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Polling Booth in Nazira Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Nazira

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nazira Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1M.E.Chagarh M.V.School 332Chagarh
2Joktali H.S. School 396Joktali
3Joktali H.S. School779Joktali
4Amkotia L.P.School 901Amkotia
5Rajmow M.V.School 790Rajmow
6Rajmow High School575Rajmow
7Rajmow High School567Rajmow
8Lakhimipukhuri L.P.School 550Lakhimipukhuri
9Phul.P.Ani Boruah M.V.School 517Phul.P.Ani Boruah
10Phul.P.Ani Boruah M.V. School 530Phul.P.Ani Boruah
11138 No.Chsimai Gogoi L.P.Schoo 842Chsimai Gogoi
12Namati Muktab L.P. School715Namati Muktab
13Navajyoti Namdang M.V.School 975Navajyoti Namdang
14Maduri Bagan L.P.School 646Maduri Bagan
15Maduri Bagan L.P.School 677Maduri Bagan
16170 No.Maduri Gohain L.P.School 734Maduri Gohain
17310 No. Malagaon L.P. School 501Malagaon
18Joymoti Gir High School 585Joymoti Gir
19Kopohua L.P.School Kapahua 854Kopohua Kapahua
20Bortolla Muktab L.P.School 813Bortolla Muktab
21M.E.Zenga H.S. School715Zenga
22M.E.Zenga H.S. School463Zenga
23Bareghar Bhakat Gaon L.P.School 701Bareghar Bhakat Gaon
24125 N0.Nazira Nagar Dolopukhuri L.P. School 1177Nazira Nagar Dolopukhuri
25Nazira Nagar Boys L.P.School 601Nazira Nagar
26Nazira H.S.& M.P.School 1035Nazira
27Assam Company Boys L.P.School 724
28O.N.G.C.Kendrya Vidyalaya 421
29O.N.G.C.Kendrya Vidyalaya 235
30Nazira Gir H.S.School 1004Nazira Gir
31Bortola H.S.School 677Bortola
32Bortola H.S.School881Bortola
33Naizra Nagar Gir L.P. School 716Naizra Nagar Gir
34Nazira Gir H.S.School 877Nazira Gir
35Ligiripukhuri High School.700Ligiripukhuri .
36Ligiripukhuri High School.403Ligiripukhuri .
37Ligiripukhuri High School.712Ligiripukhuri .
38Ligiripukhuri T.E.L.P. School448Ligiripukhuri
39Ligiripukhuri T.E.L.P. School596Ligiripukhuri
40Phulanibari L.P. School 434Phulanibari
41Phulanibari L.P. School 815Phulanibari
42Upper Nazira M.V.School 737Upper Nazira
43Mout Gaon L.P. School 752Mout Gaon
44Chandbosa L.P.Schoo 678Chandbosa
45Mackeypore Bagisa L.P.School 634Mackeypore Bagisa
46Tom Tom Tola L.P.School522Tom Tom Tola
47Tom Tom Tola L.P.School651Tom Tom Tola
48Mackeypore Bagisha L.P.School772Mackeypore Bagisha
49Mackeypore 10 No Line L.P. School 638Mackeypore
50Srimanta Sankar Dev M.V. School382Srimanta Sankar Dev
51Srimanta Sankar Dev M.V. School 593Srimanta Sankar Dev
52Srimanta Sankar Dev M.V. School561Srimanta Sankar Dev
53Sundarpukhuri L.P. School 658Sundarpukhuri
54Khangia L.P. School 682Khangia
55Chariali L.P. School 1006Chariali
56Hudupora L.P. School 813Hudupora
57Khamund Abhoipuria L.P.Schoo 815Khamund Abhoipuria
58M.E.Zenga Banua L.P. School 357Zenga Banua
59Hanuman Bagh L.P. School 923Hanuman Bagh
60Mainating Mazdoor L.P.School 924Mainating Mazdoor
61Chetia Katoni L.P. School 739Chetia Katoni
62Bholaguri L.P. School 543Bholaguri
63Aideobari L.P. School 831Aideobari
64Namdongia L.P. School 965Namdongia
65Hatipatty L.P. School 585Hatipatty
66Hatipatty High School 629Hatipatty
67Pranbari L.P. School 302Pranbari
68Gelakey Gir High School 918Gelakey Gir
69Binuaji M.E. School 623Binuaji
70Binuaji M.E. School 475Binuaji
71209 No.Dulakharia L.P. School 713Dulakharia
72354 No Kalgaon L.P. School 877Kalgaon
73Athkhel Bagan L.P. School 678Athkhel Bagan
74Sibbari Bagicha L.P. School 266Sibbari Bagicha
75Athkhel Baganmazdur Club Ghar 386Athkhel Baganmazdur
76Athkhel Baganmazdur Club Ghar 592Athkhel Baganmazdur
77Gelakey High School 853Gelakey
78Gelakey Gir M.E School 779Gelakey Gir
79Kalgaon Madrass M.V.School 723Kalgaon Madrass
