2 Borholla L.P. School 744Borholla
80Huihingpathar L.P. School 885Huihingpathar
81Kekuri Janajati M.E. School 584Kekuri Janajati
82Naharkhona L P School 890Naharkhona
83Kekuri Janajati M.E. School 1042Kekuri Janajati
84Khakanguri L.P. School 683Khakanguri
85Nimati Panchghoria L.P. School 971Nimati Panchghoria
86Nimati Panchghoria L.P. School 629Nimati Panchghoria
87Herheri L.P. School 433Herheri
88Tamuligaon Sr. Basic School 838Tamuligaon
89Pabhajan Bosapathar L.P. School 610Pabhajan Bosapathar
90Pabhajan Bosapathar L.P. School 712Pabhajan Bosapathar
91Ratanpur L.P. School 931Ratanpur
92Tengani L.P. School 914Tengani
93Tengani Ahatguri M.E. School 441Tengani Ahatguri
94Dapathar Mv School729Dapathar
95Dapathar Mv School1183Dapathar
96Saru Pabhajan Miri L.P. School 1054Saru Pabhajan Miri
97Chakali Hindi L.P. School 556Chakali
98Baramukhira L.P. School 978Baramukhira
99Baramukhira L.P. School 1036Baramukhira
100Jorhotia Sisu Kalyan L.P. School617Jorhotia Sisu Kalyan
101Jorhotia Sisu Kalyan L.P.School 777Jorhotia Sisu Kalyan
102Dubarani L.P.School 435Dubarani
103Tengani Alichiga L.P.School 407Tengani Alichiga
104Simaluchapari L. P. School 726Simaluchapari
105Simaluchapari L. P. School 569Simaluchapari
106Digholipathar Matikhola L.P. School856Digholipathar Matikhola
107Digholiholla L.P. School 745Digholiholla
108Digholipathar Matikhola L.P. School914Digholipathar Matikhola
109Borpathar High School 755Borpathar
110Borpathar High School 819Borpathar
111Borpathar Hindi M.E. School 790Borpathar
112Matikhula Jr.Basic School1126Matikhula
113Matikhula Jr.Basic School1150Matikhula
114M.C. Dev M. E School 834M.C. Dev
115M.C. Dev L.P. School 790M.C. Dev
116M.C.Dev.M.E.School 1059M.C.Dev.
117M.C.Dev.M.E.School 714M.C.Dev.
118Kordoiguri M.E.School 836Kordoiguri
119Sewaguri M.V.School 1117Sewaguri
120Na Karanga L.P. School862Na Karanga
121Jaljori L.P. School 742Jaljori
122Upper Langtha L.P.School 1092Upper Langtha
123Gelabil L. P. School 1138Gelabil
124Gelabil L. P. School 660Gelabil
125Gelabil L P School 661Gelabil
126Bordubi L.P.School 410Bordubi
127Langtha L.P. School 734Langtha
128Langtha L P School 536Langtha
129Gorh Bosti L.P. School 989Gorh Bosti
130No. 1 Premhora L.P. School 1053Premhora
131Binapani M.E. School 366Binapani
132Moran Bosti L.P. School 966Moran Bosti
133Lotajuri L.P.School 607Lotajuri
134No2 Premhora L.P. School818Premhora
135No2 Premhora L.P. School1053Premhora
136No3 Tengaholla L .P. School646Tengaholla
137No3 Tengaholla L. P. School661Tengaholla
138Borbali M.E. School 1161Borbali
139Tengrajan L.P. School 794Tengrajan
140Tengrajan M.E. School 698Tengrajan
141Ikorani Jr. Basic School 1009Ikorani
142Kachamari L.P. School 465Kachamari
143Bimala Prasad L.P. School 824Bimala Prasad
144Gondhakoroi M.E.School 744Gondhakoroi
145No. 3 Sarupathar L. P. School 578Sarupathar
146No. 3 Sarupathar L. P. School 651Sarupathar
147Rupjyoti L.P. School 807Rupjyoti
148No. 2 Baraghoria L.P. School 722Baraghoria
149No.1 Padumoni Jr. Basic School 699Padumoni
151Padumoni M. E. School 738Padumoni
152Padumoni M. E. School 718Padumoni
153No2 Podumoni L.P.School941Podumoni
154Kalibari M.E.School1095Kalibari
155Kalibari M.E.School977Kalibari
156Naharani L.P. School 859Naharani
157Naharani L.P. School 818Naharani
158Sarupathar Town Jr. Basic School 1015Sarupathar Town
159Sarupathar Town Jr. Basic School 747Sarupathar Town
160No. 4 Sarupathar L.P. School 755Sarupathar
161Sarupathar Hindi M.E.School897Sarupathar
162Sarupathar Hindi M.E.School 839Sarupathar
163Nagajori Khanikar L.P. School 723Nagajori Khanikar
164Panjan Parghat M.E. School 782Panjan Parghat
165Nogajori Khanikar L.P.School 703Nogajori Khanikar
166Nalanipathar L.P. School 885Nalanipathar
