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Polling Booth in Rupohihat Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Rupohihat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rupohihat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Haladhibari L. P. School 696Haladhibari
2Haladhibari L.P.School 1112Haladhibari
3Sutirpar High School 858Sutirpar
4Sutirpar Madhya English School 761Sutirpar
5Sutirpar Madhya English School 853Sutirpar
6Sutirpar High School 800Sutirpar
7Johajan L.P.School 1147Johajan
8Chenimari L.P.School 1021Chenimari
9Chenimari L.P.School 938Chenimari
10Dhingbori Chapari L.P.School 861Dhingbori Chapari
11Dhingbori Chapari L.P.School788Dhingbori Chapari
12Dhingbori Chapari L.P.School 1081Dhingbori Chapari
13Kasarigaon Majalia School 1331Kasarigaon
14Kasarigaon Muktab School 1184Kasarigaon
15Barunguri Muktab School 872Barunguri
16Dakhin Barunguri Muktab School571Dakhin Barunguri
17Nabila Fakali Balika Muktab 993Nabila Fakali
18Fakali Muktab School 894Fakali Muktab
19Fakali Muktab School 1422Fakali Muktab
20Kadamani Pathar L.P.School 1177Kadamani Pathar
21Kadamani Pathar L.P.School 931Kadamani Pathar
22Kawaimari Muktab School 1408Kawaimari
23Dighaliati Muktab School 924Dighaliati
24Dighaliati Muktab School 889Dighaliati
25Godaimari Sadar Banu Muktab School 898Godaimari Sadar Banu
26Godaimari Sadar Banu Muktab School 859Godaimari Sadar Banu
27Singia Pathar L.P. School 1068Singia Pathar
28Mahguri Muktab School 721Mahguri
29Mahguri Balika Muktab 751Mahguri
30Mahguri L.P. School 1405Mahguri
31Udmari M.E.School 1309Udmari
32Udmari M.E.School 1165Udmari
33Singiagaon High Madrassa School 1459Singiagaon
34Singia Muktab School 1025Singia
35Balijan Muktab School 1306Balijan
36Balijan Muktab School 695Balijan
37Chatian Adaha Parthamik Vidyalaya 705Chatian Adaha
38Nagabandha L.P. School 1223Nagabandha
39Tinsukia 1 No. Muktab School 860Tinsukia
40Tinsukia Star M.E. Madrassa 847Tinsukia Star
41Kenduguri Muktab School 907Kenduguri
42Tinsukia 2 No. Muktab School 1437Tinsukia
43Pubchatial Primaryschool795Pubchatial
44Pubchatial M. E. School831Pubchatial
45Dalani Juria Muktab School 1312Dalani Juria
46Dalani Juria Muktab School 1190Dalani Juria
47Juria High School 1011Juria
48Teliabebejia L.P. School1161Teliabebejia
49Thiotangani Primaryschool 878Thiotangani
50Juria Jonaki L. P. School 720Juria Jonaki
51Chamdhara J.B. School 624Chamdhara
52Chamdhara Erabari Muktab School 1163Chamdhara Erabari Muktab
53Nuruddin Furakania J.B. School 1077Nuruddin Furakania
54Kalani Jalah Gir L.P. School 1216Kalani Jalah Gir
55Lalunggaon Muktab School 1141Lalunggaon
56Lalunggaon 2No Muktab School 1310Lalunggaon
57Kaloni Jalah Balak Muktab School 1190Kaloni Jalah
58Dakshin Conly Jalah Primaryschool 1254Dakshin Conly Jalah
59Bagariguri High Madrassa School 843Bagariguri
60Bagariguri High Madrassa School 805Bagariguri
61Kadamoni Town High School 1196Kadamoni Town
62Dakhin Bagariguri M.V.School 1157Dakhin Bagariguri
63Maheripar Muktab School 888Maheripar
64Pub Maheripar Gir Muktab School 567Pub Maheripar Gir
65Maheripar Balika Muktab School 1057Maheripar
66Pachim Maheripar Balika Muktab School 1141Pachim Maheripar
67Kacharigaon Gir L.P. School 1335Kacharigaon Gir
68Kacharigaon Gir L.P. School 848Kacharigaon Gir
69Kathalguri Muktab School 848Kathalguri Muktab
70Kathalguri Muktab School 747Kathalguri Muktab
71Kaliadinga Muktab School 810Kathalguri Muktab
72Kaliadinga Muktab School 776Kathalguri Muktab
73Kaliadunga M.E School 985Kaliadunga
74Kaliadungapam Balika Muktab School 666Kaliadungapam
75Kaliadungapam Balika Muktab School 772Kaliadungapam
76Futaljar L.P. School 870Futaljar
