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Polling Booth in Naoboicha Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Naoboicha

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Naoboicha Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Dejoo Tea Estate L.P.School 939Dejoo
2Dejoo Welfare Centre 602Dejoo
3Dejoo Welfare Centre 557Dejoo
4Kimin Forest Beat Office 696Kimin Forest
5Kimin Forest Beat Office 509Kimin Forest
6Bilgorh L.P.School 885Bilgorh
7Dejoo Pather L.P.School 942Dejoo Pather
8Dejoo Pather L.P.School 1042Dejoo Pather
9No.1 Pachnoi L.P.School 634Pachnoi
10No.1 Pachnoi L.P.School 505Pachnoi
11Rampur M.E.Madrassa 702Rampur
12Rampur M.E.Madrassa 748Rampur
13Rajgarh Kachari L.P.Scool 774Rajgarh Kachari
14Rajgarh Kachari L.P.Scool 768Rajgarh Kachari
15Silanibari T.E. Staff Club 555Silanibari
16Silanibari T.E. Staff Club 554Silanibari
17Silanibari Tea Estate L.P.School 903Silanibari
18No. 2 Bogibil L.P.School 737Bogibil
19Singra Doimukh Prathamik Vidyalya 752Singra Doimukh
20No.2 Bogibil L.P.School 508Bogibil
21345 Grant L.P.School 1116Grant
22345 Grant L.P.School 525Grant
23Gopalpur Dhemagarh L. P. School 976Gopalpur Dhemagarh
24Gopalpur Dhemagarh L.P.School 126Gopalpur Dhemagarh
25Pubphulbari M.E.School.922Pubphulbari
26Bhugpuria L.P.School 487Bhugpuria
27Sarawani Lp School 824Sarawani
28Phulbari High School 824Phulbari
29Phulbari High School 532Phulbari
30Tunijan M. V.School. 813Tunijan
31Santipur L.P.School 887Santipur
32Tunijan Bishnupur L.P.School 519Tunijan Bishnupur
33Tunijan Bishnupur L.P.School 610Tunijan Bishnupur
34Dhekiajuli High School 776Dhekiajuli
35Dhekiajuli High School 614Dhekiajuli
36Dhekiajuli Christan L.P.School 466Dhekiajuli Christan
37Dhekiajuli Christan L.P.School 721Dhekiajuli Christan
38Santipur Majgaon M.E. School 709Santipur Majgaon
39Kachajuli L.P.School 751Kachajuli
40Tunijan High School 1024Tunijan
41Tunijan High School 502Tunijan
42Harmoti Bagan L.P.School 871Harmoti Bagan
43Harmoti Bagan L.P.School 740Harmoti Bagan
44Harmoti High School 817Harmoti
45Harmoti High School Middlepart 1016Harmoti
46Biswa Jyoti L.P.School 545Biswa Jyoti
47Biswa Jyoti L.P.School 598Biswa Jyoti
48Harmoti Bazar L.P.School 1208Harmoti Bazar
49Harmoti Bazar L.P.School 1141Harmoti Bazar
50Harmoti Gir M.E. School 1058Harmoti Gir
51Harmoti High School 637Harmoti
52Harmoti High School455Harmoti
53Pilkhana Nabajyoti L.P.School 885Pilkhana Nabajyoti
54Tunijan Banhbari M.E.School 1066Tunijan Banhbari
55Dubi Bosti M.E.School 1025Dubi Bosti
56Gabhoru Tunijan L.P.School 925Gabhoru Tunijan
57Sonapur Christan L.P.School 1090Sonapur Christan
58Sonapur Christan L.P.School961Sonapur Christan
59Tunijan Tea Estate L.P.School 901Tunijan
60Dolohat Tea Estate L.P.School 983Dolohat
61Dolohat Tea Estate Staf Club 759Dolohat
62Lokampur L.P.School 911Lokampur
63Lokampur L.P.School 628Lokampur
64Kathal Pukhuri L.P.School 467Kathal Pukhuri
65Sastri Memorialm.E.School 802Sastri Memorialm
66Sastri Memorial High School 616Sastri Memorial
67Sasti Memorialm.E.School 515Sasti Memorialm
68Chumani L.P.School 817Chumani
69Chumani L.P.School 626Chumani
70Kuwadonga L.P.School 738Kuwadonga
71Kuwadonga L.P.School 743Kuwadonga
72Baliding L.P.School 801Baliding
73Baliding L.P.School 609Baliding
