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Polling Booth in Marigaon Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Marigaon

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Marigaon Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Kanphalabori L.P. School 877Kanphalabori
2Chamkatabori L.P. School 334Chamkatabori
3Hagaltoli L.P. School 445Hagaltoli
4Baidyabori H. S. School 866Baidyabori
5Baidyabori H. S. School 438Baidyabori
6Baidyabori H. S. School 303Baidyabori
7Bakharbori L.P. School 540Bakharbori
8Bakharbori L.P. School 797Bakharbori
9Dhekifalabori L.P. School 507Dhekifalabori
10Dhekifalabori L.P. School 362Dhekifalabori
11Gasarguri L.P. School 953Gasarguri
12Gasarguri L.P. School 630Gasarguri
13Mal.P.Uta L.P. School 897Mal.P.Uta
14Bhoiraguri L.P. School 370Bhoiraguri
15Alisinga L.P. School 576Alisinga
16Duwani L.P. School 851Duwani
17Patkumoi L.P. School 395Patkumoi
18Bormanipur L.P. School 547Bormanipur
19Pachim Manipur L.P. School 674Pachim Manipur
20Pachim Manipur L.P. School 673Pachim Manipur
21Manipur M.V. School 842Manipur
22Manipur M.V. School818Manipur
23Bapuji M.E. School 998Bapuji
24Natuagaon L.P. School 466Natuagaon
25Ahatguri L.P. School 598Ahatguri
26Hatigarh L.P. School 585Hatigarh
27Hatigarh L.P. School471Hatigarh
28Oujari L.P. School 869Oujari
29Oujari L.P. School711Oujari
30Oujari L.P. School 1354Oujari
31Lothabori L.P. School 372Lothabori
32Morigaon Gir H.S.School 758Morigaon Gir
33Morigaon Gir H.S. School 573Morigaon Gir
34Morigaon Gir H.S. School 585Morigaon Gir
35Morigaon Gir H.S. School 822Morigaon Gir
36Moriati L.P. School 790Moriati
37Morigaon Gir H.S. School 851Morigaon Gir
38Eragaon L.P. School 571Eragaon
39Eragaon L.P. School614Eragaon
40Eragaon L.P. School 837Eragaon
41Morikanaklata L.P. School 635Morikanaklata
42Morikanaklata L.P. School 601Morikanaklata
43Morikanaklata L.P. School 994Morikanaklata
44Gohaibarua L.P. School 922Gohaibarua
45Morigaon M.V. School 945Morigaon
46Morigaon M.V. School 1154Morigaon
47Morigaon L.P. School 979Morigaon
48Morigaon L.P. School 1014Morigaon
49Morigaon Nagar M.E.M. 636Morigaon Nagar
50Morigaon Nagar M.E.M. 677Morigaon Nagar
51Morigaon H.S.& M.P. School 843Morigaon
52Morigaon Collegiate High School 844Morigaon Collegiate
53Kasturiba L.P. School 907Kasturiba
54Morigaon H.S.& M.P.School 524Morigaon
55Rupahibori L.P. School 461Rupahibori
56Dighalbori Balika L.P. School 463Dighalbori Balika
57Garmari L.P. School 556Garmari
58Patidaya L.P. School 645Patidaya
59Patidaya L.P. School 632Patidaya
60Khatabori L.P. School 744Khatabori
61Pachim Khatabori L.P. School 854Pachim Khatabori
62Bhurbandha M.V. School 664Bhurbandha
63Bhurbandha M.V. School 680Bhurbandha
64Barangabari M.V. School 668Barangabari
65Barangabari M.V. School 447Barangabari
66Barangabari Balika L.P. School 552Barangabari Balika
67Barangabari Balika L.P. School 584Barangabari Balika
68Satanguri Adaha M.E. School 936Satanguri Adaha
69Satanguri Adaha M.E. School 424Satanguri Adaha
