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Polling Booth in Sadiya Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sadiya

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sadiya Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Takajan Govt. L.P. School 864Lakhimijan, Kapou Pathar, Jeuti Pathar, Deopani
2Jyotish Nagar L.P. School 704Padum Pukhuri, Lakhimi Pathar
3Padum Pukhuri L.P. School 792Padum Pukhuri
4Jyotish Nagar L.P. School 785Jyotish Nagar, Kapou Pathar, Bokapathar
5No. 2 Santipur Govt. L.P. School 598Santipur
6No. 2 Santipur Govt. L.P. School 897Santipur
76 No. Shantipur L.P. School 1036Santipur
8Jawaharlal Neheru Hindi L.P. School 901Santipur
9Swahid Bharat Bhumij Me School 723Santipur
10Jawaharlal Neheru Hindi L.P. School 681Santipur
11Borgora Miri Govt. L.P. School 691Borgora Miri
12Borgora Miri Govt. L.P. School 643Borgora Miri
13Majuli Janata L.P. School 520Majuli Janata
14Tarani Parijat L.P. School 536Tarani Parijat
15Dikrong Gaon L.P. School 605Dikrang Gaon
16Ratanpur M.E. School 1062Ratanpur
17Bhabanigarh L.P. School 293Bhabanigarh
18Daragaon L.P. School 921Daragaon
20Buraburi Sal Me School 781Buraburi Sal
21Natarani Lp School 697Natarani
22Natarani Lp School 736Natarani
23Assomiya Borgorah Lp School 1202Assomiya Borgorah
242 No. Chapakhowa Town Lp School 875Chapakhowa Town
25Chapakhowa Town Me School 696Chapakhowa Town
26Sadiya Govt. H.S. School 865Sadiya
27Sadiya Govt. H. S. School 962Sadiya
28Sadiya Govt. H. S. School 963Sadiya
29Chapakhowa Town Govt. L.P. 1076Chapakhowa Town Govt
30Chapakhowa Town Govt. L.P. 972Chapakhowa Town Govt
31Patidoi Nagaon L.P. School 743Patidoi Nagaon
32Chapakhowa Gaon L.P. School 619Chapakhowa Gaon
33Rajgarh Govt. L.P. School 710Rajgarh
34Mugal.P.Ur L.P. School 795Mugal.P.Ur
35Bishnupur Pahukhuwa L.P. School 544Bishnupur Paukuwa
36Bishnupur Borgohain L.P. School 738Bishnupur Borgohain
37Godadhar Buragohain L.P. School 827Godadhar Buragohain
38Duponi Borgaon L.P School 901Duponi Borgaon
39Chaulkhowa Nagaon L.P. School 710Chaulkhowa Nagaon
40Dailgaon M.E. School 673Dailgaon
41Janata M.V. School939Dail Gaon
42Disoi Govt L.P. School 670Disoi
43Janata M.V. School 962Ghurmara Muluk
45Chandrapur L.P. School 1122Chandrapur
46Bhishmak Nagar L.P. School 591Bhishmak Nagar
47Ujani Sadiya H.S. School 914Ujani Sadiya
488Th Mile L.P. School 630Sunpura Kundil Kinar
498Th Mile L.P. School 644Sunpura Kundil Kinar
50Nasaigaon L.P. School 828Nasaigaon
51Majgaon L.P. School 1211Nasaigaon
52Tupsinga L.P. School 974Tupsinga
53Takajan Deori Gaon L.P. School 676Takajan Deori Gaon
54Balichapari L.P. School 535Balichapari
55Telikola L.P. School 875Telikola Gaon
56Hollowgaon L.P. School 493Hollowgaon
57Nasaki L.P. School 771Nasaki
58Nasaki L.P. School 955Nasaki
59Napatiya L.P.School 1168Napatiya
60Napatiya L.P.School 642Napatiya
61Udoipur Deori L.P. School 661Udoipur Deori
62Dhuniapur L.P. School 455Dhuniapur
64Ambikapur L.P. School 506Ambikapur
65Ambikapur M.E. School 672Ambikapur
66Ambikapur M.E. School 562Ambikapur
67Ambikapur L.P. School 771Ambikapur
68Anmikapur L.P. School 615Ambikapur
69Sunpura L.P. School 1185Sunpura Gaon
70Sunpura High School 790Sunpura Gaon
71Sunpura High School 805Sunpura Gaon
7214Th Mile L.P. School 1053Bil Gaon
73Kukuramora L.P. School 886Bahalharam Gaon
74Jawaharlal Smriti L.P. School 299Bahalharam Gaon
75Bhabala Gaon L.P. School 498Bhabala Gaon
76Basagaon L.P. School 1001Basagaon
772No. Karmi L.P. School 955Karmi
78Amarpur L P School 754Amarpur
79Teliabari L.P. School 684Teliabari
80Chilling Madhupur L.P. School553Chilling Madhupur
81Chilling Madhupur L.P. School 1015Chilling Madhupur
82Nadibang M.E. School 938Nadibang
83Nadibang M.E. School775Nadibang
84Chilling Modhupur L.P. School 986Chilling Modhupur
85Hatighuli M.E. School 704Hatighuli
86Hatighuli L.P. School 702Hatighuli
87Nowkata L.P. School 213Nowkata
88Kailashpur L.P. School 41Kailashpur
89Kopahtoli L.P. School 841Kopahtoli
90Nabormura L.P. School 972NaBormura
91Nabormura L.P. School848Nabormura
92Um.E.Swar L.P. School 1087USwar
93Saikhowa H.S. School 782Saikhowa
94Saikhowa H.S. School 1059Saikhowa
95Saikhowa L.P. School 675Saikhowa
96Saikhowa L.P. School 678Saikhowa
97Dholla L.P. School 814Dholla
98Dangari High School 1116Dangari
99Chring Tiruwal L.P. School 584Chring Tiruwal
100Dangari L.P. School 511Dangari
101Aragaon L.P. School 888Aragaon
102Aragaon L.P. School 1099Aragaon
103Lowpati L.P. School 502Lowpati
104Samguri L.P. School 614Samguri
105Laina L.P. School 840Laina
106Dhulijan L.P. School 808Betoni Gaon
107Dulijan L.P. School 749Dulijan
108Tamuli L.P. School 203Tamuli
109Laina Bagan L.P. School 840Laina Bagan
110Khobang Chamguri L.P. School 516Khobang Chamguri
111Khobang Chamguri L.P. School 727Khobang Chamguri
111Khobang Chamguri L.P. School 727Khobang Chamguri
112Khobang T.E. Staff Club 507Khobang T.E.
