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Polling Booth in Mariani Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Mariani

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mariani Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Green View Bagicha L.P. School 567Green View Bagicha
2Kaliapani Bagicha L.P. School 842Kaliapani Bagicha
3Phesuwal Joysree High School 880Phesuwal Joysree
4Phesuwal Joysree High School 666Phesuwal Joysree
5Pukhuria L.P. School 866Pukhuria
6Bapuji L.P. School 511Bapuji
7Daklangia Bagicha Mazdur Club 915Daklangia
8Hatigarh Bagan L.P.School 1211Hatigarh Bagan
9Dhekiajuli Bagicha L.P. School 639Dhekiajuli Bagicha
10Dhekiajuli Bagicha L.P. School 678Dhekiajuli Bagicha
11Karanga Gazpuria M.E. School 610Karanga Gazpuria
12Karanga Gazpuria L.P. School 607Karanga Gazpuria
13Kukurapahia L.P. School 1096Kukurapahia
14Soikata Bagicha L.P. School 1011Soikata Bagicha
15Soikata Bagicha L.P. School Kalghar 837Soikata Bagicha Kalghar
16Katonibari L.P. School 977Katonibari
17Katonibari L.P. School 670Katonibari
18546 No. Mariani Town Adaha L.P. School 956Mariani Town
19Mariani Adaa Hindi School 1002Mariani Adaa
20Kenedi Park L.P. School 835Kenedi Park
21Refiuji M.E. School 957Refiuji
22Mariani Adaa Hindi High School 495Mariani Adaa
23Mahadev Agaala High School 570
24Mahadeb Agaalla High School 541
25Mariani Mahavidlaya Science Stream 695
26Mariani Mahavidlaya Commarce Stream 789
27Mariani Raiay Bengali L.P. School 648
28Mariani Raiay Bengali L.P. School 622
29Mariani Adaa Hindi L.P. School 1034Mariani Adaa
30Mariani Natun Mati L.P. School 1134
31Mariani Mahavidyalaya 838
32Mariani Raiay High School 471
33Mariani Raiay High School 666
34Mariani Raiay High School436
35Mariani Raiay Asomiya L.P. School 846
365 No. Ward L.P. School 710
37Sankardev M.E. School 725Sankardev
38Sonowal Bagicha L.P. School 832Sonowal Bagicha
39Sonowal Bagicha L.P. School (Old Building) 421Sonowal Bagicha
40Mariani Te Centrel Staff Club 752Mariani Te Centrel
41Hatijuri Bagicha L.P. School 953Hatijuri Bagicha
42Nagadhuli Bagicha L.P. School 919Nagadhuli Bagicha
43Bijoypur L.P. School 618Bijoypur
44Hatipati Bagicha L.P. School 801Hatipati Bagicha
45Dhapatbari Bagicha L.P. School 636Dhapatbari Bagicha
46Shilikha Bagicha L.P. School 703Shilikha Bagicha
47Shilikha Bagicha Staff Club 846Shilikha Bagicha
48Namrupia Chereli L.P. School 829Namrupia Chereli
49Jangal Block M.E. School 711Jangal Block
50Bahani 252 No L.P. School 1081Bahani
51Kheremia Bagicha L.P. School 635Kheremia Bagicha
52218 No Sunowal L.P. School 675Sunowal
53Jangal Block 651 No L.P. School 851Jangal Block
54Janghal Block High School 741Janghal Block
55Garamur L.P. School 890Garamur
56Bonghshigopal High School 972Bonghshigopal
57Bongshigopal High School 366Bongshigopal
58Bacha Gaon L.P. School 927Bacha Gaon
59Nagajanka Bagicha L.P. School 692Nagajanka Bagicha
60Hulnguri Bagicha L.P. School 727Hulnguri Bagicha
61Hulunguri Bagicha Majdoor Club 804Hulunguri Bagicha Majdoor Club
62Desoi Bagicha L.P. School 1005Desoi Bagicha
63Kathalguri Bagicha L.P. School 538Kathalguri Bagicha
64Kathalguri Bagicha L.P. School 693Kathalguri Bagicha
65Kathalguri Bagicha Staff Club 764Kathalguri Bagicha