77Futaljar High Madrassa. 869Futaljar
78Futaljar M.E.Madrassa School 947Futaljar
79Futaljar M.E. School Pt. 622Futaljar
80Futaljar L.P. School 984Futaljar
81Pubfutaljar No. 3 Muktab School937Pubfutaljar
82Pubamarakanda L.P. School 917Pubamarakanda
83Pubamarakanda L.P. School815Pubamarakanda
84Pachimamarakanda L.P. School 994Pubamarakanda
85Pachimamarakanda L.P. School599Pubamarakanda
86Garajan L. P. School 959Garajan
87Garajan Jaynarayan High School 991Garajan Jaynarayan
882 No Uttar Khatowal Muktab School 1413Uttar Khatowal
89415 No Uttar Khatowal Muktab School 1455Uttar Khatowal
90Uttar Khatowal Muktab School 1417Uttar Khatowal
91Tarabari Madrassa School 1384Tarabari
921178 Dakhin Khatowal Muktab 870Dakhin Khatowal
93Dakhin Khatowal Balika Muktab 920Dakhin Khatowal
94Borpaka Muktab School 1437Borpaka
95Kandhulimari Muktab School 1109Kandhulimari
96Hatipara Nagarani Muktab School 1132Hatipara Nagarani
97Hatipara Nagarbali Muktab School 749Hatipara Nagarbali
98Hatipara Muktab School 1335Hatipara
99Hatipukhuri L.P. School 1346Hatipukhuri
100Hatipukhuri L.P. School 1308Hatipukhuri
101Borpeta M.E. School 1052Borpeta
102Dakhin Borpeta Sonaipar Balika Muktab School 1167Dakhin Borpeta Sonaipar
103Dighali M.E.School 749Dighali
104Dighali M.E.School 760Dighali
105Rowmari Muktab School 1361Rowmari
106Rowmari Balika Muktab School 968Rowmari
107Fakali Muktab School 813Fakali
108Fakali Bil.P.Ara Muktab School 803Fakali Bil.P.Ara
109Kochgaon Muktab School 911Kochgaon
110Puthikhiti L.P. School 1083Puthikhiti
111Puthikhiti L.P. School 987Puthikhiti
112Pubghehua Chalchali Muktab School1176Pubghehua Chalchali
113Hatipukhuri M.E.School 1109Hatipukhuri
114Kanchanpur 2 No. L.P.School 1195Kanchanpur
115Kanchanpur 1 No. L.P.School 1072Kanchanpur
116Saidoria M.E.School 953Saidoria
117Saidoria L. P. School 897Saidoria
118Nangaldhowa Gir M.E.School 839Nangaldhowa Gir
119Nangaldhowa Muktab M.E.School 812Nangaldhowa
120341 Ashighar Muktab School 875Ashighar
121Teliachapari Tup Muktab School 1261Teliachapari
122Teliachapari L.P. School 996Teliachapari
123Pachim Teliachapari Balika Mutab School 871Pachim Teliachapari
124Jarathani L.P. School 1160Jarathani
125Khanatup Muktab Vidyalaya 647Khanatup
126Uttar Tamuli Tup L.P. School 967Uttar Tamuli
127Batamari L.P. School 938Batamari
128Pubjewmari M.V.School724Pubjewmari
129Jewmari Muktab School 916Jewmari
130Rupahi Gir High School 934Rupahi Gir
131Rupahi Gir High School 761Rupahi Gir
132Rupahi High School 672Rupahi
133Rupahi High School 691Rupahi
134Rupahi High School 950Rupahi
135Rupahi Chandrabala L. P. School 897Rupahi Chandrabala
136Belguri Primarybuniyadi Vidyalaya 764Belguri
137Belguri Primarybuniyadi Vidyalaya 799Belguri
138Rupahi Majalia School 1001Rupahi
139Lawgaon L.P.School 1209Lawgaon
140Lawgaon L.P.School 812Lawgaon
141Gatanga L.P.School 1121Gatanga
142Auanna L.P.School 856Auanna
143Auanna L.P.School 729Auanna
144Uluoni Muktab School 1019Uluoni
145Uluoni Muktab School 793Uluoni
146Gereki L.P.School 1140Gereki
147Gereki L.P.School 868Gereki
148Latabowa Balika L.P.School 850Latabowa Balika
149Gorematikhowa Muktab School 1200Gorematikhowa
150Gorematikhowa Muktab School 906Gorematikhowa
151Borghat Muktab School 1006Borghat
152Borghat Muktab School 955Borghat
153Gerua Ati Gir Majalia School 1238Gerua Ati Gir
154Gerua Ati Gir Majalia School 1187Gerua Ati Gir
155581 No. Garuati Balak Muktab Vidyalaya 945Garuati
156Halowagaon L.P. School 915Halowagaon
157Karhaligaon Godharia Primaryschool 543Karhaligaon Godharia

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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