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Polling Booth in Palasbari Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Palasbari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Palasbari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Kalapani L.P. School 698Pagladia Nonke, Pagladia Nc
2Kalapani M.E. School 756Pagladia Nonke, Pagladia N.C. (Pagaladia N.C.) Kalapani No.1 Kalapani No.2
3Madhyam Bhatkhowadia L P School938Madhyam Bhatkhowadia
4Madhyam Bhatkhowadia L.P. School 522Madhyam Bhatkhowadia
5Dariatari L.P. School 518Dariatari
6Baniapara Minor School 170Baniapara
7Mollatari L.P. School 435Mollatari
8Panikhaity High School 851Panikhaiti
9Jarabari L.P. School 234Jarabari Pathar
10Bartari Anchalik High School 194Bangshor, Kandalpara
10Bartari Anchalik High School 194Abhipara
11Bartari L.P. School 278Bartari, Bejartari, Gobardia
12Bartari Abhipara M. E School 906Bejartari, Gobardia
13Bardia Sapari L.P. School 662Bejartari, Gobardia, Abhipara
14Futuri L.P. School. 815Bejartari, Gobardia, Futuri
15Futuri Balak L.P. School 477Alipur, Futuri No.1
16Futuri Balak L.P. School 297Futuri No.1, Futuri No.2
17Dhalipar L.P. School 833Dhalipar
18Dhalipar L.P. School 557Dhalipar
19Bhati Jiyakur L.P. School 833Bhati Jiyakur
20Jiyakur Minor School 936Jiyakur
21Jiyakur Minor School 914Jiyakur
22Nababhitha Minor School 751Jiyakur
23Amtola Adaha L.P. School 714Amtola Adaha
24Amtola Adaha L.P. School 742Amtola Adaha
25Amtola Adaha L.P. School 948Amtola Adaha
26Amtola Satra L.P. School 985Amtola Adaha
27Amtola Kaibartapara Bortola L.P. School 723Amtola Kaibartapara Bortola
28Amtola Kaibartapara Bortola L.P. School 860Amtola Kaibartapara Bortola
29Sapartari Satgharia L.P. School 614Sapartari Satgharia
30Simina Adaha Parthamik Vidyalaya 928Simina Adaha
31Simina Adaha Parthamik Vidyalaya 498Simina Adaha
32Simina High School 759Simina
33Simina High School 156Simina
34Guimara Mv School 297Guimara
34Guimara Mv School 297Guimara
35Guimara Mv School 366Guimara
35Guimara Mv School 366Guimara
36No.2 Nahira Satrapara L.P. School 776Nahira Satrapara
37Satrapara Ideal High School 314Satrapara
38No.2 Nahira Satrapara L.P. School 655Nahira Satrapara
39Satrapara Ideal High School 638Satrapara
40Nahira Guimara Anchalik High School 443Nahira Guimara Anchalik
41Nahira Guimara Anchalik High School 688Nahira Guimara Anchalik
42Nahira Guimara Anchalik High School 919Nahira Guimara Anchalik
43No. 28 Nahira L.P. School 733Nahira
44No. 28 Nahira L.P. School 671Nahira
45Kuldung L.P. School 715Nahira
46Kuldung L.P. School 328Nahira
47Nahira Mv School 763Nahira
48Soulmari L.P. School 915Soulmari
49Soulmari L.P. School 747Soulmari
50Dakhala L.P. School 1028Dakhala
51Dakhala Balika L.P. School 812Dakhala
52Dahali L.P. School 463Dahali
53Dahali L.P. School 691Dahali
54Dahali L.P. School 623Dahali
55Dakhala L.P. School494Dahali
56Haligaon High Madrassa 452Haligaon
57Haligaon High Madrassa 874Haligaon
58Haligaon Muktab 909Haligaon
59Haligaon Moktab 908Haligaon
60Uparhali High School 518Upar Hali
61Uparhali High School 706Upar Hali
62Uparhali High School673Upar Hali
63Uparhali High School 516Upar Hali
64Uparhali Adaha L.P. School 620Uparhali Adaha
65Digambar Jain Minor School 440Upar Hali
66Bijoynagar Marowari Gir' Minor School 600Bijoynagar Marowari Gir
67Bijoynagar Marowari Gir' Minor School 719Bijoynagar Marowari Gir
68Rangamati Minor School 573Rangamati
69Rangamati High School 737Rangamati
70Rangamati Minor School 742Rangamati
71Rangamati High School 321Rangamati
72Rajapukhuri L.P. School 796Rajapukhuri
73Rajapukhuri L.P. School 788Rajapukhuri
74Rampur Gir' L.P. School 566Rampur Gir
75Rampur Gir' L.P. School 475Rampur Gir
76Rampur Gir' L.P. School 647Rampur Gir
77Rampur Minor School 493Rampur
78Rampur Minor School 711Rampur
79Rampur Hs School 967Rampur
80Rampur Hs School 941Rampur
81Rampur Hs School 866Rampur
82Bhurapara L.P. School 1008Bhurapara
83Bhagawatipara L.P. School 934Bhagawatipara
84Saru Tezpur L.P. School 1018Saru Tezpur
85Bor Tezpur L.P. School 783Bar Tezpur
86Bor Tezpur L.P. School 731Bar Tezpur