668 No Pakaline Dihingiapar Lp School 189Pakaline Dihingiapar
67Dihingiapar Bagicha L.P. School 590Dihingiapar Bagicha
68Dihingiapar Bagicha L.P. School 582Dihingiapar Bagicha
69Tunimukha L.P. School (M.E.Leng Grant) 879Tunimukha
70Bheloguri Bagicha L.P. School 707Bheloguri Bagicha
71Bheloguri Bagicha Majdoor Club 539Bheloguri Bagicha Majdoor Club
72Bheloguri Adaha M.E. School 574Bheloguri Adaha
73Kalia Gaon L.P.School. 582Kalia Gaon
74124 Chinatoli L.P. School 750Chinatoli
75Nabajyoti High School 866Nabajyoti
76Marangiyal L.P. School 868Marangiyal
77Marangiyal L.P. School 692Marangiyal
78Deberapar Bagicha L.P. School 645Deberapar Bagicha
79Deberapar Bagicha Majdoor Club 911Deberapar Bagicha
80Bahbari L.P. School 642Bahbari
81Balijan Natunmati L.P. School 663Balijan Natunmati
8274 No. Faizuddin Prathamic Vidyalaya 831Faizuddin Prathamic
83Nakachari High School 1075Nakachari
84Nakachari Higher Secondary School764Nakachari Higher Secondary School
85Nakachari Gir High School 672Nakachari Gir
86414 No. Maridevi Beria Adaha Lp School 1045Maridevi Beria Adaha
87Dahotia M.E. School 663Dahotia
88221 No. Gandhiya L.P. School 1020Gandhiya
89405 No. Panch Chamua L.P. School 583Panch Chamua
90Maibelia M.E. School 792Maibelia
91Lukhura Khan L.P. School 975Lukhura Khan
92Naginijan Bagicha L.P. School 546Naginijan Bagicha
93Naginijan 1 No. Puthinadi Lp School 761Naginijan Puthinadi
94Champaguri L.P. School 699Champaguri
95Phukan Habi L.P. School 523Phukan Habi
96Magroi L.P. School 847Magroi
97Satai Bagicha L.P. School 800Satai Bagicha
98Satai Narajan L.P. School 581Satai Narajan
99402 Puthinadi L.P. School 692Puthinadi
100587 Taratali L.P. School 669Taratali
10136 No. Gabharu Alimur L.P.School 300Gabharu Alimur
102258 No. Lahing L.P. School 826Lahing
103Gabharu Bagicha L.P. School 771Gabharu Bagicha
104Gabharu Bagicha Staff Club 678Gabharu Bagicha
105Hemlai Bagicha L.P. School 721Hemlai Bagicha
106Kharani Jan L.P. School 759Kharani Jan
107Rankham Gaon L.P. School 760Rankham Gaon
108Laojan L.P. School 296Laojan
109Seleng M.E. School 850Seleng
110Dewgharia L.P. School 633Dewgharia
111Majnoi Bagicha L.P. School 488Majnoi Bagicha
112Lunpuria L.P. School 878Lunpuria
113Seleng Bagicha L.P. School 552Seleng Bagicha
114Seleng Bagicha Staff Club 542Seleng Bagicha
115Baisahabi Bagicha L.P. School 634Baisahabi Bagicha
116Baisahabi M.E. School 545Baisahabi
117Baisahabi M.E. School 528Baisahabi
118Tengabari L.P. School 841Tengabari
119Padumoni Mv School 728Padumoni
120Selenghat Higher Secondary School 766Selenghat
121378 No Haluwa Pathar L.P. School 692Haluwa Pathar
122Milanjyoti M.E. School 890Milanjyoti
123Lakhi Chapori L.P. School 551Lakhi Chapori
124Janata M E School 727Janata
125Maju Nagayan L.P. School 655Maju Nagayan
126Maju Nagayan L.P. School 487Maju Nagayan
127Tipamia L.P. School 1045Tipamia
128Tipamia L.P. School766Tipamia
129Hahsara Balika M.E. School 490Hahsara Balika
130Hahsara Balika M.E. School 687Hahsara Balika
131Lahing Kamar Gaon M.E. School 995Lahing Kamar Gaon
132Barguri L.P. School 891Barguri
133Hatimuria Gaon L.P. School 498Hatimuria Gaon

Last Updated on April 2, 2020
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