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Polling Booth in Raha Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Raha

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Raha Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Bagariguri P.N. Tamuli High School1049Bagariguri
2Bagariguri P.N. Tamuli High School 524Bagariguri
3Kamagaon L.P. School 847Kamagaon
4Chaubori L.P. School 714Chaubori
5Laofulabori L.P.School 1043Laofulabori
6Jongal Balahugar High School 805Jongal Balahugar
7Dighaliati L.P. School 717Dighaliati
8Dighaliati L.P. School684Dighaliati
9Garmari L.P. School 1073Garmari
10Chaparmukh Town L.P. School 1274Chaparmukh Town
11Chaparmukh Town L.P. School1132Chaparmukh Town
12Chaparmukh Lower Primaryschool 1245Chaparmukh Lower
13Kachua L.P. School 483Kachua
14Kachua L.P. School1188Kachua
15Bamunijan High School 988Bamunijan
16Khalihamari L.P. School 983Khalihamari
17Khalihamari L.P. School754Khalihamari
18Gaspara M.V. School 742Gaspara
19Gaspara M.V. School719Gaspara
20Dalimbari L.P. School991Dalimbari
21Dalimbari L.P. School 947Dalimbari
22Amsoi High School 1242Amsoi
23Amsoi High School912Amsoi
24Amsoi L.P. School 772Amsoi
25Beltala L.P. School 547Beltala
26Beltala L.P. School610Beltala
27Dhowa Dalani J.B. School 850Dhowa Dalani
28Dhowa Dalani J.B. School689Dhowa Dalani
29Bura Raja J.B.School 418Bura Raja
30Bura Raja J.B.School1079Bura Raja
31Balikuchi L.P. School 975Balikuchi
32Hatbor L.P. School 530Hatbor
33Hatbor L.P. School 579Hatbor
34Gandhibore M.E. School 854Gandhibore
35Gandhibore M.P. School 473Gandhibore
36Ramjang Ati Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 554Ramjang Ati
37Tupakuchi J.B.L.P. School 1021Tupakuchi
38Tupakuchi J.B.L.P. School 728Tupakuchi
39Gopinath Bordoloi High School 724Gopinath Bordoloi
40Rahagaon Balipara Parthamik Vidalaya 641Rahagaon Balipara
41Gopinath Bordoloi High School 877Gopinath Bordoloi
42Raha M.V. School 997Raha
43Raha Gir High School 831Raha Gir
44Raha Gir High School 710Raha Gir
45Harya Mukh J.B. School 692Harya Mukh
46Raha Chaki L.P. School 716Raha Chaki
47Meteka L.P. School 559Meteka
48Meteka L.P. School 875Meteka
49Katahguri L.P. School 723Katahguri
50Katahguri L.P. School 719Katahguri
51Saragaon M.E. School 754Saragaon
52Saragaon M.E. School672Saragaon
53Kahiguri High School 926Kahiguri
54Pachim Dighaldari L.P. School 936Pachim Dighaldari
55Madhya Digaldari L..P. School Balaka Vidyalaya 435Madhya Digaldari
56No.98 Dighaldari L.P. School 904Dighaldari
57Ranthali Nahru L.P. School 673Ranthali Nahru
58Ranthali Nahru L.P. School 403Ranthali Nahru
59Deubali L.P. School 713Deubali
60Deubali Kakatigaon L.P. School 749Deubali Kakatigaon
61Lothabori L.P. School 714Lothabori
62S.K.B.L.Nehru M.E. School 1194
63Pachim Salmara Jb School 923Pachim Salmara
64Phulaguri High School 1165Phulaguri
65Sri Pitambar Dev L.P. School 1183Sri Pitambar Dev
66Pub Salmara L.P. School 1141Pub Salmara
67Dhemajigaon L.P. School 769Dhemajigaon
