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Polling Booth in Margherita Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Margherita

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Margherita Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Kailashpur M.E School 723Kailashpur
2Kailashpur M.E School 1261Kailashpur
3Sri Sri Madhavpur L.P School 934
4Sri Sri Madhavpur L.P School 1012
5No. 2 Betoni L.P School 953Betoni
6Litong Gaon L.P School 1002Litong Gaon
7Purbanchal M.E School 970Purbanchal
8Tal.P.Ather Jaya L.P School 1122Tal.P.Ather
91 No. Borhullong L.P School 791Borhullong
10Borhullong Gaon L.P School 715Borhullong Gaon
11Namhullong Gutibari L.P. School 933Namhullong Gutibari
12Namhullong Gutibari L.P. School 862Namhullong Gutibari
13Namhullong L.P. School 516Namhullong
14Gopinath Bordoloi M.E School 934Gopinath Bordoloi
15No. 1 Mohong Pathar L.P. School 643Mohong Pathar
16No. 1 Mohong Pathar Lp School635Mohong Pathar
17Mahatma Gandhi High School 847
18Mahatma Gandhi High School 710
19Madhavpur L.P School 1146Madhavpur
20Madhavpur L.P School 808Madhavpur
21Philobari T.E L.P School 1068Philobari
22Philobari T.E Staff Club 887Philobari
23Philobari T.E Staff Club 822Philobari
24Chikarajan L.P School 943Chikarajan
25Bokapather L.P School 864Bokapather
26Bokapather L.P School 765Bokapather
27Duarmara T.E L.P School 985Duarmara
28Duarmara T.E L.P School 870Duarmara
29Duarmara T.E L.P School 608Duarmara
30Duarmara T.E Labour Club 892Duarmara
31Duarmara Pathsala 878Duarmara
32Bijuliban L.P School 1104Bijuliban
33Dibrujan L.P School 568Dibrujan
34Dibrujan L.P School 580Dibrujan
35Toranipather L.P School 888Toranipather
36Puranipukhuri M.V School 1066Puranipukhuri
37Kathalguri L.P School 893Kathalguri
38Kathalguri L.P School 512Kathalguri
39Kanaipather L.P School 840Kanaipather
40Kanaipather Indira L.P School 1008Kanaipather Indira
41Kariajan M.E School 673Kariajan
42Kujupather L.P School 1109Kujupather
43Pengree Charali High School 598Pengree Charali
44Pengree Charali High School692Pengree Charali
45Neheru Hindi L.P School 1040
46Nabajyoti Ambikapur L.P School 1239Nabajyoti Ambikapur
47Pengree T.E L.P School 1101Pengree
48Pengree T.E L.P School 1250Pengree
49Mugang Bishnupur L.P School 1072Mugang Bishnupur
50Khatang Pani Gaon L.P School 693Khatang Pani Gaon
51Tekeri L.P School 875Tekeri
52Namsai L.P School 540Namsai
53Tokowpather L.P School 950Tokowpather
54Tokowpather L.P School 549Tokowpather
55Nagapather L.P School546Nagapather
56Nagapather L.P School792Nagapather
57Enthem Nagapather M.E School 759Enthem Nagapather
58Nonglai L.P School. 510Nonglai
59Dumpani Ulup Pather M.V School 493Dumpani Ulup Pather
60Hassakgaon L.P School 1051Hassakgaon
61Ningam L.P School 779Ningam
62Ningam L.P School 937Ningam
63Bisa L.P School 733Bisa
65Tinisuti L.P School 1075Tinisuti
66Tinisuti L.P School 767Tinisuti
67Lekhapani L.P School 890Lekhapani
68Tipong High School 824Tipong
69Tipong High School 617Tipong
70Lal.P.Ahar L.P School 906Lal.P.Ahar
71Tirap L.P School 720Tirap
72Tirap L.P School 730Tirap
73Longtong M.E School 793Longtong
74Longtong M.E School 1027Longtong
75Udaipur L.P School 1113Udaipur
76Udaipur L.P School 1223Udaipur
77Rampur L.P School 541Rampur
78Rampur Gir M.E School 716Rampur Gir
79Rampur L.P School 946Rampur
80Rampur Gir High School 245Rampur Gir
81Khathasema L.P School 1215Khathasema
82Phaneng L.P School 1166Phaneng
83Namile Abor Gaon L.P School 754Namile Abor Gaon
84Namile Abor Gaon L.P School 566Namile Abor Gaon
85Jairampur Forest Beat Office 179Jairampur
86Hanjuwara L.P School 126Hanjuwara
87Rampur M.E School 784Rampur
88Rampur M.E School 757Rampur
89Laklapather L.P School 963Laklapather
90Gayatri Mandir Hindi L.P School Namphai 379Namphai
91Namphai L.P School716Namphai
92Namphai L.P School825Namphai
93Powai T.E Labour Welfare Center 922Powai
94Powai T.E Labour Welfare Center 1070Powai
95Parbatipur L.P School 614Parbatipur
96Parbatipur L.P School 937Parbatipur
97Parbatipur L.P School 843Parbatipur
