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Polling Booth in Rangapara Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Rangapara

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rangapara Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Tarajuli Te Club House 653Tarajuli
2Tarajuli T.E. L.P. School 768Tarajuli
3Tarajuli T.E. Mazdoor Club 848Tarajuli
4Dhandai T.E. Club 727Dhandai
5Dhandai T.E. L.P. School 810Dhandai
6Dholkoba T.E. L.P. School 621Dholkoba
7Sonajuli Grant L.P. School 640Sonajuli Grant
8Sonajuli T.E. L.P. School 519Sonajuli
9Sonajuli T.E. Labour Club 418Sonajuli
10Sonajuli T.E. L.P. School 727Sonajuli
11Borjuli T.E. L.P. School 675Borjuli
12Borjuli T.E. L.P. School 650Borjuli
13Borjuli T.E. M.E. School 468Borjuli
14Borjuli T.E. M.E. School 512Borjuli
15Borjuli T.E. Staff Club House 588Borjuli
16Thakurbari T.E. L.P. School 569Thakurbari
17Thakurbari T.E. Labour Club 693Thakurbari
18Rangapara T.E. L.P. School 613Rangapara
19Rangapara T.E. L.P. School 580Rangapara
20Gharali T.E. Staff Club House 599Gharali
21Gharali T.E. Staff Club House 740Gharali
22Ghorali T.E. L.P. School 565Ghorali
23Bhelowater L.P. School 897Bhelowater
24No.2 Bahumari L.P. School 635Bahumari
25Dhulapadung T.E. Staff Club House. 496Dhulapadung
26Creche House Dhulapadung T.E. 469Dhulapadung
27Dhulapadung T.E. Labour Club House 553Dhulapadung
28Dhulapadung T.E. L.P. School 595Dhulapadung
29Mainajuli T.E. L.P. School 651Mainajuli
30Mainajuli T.E. L.P. School 651Mainajuli
31Rupajuli T.E. Mazdoor Club House 427Rupajuli
32Rupajuli T.E. L.P. School 653Rupajuli
33Amtal Bengali L.P. School 258Amtal
34Phuloguri Nepalipam L.P. School 819Phuloguri Nepalipam
35Phuloguri Gaon Panchayat Office 968Phuloguri Gaon
36Amtal Bengali L.P. School 885Amtal Bengali
37Phuloguri L.P. School 556Phuloguri
3824 Nos. Rangapara Jr. Basic School 1034Rangapara
39Rangapara Labour Welfare Office 877Rangapara
40Rangapara Labour Welfare Office 860Rangapara
41Rangapara Govt. High School 718Rangapara
42Rangapara Govt. High School 673Rangapara
43Rangapara Govt. High School640Rangapara
44Rangapara Govt. High School 700Rangapara
45Rangapara Town Committee 744Rangapara Town
46Rangapara Town Committee 1112Rangapara Town
47Rangapara Bengali High School 1152Rangapara
48Rangapara Bengali High School 1005Rangapara
49Rangapara M.V. School 1181Rangapara
50Aurabinda Bidyalay 521Aurabinda
51Rajendrajyoti Bidyan Mandir. M.E. School 551Rajendrajyoti
52Anil Mojamil Haque M.E. School 673Anil Mojamil Haque
53Hatibari T.E. L.P. School 784Hatibari
54Hatibari T.E. L.P. School 882Hatibari
55Rangapara Gaon Panchayat Office 708Rangapara Gaon
56Namonigaon L.P. School 585Namonigaon
57Namonigaon L.P. School New Building 624Namonigaon
58Namonigaon M.E. School 781Namonigaon
59Namonigaon M.E. School 894Namonigaon
60Phulbari T.E. L.P. School 613Phulbari
61Phulbari T.E. L.P. School 769Phulbari
62Panipota T.E. L.P. School 552Panipota
63Panipota T.E. Labour Club 558Panipota
64Panipota T.E. L.P. School 456Panipota
65Panipota T.E. L.P. School 24 No. Line 400Panipota
66Ouhola L.P. School 760Ouhola
67Dalmaya L.P. School 451Dalmaya
68Panipota L.P. School 985Panipota
69Mariyam L.P. School 721Mariyam
70Balipara M.V. School 856Balipara
71Bokagaon L.P. School 610Bokagaon
72Balipara H.S. School 876Balipara
73Balipara M.V. School 584Balipara
74Balipara H.S. School 482Balipara
75Balipara M.V. School 1090Balipara
76Khelmati L.P. School 857Khelmati
77Khelmati L.P. School 967Khelmati
78Balipra T.E. Primaryschool 675Balipra
79Balipra T.E. Labour Club 600Balipra
80Khanamukh L.P. School 481Khanamukh
81Khanamukh L.P. School 758Khanamukh
82Khanamukh L.P. School 1086Khanamukh
83No. 1 Silani Primaryschool 482Silani
84No. 2 Silani Primaryschool 820Silani
85No. 2 Silani Primaryschool 525Silani
86Chilani High School 1040Chilani
87Rangajan M.V. School 747Rangajan
88Rangajan M.V. School 605Rangajan
89Rangajan M.V. School 686Rangajan
90Seroani L.P. School 698Seroani
91Akabasti Primaryschool 489Akabasti
92Akabasti Miri Anganwadi Centre 585Akabasti Miri
