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Polling Booth in Moran Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Moran

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Moran Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Parligori L.P. School 945Parligori
2Deori Gaon L.P. School 961Deori Gaon
3Madhupur High School 688Madhupur
41 No Jokai Bangaon L.P. School 582Jokai Bangaon
51 No Jokai Ban Gaon L.P. School 941Jokai Ban Gaon
6Chaulkhowa Miri L.P. School 538Chaulkhowa Miri
7Chaulkhowa Miri L.P. School 840Chaulkhowa Miri
8Bogibil M.E. School 759Bogibil
9Madhya Ghogoloni L.P. School 369Madhya Ghogoloni
10Bogibil M.E. School 995Bogibil
11Kapou Gaon L.P. School 935Kapou Gaon
12Gojai Gaon L.P. School 936Gojai Gaon
13Tepor Gaon L.P. School 645Tepor Gaon
14Subhachuk L.P. School 897Subhachuk
15Subhachuk L.P. School 765Subhachuk
16Medela Te Office 1008Medela
17Medela Te Office 492Medela
18Garudharia L.P. School 1059Garudharia
19Lezai High School 868Lezai
20Lezai High School 685Lezai
21Jamuguri L.P. School 566Jamuguri
22Dewanbari L.P. School 810Dewanbari
23Dewanbari Te L.P. School 679Dewanbari
24Bardoibam M.E. School 841Bardoibam
25Moinabari Miri L.P. School 427Moinabari Miri
26Pani Miri Gaon L.P. School 864Pani Miri Gaon
27Digholia L.P..School 708Digholia
28Phukanbam Mv School 915Phukanbam
29Charaihabi L.P. School 474Charaihabi
30Gojai L.P. School 490Gojai
31Charaibahi L.P.School 730Charaibahi
32Bahbari L.P. School 699Bahbari
33Kolakhowa Chariali Mv School 514Kolakhowa Chariali
34Itakhuli Dihing Gaon High School 799Itakhuli Dihing Gaon
35Itakhuli M.E. School 693Itakhuli
36Tinisukia L.P. School 956Tinisukia
37Tinisukia L.P. School 402Tinisukia
38Binoigutia L.P. School 944Binoigutia
39Binoigutia L.P. School 891Binoigutia
40Lepetkata Te Labour Club 886Lepetkata
41Lepetkatta Te Office 376Lepetkatta
4231 No Bolai L.P. School 520Bolai
43Mahabir T.E. L.P. School 506Mahabir
4431 No Bolai L.P. School 727Bolai
45Kutuha Tribal M.E. School 885Kutuha Tribal
46Kutuha High School 373Kutuha
47Kutuha High School 945Kutuha
4844 No Bhagamur L.P. School 591Bhagamur
49Bhagamur Nepali Block L.P. School 637Bhagamur
5031 No Baligaon L.P. School 612Baligaon
51Kutuha Na Gaon L.P. School 743Kutuha Na Gaon
522 No Khowang Practising L.P. School 619Khowang Practising
532 No Khowang Practising L.P. School 727Khowang Practising
54Ahom Nagar L.P. School 472Ahom Nagar
55Haldhibari Mv School 676Haldhibari
56Haldhibari Mv School 537Haldhibari
57Haldhibari Gaon L.P. School 778Haldhibari Gaon
58Silpota Yogesh Ch. Gohain M.V. School 833Gohain
59Silpota Yogesh Ch. Gohain M.V. School 282Gohain
60Padumani L.P. School 597Padumani
61Padumani L.P. School 426Padumani
62Sensowa Pukhuri Mv School 403Sensowa Pukhuri
63Senshowa Pukhuri Mv School 553Senshowa Pukhuri
64Sensowa Pukhuri High School 807Sensowa Pukhuri
65Majumelia L.P. School 544Majumelia
66Najira Puria L.P. School 397Najira Puria
67Nazira Puria L.P. School 769Nazira Puria
68Bezdulia L.P. School 949Bezdulia
69Naharani Mv School 591Naharani
70Naharani Mv School 624Naharani
71Naharani Mv School 666Naharani
72No. 1 Naharani L.P. School 601Naharani
73Bokahola L.P. School 769Bokahola
74Baghtoli Pathar L.P. School 432Baghtoli Pathar
75Baghtoli Pathar L.P. School 626Baghtoli Pathar
76Goroimari L.P. School 806Goroimari
77Khalihamari L.P. School 951Khalihamari
78Khowang Kaiborta L.P. School 782Khowang Kaiborta
79No.1 Athabari L.P. School 735Athabari
80Duliabam L.P. School 594Duliabam
81Suren Memorial L.P. School 927
82Suren Memorial Lp School958
83Bapuji Mv School North664
84No.35 Ghoraghas Sishu Unnayan L.P. School 667Ghoraghas Sishu Unnayan
