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Polling Booth in Ratabari Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Ratabari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ratabari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
31387 No. Khalagram L.P. School 702Santipur, Gopikanagar
321016 No. Janakalyan Lp School 418Netajinagar, Maniknagar
33532 No. Santipur L.P. School 864Katakuna, Birjanandapur
34Netajinagar High School 681Katakuna, Choudhurykuna
35Garerbond M.V. School 369Mangalpur, Satiangon, Dasgram
36Garerbond M.V. School 638Galla Sail, Srirampur, Paltala
37502 No. Mangalpur L.P. School 659Sripur, Champaknagar
38188 No. Poltala L.P. School 506Sripur, Ichakhouri
39Netajinagar High School768Nayatilla
40Netajinagar High School641Nayatilla, Bistartila
41348 No. Nayatilla L.P. School 673Saizanagar, Srivani
42348 No. Nayatilla L.P. School 534Chand Khani
43409 No. Manab Kalyan L.P. School 1072Chamela, Dalurpar
44Anwar Ul Ulum Senior Madrassa 820Chamela, Thengargul
4598 No. Chamala L.P. School 595Bhabanipur, Padmarpar
4698 No. Chamala L.P. School 534Nalarpar
47683 No. Uttar Nalarpar L.P. School 997Ramkrishnanagar Ii
48Pallisri H.E. School 698Ramkrishnanagar Ii
49187 No. Pushpapriya L.P. School554Pushpapriya
50187 No. Pushpapriya L.P. School503Pushpapriya
51Sarada Viidyapith Gir M.E. School 907Maniknagar Chabagan
52Vidyaniketan M.E. School 949Chandroy
53479 No Aryanagar L.P.School 631Ramkrishnanagar Iv, Lakshminagar
54Badalchandra Nath Middle School 850Pachim Baruala, Kalapani, Singlarpar, Maipur
55Badalchandra Nath Middle School829Pachim Baruala
5674 No. Kalapani L.P. School 735Chanyala, Tinghari Or Andurpar
57265 No. Baruala Parbati Balika L.P. School 555Chanyala, Dakshin Kalasup
58Harinagar M.V. School 615Harinagar
59Harinagar M.V. School 646Harinagar
60137 No. Awalala L.P. School 888Awalala
61178 No. Chandramoni Singha L.P. School 1121Chandramoni Singha
63R.K.Nagar Block Information Centre 500R.K.Nagar
64R.K.Nagar Block Information Centre 794R.K.Nagar
65291 No. Ramkrishna Sishusadan L.P. School 781Ramkrishnanagar Iii
66291 No. Ramkrishna Sishusadan L.P. School 607Ramkrishnanagar Iii
67Ramkrishna Bidyapith H.S. School 931Purba Irinagar Or Rajangar
68Ramkrishna Bidyapith H.S. School 682Purba Irinagar Or Rajangar
691005 No. Sishukalyan L.P. School 652Rajangar, Kalingar Chabagan
701005 No. Sishukalyan L.P. School 544Rajangar, Kalingar Chabagan
71744 No Kalinagar L.P.School 586Kalinagar
72744 No Kalinagar L.P.School 550Kalinagar
73682 No. Dalugang L.P.School 714Daluganga Block 2
741167 No. Purbadomkawala L.P. School 685Purbadomkawala
751167 No. Purbadomkawala L.P. School 729Purbadomkawala
751167 No. Purbadomkawala L.P. School 729Purbadomkawala
76Beratook Middle School 835Beratook
77Beratook Middle School 298Beratook
78Narayan Nath H.S. School 836Andurpar, Nitainagar
79665 No. Nitainagar L.P. School650Saitrikh Hal
80665 No. Nitainagar L.P. School 466Satrikh Hal, Gandharajbari
81152 No. Satrishal Maktab 766Kachu Khouri