70Satanguri Adaha M.E. School 560Satanguri Adaha
71Sidhabari L.P. School 711Sidhabari
72Sidhabari L.P. School 660Sidhabari
73Sanjukta Kumuraguri L.P. School 989Sanjukta Kumuraguri
74Sanjukta Kumuraguri L.P. School 277Sanjukta Kumuraguri
75Sanjukta Kumuraguri L.P. School 746Sanjukta Kumuraguri
76Mayanguri L.P. School 509Mayanguri
77Mayanguri L.P. School 524Mayanguri
78Ouguri L.P. School 535Ouguri
79Ouguri L.P. School 524Ouguri
80Ouguri H.E. School 623Ouguri
81Ouguri H.E. School 685Ouguri
82Sapmari M.V. School 807Sapmari
84Dandua M.V. School 851Dandua
85Dandua M.V. School 742Dandua
86Haladhibari Satra M.E. School 422Haladhibari Satra
87Haladhibari Satra M.E. School 774Haladhibari Satra
88Luchanabori L.P.School 459Luchanabori
89Dandua Majgaon L.P. School 446Dandua Majgaon
90Dandua Majgaon L.P. School909Dandua Majgaon
91Doloichuba L.P. School 628Doloichuba
92Doloichuba L.P. School 700Doloichuba
93Nawkata L.P. School 762Nawkata
94Maskhowa L.P. School 663Maskhowa
95Maskhowa L.P. School 696Maskhowa
96Banpara L.P. School 823Banpara
97Borguli L.P. School 877Borguli
98Dakhin Kalikajari L.P. School 884Dakhin Kalikajari
99Kalikajari L.P. School 787Kalikajari
100Kalikajari L.P. School 804Kalikajari
101Hatibat L.P. School 921Hatibat
102Bogoribari L.P.School 427Bogoribari
103Dangariagaon L.P. School 934Dangariagaon
104Tarabori H.E. School 512Tarabori
105Thakuriabori L.P. School 792Thakuriabori
106Thakuriabori L.P. School 710Thakuriabori
107Pachim Habibarangabari L.P. School 877Pachim Habibarangabari
108Habibarangabari L.P. School 587Habibarangabari
109Habibarangabari L.P. School 642Habibarangabari
110Habibarangabari Adaha School 923Habibarangabari Adaha
111Rangadaria M.V. School 748Rangadaria
112Rangadaria M.V. School 876Rangadaria
113Borpetabori L.P.School 521Borpetabori
114Balijan L.P.. School 1200Balijan
115Dighali Pathar Senior M.E.M School 454Dighali Pathar Senior
116Tumukabori L.P.School 575Tumukabori
117Tumukabori L.P.School608Tumukabori
118Parasutangani L.P. School 1031Parasutangani
119Dhurasap L.P.School 1057Dhurasap
120Suratabori L.P. School 653Suratabori
121Dighalipather L.P. School 401Dighalipather
122Sukdal Borbori L.P.School 710Sukdal Borbori
123Sukdal Borbori L.P.School 490Sukdal Borbori
124Mikirbheta H.S. School 963Mikirbheta
125Mikirbheta H.S. School 896Mikirbheta
126Hekudangbori L.P.School 918Hekudangbori
127Hekudangbori L.P.School 905Hekudangbori
128Borbila L.P.School 800Borbila
129Borbila L.P.School 871Borbila
130Tarajan L.P.School 858Tarajan
131Tarajan L.P.School 392Tarajan
132Kalmoubari L.P.School 752Kalmoubari
133Kalmoubari L.P.School 672Kalmoubari
134Khandapukhuri M.E. Madrassa 926Khandapukhuri
135Khandapukhuri M.E. Madrassa 899Khandapukhuri
136Bhumuraguri L.P. School 696Bhumuraguri
137Lungamukh L.P. School 336Lungamukh
138Charaibahi H.S. School 615Charaibahi
139Charaibahi H.S. School 622Charaibahi
140Charaibahi M.V. School 624Charaibahi
141Charaibahi M.V. School 645Charaibahi
142Mayengia Balak L.P. School 684Mayengia Balak