74Baliding L.P. School Sarba Siksha Wing 805Baliding
75Sariah Bari L.P.School 1200Sariah Bari
76Sariah Bari L.P.School 577Sariah Bari
77Rampur High School 957Rampur
78Rampur High School 1157Rampur
79Dejoo Christan L.P.School 880Dejoo Christan
80Khonajan L.P.School 391Khonajan
81Ujani Khamti Baligaon Lp School 265Ujani Khamti Baligaon
82Khonajan L.P.School 661Khonajan
83Pohumara High School 783Pohumara
84Pohumara High School 885Pohumara
85Khagori L.P.School 1054Khagori
86Dewbil L.P.School 740Dewbil
87Dewbil L.P.School 800Dewbil
88Lathow M.V.School 770Lathow
89Lathow Anganbadi Kendra 376Lathow
90Lathow M.V.School 580Lathow
91Naoboicha Gir High School 985Naoboicha Gir
92Bhoroluwa L.P.School 814Bhoroluwa
93Bhoroluwa L.P.School 851Bhoroluwa
94Pub Dolohat L.P.School 1190Pub Dolohat
95Pub Dolohat L.P.School 836Pub Dolohat
96Naoboicha G.P.Somoni Samittee Office 413Naoboicha
97Naoboicha G.P.Somoni Samittee Office 887Naoboicha
98Sonapur M.E.School. 691Sonapur
99Sonapur M.E.School. 557Sonapur
100Pub Laluk L.P.School 448Pub Laluk
101Pub Laluk L.P.School 1143Pub Laluk
102O.O The A.E.E. Pwd R Subdivn. Laluk908Laluk
103O.O The Gaon Panchayat Office Laluk 1158Laluk
104Pachim Laluk L.P.School 554Pachim Laluk
105Pachim Laluk L.P.School 766Pachim Laluk
106Wahat Jr. Basic School 1022Wahat
107Wahat Jr. Basic School 489Wahat
108Harmutty Hatkhula L.P.School 1088Harmutty Hatkhula
109Harmutty Hatkhula L.P.School 1049Harmutty Hatkhula
110Merbil Senior Basic School 736Merbil
111Merbil Senior Basic School 564Merbil
112Dighalipara L.P. School 621Dighalipara
113Dikrong L.P. School 1177Dikrong
114Parbotipur L.P. School 1050Parbotipur
11580 No Solmari L.P.School 681Solmari
11680 No Solmari M. E. School 509Solmari
11780 No Solmori Grant L.P.School 920Solmori Grant
118449 No Solmari L.P. School 535Solmari
119546 Dikrong Baligaon L.P. School 489Dikrong Baligaon
120Dikrong High School 673Dikrong
121Ampora Lp School 578Ampora
122Singia L.P.School 1052Singia
123Singia L.P.School 610Singia
124Laluk Higher Secondary School 805Laluk
125Laluk Higher Secondary School 746Laluk
126Bejibari L.P. School 732Bejibari
127Karunabari L.P. School 598Karunabari
128No.1 Dharmapur L.P.School 788Dharmapur
129Kehutali L.P. School 693Kehutali
130No.1 Dharmapur L.P.School 728Dharmapur
131Kehutoli M.E. Madrasha 755Kehutoli
132Islampur Bechapoti L.P.School 885Islampur Bechapoti
133Islampur Bechapoti L.P.School 841Islampur Bechapoti
134Kehutoli M.E.Madha 982Kehutoli
135Boloma L.P.School 999Boloma
136Haribor Naharani L.P. School 1055Haribor Naharani
137Razali L.P.School 649Razali
138Razali M.E. School 789Razali
139Razali L.P.School 609Razali
140No.1 Solmari L.P.School 871Solmari
141No.1 Solmari L.P.School 369Solmari
142Naoboicha Lorar L.P.School 790Naoboicha Lorar
143Naoboicha Lorar L.P.School 501Naoboicha Lorar
144Gosaibari L.P.School 588Gosaibari
145Potabil Borgoya L.P.School 897Potabil Borgoya
146Potabil Borgoya L.P.School 632Potabil Borgoya
147Bongalchuck L.P.School 950Bongalchuck
148Rahali High School 495Rahali
149Bongalchuk L.P.School 1086Bongalchuk
150Kalakhowa Bapuzi M.E. School 1005Kalakhowa Bapuzi
151Kalakhowa Bapuzi M.E. School 922Kalakhowa Bapuzi
152Kalakhowa Balijan L.P. School 910Kalakhowa Balijan
153No.1 Phukan Doloni L.P.School 740Phukan Doloni
