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Polling Booth in Salmara South Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Salmara South

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Salmara South Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Chirakhawa M.V. School 848Chirakhawa
2Chirakhawa M.V. School 512Chirakhawa
3Chirakhawa Part6 L.P. School708Chirakhawa
4Chirakhawa L.P. School 909Chirakhawa
5Chirakhawa L.P. School 762Chirakhawa
61650 Chirakhawa L.P. School 962Chirakhawa
7Dimatola Partii L.P. School349Dimatola Partii
8Jaruarchar Sishu Kalyan L.P. School 847Jaruarchar
9Jaruarchar Public High School 769Jaruarchar
10Jaruarchar Public High School 867Jaruarchar
11Machipara L.P. School 825Machipara
12Poyesti Bahir Salmara L.P. School 635Poyesti Bahir Salmara
131075 Bahir Salmara L.P. School 621Bahir Salmara
14Bahir Salmara M.V. School 992Bahir Salmara
15Katolipara L.P. School 585Katolipara
16Katolipara M.E. Madrassa 832Katolipara
17Bahir Salmara Janata High School 898Bahir Salmara Janata
18Bahir Salmara Janata High School 350Bahir Salmara Janata
19Bondihana L.P. School 627Bondihana
20Bondihana Asadia M.E. Madrassa 615Bondihana Asadia
212144 Bondihana L.P. School 575Bondihana
221885 Chalbandha L.P. School 527Chalbandha
231378 Guwalerchar L.P. School 721Guwalerchar
241378 Guwalerchar L.P. School 921Guwalerchar
25Bahadurkati M.V.School 658Bahadurkati
26Bahadurkati M.V.School 532Bahadurkati
27Boyejeralga M.E. Madrassa 653Boyejeralga
28127 Boyejeralga L.P. School 606Boyejeralga
29Chinikhowa L.P. School 972Chinikhowa
302081 Satasurchar L.P. School 1023Satasurchar
31Poyestirchar Dimatola L.P. School 1027Poyestirchar Dimatola
32Poyestirchar Dimatola L.P. School 909Poyestirchar Dimatola
331122 No Joruarchar L.P. School 766Joruarchar
341655 Poddar Alga L.P. School 628Poddar Alga
35Poddar Alga M.E. Madrassa 987Poddar Alga
36Majheralga M.E..Madrassa 807Majheralga
37Majheralga M.E..Madrassa 1000Majheralga
38Gurguripara L.P. School 1108Gurguripara
39Gurguripara L.P. School 671Gurguripara
40Gurguripara L.P. School 633Gurguripara
41Katlamari High School 983Katlamari
42Katlamari High School 1007Katlamari
431077 Majherchar L.P. School 1014Majherchar
442301 Majherchar Poyesti Cholakura L.P. School 568Majherchar Poyesti Cholakura
451283 Tangvita L.P. School 483Tangvita
461916 River Block Majherchar L.P. School 760River Block Majherchar
471916 River Block Majherchar L.P. School 736River Block Majherchar
481975 Katlamari L.P. School 980Katlamari
492362 No. River Block 5 Hazipara L.P. School 618Hazipara
50Katlamari Partiv Venchar L.P. School947Katlamari Partiv Venchar
51Dhurbari L.P. School 857Dhurbari
52Sialmari L.P. School 884Sialmari
53Sialmari L.P. School 663Sialmari
54Chalakura G.P.Office 518Chalakura
55Chalakura River Block Mondal L.P. School 515Chalakura River Block Mondal
56Kalaikhowa L.P. School 777Kalaikhowa
57Barvita L.P. School 512Barvita
58Khalishamari M.E. School 599Khalishamari
59Tindubi High School 934Tindubi
60Rowarpara Velakuba M.E. Madrasssa 810Rowarpara Velakuba
612160 Halim Nessa L.P. School 721Halim Nessa
62Bhalukmari M.E. School 683Bhalukmari
63Bhalukmari M.E. School 639Bhalukmari
64Hamidabad H.S.School 712Hamidabad
65Hamidabad H.S.School 570Hamidabad