167Panjan L.P. School 1126Panjan
168Indreswar Bora Betoni M.E. School 1117Indreswar Bora Betoni
169Indreswar Bora Betoni M.E. School 277Indreswar Bora Betoni
170Sankardev L.P. School 1109Sankardev
171Sankardev L.P. School1156Sankardev
172No.2 Sarupathar L.P. School789Sarupathar
173Swahid Kushal Konwar M.E. School 704Swahid Kushal Konwar
174No.2 Sarupathar L.P. School 433Sarupathar
175Betoni Tribal L P School 709Betoni Tribal
176Betoni Tribal L P School 932Betoni Tribal
177No.1 Rajapukhuri M.E. School 887Rajapukhuri
178No.1 Rajapukhuri M.E. School 893Rajapukhuri
179Rengmai Jr. Basic School. 855Rengmai
180Gelajan L.P. School 687Gelajan
181Diljan L.P. School 692Diljan
182Diljan Faruel Birjia M.E. School 608Diljan Faruel Birjia
183Bishnupur L. P. School 696Bishnupur
184Bishnupur L. P. School 818Bishnupur
185Dhontula Prathamik Bidyalaya 748Dhontula
186Dhontula Prathamik Bidyalaya 714Dhontula
187Silonijan L. P. School 909Silonijan
188Silonijan L. P. School 573Silonijan
189Silonijan L.P. School 869Silonijan
190Silonijan L. P. School 511Silonijan
191Hatidubi L P School 1091Hatidubi
192Hatidubi L P School 1019Hatidubi
193Phulbari L.P. School 883Phulbari
194Lakhijyonti L.P. School 909Lakhijyonti
195Lakhijyonti L.P. School 1119Lakhijyonti
196Lakhijayanti L P School 812Lakhijayanti
197Bidyapur L. P. School 1175Bidyapur
198Bidyapur L. P. School 709Bidyapur
199No. 1 Chetiagaon L. P. School 1017Chetiagaon
200No. 1 Chetiagaon L. P. School 764Chetiagaon
201Lachit Gaon L.P. School. 1186Lachit Gaon .
202Gholapani L.P School 828Gholapani
203Gholapani L. P School 605Gholapani
204Haldhibari L.P. School 806Haldhibari
205Haldhibari L.P. School 651Haldhibari
206Joyapathar L.P.School 813Joyapathar
207Horipur L.P.School 1145Horipur
208Horipur L.P.School 960Horipur
209Majgaon Parthamik Vidyalaya 785Majgaon
210Joypur L.P. School 1147Joypur
211Joypur L. P. School 888Joypur
212Dhupguri M.E.School 904Dhupguri
213Dhupguri M.E.School 724Dhupguri
214Dhupguri M E School 396Dhupguri
215Dhupguri M E School 841Dhupguri
216Joypur L P School 791Joypur
217Panjan L.P. School 568Panjan
218Panjan L.P. School 799Panjan
219Sonalipathar L P School (Panjan) 802Sonalipathar (Panjan)
220Panjan L. P. School 736Panjan
221Sonali Pathar L P School ( Panjan) 843Sonali Pathar ( Panjan)
222Panjan Forest Beat Office 834Panjan Forest Beat
223Panjan M E School 697Panjan
224Panjan Forest Beat Office 734Panjan Forest Beat
225Naojan Bengali L.P. School631Naojan Bengali
226Naojan Gir M E School 600Naojan Gir
227Naojan Bengali L.P. School 682Naojan Bengali
228Jawaharlal Sr.Basic School1022Jawaharlal
229Jawaharlal Sr.Basic School 937Jawaharlal
230Adhaa Annapurna L.P.School 1052Adhaa Annapurna
231Matikhula L. P. School 720Matikhula
232Matikhola L P School 508Matikhola
233Podumpukhuri L. P. School 767Podumpukhuri
234Padumpukhuri L P School 515Padumpukhuri
235Chungajan Pragati L.P.School 1141Chungajan Pragati
236Jyotibon L.P.School 1052Jyotibon
237Chungajan Central School 814Chungajan Central School
238Navajyoti L.P. School (No.6 Chungajan Block) 710Navajyoti
239Santipur L.P. School 798Santipur
240Santipur L.P. School 448Santipur
241No. 15 Bishnurabha Santipur L. P. School 714Bishnurabha Santipur
242No. 15 Bishnurabha Santipur L. P. School 548Bishnurabha Santipur
243Durgapur L. P. School 989Durgapur
244Durgapur L.P.School 796Durgapur
245Durgapur L .P. School 415Durgapur
246Vitor Chungajan Forest Beat Office 1188Vitor Chungajan Forest
247Amguri L.P. School. 639Amguri .
248Amguri L. P. School 754Amguri
249Nakhuti L.P.School727Nakhuti
250Nakhuti L.P.School640Nakhuti
251Vitor Chungajan M.V.School 819Vitor Chungajan
252Ehekhu Memoriachool 24Ehekhu Memoriachool

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