143Mayengia Balak L.P. School 664Mayengia Balak
144Borchakabaha L.P. School 959Borchakabaha
145Borchakabaha L.P. School520Borchakabaha
146Patuakata M.E. School 802Patuakata
147Patuakata M.E. School 231Patuakata
148Majorbori L.P. School 979Majorbori
149Jaluguti H.S.S. 717Jaluguti
150Jaluguti H.S.S. 606Jaluguti
151Jaluguti H.S.S. 769Jaluguti
152Tukunabori L.P. School 995Tukunabori
153Pubjaluguti L.P. School1021Pubjaluguti
154Kasadhara Satgaon L.P. School 705Kasadhara Satgaon
155Rahdhala L.P. School 965Rahdhala
156Baramara Islampur M.E. Madrassa 460Baramara Islampur
157Borbhagia Balika L.P. School 526Borbhagia Balika
158Borbhagia Balika L.P. School 480Borbhagia Balika
159Borbhagia Balak L.P. School 945Borbhagia Balak
160Borbhagia Balak L.P. School 346Borbhagia Balak
161Kahibari L.P. School 914Kahibari
162Kahibari L.P. School 678Kahibari
163Majgaon L.P. School 628Majgaon
164Baghara M.V. School 617Baghara
165Bageswari L.P. School 673Bageswari
166Sukhanagug L.P. School 522Sukhanagug
167Tetelia L.P. School 729Tetelia
168Bordol L.P. School 269Bordol
169Azarbari L.P. School 520Azarbari
170Kalbari Adaha L.P. School 908Kalbari Adaha
171Meruagaon L.P. School 1035Meruagaon
172Jurgaon L.P. School 323Jurgaon
173Azarbari M.E.School 790Azarbari
174No.1 Gunamara L.P. School 801Gunamara
175Damal Betani L.P.Chool 635Damal Betani
176Koraiguri L.P. School 398Koraiguri
177Mantabori L.P. School 478Mantabori
178Borbori L.P. School 463Borbori
179Sanuabori Rameswar Konwar L.P. School 691Sanuabori Rameswar Konwar
180Damal L.P. School 955Damal
181Hekenamara L.P. School 520Hekenamara
182Moritetelia L.P. School 595Moritetelia
183Tengaguri L.P. School 493Tengaguri
184Damal Telahi M.E. School 435Damal Telahi
185Solmari Sanjukta L.P. School 1127Solmari Sanjukta
186No.1 Solmari L.P. School 270Solmari
187Dolbari L.P. School 588Dolbari
188Dolbari L.P. School 605Dolbari
189Borigaon L.P. School 961Borigaon
190Solmari Mikirgaon L.P. School 517Solmari Mikirgaon
191Solmari Mikirgaon L.P. School 571Solmari Mikirgaon
192Lukakuchi L.P. School 820Lukakuchi
193Taraboritup L.P. School 929Taraboritup
194Nakhanda L.P. School337Nakhanda
195Na Bhanga Chulapara Lp School 717Na Bhanga Chulapara
196Nizkuhimari L.P. School288Nizkuhimari
197Jarabari L.P. School 660Jarabari
198Jarabari L.P. School 643Jarabari
199Jarabari Neheru L.P. School 881Jarabari Neheru
200Darangialgaon L.P. School N.ADarangialgaon
201Alikuchi L.P. School 811Alikuchi
202Alikuchi L.P. School 736Alikuchi
203Barapujia H.S.S. 848Barapujia
204Barapujia H.S.S. 698Barapujia
205Barapujia Govt. M.V. School 1021Barapujia
206Baruakhat L.P. School 875Baruakhat
207Barapujia L.P. School 997Barapujia
208Matharbori Govt. Jr. Basic School 687Matharbori
209Monipurtup L.P. School 933Monipurtup
210Monipurtup L.P. School 1015Monipurtup
211Bhakatgaon M.E. School 922Bhakatgaon
212Nizbhakatgaon L.P. School820Nizbhakatgaon
213Balipara L.P. School 830Balipara
214Mulankata L.P. School 804Mulankata

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