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Polling Booth in Samaguri Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Samaguri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Samaguri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Amlokhi Bagan L.P. School 1049Amlokhi Bagan
2Amlokhi Baganl. P. School 830Amlokhi Baganl
3Amlokhi Bagan L. P. School640Amlokhi Bagan
4Amonibasti L. P. School 279Amonibasti
5Amoni High School 1066Amoni
6Missa L.P.School 1178Missa
7Missa L.P.School 1105Missa
8Garumara L.P.School 708Garumara
9Garumara L.P.School 811Garumara
10Sailekhaiti L.P School 1199Sailekhaiti
11Khalihamari L.P.School 998Khalihamari
12Khalihamari L.P.School 825Khalihamari
13No. 2 Khalihamari Parthamik Vidyalaya 874Khalihamari
14Borbalitup L.P.School 934Borbalitup
15Kuhumtoli Muktab School 1241Kuhumtoli
16No. 1 Bhomoraguri Parthamik Vidyalaya 585Bhomoraguri
17Rangagara Nimna Parthamik School 742Rangagara
18No.390 Rangagara Parthamik Vidyalaya 539Rangagara
19Amoni Basti L.P.School 696Amoni Basti
20Sonaribali L.P.School 1041Sonaribali
21Sonaribali L.P.School 974Sonaribali
22Sonaribali Balika Parthamik Vidyalaya 765Sonaribali
23Sonaribali Balika Parthamik Vidyalaya 991Sonaribali
24Gatanga L.P.School 1114Gatanga
25Gatanga Muktab School 825Gatanga
26Kanuamari Bil.P.Ar School 1299Kanuamari
27Purana Chakitup L.P.School 599Purana Chakitup
28B.D.Das Kanuamari M.E.School 1089Kanuamari
29Tekelipota L.P. School 762Tekelipota
30Tekelipota L.P. School 818Tekelipota
31Mowamari High School 1364Mowamari
32Mowamari High School 1136Mowamari
33Brahmabil L.P.School 890Brahmabil
34Brahmabil M.E Madrassa 840Brahmabil
35Paghali Gir School 1136Paghali Gir
36Paghali Gir School 874Paghali Gir
37Kadamguri L.P.School 831Kadamguri
38Kadamguri L.P.School 821Kadamguri
39Kawaimari Higher Secondary School 721Kawaimari
40Kawaimari Higher Secondary School 640Kawaimari
41Kawaimari Higher Secondary School 894Kawaimari
42Puthikhaiti L.P.School 800Puthikhaiti
43Puthikhaiti L.P.School 787Puthikhaiti
44Garuagaon L.P.School 883Garuagaon
45Penai Muktab School 634Penai
46No. 2 Gerukamukh Muktab Vidyalaya 945Gerukamukh
47Penai Muktab School 1310Penai
48Bhogamur Muktab School 987Bhogamur
49Bhogamur M.E. Madrassa 715Bhogamur
50Bhogamur M.E. Madrassa 775Bhogamur
51Bajiagaon L.P.School 862Bajiagaon
52Bajiagaon L.P.School 856Bajiagaon
53Bajiagaon Muktab School 946Bajiagaon
54Bajiagaon Muktab School 894Bajiagaon
55Barangatoli Majalia School 894Barangatoli
56Barangatoli Majalia School 1112Barangatoli
57Parghat Majalia School 1065Parghat
58Parghat Majalia School 389Parghat
59Panigaon Pahukata Parthamik Vidyalaya 984Panigaon Pahukata
60Sutargaon M.E. School 900Sutargaon
61Sutargaon M.E. School 736Sutargaon
62Samaguri Prashikhan Vidyalaya 796Samaguri
63Samaguri Prashikhan Vidyalaya 724Samaguri
64Pahukata Primaryschool 730Pahukata
65Samaguri Higher Secondary School 917Samaguri
66Samaguri Higher Secondary School 449Samaguri
67Samaguri Grant Tribal L. P. School 784Samaguri
68Baraligaon Majalia School 618Baraligaon
69Baraligaon Majalia School 726Baraligaon
70Gendhali Primaryschool 530Gendhali
71Gendhali Bebejia Bapuji M.E. School 856Gendhali Bebejia Bapuji
72Singia Primaryschool 1035Singia
73Purana Salana Primaryschool 601Purana Salana
74Purana Salana Primaryschool 534Purana Salana
75Khagrabari L. P. School 697Khagrabari
76Gosaigaon L. P. School. 583Gosaigaon
77Barjuri High School 1141Barjuri
78Rangamati Bagisa Primaryschool 828Rangamati Bagisa
79Rangamati Bagisa Primaryschool 773Rangamati Bagisa
