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Polling Booth in Patacharkuchi Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Patacharkuchi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Patacharkuchi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Bharati Madhaya M.E. School 850Bharati Madhaya
2Bharati Madhaya M.E. School 747Bharati Madhaya
3Barbari Bhadrakuchi L.P. School 993Barbari Bhadrakuchi
4Tihu High School 799Tihu
5Tihu High School 886Tihu
6Tihu Girl'S High School 1028Tihu
7Tihu Girl'S High School 858Tihu
8Nannatari L.P. School 825Nannatari
9Nannatari L.P. School 650Nannatari
10Nijkhana Madhaya M.E. School 733Nijkhana Madhaya
11665 No Malkhana L.P. School 518Malkhana
12Jalkhana Bhatuakhana Hs 653Jalkhana Bhatuakhana
13Jalkhana Bhatuakhana Hs 862Jalkhana Bhatuakhana
14Jalkhana Madhaya M.E. School 805Jalkhana Madhaya
15Pakhura L.P. School 716Pakhura
16Nij Khana Madhaya M.E. School 802Nij Khana Madhaya
172 No.Khudra Mahkibaha L.P. School 516Khudra Mahkibaha
18Makhibaha Balika High School 693Makhibaha
192 No Khudra Makhibaha L.P. School790Khudra Makhibaha
20Makhibha Baishyapara L.P. School469Makhibha Baishyapara
21Makhibha Baishyapara L.P. School562Makhibha Baishyapara
22Makhibha Hs School 691Makhibha
23Makhibha Hs School 838Makhibha
24172 No. Bar Makhibaha Balak L.P. School 707Bar Makhibaha Balak
25Paramankhowa L.P. School 665Paramankhowa
26186 No Khalihaguri L.P. School 1078Khalihaguri
27186 No Khalihaguri L.P. School 1126Khalihaguri
281091 No Bargaon L.P. School 554Bargaon
291310 No Pipalabari L.P. School 834Pipalabari
30177 No.Ratanpur L.P. School 716Ratanpur
31177 No.Ratanpur L.P. School 708Ratanpur
321534 No. Baghmara L.P. School609Baghmara
331534 No. Baghmara L.P. School635Baghmara
34Baidhani M.V School 748Baidhani
35296 No.Paschim Kathalmuri L.P.School 538Paschim Kathalmuri
36Batiamari L.P. School 821Batiamari
37Baghmara Hs School 615Baghmara
38Baghmara Hs School453Baghmara
39150 No. Rihabari L.P. School 489Rihabari
40150 No. Rihabari L.P. School 497Rihabari
41Gar Sarkari L.P. School 635Gar Sarkari
42Gar Sarkari L.P. School 602Gar Sarkari
43702 No. Paschim Bandhasidhani L.P. School 643Paschim Bandhasidhani
44702 No. Paschim Bandhasidhani L.P. School 672Paschim Bandhasidhani
45905 No. Daisingri L.P. School 852Daisingri
4628 No. Daisangri L.P. School 819Daisingri
47Rihabari Hs School 805Rihabari
48Rihabari Hs School 467Rihabari
49200 No.Nij Gergaria L.P. School 802Gergaria
5022 No. Soibari L.P. School 606Soibari
5122 No. Soibari L.P. School623Soibari
52Akaya Gir High School 602Akaya Gir
53Akaya Gir High School 632Akaya Gir
54Akaya L.P. School 660Akaya
55204 No.Saru Manikpur L.P. School 761Saru Manikpur
561252 No. Saru Manikpur L.P. School 808Saru Manikpur
5762 No. Bar Manikpur L.P. School501Bar Manikpur
5862 No. Bar Manikpur L.P. School 468Bar Manikpur
59750 No. Bhotanta Saderi L.P. School 809Bhotanta Saderi
60Padmashri Chandraprava Girl'S High School 895Padmashri Chandraprava
61Sahid Madan Routa Hs School 497Sahid Madan Routa
62Sahid Madan Rowta Hs School 469Sahid Madan Rowta
63164 No. Ghatbar Saderi L.P. School 692Ghatbar Saderi
64203 No.Bar Saderi L.P. School583Bar Saderi
65203 No.Bar Saderi L.P. School 579Bar Saderi
66325 No. Badankuchi L.P. School509Badankuchi
67325 No. Badankuchi L.P. School 534Badankuchi
6819 No. Tuplai Panbari L.P. School 874Tuplai Panbari
69337 No Kurabaha L.P. School491Kurabaha
70337 No Kurabaha L.P. School 574Kurabaha
71714 No Ujan Uluwa L.P. School 766Ujan Uluwa
7221 No Pipla L.P. School 941Pipla
7321 No Pipla L.P. School834Pipla
74Lal Bahadur Sastri Balika Vidlay 614Lal Bahadur Sastri
75Lal Bahadur Sastri Balika Vidlay600Lal Bahadur Sastri
76Bajali Gir H.E School Ratanpur 528Ratanpur
7767 No. Kaljirapara L.P. School 672Kaljirapara
7838 No.Bhogpur L.P. School401Bhogpur
7938 No.Bhogpur L.P. School 629Bhogpur
80183 No Bar Bamakhata L.P. School497Bar Bamakhata
81183 No Bar Bamakhata L.P. School 581Bar Bamakhata
82485 No Kenduguri L.P. School 529Kenduguri
83485 No Kenduguri L.P. School 624Kenduguri
84Swahid Akshendra High School629Swahid Akshendra
85Swahid Akshendra High School 523Swahid Akshendra
8626 No Haguri Gaon L.P. School 858Haguri Gaon