80Kalgaon Madrass M.V.School 818Kalgaon Madrass
81Napam Baruwati L.P.School666Napam Baruwati
82Napam Baruwati L.P.School574Napam Baruwati
8370 No. Barhula L.P. School 688Barhula
8470 No. Barhula L.P. School640Barhula
85Godapani High School 545Godapani
86Harkina L.P. School 610Harkina
87Hil.P.Ani L.P. School 746Hil.P.Ani
88Hil.P.Ani L.P. School 446Hil.P.Ani
89655 No. Tamulichiga L.P. School 251Tamulichiga
90Moran Balika Prathamic Vidyalaya 610Moran
91Napukhuri M.V.School648Napukhuri
92Napukhuri M.V.School 487Napukhuri
93Gelakey Jungal Borhula L.P.School 892Gelakey Jungal Borhula
94Lahan Gaon L.P. School 945Lahan Gaon
95Methonchouwa L.P. School 751Methonchouwa
96Bihubor M.E. Schoolr 725Bihubor
97Bamunpukhuri T.E.Club Ghar684Bamunpukhuri
98Bamunpukhuri 6 No. Line L.P. School 513Bamunpukhuri
99Bamunpukhuri 6 No. Line L.P. School942Bamunpukhuri
100Bihubor Bagan L.P. School594Bihubor Bagan
101Bihubor Bagan L.P. School783Bihubor Bagan
102Bihubor Club Ghar 832Bihubor
103Lakhimijan Bagan L.P. School 776Lakhimijan Bagan
104Lakhimijan Bagan L.P. School595Lakhimijan Bagan
105Lakhimijan Bagan Mazdur Club Ghar 826Lakhimijan Bagan
106Simaluguri Sisu Vidyapith899Simaluguri
107Simaluguri Sisu Vidyapith473Simaluguri
108Simaluguri High School 805Simaluguri
109Bogoriguri L.P. School 900Bogoriguri
110E & D Dak Benglow 817Dak Benglow
111Balighat Janajati L.P. School 653Balighat Janajati
112Luthuri L.P. School 887Luthuri
113Luthuri L.P. School 1295Luthuri
114Rajgarh Ali L.P. School 834Rajgarh Ali
115Banhgarh L.P. School 385Banhgarh
116Banhgarh L.P. School 839Banhgarh
117Kenduduri High School 586Kenduduri
118Balimiri L.P. School 569Balimiri
119Kenduduri High School461Kenduduri
120Kenduduri M.E. School 618Kenduduri
121Adabari L.P. School 488Adabari
122Adabari L.P. School 725Adabari
123Nimaigarh L.P. School 584Nimaigarh
124Nimaigarh L.P. School592Nimaigarh
125Santak Bagan M.E. School 762Santak Bagan
126Santak Bagan M.E. School 457Santak Bagan
127Bormiching Gaon L.P. School 751Bormiching Gaon
128Santak Bagan L.P. School 986Santak Bagan
129Santak Bagan L.P. School727Santak Bagan
130Santak Bagan Mazdur Club Ghar 824Santak Bagan
131Harunadi L.P. School 690Harunadi
132Amlakhi L.P. School 503Amlakhi
133Amlakhi L.P. School 701Amlakhi
134Duwarah Gaon L.P. School 623Duwarah Gaon
135Bantung Nagar Gir High School 768Bantung Nagar Gir
136Bantung Nagar Gir High School 469Bantung Nagar Gir
137Belengbari L.P. School798Belengbari
138Belengbari L.P. School550Belengbari
139Lengibor Bagan L.P. School 944Lengibor Bagan
140Charideo Bagan *C*Class L.P School648Charideo Bagan
141Charideo Bagan *C*Class L.P School821Charideo Bagan
142Dole Bagan Bagisha L.P. School 702Dole Bagan Bagisha
143Dole Bagan Bagisha L.P. School 410Dole Bagan Bagisha
144Mathurapore Bagan Mazdur Club 462Mathurapore Bagan
145196 No. Mathurapur L.P. School Udaipur 494Mathurapur Udaipur
146Lakuwa Tharmal Power Station Model School Maibela 610Maibela
147Maibela Mazdur L.P. School 546Maibela
148Mathurapore Bagan Staff Club545Mathurapore Bagan
149Mathurapore Bagan Staff Club463Mathurapore Bagan
150Nimanagar Bagan L.P. School 580Nimanagar Bagan
151Nimanagar Mazdoor Club Ghar 674Nimanagar
152Sukafa Nagar L.P. School 940Sukafa Nagar
153Sukafa Nagar L.P. School 444Sukafa Nagar
154Siripur Janajati M.E. School 778Siripur Janajati
155Bihubor Hilani L.P. School 872Bihubor Hilani
156Bihubor Hindi L.P. School 822Bihubor
157Bihubor Hilani L.P. School 976Bihubor Hilani
158Bihubor Hilani M.E. School 533Bihubor Hilani
159Bihubor Hilani M.E. School 548Bihubor Hilani

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