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Polling Booth in Nowgong Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Nowgong

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nowgong Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Maruwari Hindi Vidyalaya 877Maruwari
2Maruwari Hindi Vidyalaya 712Maruwari
3Haiborgaon Adaha High School 738Haiborgaon Adaha
4Haiborgaon Adaha High School 682Haiborgaon Adaha
5Haiborgaon Adaha High School 574Haiborgaon Adaha
6Haiborgaon Adaha High School 793Haiborgaon Adaha
7Haiborgaon Adaha High School 1220Haiborgaon Adaha
8Haiborgaon Gir High School 690Haiborgaon Gir
9Haiborgaon Gir High School 362Haiborgaon Gir
10Haiborgaon Gir High School 765Haiborgaon Gir
11Haiborgaon Gir High School 655Haiborgaon Gir
12Haiborgaon High School 297Haiborgaon
13Haiborgaon High School 699Haiborgaon
14Haiborgaon High School 513Haiborgaon
15Haiborgaon High School 601Haiborgaon
16Haiborgaon Bibekananda Vidyapith 707Haiborgaon
17Dakhin Haiborgaon Nehru Vidyapith 1225Dakhin Haiborgaon
18Haiborgaon Bibekananda Vidyapith 666Haiborgaon
19Dakhin Haiborgaon Nehru Vidyapith 540Dakhin Haiborgaon
20Dakhin Haiborgaon Kolongpar L.P. School 511Dakhin Haiborgaon Kolongpar
21Dakhin Haiborgaon Kolongpar L.P. School 779Dakhin Haiborgaon Kolongpar
22Dakhin Haiborgaon Kolongpar L.P. School 1081Dakhin Haiborgaon Kolongpar
23Nagaon Law College 659Nagaon
24Nagaon Law College796Nagaon
25Nagaon Law College 553Nagaon
26Sibasthan Primaryschool 949Sibasthan
27Sibasthan Primaryschool 600Sibasthan
28Ratna Kanta Borkakati High School 495Ratna Kanta Borkakati
29Ratna Kanta Borkakati High School 777Ratna Kanta Borkakati
30Kiranbala Goswami Gir High School 811Kiranbala Goswami Gir
31Kiranbala Goswami Gir High School 752Kiranbala Goswami Gir
32Kiranbala Goswami Gir High School 848Kiranbala Goswami Gir
33Dawson H. S. & M.P. School 1100Dawson
34Dawson H. S. & M.P. School 726Dawson
35Dawson H. S. & M.P. School 414Dawson
36Nagaon Govt.Gir H.S.School 374Nagaon
37Nagaon Govt.Gir H.S.School 1048Nagaon
38Bengali Gir H.S.School 907Bengali Gir
39Bengali Gir H.S.School 551Bengali Gir
40Bengali Gir H.S.School 655Bengali Gir
41Bengali Gir H.S.School 593Bengali Gir
42Bengali Boys H.S.School 730Bengali
43Bengali Boys H.S.School 187Bengali
44Nuruddin Muktab School 843Nuruddin Muktab School
45Nuruddin M. E. School 752Nuruddin
46Aminpatty Primaryschool 1047Aminpatty
47Aminpatty Gir M.E.School 1014Aminpatty Gir
48Samsul Huda Gir High School 817Samsul Huda Gir
49Samsul Huda Gir High School 876Samsul Huda Gir
50Natun Bazar Nimna Buniadi School 1135Natun Bazar
51Natun Bazar Nimna Buniadi School 916Natun Bazar
52Natun Bazar Nimna Buniadi School 457Natun Bazar
53Mohendra Boruah L.P.School 428Mohendra Boruah
54Mohendra Boruah L.P.School 620Mohendra Boruah
55Motiram Bora Gri H. S. School 716Motiram Bora Gri
56Gunabhiram Barua Gir L.P.School 1132Gunabhiram Barua Gir
57Kalimohan Barua Vidyapith 911Kalimohan Barua Vidyapith