113Rameswar M.E. School 404Rameswar
114Khobang T.E. Staff Club 707Khobang T.E.
115Samaguri Apeejay L.P. School 494Samaguri Apeejay
116Khobang T.E. L.P. School 1083Khobang T.E.
117Khobang T.E L.P. School 1101Khobang T.E
118Misimi Kota L.P.School 1074Misimi Kota
119Tipuk T.E L.P. School 751Tipuk T.E
120Tipuk Tea Garden Staff Club 750Tipuk T.E
121Tipuk T.E L.P.School 892Tipuk T.E
122Ram.E.Swarlal Hindi M.E. School 848RaSwarlal
123Rameswar M.E. School 755Rameswar
124Talap Balibazar L.P. School 1022Talap Balibazar
125Ram.E.Swarlal Hindi M.E. School 857RaSwarlal
126Talap Tea Garden Staff Club 1133Talap Tea Garden
127Talap Bagan L.P. School 931Talap Bagan
128No.2 Solokhguri L.P. School 743Solokhguri
129No.2 Solokhguri L.P. School 664Solokhguri
130Saru Dhadum L.P. School 932Saru Dhadum
131Bor Dhadum L.P. School 799Bor Dhadum
132M.E.Gela L.P. School 1068Gela
133M.E.Gela High School 1059Gela
134Sankar Tea Garden L.P. School 910Sankar Tea Garden
135Ahom Gaon L.P. School 647Ahom Gaon
136Dholla Tea Garden L.P. School 951Dholla Tea Garden
137Laphang Kola Gaon L.P. School 297Laphang Kola Gaon
138Bukapather L.P. School 836Bukapather
139Dholla Bazar Hindi High School 601Dholla Bazar
140Dhoola Bazar Hindi L.P. School 507Dholla Bazar
141Bishonimukh L.P. School 952Bishonimukh
142Aroimuria L.P. School 672Aroimuria
143Dighal M.E.Cheki L.P. School 645Dighal Cheki
144Naborpathar L.P. School 801Naborpathar
145Naborpathar L.P. School717Naborpathar
146Lukhrong Gaon L.P. School 939Lukhrong Gaon
147Borali Gaon L.P. School 1074Borali Gaon
148Borali Gaon L.P. School 501Borali Gaon
149No 1 Tezi Gaon L.P. School 654Tezi Gaon
150No 1 Tezi Gaon L.P. School 545Tezi Gaon
151Upor Uban L.P. School 801Upor Uban
152Upor Uban L.P. School 804Upor Uban
153No3 Kakapather Kathbasti High. School 1048Kakapather Kathbasti
154Kakapather H S School 940Kakapathar
155Kakapather H S School 901Kakapathar
156Lazum Gaon L.P. School 712Lajum Gaon
157Kakapather H S School 703Kakapather
158Lachit Borphukan Lp School 774Lachit Borphukan
159Chengeli Gaon L.P. School 735Chengeli Gaon
160Chengeli Gaon L.P. School 606Chengeli Gaon
161Saru Maithong L.P. School 626Saru Maithong
162Sarbajanin High School 511Sarbajanin
163Mridang Paral.P.. School 894Mridang Paral
1647 No. Hahkhati L.P. School 653Hahkhati
165Hahkhati High. School 728Hahkhati
166Hahkhati High. School 690Hahkhati
167Hahkhati Govt. L.P. School 1038Hahkhati
168Dirakmukh L.P School 642Dirakmukh
169Dirakmukh L.P. School 1057Dirakmukh
170Haluapathar L.P. School 719Haluapathar
171Kachari Maithong L.P. School 1099Kachari Maithong
172Saru M.E.Chai L.P. School 1140Saru Chai
173Upar Kuli Gaon L.P. School 1022Upar Kuli Gaon
174Kothalguri L.P. School 1164Kothalguri
175Bor Mesai L.P. School 374Bor Mesai
177Amguri L.P. School 746Amguri
178Amguri L.P. School 528Amguri
179Bor Dirak High School 969Bor Dirak
180Bor Dirak High School 739Bor Dirak
181Dirak Maithang Hs School 748Dirak Maithang
182Dirak Maithang Hs School 351Dirak Maithang
183Upar Laopani L.P. School 1032Upar Laopani
184Bhajani L.P. School 854Bhajani
184Bhajani L.P. School 854Bhajani
184Bhajani L.P. School 854Bhajani

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