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Polling Booth in Panery Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Panery

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Panery Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Pub Rajagarh Primaryschool N.APub Rajagarh
2Rajagarh M.E.School 720Rajagarh
3Badlapara T.E. Primaryschool 485Badlapara
4Badlapara T.E. Primaryschool 723Badlapara
5Badlapara T.E. Mazdur Club Ghar 948Badlapara
6Badlapara T.E.Mazdur Club Ghar 774Badlapara
7Thalungjhar Tenki Basti L.P. School 591Thalungjhar Tenki Basti
8Bhotatar Lakshipriya L.P.School 900Bhotatar Lakshipriya
9Bholatar L.P. School N.ABholatar
10Thalungjhar L.P. School 312Thalungjhar
11Samrang L.P School 779Samrang
12Sagunbahi L.P. School 614Sagunbahi
13Nanaipara T.E. L.P. School 468Nanaipara
14Nanaipara T.E. L.P. School553Nanaipara
15Nanaipara T.E. L.P. School628Nanaipara
16Nanaipara T.E. Majdur Club 603Nanaipara
17Nanaipara T.E. Majdur Club 1047Nanaipara
18Orangajuli T.E. Primari School 696Orangajuli
19Orangajuli T.E. Primari School 637Orangajuli
20Orangajuli T.E. Primari School 1105Orangajuli
21Orangajuli T.E. Mazdur Club 893Orangajuli
22Nanai Khuti Primaryschool 684Nanai Khuti
23Jarabasti L.P. School 803Jarabasti
24Uttar Sekhar Primaryschool 879Uttar Sekhar
25Uttar Sekhar Primaryschool 561Uttar Sekhar
26No.1 Niz Geruwajhar Primaryschool 802Niz Geruwajhar
27No.1 Niz Geruwajhar Primaryschool 931Niz Geruwajhar
28No.1 Sonajuli L.P. School 1064Sonajuli
29No.1 Sonajuli L.P. School 575Sonajuli
30N.C. Sonajuli L.P.School 785N.C. Sonajuli
31N.C. Sonajuli L.P. School 643N.C. Sonajuli
32Kalikhola L.P. School 947Kalikhola
33Dimakuchi T.E. L.P. School 590Dimakuchi
34Dimakuchi T.E. L.P. School 569Dimakuchi
35Dakshin Geruwajhar L.P. School 1214Dakshin Geruwajhar
36Uttar Kalikhola L.P. School 855Uttar Kalikhola
37Uttar Kalikhola L.P. School. 475Uttar Kalikhola .
38Uttar Dimakuchi L.P.School 1185Uttar Dimakuchi
39Uttar Dimakuchi L.P.School 1060Uttar Dimakuchi
40Arya Vidyamandirl.P. School Bagaritol 544Arya Vidyamandir Bagaritol
41Arya Vidyamandirl.P. School Bagaritol 813Arya Vidyamandir Bagaritol
42Dimakuchi L.P.School 551Dimakuchi
43Dimakuchi L.P.School. 652Dimakuchi
44Hahchara L.P.School 961Hahchara
45Balichitha L.P. School 878Balichitha
46Amguri L.P. School 1057Amguri
47Chekhar M.E. School 890Chekhar
48Chekhar M.E. School 563Chekhar
49Nagachuba L.P. School 583Nagachuba
50Nizpatala L.P. School647Nizpatala
51Dingdang Para L.P.School 1026Dingdang Para
52Galachuba L.P.School 895Galachuba
53Purani Tangla L.P. School 752Purani Tangla
54Purani Tangla L.P. School 512Purani Tangla
55Purani Tangla L.P. School 472Purani Tangla
56Nagachara L.P.School 458Nagachara
57Nagachara L.P.School 902Nagachara
58Totalapara L.P School 988Totalapara
59Parbahuchuba L.P.School 837Parbahuchuba
60Bhergaon T.E. Mazdur Club. 432Bhergaon .
61Jabangapathar L.P. School 766Jabangapathar
62Jabangapathar L.P. School. 531Jabangapathar .
63Darogachuba L.P.School 793Darogachuba
64Darogachuba L.P.School. 444Darogachuba
65Khagrabari M.E. School 503Khagrabari
66Khagrabari M.E. School. 853Khagrabari .
67Singrimari L.P. School 510Singrimari
68Kashiachuba L.P. School. 673Kashiachuba .