87No. 95 Satpakhali L.P. School 832Satpakhali
88Satpakhali Mv School 654Satpakhali
89Satpakhali Mv School 720Satpakhali
90No. 95 Satpakhali L.P. School 910Satpakhali
91Hudumpur Kukuria L.P. School 637Hudumpur Kukuria
91Hudumpur Kukuria L.P. School 637Hudumpur Kukuria
92Hudumpur Kukuria L.P. School 478Hudumpur Kukuria
93Bor Kukuria L.P. School 923Bor Kukuria
94Kokjhar M.C. M.E. School 753Kokjhar
95No 86 Kokjhar L P School 747Kokjhar
96No. 86 Kokjhar L P School 744Kokjhar
97No 44 Sadilapur L.P. School 517Sadilapur
98Palli Balak L.P. School 676Parlli
99Parlly Dina Balika L P School 544Parlly
100Parlly Dina Balika L P School 919Parlly
101Sarpara L.P. School 536Sarpara
102Sarpara L.P. School 778Sarpara
103Sarpara Minor School 470Sarpara
104Sarpara Minor School 697Sarpara
105Krishnapuri L.P. School 944Sarpara
106Krishnapuri L.P. School 1010Sarpara
107No. 29 Rangamati L P School 681Rangamati
108No. 29 Rangamati L P School 722Rangamati
109Magurpara L.P. School 783Magurpara
110Magurpara L.P. School 759Magurpara
110Magurpara L.P. School 759Magurpara
111Gosaihat L.P. School 700Gosaihat
112Gosaihat L.P. School 984Gosaihat
114No. 1 Moniyari L.P. School 829Moniyari
114No. 1 Moniyari L.P. School 829Moniyari
115South Kamrup Bidyapity High School 531South Kamrup
116South Kamrup Bidyapity High School 597South Kamrup
117Kaitasiddhi L.P. School 752Kaitasiddhi
118Kaitasiddhi L.P. School 799Kaitasiddhi
119Godebari Parthamik Vidyalaya 901Godebari
120Bongara Minor School 538Bongara
121Bongara Minor School 850Bongara
122Bongara Minor School 497Bongara
123Barkuchi Colony L.P. School 970Barkuchi Colony
124Barkuchi Colony L.P. School 888Barkuchi Colony
125Sontala L.P. School 796Sontala
126Sontala L.P. School 779Sontala
127Lochana L.P. School 785Lochana
128Majkuchi L.P. School 576Majkuchi
129Majkuchi L.P. School 481Majkuchi
130Heramdo M.E. School 722Heramdo
131Heramdo M.E. School 599Heramdo
132Amranga Higher Secondary School 885Amranga
133Amranga Higher Secondary School 603Amranga
134Parakuchi M. V. School 393Parakuchi
135Parakuchi M. V. School 617Parakuchi
136Kallapara L.P. School 916Kallapara
137Urput L.P. School 876Urput
138No. 1 Jarobori L P School 969Jarobori
139Khatiamari Minor School 678Khatiamari
140Sansing Ram L.P. School 442Kochpara
141Batiyapara L.P. School 752Batiyapara
142Batiyapara L.P. School 371Batiyapara
143Mirza Gir' High School 608Mirza Gir
144Mirza Gir' High School 782Mirza Gir
145Mirza Gir' High School847Mirza Gir
146Mirza Gir' High School 487Mirza Gir
147Harendra Mohan Goswami Adaa L.P. School 739Harendra Mohan Goswami Adaa
148Palasbari R.K. Choudhury Senior Basic School L.P. School 647Palasbari
149Palasbari Boys High School 598Palasbari
150Palasbari R.K. Choudhury Senior Basic School L.P. School 593Palasbari
151Palasbari Boys High School 504Palasbari
152Palasbari Gir High School 729Palasbari Gir
153Palasbari Gir High School 595Palasbari Gir
154Haropara Gir' L.P. School 969Haropara Gir
155Haropara Gir' L.P. School 669Haropara Gir
156Goalhati L.P. School 558Goalhati
157Goalhati L.P. School 475Goalhati
158Jaji L.P. School 930Jaji
159Jaji L.P. School 514Jaji
160Jaji Mv School 723Jaji
161Birugaon L.P. School 1050Biro Gaon
162Telua Ghoramara L.P. School 752Ghuramara, Titua
163Bagapani L.P. School 829Bagapani
164Dhanipara L.P. School 622Dhanipara
165Loharghat High School 723Loharghat
166Satpur Anchalik Gir' High School 946Satpur Anchalik Gir
167Loharghat L.P. School 621Loharghat
168Karapara L.P. School 586Karapara
169Batabari L.P. School 781Batabari
170Kuhi High School 941Kuhi
171Kuhi High School 738Kuhi
172Khokhapara L.P. School 564Khokhapara
173Khokhapara M.E. School 645Khokhapara
174Saru Rani L.P. School 818Saru Rani
175Laduguri L.P. School 622Laduguri
176Nagaon L.P. School 867Nagaon
177Nagaon L.P. School 854Nagaon
178Barduar Tea Garden L.P. School 778Barduar Tea Garden
179Barduar Tea Garden L.P. School 806Barduar Tea Garden
180Jarapata L.P. School 862Barduar Tea Garden
181Rajapara Minor School 991Rajapara
182Baregaon L.P. School 782Baregaon

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