98Bahbari M.E School 767Bahbari
99Bahbari M.E School 880Bahbari
100Ketetong Janajati High School 559Ketetong Janajati
101Ketetong Janajati High School 643Ketetong Janajati
102Ketetong Janajati M.E School 713Ketetong Janajati
103Alubari L.P School 521Alubari
104Dibong Pali School 781Dibong Pali
105Alubari Nimna Buniyadi School 851Alubari
106Alubari Nimna Buniyadi School 476Alubari
107Makumpather L.P School 750Makumpather
108Makumpather L.P School742Makumpather
109No 4 Makum Pather L.P School 1154Makum Pather
110No. 3 Makum Pather L.P School 960Makum Pather
111Dehing T.E L.P School 855Dehing
112Dehing T.E L.P School 794Dehing
113No. 3 Manche Gaon L.P School 400Manche Gaon
114Dehing T.E Staff Club 718Dehing
115Segunbari L.P School 1305Segunbari
116Margherita Town High School 802Margherita Town
117Margherita Town High School 677Margherita Town
118Margherita Town High School 689Margherita Town
119Margherita Town High School808Margherita Town
120Nizmakum L.P School 905Nizmakum
121Nizmakum M.V School 721Nizmakum
122Nizmakum M.V School537Nizmakum
123Nowkata Balijan L.P School 1058Nowkata Balijan
124Powaimukh L.P School 805Powaimukh
125Margherita T.E Staff Club 834Margherita
126Margherita T.E Staff Club 1143Margherita
127Margherita T.E L.P School 866Margherita
128Dirok T.E L.P School. 494Dirok
129Dirok T.E Staff Club 1115Dirok
130Lamagaon L.P School 1146Lamagaon
131Lekhajan L.P School 703Lekhajan
132Namdang T.E Staff Club 1036Namdang
133Namdang T.E Staff Club 977Namdang
134Namdang T.E L.P School. 1009Namdang
135Tongline L.P School Dirok T.E 682Tongline Dirok
136Tongline L.P School Dirok T.E679Tongline Dirok
137Margherita Town L.P School722Margherita Town
138Margherita Town L.P School758Margherita Town
139Margherita Town L.P School 822Margherita Town
140A.R.&.T Co. L.P School 965
141Margherita Town Gandhi Vidya Mandir1013Margherita Town
142Margherita Town Gandhi Vidya Mandir 1041Margherita Town
143Mahabir Das Hindi L.P School. 1139
144Ramkrishna Bidyapith M.E School 568
145Ramkrishna Bidyapith M.E School 790
146Margherita Public Higher Secondary School 1043
147Margherita Public Higher Secondary School 837
148Margherita Public Higher Secondary School 751
149Gopinath Bordoloi Refugee M.E School712Gopinath Bordoloi Refugee
150Gopinath Bordoloi Refugee M.E School 767Gopinath Bordoloi Refugee
151A.R.&. T Cos High School759
152A.R.&. T Cos High School 666
153A.R.&. T Cos High School 745
154A.R.&. T Cos High School613
155Bahbari L.P School 651Bahbari
156Adaha Hindi M.E School 751Adaha
157Adaha Hindi M.E School 707Adaha
158Namdang Colliery L.P School 681Namdang
159Borgolai Colliery Nepali L.P School 587Borgolai
160Borgolai Colliery Telegu L.P School 659Borgolai
161Borgolai Colliery Nepali M.E School 1243Borgolai
162Borgolai Colliery Assamese L.P School 1041Borgolai
163Borgolia Colliery Bengali M.E School 543Borgolai
164Borgolia Colliery Bengali L.P School 595Borgolai
165A.R.T.& Cos M.E School 756
166A.R.T.& Cos M.E School721
167A.R.T.& Cos M.E School 530
168A.R.T.& Cos M.E School685
169Roadgaon L.P School 1078Roadgaon
170Samukjan L.P School 761Samukjan
171Samukjan L.P School 682Samukjan
172Tikok L.P School 668Tikok
173Tikok Colliery Down Paym.E.Nt Office 585Tikok Colliery Down
174Tikok Colliery Down Payment Office573Tikok Colliery Down
175Ledo Kal.P.Ara L.P School 678Ledo
176Ledo Bazar High School 842Ledo Bazar
177Ledo Bazar High School 775Ledo Bazar
178Ledo Bazar High School 987Ledo Bazar
179Ledo Bazar High School 790Ledo Bazar
180Ledo Bazar M.E School 1109Ledo Bazar
181Ledo Bazar L.P School 866Ledo Bazar
182Ledo Bazar L.P School 527Ledo Bazar
183Chipegaon L.P School 371Chipegaon
184Kuhiarbari L.P School 754Kuhiarbari
185Mullang L.P School 1076Mullang
186Ledo T.E L.P School 1176Ledo
187Salikigaon L.P School 811Salikigaon
188Tipong Colliery L.P School 209Tipong Colliery
189Tipong Charali Hindi L.P School 210Tipong Charali
190Tipong Colliery M.E School 566Tipong Colliery
191Honju Gaon Community Center 32Honju Gaon

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