69Atherighat T.E. Mazdur Club 1068Atherighat
70Atherighat T.E. Mazdur Club 673Atherighat
71Uttar Naobandha L.P. School 1078Uttar Naobandha
72Uttar Naobandha L.P. School 299Uttar Naobandha
73Barangajuli L.P.School 414Barangajuli
74Barangajuli L.P.School 977Barangajuli
75Naobandha M.E. School 459Naobandha
76Naobandha L.P. School 790Naobandha
77Dharamjuli Jangal L.P.School 591Dharamjuli Jangal
78Dharamjuli Jangal L.P.School 562Dharamjuli Jangal
79Nalapara L.P.School682Nalapara
80Nalapara L.P.School 985Nalapara
81Rajagarh Janata L.P. School 200Rajagarh Janata
82Suklai Neheru Memorialh.E. School 1096Suklai
83Suklai Neheru Memorialh.E. School 543Suklai
84Barongajuli T.E. L.P.School 798Barongajuli
85Barongajuli T.E. L.P.School 990Barongajuli
86Nalbari L.P. School 1069Nalbari
87Ghorashal L.P. School 425Ghorashal
88Ghorashal L.P. School. 747Ghorashal .
89Bhergaon M.E. School 1080Bhergaon
90Kacharipara L.P. School 290Kacharipara
91Kacharipara L.P. School 681Kacharipara
92Bhergaon M.V. School 933Bhergaon
93Udmari L.P.School 656Udmari
94Udmari L.P.School 578Udmari
95Harchapara L.P. School 1033Harchapara
96Bor Tangla L.P. School 1085Bor Tangla
97Bor Tangla L.P. School 767Bor Tangla
98Bor Tangla L.P. School 646Bor Tangla
99Rupakhat L.P. School 967Rupakhat
100Rupakhat L.P. School 652Rupakhat
101Charanpara L.P. School 913Charanpara
102Charanpara L.P. School 762Charanpara
103Kokramari L.P.School 338Kokramari
104Khushigaon L.P. School 1070Khushigaon
105Gobsachuba L.P. School 953Gobsachuba
106Nichilamari L.P. School 750Nichilamari
107Dudhgarmokha L.P. School 686Dudhgarmokha
108Dudhgarmokha L.P. School. 462Dudhgarmokha .
109Thakuriapara H.E. School 959Thakuriapara
110Pub Gourangapara L.P.School 509Pub Gourangapara
111No. Two Roumari L.P. School. 625Roumari .
112No.1 Rowmari L.P. School 506Rowmari
113No.1 Rowmari L.P. School. 471Rowmari .
114Rowmari Gorangapara L.P.School 233Rowmari Gorangapara
115Jagannathjhar L.P. School 702Jagannathjhar
116Jagannathjhar L.P. School 657Jagannathjhar
117Batabari L.P. School 752Batabari
118Potola L.P. School 819Potola
119Potola L.P. School. 369Potola .
120Sastrapara L.P. School 994Sastrapara
121Ratanpur L.P. School 833Ratanpur
122Ratanpur L.P. School 342Ratanpur
123Hahinigaon L.P. School 1137Hahinigaon
124Panipota L.P. School 1149Panipota
125Purandia L.P. School 922Purandia
126Bongaon L.P. School. 420Bongaon .
127Batakushi L.P. School 1038Batakushi
128Khokhagaon Tiklowchuba L.P. School 883Khokhagaon Tiklowchuba
129Phutukibari Gerua L.P School 1123Phutukibari Gerua
130Chaibari M.V. School 1060Chaibari
131Palashgarh L.P. School 516Palashgarh
132Palashgarh L.P. School 976Palashgarh
133Dhakshin Jangal.P.Ara L.P. School 888Dhakshin Jangal.P.Ara
134Dhakshin Jangal.P.Ara L.P. School 715Dhakshin Jangal.P.Ara
135Jangal.P.Ara M.E. School 1166Jangal.P.Ara
136Borigaon L.P.School 1165Borigaon
137Chamuapara L.P. School 1039Chamuapara
138Kalibari L.P. School 810Kalibari
139Kalibari L.P. School 772Kalibari
140Kalibari L.P. School 1151Kalibari
141Satgari M.V. School 893Satgari
142Satgari M.V. School 940Satgari
143Satgari M.V. School 944Satgari
144Tangla Town Adaha L.P. School 1096Tangla Town Adaha
145Tangla Town Adaha L.P. School 1046Tangla Town Adaha
146Tangla Town Adaha L.P. School 392Tangla Town Adaha
147Tangla Model M.E. School 880Tangla Model
148Tangla H.E. School 751Tangla
149Tangla H.E. School 921Tangla
150Tangla H.E. School 702Tangla
151Tangla Gaon L.P.School 668Tangla Gaon
152Tangla Gaon L.P.School. 580Tangla Gaon
153Rajagarh M.E. School 708Rajagarh

Last Updated on April 2, 2020
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