85No.35 Ghoraghas Sishu Unnayan L.P. School 485Ghoraghas Sishu Unnayan
86Tiloi Tiniali L.P. School 603Tiloi Tiniali
87Tiloi Tiniali L.P. School 540Tiloi Tiniali
88Photika Chowa Chakalia L.P. School 765Photika Chowa Chakalia
89Sarbudoi L.P. School 801Sarbudoi
90Sarbudoi L.P. School 545Sarbudoi
91Gajpuria L.P. School 399Gajpuria
92Khowang Te L.P. School 589Khowang
93Khowang Te Staff Club 477Khowang
94Khowang Te Staff Club 896Khowang
95Kathalguri Mv School 657Kathalguri
96Kathalguri Mv School 820Kathalguri
97Gojpuria Adaha L.P. School 733Gojpuria Adaha
98Gojpuria Adaha L.P. School 438Gojpuria Adaha
99Lukumai Mv School 635Lukumai
100Lukumai Mv School 417Lukumai
101Pathalibam High School 529Pathalibam
102Pathalibam High School 472Pathalibam
103Teporchalibam L.P. School 606Teporchalibam
104Panitula L.P. School 422Panitula
105Dhemechi L.P. School 406Dhemechi
106Dhemechi L.P. School 738Dhemechi
107Kalalur Koch L.P. School 603Kalalur Koch
108Bezpathar Mv School 731Bezpathar
109Bezpathar Mv School 1009Bezpathar
110Dikhari Te L.P. School 905Dikhari Te
111Dekhari Te L.P. School 512Dekhari Te
112Kachmari L.P. School 576Kachmari
113Dihajan L.P. School N.ADihajan
114Kachamari L.P. School N.AKachamari
115Khagorijan Te L.P. School 825Khagorijan
116Mohmora L.P. School 620Mohmora
117Thowra Te L.P. School 572Thowra
118Deorighat L.P. School 488Deorighat
119Deorighat L.P. School 727Deorighat
120Sepon Te Line No 20 L.P. School 911Sepon
121Sepon Te Line No 12 L.P. School 952Sepon
122Sepon Te Line No 12 L.P. School 470Sepon
123Sepon Bortani L.P. School 399Sepon Bortani
124Chakalia M.E. School 337Chakalia
125Chakalia L.P. School 915Chakalia
126Khagarijan L.P. School 140Khagarijan
127Chakalia L.P. School 499Chakalia
128Chakalia M.E. School 617Chakalia
129Pathalibam Mv School 256Pathalibam
130Mahmora Te Lp School 179Mahmora
131Pathalibam Mv School 619Pathalibam
132Pathalibam Te L.P. School 564Pathalibam
133Pathalibam Te L.P. School 790Pathalibam
134Jalam Gaon L.P. School 717Jalam Gaon
135No. 1 Rangagora L.P. School 723Rangagora
136Sepon Moran L.P. School 710Sepon Moran
137Tarajan Mv School 422Tarajan
138Chagolipather Lp School 417Chagolipather
139Kamaldoi L.P. School 318Kamaldoi
140Moran Public High School 699Moran Public
141Tepujan L.P. School 632Tepujan
142Moran Public High School 1088Moran Public
143Moran Public M.E. School 382Moran Public
144Moran Public Me School 808Moran Public
1452 No. Sarupathar L.P. School 417Sarupathar
146Mirihola L.P. School 694Mirihola
147Mirihola L.P. School 361Mirihola
148Ruchipathar L.P. School 453Ruchipathar
149Ruchipathar L.P. School 652Ruchipathar
150Amguri Line Te L.P. School 875Amguri Line
151Amguri Line Te L.P. School 626Amguri Line
152Moran Nagar M.E. School 799Moran Nagar
153Moran Nagar L.P. School 914Moran Nagar
154Dekhari Moran L.P. School 391Dekhari Moran
155Moran Bongali L.P. School 828Moran Bongali
156Moran Bongali L.P. School 760Moran Bongali
157Moran Adaha L.P. School 1047Moran Adaha
158Moran Adaha L.P. School 534Moran Adaha
159Phatikachowa Abhoipuria L.P. School 967Phatikachowa Abhoipuria
160Phatikachowa Abhoipuria L.P. School 614Phatikachowa Abhoipuria
161Phatikachowa Nepali L.P. School 675Phatikachowa Nepali
162Phatikachowa Nepali L.P. School 1059Phatikachowa Nepali
163Dumar Dolong L.P. School 831Dumar Dolong
164Dumar Dolong L.P. School 651Dumar Dolong
165Tiloijan Te Labour Club 358Tiloijan
166Tiloijan Te Borline Lp School 548Tiloijan
167Tiloijan Bagan L.P. School 830Tiloijan Bagan
168Bamunbari Te L.P. School 865Bamunbari
169Bamunbari T.E. L.P. School 436Bamunbari
170Bamunbari Te Me School Chah Janajati Me School839Bamunbari

Last Updated on April 2, 2020
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