82Gandarajbari Middle School 602Kachu Khouri, Thalgaon
83Janta M.E. School 611Muliala I
84Janta M.E. School 652Muliala Ii
85664 No. Muliala L.P. School 755Chagi Khouri
86844 No. Gazitilla L.P. School 842Chagi Khouri, Bethubari
87Bethubari M.V. School 835Jagannathpur Or Piyajguti
88Bethubari M.V. School 614Jagannathpur Or Piyajguti
89767 No. Jagannathpur L.P. School 1004Tarbin Cherra Chabagan, Khilorbond
90Kazi Nazrul Islam M.E. School 864Hulashnagar Ii
91691 No.Tarbincherra Hindi L.P. School 982Tarbincherra
92558 No. Hulashnagar L.P. School 800Hulashnagar
93760 No.Chargola L.P. School 805Chargola
94760 No. Chargola L.P. School936Chargola
95Pechawala Middle School 616Purba Sarkaribari
96Pechawala Middle School 830Paschim Sarkari Bari
97Ratabari M.V. School 546Patiala
98Ratabari M.V. School 571Patiala
99391 No. Patiyala L.P. School 951Jaynagar, Shyamnagar, Kapnarpar, Rupargram
101391 No. Patiala L.P. School 368Joynagar, Shyamnagar, Kaponarpar, Rupargram
102390 No. Mukamerbond L.P. School 600Mukamerbond
103390 No. Mukamerbond L.P. School 501Mukamerbond
1041145 No Ramnagar Hindi L.P.School 739Bidyanagar Or Sunati Gul, Bidyanagar
105738 No. Bidyanagar L.P. School 654Bidyanagar
106738 No.Bidyanagar L.P. School 584Bidyanagar
107650 No.Ganga Hindi L.P. School 878Sanni Ghat Bazar Or Sanni Ghat Bosti, Pas Dali
108650 No. Ganga Hindi L.P. School 494Mukamcherra Colony Or Srikrishnapur, Rupagram
109Channighat Model M.E. School 509Mukamcherra Colony Or Shrikrishnapur
11086 No. Bidyanagar L.P. School 604Bidyanagar
11186 No. Bidyanagar L.P. School 534Bidyanagar
112755 No Damcherra L.P.School 578Damcherra
113755 No Damcherra L.P.School 663Damcherra
114755 No Damcherra L.P.School 767Damcherra
1151294 No Mukamcherra L.P.School 949Mukamcherra
116690 No. Mukamcherra Hindi L.P.School 809Mukamcherra
117356 No. Bishnupur L.P. School 988Bishnupur
118Biyairdala M.V. School 727Biyairdala
119Biyairdala M.V. School 637Biyairdala
1201237 No. Bijoy Nagar L.P. School 1002Bijoy Nagar
121796 No. Chandmari L.P. School 901Chandmari
122797 No. Chandmari L.P. School 578Chandmari
123761 No. Kalacherra L.P. School 740Kalacherra
124797 No. Joynagar L.P. School 540Joynagar
125Chantilla M.V. School 922Chantilla
126Chargola Valley Public H .S. School 464Chantilla
127Chargola Valley Public H. S. School North 452Dullavcherra Chabagan Block 1
128Chargola Valley Public H. S. School 568Dullavcherra Chabagan Block 2
129593 No. Hindi Bidyapith L.P. School 980Dullavcherra Chabagan Block 2
130753 No Dullvcherra L.P.School 696Dullvcherra
131753 No Dullvcherra L.P.School 661Dullvcherra
132Harekrishna M.V. School 570Harekrishna
133Harekrishna M.V. School 581Harekrishna
13465 No. Chamtilla L.P. School 841Chamtilla
135Hindi Vidyapith High School 751Veterbond Colony Block 1, Dhupanpar
136570 No. Vetarbnd L.P. School 605Vetarbnd
137570 No. Vetarbnd L.P. School 508Vetarbnd
138629 No. Vetarbnd L.P. School 830Vetarbnd
139Vetarbond M.V. School 1063Vetarbnd