93Akabasti L.P.School (Venture) 370Akabasti
94Akabasti Primaryschool 918Akabasti
95Gudamghat No.1 Primaryschool 906Gudamghat
96Gudamghat No.1 Primaryschool 854Gudamghat
97Gudamghat Miri L.P. School 562Gudamghat Miri
98Gudamghat Miri L.P. School 576Gudamghat Miri
99Dighaligaon Primaryschool 802Dighaligaon
100Dighaligaon Primaryschool 543Dighaligaon
101Dighaligaon Primaryschool 1058Dighaligaon
102Bamgaon T.E. Primaryschool 799Bamgaon
103Bamgaon Tea Estate Staff Club House 990Bamgaon
104Kacharigaon Mazdoor Club House 492Kacharigaon
105Kacharigaon Mazdoor Canteen House 490Kacharigaon
106Kacharigaon Mazdoor Club House 646Kacharigaon
107Naharani Tea Estate L.P. School 543Naharani
108Naharani Bagan Club House 602Naharani Bagan
109Naharani Bagan L.P. School 824Naharani Bagan
110Amaribari Primaryschool 550Amaribari
111Amaribari Primaryschool 535Amaribari
112Amaribari T.E. Office 612Amaribari
113Amaribari T.E. Labour Club N.AAmaribari
114Nagapathar L.P. School N.ANagapathar
115Namgaon Bagan L.P. School 738Namgaon Bagan
116Namgaon Bagan L.P. School 599Namgaon Bagan
117Adabari T.E. Staff House 769Adabari
118Old Adabari L.P. School 481Old Adabari
119Adabari T.E. Labour Club 604Adabari
120Natun Adabari T.E. L.P. School 562Natun Adabari
121Natun Adabari T.E. Creche House 541Natun Adabari
122Mahatma Gandhi M.E. School (Venture) 259Mahatma Gandhi
123Hahchara T.E. L.P. School 668Hahchara
124Hahchara T.E. L.P. School 491Hahchara
125Hahchara T.E. Club House 575Hahchara
126Hahchara T.E. Anganwadi Centre 531Hahchara
127Kerabasti L.P. School 576Kerabasti
128Kerabasti L.P. School 382Kerabasti
129No. 1 Naharani L.P. School 273Naharani
130Sessa T.E. Club House 422Sessa
131Sessa T.E. L.P. School 829Sessa
132Sessa T.E. L.P. School 858Sessa
133Singrijan T.E Lab. Club House 717Singrijan
134Singrijan T.E L.P. School 273Singrijan
135Durrung T.E Staff Club House 691Durrung
136Durrung T.E Staff Club House 731Durrung
137Kathalguri L.P. School 835Kathalguri
138Kathalguri Bagan Staff Club House 938Kathalguri
139Bindukuri High School 661Bindukuri
140Bindukuri Bagan L.P. School 522Bindukuri Bagan
141Staff Club House 423
142Bindukuri Bagan L.P. School 718Bindukuri Bagan
143Chalagaon Govt. Jr. Basic School 573Chalagaon
144Chalagaon Govt. Jr. Basic School 449Chalagaon
145Dhekidal Govt. Jr. Basic School 880Dhekidal
146Dhekidal Govt. Jr. Basic School 422Dhekidal
147Sarupat Gaon Jr. Basic School 766Sarupat Gaon
148Borpat Gaon M.V. School 675Borpat Gaon
149Hem Baruah High School 903Hem Baruah
150Hem Baruah High School 497Hem Baruah
151Hem Baruah High School 618Hem Baruah
152Raumari L.P. School 603Raumari
153Rangajan Miri L.P. School 660Rangajan Miri
154Roumari M.E. School 400Roumari
155Kachubil L.P. School 778Kachubil
156Kachubil L.P. School 849Kachubil
157Silghagari L.P. School 921Silghagari
158Bapuji L.P. School 583Bapuji
159Berajan L.P. School 631Berajan
160Rangajan G.P. Office 278Rangajan
161Tingharia L.P. School 554Tingharia
162Sonabil T.E. Club House 678Sonabil
163Sonabil T.E. L.P. School 523Sonabil
164Barati L.P. School 671Barati
165Barati L.P. School 599Barati
166Barati L.P. School 612Barati
167Barati L.P. School 520Barati
168Malijan L.P. School 634Malijan
169Malijan L.P. School 617Malijan
170Malijan L.P. School 775Malijan
171Malijan L.P. School 445Malijan
172Mansiri High School 855Mansiri
173Berajan L.P.School 877Berajan
174Rajgarh L.P. School 743Rajgarh
175Singitali L.P. School 113Singitali
176Singitali L.P. School 632Singitali
177Singitali L.P.School 652Singitali
178Khalihamari L.P. School 572Khalihamari
179Khalihamari L.P. School 573Khalihamari
180Khalihamari L.P. School 714Khalihamari
181Kabilabad High School. 715Kabilabad .
182Kabilabad High School. 721Kabilabad .
183Borghat L.P. School 735Borghat
184Borghat L.P. School 773Borghat
185Korokani L.P. School 650Korokani
186Korokani L.P. School 622Korokani
187Chamdhara L.P.School 685Chamdhara
188Chamdhara L.P.School 639Chamdhara
189Bihiagaon L.P. School 781Bihiagaon
190Gandhiji L.P.School 888Gandhiji

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