154No.1 Phukan Doloni L.P.School 917Phukan Doloni
155Moulana Azad Pre Senior M E School 377
156Balitika M.E.School 1125Balitika
157Balitika M.E.School 636Balitika
158No.4.Dharmapur L.P. School. 700Dharmapur
159No.4.Dharmapur L.P. School. 939Dharmapur
160Yuva Nagar Balika M.E.Madsa 771Yuva Nagar
161Yuva Nagar High School 911Yuva Nagar
162Yuva Nagar Balika M.E.Madsa 774Yuva Nagar
163Yuva Nagar High School 719Yuva Nagar
164Islampur Dowlotpur L.P. School 734Islampur Dowlotpur
1652 No Islampur L P School 471Islampur
166Islampur L.P.School 690Islampur
167Islampur L.P.School 798Islampur
168Kahipara M.E. School 590Kahipara
169Bangalmara Govt. Jr. Basic School 925Bangalmara
1702 No. Miri Gaon L.P.School New Part 777Miri Gaon
171Bor Alengi M.V.School 697Bor Alengi
172Bor Alengi M.V.School 688Bor Alengi
173Dongibil M.E. School 747Dongibil
174Dongibil M.E. School 674Dongibil
175Dongibil L.P. School 550Dongibil
176Jokai Peluwa Senior Basic School 742Jokai Peluwa
177Jokai Peluwa Senior Basic School 720Jokai Peluwa
178Sonari L.P.School 1169Sonari
179Bihpuria Nagar L.P.School 891Bihpuria Nagar
180Bihpuria Nagar L.P.School 754Bihpuria Nagar
181Bangalmora High School 821Bangalmora
182Bangalmora High School 517Bangalmora
183Khurapathar Gir M.E.School 672Khurapathar Gir
184Khurapathar Gir M.E.School 856Khurapathar Gir
185Likhak Dhungaguri M.E.School 727Likhak Dhungaguri
186Gosaipukhuri L.P.School 924Gosaipukhuri
187Gosaipukhuri L.P.School 805Gosaipukhuri
188No. 2 Ahmedpur L.P.School 934Ahmedpur
189No. 2 Ahmeddpur L.P.School 1045Ahmeddpur
190No. 1 Ahmadpur L.P.School 1201Ahmadpur
191Dowlotpur High Madrassa School 743Dowlotpur
192Dowlotpur L.P.School 568Dowlotpur
193Dowlotpur High Madrassa School 867Dowlotpur
194Dowlotpur L.P.School New Part 921Dowlotpur
195No.1 Fetehpur L.P.School 1034Fetehpur
196Dakhin Fatehpur L.P. School 361Dakhin Fatehpur
197No.1 Fetehpur L.P.School 869Fetehpur
198Kutubpur L.P.School 647Kutubpur
199Kutubpur L.P.School 676Kutubpur
200Dharmapur Block L.P.School 804Dharmapur
201Dharmapur Block Lp School 455Dharmapur
202Santi Borchola L.P.School 909Santi Borchola
203Santi Borchola L.P.School 1001Santi Borchola
204No.1 Borchola L.P.School 779Borchola
205No.1 Borchola L.P.School 1001Borchola
206Ahomoni Miri L.P.School 757Ahomoni Miri
207Ahomoni Miri L.P.School 636Ahomoni Miri
208Garchiga High School 486Garchiga
209Muslimpur L.P.School 1018Muslimpur
210Muslimpur L.P.School 962Muslimpur
211Muslimpur M.E. School 862Muslimpur
212Sonapur Madrassa Higher Secondary School1158Sonapur
213Sonapur Madrassa Higher Secondary Scool869Sonapur
214655 Dakhin Sonapur L. P. School 542Dakhin Sonapur
215Sonapur Madrassa Higher Secondary School1141Sonapur
216Ahmodpur L.P.School 746Ahmodpur
217Ahmedpur L.P.School 832Ahmedpur
218Gosaidoloni L.P.School 994Gosaidoloni
219Gosaidoloni L.P.School 507Gosaidoloni
220Pub Sonapur L.P.School 702Pub Sonapur
221Pub Sonapur L.P.School 828Pub Sonapur
222Borgola L.P.School 773Borgola
223Borgola M.E. Madrassa 640Borgola
224Borgola L.P.School 1187Borgola
225Dakhin Mohguli L.P.School 933Dakhin Mohguli
226Dakhin Mohguli L.P.School 641Dakhin Mohguli
227Solmora Duwar Gaon L.P.School 869Solmora Duwar Gaon
228Solmora Duwar Gaon L.P.School 722Solmora Duwar Gaon

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