66Hamidabad H.S.School 626Hamidabad
67Hamidabad H.S.School 706Hamidabad
68Fakirganj M.V. School 675Fakirganj
69Fakirganj Gir M.E.School 374Fakirganj Gir
70522 No. Kacharipara L.P. School 174Kacharipara
71522 Kachari Para L.P. School 337Kachari Para
721454 Bauskata Hajipara L.P. School 195Bauskata Hajipara
73754 No. Airmari L.P. School 274Airmari
74754 No. Airmari L.P. School 884Airmari
75159 Bihing L.P. School 715Bihing
76Bhakuwamari Golaperalga M.E. Madrassa 730Bhakuwamari Golaperalga
77159 Bihing L.P. School 542Bihing
78Bhakuwamari Golaperalga M.E. Madrassa 560Bhakuwamari Golaperalga
79Bihing L.P. School 585Bihing
80Bihing L.P. School 629Bihing
81Bihing Aminerchar Madrassa 697Bihing Aminerchar
82Bihing Aminerchar Madrassa 674Bihing Aminerchar
832132 Golaperalga Kanchanmala L.P. School 1092Golaperalga Kanchanmala
84Khadurchar L.P. School 824Khadurchar
85835 Assam.E.R Alga L.P. School 645AssaR Alga
861558 Paitkarvita Chatlarpar L.P. School 473Paitkarvita Chatlarpar
871558 Paitkarvita Chatlarpar L.P. School 617Paitkarvita Chatlarpar
88Paitkarvita M.E. School 569Paitkarvita
891965 Chatlarpar Nabamilan L.P. School 712Chatlarpar Nabamilan
901965 Chatlarpar Nabamilan L.P. School 726Chatlarpar Nabamilan
91Chatlarpar M.E.School 464Chatlarpar
92Chatlarpar M.E.School 450Chatlarpar
93Pampara M.E.School 1046Pampara
94Pampara M.E.School 957Pampara
951563 Boladmara L.P. School 698Boladmara
961563 Boladmara L.P. School 677Boladmara
97767 No. Mosollabari Para L.P. School 455Mosollabari Para
98Dakurvita Bhalukmari L.P. School 833Dakurvita Bhalukmari
99767 No. Mosollabari Para L.P. School 924Mosollabari Para
100A.K.Mondal L.P. School 1079A.K.Mondal
101A.K.Mondal L.P. School 949A.K.Mondal
102485 Noskora L.P. School 814Noskora
103485 Noskora L.P. School 825Noskora
1041484 Ambari L.P. Schhol 1014Ambari
105Ambari Noyapara Sisukolayan L.P. School 559Ambari Noyapara Sisukolayan
106Ambari Noyapara Sisukolayan L.P. School 530Ambari Noyapara Sisukolayan
107Chalakura M.E.School 648Chalakura
108Chalakura M.E.School 643Chalakura
109Salkata Janapriya High School 630Salkata Janapriya
110Salkata Janapriya High School 600Salkata Janapriya
1111575 Suryamani L.P. School 851Suryamani
1121575 Suryamani L.P. School 833Suryamani
113117 Chatlarpar L.P. School 585Chatlarpar
114117 Chatlarpar L.P. School 588Chatlarpar
115Boushkata Gp Office (Old) 498Boushkata
116Boushkata Health Subcentre440Boushkata
117Boro Rabhatari Mv School 486Boro Rabhatari
118Baladoba Daspara Community Hall 540Baladoba Daspara
119Noyagaon Dhenerkuti L.P. School 972Noyagaon Dhenerkuti
120Baladoba M.E. Madrassa 597Baladoba
121Noyagaon Dhenerkuti L.P. School (Old Building) 543Noyagaon Dhenerkuti
1221563 Baladoba L.P. School 589Baladoba
123Rbp H.S.School South Salmara 857Rbp South Salmara
124South Salmara Gir High School 300South Salmara Gir
125181 Salmara J.B.School 944Salmara
126South Salmara Gir M.E.School 677South Salmara Gir
127181 Salmara J.B.School 935Salmara
128Rbp H.S.School South Salmara 715South Salmara
129South Salmara College 690South Salmara
1302223 Moynakandi L.P. School 15Moynakandi
1311042 Saboltari L.P.School 574Saboltari
132Saboltari Gp Office 615Saboltari
1331042 Saboltari L.P.School 597Saboltari
1341919 Sauliya L.P. School 812Sauliya