58Kalimohan Barua Vidyapith 549Kalimohan Barua Vidyapith
59Normal School 1288
60Normal School 518
61Normal School 593
62Normal School 649
63I.T.I. Nagaon 619Nagaon
64I.T.I. Nagaon 1116Nagaon
65Abaladevi Primaryschool 785Abaladevi
66Abaladevi Primaryschool 719Abaladevi
67Netaji Shisu Vidyalaya 739
68Netaji Shisu Vidyalaya 738
69Satyabhama Vidyapith 813
70Satyabhama Vidyapith 853
71Dimou L.P.School 1020Dimou
72Birah Bebejia Majalia School 620Birah Bebejia Majalia
73Birah Bebejia Majalia School 670Birah Bebejia Majalia
74Bebejia Madhya English Balika School 791Bebejia
75Bebejia Madhya English Balika School 672Bebejia
76Mowamarikuh L.P.School 1270Mowamarikuh
77Mowamarikuh L.P.School 812Mowamarikuh
78Bebejia High School 1006Bebejia
79Bhadram Rajkhowa Balika Primaryschool 768Bhadram Rajkhowa
80A. D. P. College 882
81Bhadram Rajkhowa Balika Primaryschool 710Bhadram Rajkhowa
82Bhadram Rajkhowa Balika Primaryschool 1115Bhadram Rajkhowa
83Senchowa A.Borkakati High School 545Senchowa
84Senchowa A.Borkakati High School 750Senchowa
85Senchowa A.Borkakati High School 699Senchowa
86Krishna Mohan Bidya Niketan 1375
87Krishna Mohan Bidya Niketan 851
88Chalchali Janajati Parthamik Vidyalaya 1032Chalchali Janajati
89Chalchali Janajati Parthamik Vidyalaya 1081Chalchali Janajati
90Katimari Grant L.P. School 966Katimari Grant
91Katimari Grant L.P. School 907Katimari Grant
92Pachimhaiborgaon Islampatty Parthamik Vidyalaya 283Pachimhaiborgaon Islampatty
93Pachimhaiborgaon Islampatty Parthamik Vidyalaya 912Pachimhaiborgaon Islampatty
94Hom.E.Opathic College 885
951 No. Mullapatty Parthamik Vidyalaya 1149Mullapatty
961 No. Mullapatty Parthamik Vidyalaya 800Mullapatty
971 No. Mullapatty Parthamik Vidyalaya 531Mullapatty
98Hom.E.Opathic College 700
99Hom.E.Opathic College 1349
100Hom.E.Opathic College 783
101Hom.E.Opathic College 687
102Pachim Haiborgaon Islampatty P.Thamik Vidyalaya 1006Pachim Haiborgaon Islampatty
103Pachim Haiborgaon Islampatty P.Thamik Vidyalaya 557Pachim Haiborgaon Islampatty
104Barbheti Muktab School 1080Barbheti
105Barbheti Muktab School 1067Barbheti
106Huj Kaiborttagaon Primaryschool 869Huj Kaiborttagaon
107Huj Kaiborttagaon Primaryschool 1008Huj Kaiborttagaon
108Haiborgaon Shishu Vidyalaya 1135Haiborgaon
109Haiborgaon Shishu Vidyalaya 723Haiborgaon
110Haiborgaon Shishu Vidyalaya 346Haiborgaon
111Huj Kaiborttagaon Primaryschool 1097Huj Kaiborttagaon
112Haiborgaon Shishu Vidyalaya 762Haiborgaon
113Haiborgaon Shishu Vidyalaya789Haiborgaon
114Kachamari Majalia School 978Kachamari
115Kachamari Majalia School 683Kachamari
116Bamungaon Tribal Parthamik Vidyalaya 1039Bamungaon Tribal
117Jalmoigaon L. P. School 461Jalmoigaon
118Swahid Mambor Nath Smriti Bidyapith 1088Swahid Mambor Nath
119Naramari Muktab School 1251Naramari
120314 No. Naramari Balak L.P. School 790Naramari Balak
121314 No. Naramari Balak L.P. School 737Naramari Balak
122Tokowbari L. P. School 1196Tokowbari
123Simaluguri L. P. School 907Simaluguri
124Simaluguri L. P. School 572Simaluguri