68Jakarua L.P. School 554Jakarua
69Pahupuri Khaiti L.P. School 742Pahupuri Khaiti
70Uttar Petbarha L.P. School 806Uttar Petbarha
71Uttar Petbarha L.P. School 772Uttar Petbarha
72Nij Baligoan L.P. School 1155Nij Baligoan
73Pub Baligoan L.P. School 336Pub Baligoan
74Dakhin Potborha L.P. School 781Dakhin Potborha
75Dakhin Potborha L.P. School 721Dakhin Potborha
76Ghahi Sarkari J.B. School 1267Ghahi Sarkari
77Ghahi Sarkari J.B. School 1054Ghahi Sarkari
78Ujjanikuri Balika L.P. School 1011Ujjanikuri Balika
79Jagial Gir High School 681Jagial Gir
80Jagial Gir High School 794Jagial Gir
81Kakatigaon L.P. School 1286Kakatigaon
82Kakatigaon L.P. School 1140Kakatigaon
83Padumoni L.P. School 1147Padumoni
84Darangigaon L.P.School 997Darangigaon
85Magurgaon L.P. School 690Magurgaon
86Chiugure L.P. School 1290Chiugure
87Magurgaon L.P. School 1163Magurgaon
88Salmara Mukatab School 1374Salmara
89Bagalajan K.V.M.E. School 1122Bagalajan
90Amtola L.P. School 1079Amtola
91Kamargaon L.P.School 1096Kamargaon
92Bandura Ati L.P.School 856Bandura Ati
93Bandura Ati L.P.School 571Bandura Ati
94Babura Ati L.P. School 1447Babura Ati
95Barunguri L.P.School 1225Barunguri
96Lao Pani L.P. School 1165Lao Pani
97Niz Jarabari M.E. School 674Niz Jarabari
98Niz Jarabari M.E. School 839Niz Jarabari
99Dharmukh L.P.School 1215Dharmukh
100Dharmukh L.P.School 588Dharmukh
101No. 2 Pubchengajan L.P.School788Pubchengajan
102Charai Juria L.P. School 1146Charai Juria
103Charai Juria L.P. School 1131Charai Juria
104Sial Bhangi L.P. School 1058Sial Bhangi
105Bamunithan L.P. School 1028Bamunithan
106Puthimari L.P.School 1133Puthimari
107Missamari Rabindranath L.P. School914Missamari Rabindranath
108Simaiuguri L.P. School 909Simaiuguri
109Simaiuguri L.P. School851Simaiuguri
110Garubandha L.P. School 986Garubandha
111Niz Jukuta L.P. School 1040Niz Jukuta
112Niz Jukuta L.P. School 929Niz Jukuta
113Bahakabari M.V. School 570Bahakabari
114Bahakabari M.V. School 1016Bahakabari
115Niz Narikali M.E. School 1036Niz Narikali
116Niz Narikali M.E. School 687Niz Narikali
117Biringa Ati L.P. School 1148Biringa Ati
118Hatikhuti L.P.School 1052Hatikhuti
119Biriga Ati L.P.School 922Biriga Ati
120Dibyojyoti L.P. School 436Dibyojyoti
121Ramni Pather L.P.School 1113Ramni Pather
122Ramni Pather L.P.School 819Ramni Pather
123Ramni Pather L.P.School 672Ramni Pather
124Madhabpara L.P.School 943Madhabpara
125Madhabpara L.P.School 1075Madhabpara
126Juripar Barpani L.P. School 1208Juripar Barpani
127Juripar L.P.School 818Juripar
128Juripar L.P.School749Juripar
129Longjap Jarani Binapani L.P.School 1134Longjap Jarani Binapani
130Longjap Bharati L.P. School 888Longjap Bharati
131Longjap Majgaon L.P.School 506Longjap Majgaon
132Longjap Majgaon L.P.School 796Longjap Majgaon
133Singimari M.E. School 1175Singimari
134Singimari M.E. School 865Singimari
135Makhanbasti L.P. School 973Makhanbasti
136Makhanbasti L.P. School 934Makhanbasti
137Panbari L.P.School 918Panbari
