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Polling Booth in Naharkatia Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Naharkatia

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Naharkatia Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Bhajubam Lp School 536Bhajubam
2Bamunibil Mv School 443Bamunibil
3Nalamukh Lp School 572Nalamukh
4Dighalibil High School Centre No.1 778Dighalibil
5Dighalibil High School Centre No.2 772Dighalibil
6Jamunamukh High School(C No.1) 590Jamunamukh
7Jamunamukh High School (C. No.2) 472Jamunamukh
8Udaipur Mv School 833Udaipur
9Amguri L.P. School Centre No.1 494Amguri Centre
10Amguri Nepali L.P. School 541Amguri
11Amguri L.P. School (C No.1) 608Amguri
12Amguri L.P. School (C No 2) 621Amguri
13Merbil Bhumuk L.P. School ( C No.1) 491Merbil Bhumuk
14Merbil Bhumuk L.P. School (C No.2) 577Merbil Bhumuk
15Merbil Sasoni L.P. School 801Merbil Sasoni
16Ghugulani L.P. School(Centre 1) 547Ghugulani
17Ghugulani L.P. School (Centre 2) 614Ghugulani
18Panibura L.P. School Centre No.1 440Panibura
19Tinali Bagan L.P. School 629Tinali Bagan
20Tinali Bagan L.P. School 465Tinali Bagan
21Naharani Block L.P. School 459Naharani Block
22Naharani Block L.P. School 557Naharani Block
23Jamuguri Konwari Pathar L.P. School 948Jamuguri Konwari Pathar
24Jamuguri Konwari Pathar L.P. School 595Jamuguri Konwari Pathar
25Amguri Dighalia L.P. School(Centre No.1) 455Amguri Dighalia
26Amguri Dighalia L.P. School (Centre No.2) 533Amguri Dighalia
27Hukani Dighalia M.E. School 798Hukani Dighalia
28Murani L.P. School (Centre No. 1) 611Murani
29Khatpather L.P. School 681Khatpather
30Khatua Mv School Centre No.1 558Khatua
31Khatua Mv School Centre No.2 358Khatua
32Sassoni Pather L.P. School 767Sassoni Pather
33Tarani Pathar L.P. School 752Tarani Pathar
34Tarani Pathar L.P. School 482Tarani Pathar
35No.1 Borbam L.P. School 628Borbam
36No.1 Borbam L.P. School (C No. 2)614Borbam
37Disangkinar L.P. Sdhool 887Disangkinar
38Disangkinar L.P. School (Centre No.1) 537Disangkinar
39Naharonibam L.P. School 784Naharonibam
40Kaliapani High School (Centre No.1) 741Kaliapani
41Kaliapani L.P. School 750Kaliapani
42Asabam Te L.P. School782Asabam
43Asabam Te L.P. School333Asabam
44Asabam Te L.P. School549Asabam
45Asabam Te Labour Club 484Asabam
46Diksam Te Labour Club 747Diksam
47Rangali Pathar L.P. School 889Rangali Pathar
48Kaliapani T.E. Labour Club 463Kaliapani
49Rangali Pathar L.P. School 740Rangali Pathar
50Gethu Pathar Govt. Aided M.E. School (Centre No. 1) 785Gethu Pathar
51Gethu Pathar Govt. Aided M.E. School (Centre No. 2) 646Gethu Pathar
52Tipling Bahdhari L.P. School 685Tipling Bahdhari
53Tipling Bahdhari L.P. School641Tipling Bahdhari
54Arunodoy L.P. School 449Arunodoy
55Lengrijan Te L.P. School 902Lengrijan
56Lengrijan Te Staff Club 844Lengrijan
57No.2 Balijan L.P. School(Centre 1) 547Balijan
58No.2 Balijan L.P. School(Centre 2) 450Balijan
59No.2 Balijan L.P. School 561Balijan
60Ghinai Gaon L.P. School 927Ghinai Gaon
61Ghinai Gaon L.P. School 527Ghinai Gaon
62Bhaskubari L.P. School 439Bhaskubari
63Rajgarh Rangalipathar L.P. School 793Rajgarh Rangalipathar
64Juriapukhuri L.P. School 358Juriapukhuri
65Rajgarh Rangalipathar L.P. School466Rajgarh Rangalipathar
66Dakhin Samuguri L.P. School 503Dakhin Samuguri
67Umatara Te L.P. School 477Umatara
68Umatara Te Staff Club 444Umatara
69Ganespur L.P. School 785Ganespur
70Nigam High School Centre No.1 611Nigam
71Nigam High School Centre No.1377Nigam
72Nigam High School Centre No.1598Nigam
73Borbam Mv School Centre No.1 926Borbam
74Nagabasti Pradip L.P. School 710Nagabasti Pradip
75Balijan L.P. School Centre No.1) 683Balijan
76Balijan L.P. School (Centre No.2) 283Balijan
77Vidya Mandir H.S. School 1120
78Vidya Mandir H.S. School 962
79Naharkatia H.S. School Centre No. 1 644Naharkatia
80Naharkatia H.S. School Centre No. 2 625Naharkatia
81Naharkatia H.S. School Centre No. 1 783Naharkatia
82Naharkatia H.S. School Centre No. 2 633Naharkatia
83New High School 925