125Silongani Muktab School 890Silongani
126Silongani Muktab School 794Silongani
127Silongani L.P. School 1135Silongani
128Bhakatgaon Primaryschool 945Bhakatgaon
129Bhakatgaon Primaryschool 1025Bhakatgaon
130Bhakatgaon Primaryschool 1035Bhakatgaon
131Herapatty M.E. Madrassa 1202Herapatty
132Herapatty M.E. Madrassa 1367Herapatty
133Katimari Muktab School 1113Katimari
134Katimari Muktab School 1097Katimari
135Kenduguri Primaryschool 518Kenduguri
136Kenduguri Primaryschool 1133Kenduguri
137Pubkenduguri L.P. School1114Pubkenduguri
138Dakhin Lawgaon Primaryschool 689Dakhin Lawgaon
139Dakhin Lawgaon Primaryschool 764Dakhin Lawgaon
140Lawgaon Primaryschool 979Lawgaon
141Lawgaon Primaryschool 963Lawgaon
142Itapara Primaryschool 923Itapara
143Itapara Primaryschool 914Itapara
144Rowmari Balika Muktab 1336Rowmari
145Rowmaripam Primaryschool 797Rowmaripam
146Rowmaripam Primaryschool 775Rowmaripam
147Chutta Rupahi Muktab School 767Chutta Rupahi
148Chutta Rupahi Muktab School 846Chutta Rupahi
149Chutta Rupahi Muktab School 916Chutta Rupahi
150Sialmari Jr. Basic School 1080Sialmari
151Sialmari Jr. Basic School 1103Sialmari
152Marangial Muktab School 1072Marangial
153Khagarijan Nimna Basic School 871Khagarijan
154Khagarijan Nimna Basic School 1021Khagarijan
155Khagarijan Nimna Basic School 696Khagarijan
156Sialmari Parthamik School 1017Sialmari
157Sialmari Parthamik School 934Sialmari
158Sialmari Parthamik School 1275Sialmari
159Sialmari Parthamik School 1055Sialmari
160Sialmari Parthamik School 759Sialmari
161116 No Dhepajan L.P.School 1209Dhepajan
162Dakarghat High School 1038Dakarghat
163Dakarghat High School 458Dakarghat
164Nanoi Uria Gaon Primaryschool 1146Nanoi Uria Gaon
165Tulashimukh Madhabdev High School 1108Tulashimukh Madhabdev
166Tulashimukh Madhabdev High School 881Tulashimukh Madhabdev
167Barkola Adaha Primaryschool 1032Barkola Adaha
168Barkola Adaha Primaryschool 459Barkola Adaha
169Barkola H. S. School 797Barkola
170Barkola H. S. School 542Barkola
171Dewri Gaon Majalia School 826Dewri Gaon
172Dewri Gaon Majalia School 537Dewri Gaon
173Rangalumukh L.P. School 807Rangalumukh
174Burahgohain No. 434 L. P. School 645Burahgohain
175Hatigarh Primaryschool 653Hatigarh
176Hatigarh Primaryschool 488Hatigarh
177Dakhinpat Higher Secondary School 511Dakhinpat
178Dakhinpat Higher Secondary School 1025Dakhinpat
179Borjaha Majalia School 811Borjaha
180Mohmaria Primaryschool 439Mohmaria
181Mohmaria Primaryschool 863Mohmaria
182No. 38 Pakhimaria Primaryschool 1353Pakhimaria
183Ranthali Primaryschool 688Ranthali
184Ranthali Primaryschool 698Ranthali
185Sankardev H.S.School 570Sankardev
1861 No. Jalahgaon Natun Jalah Parthamik Bidyalaya 564Jalahgaon
1872 No. Jalahgaon 435 No. Primaryschool 823Jalahgaon
188Borpathari Majalia School 838Borpathari
18937 No. Bakul Bora Parthamik Vidyalaya 1031Bakul Bora
190Pakhimaria Muktab School 941Pakhimaria
191Pakhimaria Muktab School 617Pakhimaria

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