1351919 Sauliya L.P. School 575Sauliya
136Dhenerkuti L.P. School 949Dhenerkuti
137Dhenerkuti L.P. School 981Dhenerkuti
1381 No. Char Basirchar L.P. School 282Char Basirchar
139780 Chaitarchar J.B.School 424Chaitarchar
1402076 Natineralga L.P. School 745Natineralga
1412224 No. Char Basirchar L.P. School 252Char Basirchar
142Porarchar Mv School 485Porarchar
1431574 No. Didarerchar L.P. School 201Didarerchar
1441574 No. Didarerchar L.P. School 394Didarerchar
145Pocharchar L.P. School 232Pocharchar
146456 Fulkakata L.P. School 1059Fulkakata
1471930 New Boldiyar Alga L.P. School 825Boldiyar Alga
1482278 No. Muntirirchar L.P. School 912Muntirirchar
1491481 Ghoramara L.P. School 930Ghoramara
1501986 Satenbari L.P School 893Satenbari
151Amzadiya Sisukolayan L.P. School 802Amzadiya Sisukolayan
152Muthakhoea M.E. Madrassa 560Muthakhoea
1531101 No. Muthakhowa L.P. School 580Muthakhowa
154Caukirchar L.P. School 503Caukirchar
155264 Mahamayar Char L.P. School 562Mahamayar Char
1561480 Katiyeralga L.P. School 802Katiyeralga
1571866 BamUndanga L.P. School 509BamUndanga
1582001 Rosomari L.P. School 543Rosomari
159Darogeralga L.P. School 305Darogeralga
160Char Monirchar L.P. School 642Char Monirchar
161Monirchar M.E.School 793Monirchar
162352 No. Monirchar J.B. School 759Monirchar
163391 No. Monirchar J.B. School 762Monirchar
164Mosollahpara L.P. School 727Mosollahpara
165Boidergaon Sarkapara L.P. School 827Boidergaon Sarkapara
166Mandurgaon M.E.School 887Mandurgaon
1671557 Monirchar Reseverchar L.P. School 450Monirchar Reseverchar
168Sarkarergaon M.E. Madrassa 591Sarkarergaon
1691160 Sarkarer Gaon L.P. School 830Sarkarer Gaon
170Dewakandi L.P. School 906Dewakandi
1711045 No. Boraikandi L.P. School 599Boraikandi
1721045 No. Boraikandi L.P. School 589Boraikandi
173Tumni Projabondhu M.E.School 1123Tumni Projabondhu
174313 No. Tumni L.P. School 795Tumni
175322 No. Khedaimari L.P. School 730Khedaimari
176445 Lawkhowa L.P. School 738Lawkhowa
1771445 Kolabari L.P. School 562Kolabari
1781781 No. Valukkandi L.P. School 627Valukkandi
179Fesshatari L.P. School 841Fesshatari
180Patakata M.V.School 970Patakata
181Patakata M.V.School 946Patakata
182Soto Patakata Boro Chedamari L.P. School 565Soto Patakata Boro Chedamari
183Satdubi L.P. School 605Satdubi
184Soto Patakata M.E.School 426Soto Patakata
185501 Satimari L.P. School 853Satimari
186501 Satimari L.P. School 974Satimari
187Boro Kazirgaon L.P. School 507Boro Kazirgaon
188504 Uzan Bozra Jb School 647Uzan Bozra
189504 Uzan Bozra Jb School 571Uzan Bozra
190Ujan Bozra M.E. School 948Ujan Bozra
1911482 Soto Bozra L.P. School 667Soto Bozra
192Soto Bozra M.E.M 653Soto Bozra
1931482 Soto Bozra L.P. School 721Soto Bozra
194Soto Bagh Jhapa L.P. School 507Soto Bagh Jhapa
195Hazirhat H.S.School 821Hazirhat
196Hazirhat J.B.School 829Hazirhat
1971964 No. Akonderchar L.P. School 495Akonderchar
1982037 Borbalu L.P. School 647Borbalu
1992037 Borbalu L.P. School 621Borbalu
2001043 Kalikhowa L.P. School 341Kalikhowa
201Nilokhiwa M.E.Madrassa 638Nilokhiwa
2021901 Nilokhiwa L.P. School 343Nilokhiwa
2031369 No. Salapara L.P. School 969Salapara
2042038 Char Nilokhiwa L.P. School 385Char Nilokhiwa

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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