87Dolaigaon Birbira L.P. School 890Dolaigaon Birbira
88342 No. Bhokuwamari L.P. School 406Bhokuwamari
89124 No.Muguria Adaha L.P. School 940Muguria Adaha
90Uttar Bajali High School596Uttar Bajali
91Uttar Bajali High School 621Uttar Bajali
92Banimandirm.E. School600Banimandir
93Banimandirm.E. School 552Banimandir
941212 No. Madhaya Barbang L.P. School569Madhaya Barbang
951212 No. Madhaya Barbang L.P. School 539Madhaya Barbang
96219 No. Barbang L.P. School 590Barbang
97Kayasthapara L.P. School 621Kayasthapara
98257 No Uttar Barbang L.P. School 675Uttar Barbang
99Ugrasen Maziubura L.P. School 781Ugrasen Maziubura
10011 No. Rahadhar Birkala L.P. School600Rahadhar Birkala
10111 No. Rahadhar Birkala L.P. School 635Rahadhar Birkala
102Bajali Hs School 570Bajali
103Bajali Hs School 611Bajali
104Bajali Hs School675Bajali
105Patshala Girl'S High School 554
106Patshala Girl'S High School 600
107Patshala Girl'S High School 868
108Patshala Majalia Vidyalaya 848
109Bajali College834Pathsala Town
110Bajali College630Pathsala Town
11161 No. Garemari L.P. School 820Garemari
112721 No. Bagapara L.P. School 760Bagapara
113303 No Bebejiyapara L.P. School 656Bebejiyapara
115Kharadhara Baramchari Mv School687Kharadhara Baramchari
116Kharadhara Baramchari Mv School 613Kharadhara Baramchari
117612/1 No Mazarkhat L.P. School 785Mazarkhat
118336 No. Niz Sathisamukha L.P. School 555Sathisamukha
119914 No. Nimua L.P. School 852Nimua
120Bilpara L.P. School 644Bilpara
121Bidyabhawan Nityananda High School584Bidyabhawan Nityananda
122Bidyabhawan Nityananda High School 530Bidyabhawan Nityananda
12379 No Anandapur L.P. School623Anandapur
12479 No Anandapur L.P. School 562Anandapur
12594 No. Baniagaon L.P. School 350Baniagaon
12615 No. Bisankuchi L.P. School496Bisankuchi
12715 No. Bisankuchi L.P. School 464Bisankuchi
12859 Nogobindapur L.P. School 850Nogobindapur
12959 No. Gobindapur L.P. School734Gobindapur
130639 No. Sariha Chakla L.P. School 737Sariha Chakla
131Patacharkuchi Girl'S High School 611Patacharkuchi
1321043 No. Barbhala L.P. School 733Barbhala
133Patacharkuchi Vidyapith729Patacharkuchi
134Patacharkuchi Vidyapith 416Patacharkuchi
135Uttar Pallah Simalubari L.P. School 882Uttar Pallah Simalubari
136148 No. Dumuria L.P. School509Dumuria
137148 No. Dumuria L.P. School 490Dumuria
138627 No. Balana L.P. School 862Balana
139428 No. Titkagaria L.P. School 989Titkagaria
140428 No. Titkagaria L.P. School 553Titkagaria
141Titka High School 608Titka
14240 No. Dubi Balak L.P. School 516Dubi Balak
14340 No. Dubi Balak L.P. School 514Dubi Balak
144Parihareswar M.E. School511Parihareswar
145Parihareswar M.E. School 500Parihareswar
1461022 No. Titka Taje L.P. School 643Titka Taje
147174 No Gunari L.P. School 909No Gunari
148253 No Bhetuwa L.P. School 835Bhetuwa
149Lesera L.P. School 455Lesera
150396 No Raipur L.P. School690Raipur
151396 No Raipur L.P. School 548Raipur
15224 No Bamunkuchi L.P. School 680Bamunkuchi
15324 No Bamunkuchi L.P. School598Bamunkuchi
154140 No. Dharamtala L.P. School629Dharamtala
155140 No. Dharamtala L.P. School 610Dharamtala
1561318 No. Niz Sariha Dharamtala L.P.School 886Niz Sariha Dharamtala
1571318 No. Niz Sariha Dharamtala L.P.School 509Niz Sariha Dharamtala
158171 No Barnalikuchi L.P. School 702Barnalikuchi
159Balartari L.P. School 688Balartari
16037 No Barbairagi L.P. School 700Barbairagi
161630/2 No Bar Sahan L.P. School 794Bar Sahan
162641 No. Balipara L.P. School 704Balipara
163Bhaluki High School 686Bhaluki
16466 No. Kanimara L.P. School 739Kanimara
165230 No Barbhaluki L.P. School 710Barbhaluki
166600/2 No Barbhaluki L.P. School 663Barbhaluki
16789 No. Jalikhata L.P. School679Jalikhata
16889 No. Jalikhata L.P. School 683Jalikhata
169458 No. Uparnai L.P. School542Uparnai
170458 No. Uparnai L.P. School 504Uparnai
17125 No Helana L.P. School 697Helana
17225 No Helana L.P. School640Helana
173487 No Kuchdigha L.P. School 516Kuchdigha
174843 No. Rupdiga L.P. School 543Rupdiga
175Bangaon Hs School 687Bangaon
176Bangaon Hs School601Bangaon
17791No Bargandubi L.P. School 813Bargandubi

Last Updated on April 2, 2020
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