84Dighalipathar L.P. School 355Dighalipathar
85Naharkatia Town Mv School (Centre No. 1) 608Naharkatia Town
86Naharkatia Town Mv School (Centre No. 2) 455Naharkatia Town
87Jitani Hindi High School (Centre No. 1) 459Jitani
88Jitani Hindi High School (Centre No. 2) 573Jitani
89Naharkatia Town Mv School Centre No.1 549Naharkatia Town
90Naharkatia Town Mv School 565Naharkatia Town
91Naharkatia New High School 512Naharkatia
92Naharkatia New High School C.No.1 937Naharkatia
93Satyanarayan L.P. School 871Satyanarayan
94Naharkatia Te L.P. School 533Naharkatia
95Naharkatia Te L.P. School 499Naharkatia
96Jeuti Maral L.P. School 603Jeuti Maral
97Jeuti Maral L.P. School 786Jeuti Maral
98Jeuti Maral L.P. School 297Jeuti Maral
99Romapur L.P. School 492Romapur
100Fakial L.P. School (Centre No. 2) 898Fakial
101Romapur L.P. School 946Romapur
102Ushapur M.E. School (Centre No.1) 801Ushapur
103Ushapur M.E. School (Centre No.2) 312Ushapur
104Tipam Fakial L.P. School398Tipam Fakial
105Tipam Fakial L.P. School744Tipam Fakial
106Tipam Fakial L.P. School608Tipam Fakial
107Joypur Town High School C. No. A 814Joypur Town
108Joypur Town High School C.No. 2 810Joypur Town
109Duarapather L.P. School 572Duarapather
110Naharkatia College 317Naharkatia
111Joypur Town High School 937Joypur Town
112Joypur Te L.P. School 639Joypur
113Joypur Te L.P. School No. 2 646Joypur
115Naharkatia College 475Naharkatia
116Naharkatia College 452Naharkatia
117Kenduguri L.P. School 687Kenduguri
118Joypur Kapohuwa Mv School Centre No.1 753Joypur Kapohuwa
11912 No. Joymoti L.P. School 703Joymoti
120Saru Kheremia L.P. School 609Saru Kheremia
121Konwarbam L.P. School (Centre No. 1) 553Konwarbam
122Konwarbam L.P. School Centre No. 2 1013Konwarbam
123Hapjan Chariali M.E. School (Centre No.1) 623Hapjan Chariali
124Hapjan Char Iali M.E. School (Centre No.2) 488Hapjan Char Iali
125Gariabam L.P. School 815Gariabam
126Namrup Te L.P. School (Centre No.1) 513Namrup
127Namrup Te L.P. School (Centre No.2) 502Namrup
128Namrup High School 865Namrup
129Bhaskubari L.P. School 546Bhaskubari
130Namrup Te L.P. School (Centre No.2) 615Namrup
131Namrup Te Staff Club 511Namrup
132Namrup High School 582Namrup
133Namrup Bvfc Sectora L.P. School779Namrup
134Bvfc Staff Club 351
135Bvfc Staff Club 448
136Bvfc Staff Club (Fs Sector) Center No. 2 757
137Namrup Bvfcl Hs School 532Namrup
138Namrup Bvfc High School Center No. 1 182Namrup
139Namrup Bvfc High School Center No 2.285Namrup
140Namrup Bvfc High School C.No 2A574Namrup
141Duwania Gaon L.P. School 951Duwania Gaon
142Namrup Model School C. No. 2 563Namrup
143Kheremia L.P. School (Centre No.1) 708Kheremia
144Kheremia L.P. School (Centre No.2) 697Kheremia
145Dillighat Sishu Vidyalaya Centre No.1 591Dillighat
1462 No. Dillighat Hindi L.P. School 639Dillighat
147Dillighat Sishu Vidyalaya770Dillighat
148Panidaria Gaon L.P. School 603Panidaria Gaon
149Dilliduwania L.P. School (Centre No.1) 448Dilliduwania
150Namrup Model School 703Namrup
151Dilliduwania L.P. School (Centre No.2) 592Dilliduwania
152Panidaria Gaon L.P. School (Centre No. 1) 387Panidaria Gaon
153Dollonggaon L.P. School 1023Dollonggaon
154Dilli Te Mazdoor Club 551Dilli Te
155Joypur Koliori L.P. School 426Joypur Koliori
156Dilli Te L.P. School 649Dilli Te
157Namrup Thermal High School (Centre No.1) 695Namrup
158Namrup Petrochemical L.P. School 574Namrup
159Namrup Petrochemical L.P. School 526Namrup
160Namrup Petrochemical High School 398Namrup
161Hapjan Parbat Te L.P. School (Centre No.1) 463Hapjan Parbat
162Hapjan Parbat Te L.P. School (Centre No.2) 385Hapjan Parbat
163Nagaghat L.P. School 756Nagaghat
164Lebengkula Hindi L.P. School 496Lebengkula
165Malipathar L.P. School 445Malipathar
166Lebangkula L.P. School 879Lebangkula
167Namsang Te L.P. School818Namsang
168Namsang Te L.P. School621Namsang
169Tarajan Te L.P. School (Centre No1)696Tarajan
170Simalubam L.P. School (Centre No.1) 765Simalubam
171Simalubam L.P. School (Centre No.2) 649Simalubam

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