138Maisamgaon L.P.School 1220Maisamgaon
139Barpathar J.B.School 739Barpathar
140Barchali L.P.School 368Barchali
141Barchali L.P.School 1131Barchali
142Barpani Kaloni L.P. School 1014Barpani Kaloni
143Barpani Kaloni L.P. School 1270Barpani Kaloni
144Singimari L.P. School 664Singimari
145Pandit Ghat L.P. School 747Pandit Ghat
146Pandit Ghat L.P. School 755Pandit Ghat
147Jitgaon L.P. School 431Jitgaon
148Raja Ali L.P. School 753Raja Ali
149Uttar Raja Ali Adaha Parthamik Vidyalaya 741Uttar Raja Ali Adaha
150Raja Ali M.E. School 695Raja Ali
151Garakgahania L.P. School 1045Garakgahania
152No.9 Kheroni L.P.School 628Kheroni
153Padumpukhuri L.P.School 720Padumpukhuri
154No.9 Kheroni L.P.School 858Kheroni
155Padum Pukhuri L.P. School 967Padum Pukhuri
156Luthumari Muktab926Luthumari
157Luthumari Muktab 923Luthumari
158Lutumari Borgaon Forest L.P. School 1303Lutumari Borgaon Forest
159Lutumari Podumoni Tongia L.P. School1028Lutumari Podumoni Tongia
160Lutumari Podumoni Tongia L.P. School 605Lutumari Podumoni Tongia
161Grantha Bhaban 741Grantha Bhaban
162Singimari L.P. School779Singimari
163Gerjaipam L.P.School 1293Gerjaipam
164Satlunga L.P.School 1206Satlunga
165Satlungaa Lutumari Par L.P.School 1190Satlungaa Lutumari Par
166Kachua Tiniali L.P.School 941Kachua Tiniali
167Garjaipaipam Kalibari M.E.School 549Garjaipaipam Kalibari
168Chankhula Muktab School 1060Chankhula
169Longjup Chan Khula L.P. School 984Longjup
170Haldhibori L.P. School 384Haldhibori
171Rangalu Basti L.P.School 754Rangalu Basti
172Rangalu Basti Muktab Madrassa 1147Rangalu Basti
173Alitangani L.P.School 1366Alitangani
174Kachua M.E.School 962Kachua
175No. 1 Kachua Haidhiati L.P.School 599Kachua Haidhiati
176Kachua M.E.School 947Kachua
177No. 1 Kachua Haidhiati L.P.School 662Kachua Haidhiati
178Kandapara L.P.School 768Kandapara
179Kandapara L.P.School 804Kandapara
180Lutumaripar M.E.School 1113Lutumaripar
181Kachua Tini Ali L.P.School 1034Kachua Tini Ali
182Gerjaipam Kalibari M.E.School 470Gerjaipam Kalibari
183Kuhimari M.V.School 807Kuhimari
184Pilkhana Anususita Jati M.E.School 991Pilkhana Anususita Jati
185Simlai Pathar L.P.School 888Simlai Pathar
186Simlai Pathar L.P.School 884Simlai Pathar
187Kumbhri Dubi L.P.School 1196Kumbhri Dubi
188Bakulguri M.E.School 1007Bakulguri
189Padumoni Muktab School 1203Padumoni
190Bakulguri Muktab School 974Bakulguri
191Atigaon L.P.School 1187Atigaon
192Garukhunda Hari Teran High School 758Garukhunda Hari Teran
193Garukhunda Hari Teran High School 726Garukhunda Hari Teran
194Chanchaki L.P.School 843Chanchaki
195Uttar Changchaki L.P.School 511Uttar Changchaki
196Barchung L.P.School 752Barchung
197Dimbeshar Hazarika L.P.School 463Dimbeshar Hazarika
198Bargaon L.P.School 974Bargaon
199Kapili Sankar Sangha L.P.School 504Kapili Sankar Sangha
200Pub Kampur High School 976Pub Kampur
201Changchaki High School 655Changchaki

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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