80Baghbarali Primaryschool 804Baghbarali
81Udmari M. E. School 622Udmari
82Udmari M. E. School 766Udmari
83Bardol Balika Primaryschool 1191Bardol Balika
84Bharaguri Primaryschool 965Bharaguri
85Padumoni High School 941Padumoni
86Padumoni High School 780Padumoni
87Murhani High School 1185Murhani
88144 No. Teliagaon Nimna Buniadi School 1125Teliagaon Nimna Buniadi
89Mikirhat L.P.School 562Mikirhat
90Mikirhat Showdh Bholanath L.P.School 972Mikirhat Showdh Bholanath
91Ambagan Primaryschool 961Ambagan
92Ambagan Primaryschool 882Ambagan
93Dakhin Potakalong Majuli Muktab School 753Dakhin Potakalong Majuli
94Dakhin Potalalong Majuli Muktab School 947Dakhin Potalalong Majuli
95Ambagan H. S. School 878Ambagan
96Ambagan H. S. School 870Ambagan
97Pachim Soaloni L. P. School 790Pachim Soaloni
98Pachim Soaloni L. P. School 741Pachim Soaloni
992 No. Bhatiakhali Muktab 1361Bhatiakhali Muktab
1002 No. Bhatiakhali Muktab 827Bhatiakhali Muktab
101Madhya Bhatiakhali L.P.School 1389Madhya Bhatiakhali
102Kathpara Muktab School 1173Kathpara
103Kathpara Muktab School 1204Kathpara
104Kathpara M.E.M 1026Kathpara
105Kathpara M.E.M 997Kathpara
106Lotanichapari L. P.School 771Lotanichapari
107Moriputhikhaiti Muktab School 911Moriputhikhaiti
108Karaiguri Majalia School Larimukh Bazar 634Karaiguri Larimukh Bazar
109Karaiguri Majalia School Larimukh Bazar 790Karaiguri Larimukh Bazar
110Madhya Magurmari Muktab School 883Madhya Magurmari
111Exgaon Panchayat Office (Magurmari)876Magurmari
112Magurmari Ex Gaon Panchayat Office 551Magurmari
113Tubukijarani Nimna Buniadi School 1249Tubukijarani Nimna Buniadi
114Dakhin Belaguri Primary School 445Dakhin Belaguri
115Uttar Haribanga Parthamik Vidyalaya 1033Uttar Haribanga
116Mahabor Ali Primaryschool 801Mahabor Ali
117Uttar Bhumoraguri Bagdevi Primaryschool 648Uttar Bhumoraguri Bagdevi
118Satijaymoti L. P. School. 861Satijaymoti .
119Lawkhowa Bangaon L.P. School 1121Lawkhowa Bangaon
1201101 No. Bhurbandha L.P.School 897Bhurbandha
121No. 4 Bhurbandha Muktab School 1342Bhurbandha
122Sri Manta Sankar Deb L.P.School 860Sri Manta Sankar Deb
1234 No. Bhagamukh Chouhan Basti Primaryschool 1015Bhagamukh Chouhan Basti
124No. 7 Bhagamukh Muktab School 898Bhagamukh
1256 No. Bhagamukh Muktab School 1017Bhagamukh
126Gopinath Bordoloi L. P. School 1029Gopinath Bordoloi
127Singimari Md.Ali H. S. School 757Singimari Md.Ali
128Singimari Md.Ali H. S. School 784Singimari Md.Ali
129Singimari M.E. Madrassa 774Singimari
130Singimari M.E. Madrassa 752Singimari
131Pachim Sal.P.Ara Madrassa 804Pachim Sal.P.Ara
132Pachim Sal.P.Ara Madrassa 871Pachim Sal.P.Ara
133Pubsal.P.Ara Balika School 1088Pubsal.P.Ara
134Pubsal.P.Ara Balika School708Pubsal.P.Ara
135Pachim Singimari L.P.School 923Pachim Singimari
136Pachim Singimari L.P.School Pt. 519Pachim Singimari
137Pub Singimari Balika Muktab School 970Pub Singimari
138Lailuri M.E.School 1005Lailuri
139116 No. Lailuri Muktab School 803Lailuri
140116 No. Lailuri Muktab School483Lailuri
141Lailuri High School 973Lailuri
142Dakhin Lailuri Muktab School 1054Dakhin Lailuri
143Karaiguri Muktab School 1126Karaiguri
144Karaiguri Muktab School 1197Karaiguri
145Barunguri Primaryschool 1195Barunguri
146Haribhanga Kalibary L.P.School 892Haribhanga Kalibary
147Lowkhowa M.E. School 1009Lowkhowa
148Lowkhowa M.E. School 837Lowkhowa
149Solmari Muktab School 1086Solmari
150Kachakhaiti Majalia School 795Kachakhaiti
151Kachakhaiti Majalia School 770Kachakhaiti

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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