14013 No. Dargarbond L.P. School 828Dargarbond
141316 No. Barbali L.P. School 716Barbali
142Indira M.V. School 896Fetipath
143Indira M.V. School 597Singlacherra Chabagan
144156 No. Fetipath L.P. School 861Singlacherra Chabagan
145Public M.E. School 657Singlacherra Chabagan Block 2
146Public M.E. School 560Singlacherra Chabagan Block 2
147762 No. Singlacherra L.P. School 506Singlacherra
148762 No. Singlacherra L.P. School 448Singlacherra
149Fanairbond Adaha M E School 734Fanairbond Adaha
150754 No. Lalcherra L.P. School 909Lalcherra
151754 No. Lalcherra L.P. School 912Lalcherra
152352 Dakshin Fanairbond L P School 619Dakshin Fanairbond
152352 Dakshin Fanairbond L P School 619Dakshin Fanairbond
152352 Dakshin Fanairbond L P School 619Dakshin Fanairbond
152352 Dakshin Fanairbond L P School 619Dakshin Fanairbond
153352 Dakshin Fanairbond L P School 560Dakshin Fanairbond
153352 Dakshin Fanairbond L P School 560Dakshin Fanairbond
1541094 No. Paschim Jalalabad L.P.School 544Paschim Jalalabad
1551094 No. Paschim Jalalabad L.P.School 511Paschim Jalalabad
156Jalalabad M.E. Madrassa 688Jalalabad
157Sonapur M.E. School 653Sonapur
158Sonapur M.E. School 561Sonapur
159779 No. Sonapur L.P. School 909Sonapur
160Wangirbond Middle School 900Wangirbond
160Wangirbond Middle School 900Wangirbond
161Wangirbond Middle School 624Wangirbond
162763 No. Maguracherra L.P. School 1022Maguracherra
163763 No. Maguracherra L.P. School935Maguracherra
163763 No. Maguracherra L.P. School935Maguracherra
164763 No. Maguracherra L.P. School588Maguracherra
164763 No. Maguracherra L.P. School588Maguracherra
165Ganeshpur M.E. School 706Ganeshpur
166Ganeshpur M.E. School 492Ganeshpur
167Pathakhauri Madrassa 797Pathakhauri
168700 No North Patakhauri L.P. School 950North Patakhauri
169700 No North Patakhauri L P School 599North Patakhauri
170758 No. Gambhira L.P. School 648Gambhira
170758 No. Gambhira L.P. School 648Gambhira
171758 No. Gambhira L.P. School 569Gambhira
172484 No.Kashinathpur L.P. School 856Kashinathpur
173Budhan H.S. English School 588Budhan
174Budhan H.S. English School 534Budhan
174Budhan H.S. English School 534Budhan
175757 No. Oliviacherra L.P. School 743Oliviacherra
176759 No Kekragool L.P.School 650Kekragool
177759 No Kekragool L.P.School 1033Kekragool
17893 No Anganwadi Centre 648Kamalpur
179184 No. Cheragibond L.P. School 555Cheragibond
180184 No. Cheragibond L.P. School 727Cheragibond
181506 No.Shyamaprasad L.P. School 709Kalamagura
182Bijoylakshmi M.E. School 936Bijoylakshmi
183680 No. Basudev Nath L.P. School 648Kalamagura Block 2
184Rongpur Middle School 843Rongpur
185Rongpur Middle School382Rongpur
186471 Bhuthucherra L P School 900Bhuthucherra
187471 Bhutucherra L P School454Bhuthucherra
188617 No.Birojapur L.P. School 761Birojapur
189617 No. Birojapur L.P. School818Birojapur
190190 No. Cheragi Forest L.P. School 599Cheragi Forest
191190 No. Cheragi Forest L.P. School 545Cheragi Forest

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