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Polling Booth in Mankachar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Mankachar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mankachar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Dewaneralga L.P. School 751Dewaneralga
2S.Ali. H.S School Sukchar 412Sukchar
3S.Ali.H.S School Sukchar 608Sukchar
4S.Ali.H.S School Sukchar 594Sukchar
5Berabhanga Gir L.P. School 741Berabhanga Gir
61289 Fakirpara L.P. School 938Fakirpara
715 Bhutiadanga L.P. School 924Bhutiadanga
8Berabhanga Amalgamated L.P. School 542Berabhanga Amalgamated
9Fastapara L.P. School 527Fastapara
10Fastapara L.P. School551Fastapara
11Gotabari M.E. Madrassa 699Gotabari
121965 Joldoba L.P. School 741Joldoba
13Tatipara L.P. School 641Tatipara
14Islampur High School 641Islampur
152025 No. Arater Gaon L.P. School 691Arater Gaon
16Khopati M.E. School 861Khopati
17A.B.G.S. Ali Mv School 960
181466 Paikorkandi L.P. School 740Paikorkandi
19Paikorkandi M.E. School 703Paikorkandi
20Khopati L.P. School 606Khopati
21152 Piazbari Jb School 943Piazbari
22Char Khalisamari L.P. School 979Char Khalisamari
23Gokulpur Gir L.P. School 640Gokulpur Gir
242206 Purangaon L.P. School 364Purangaon
25Molakhowa L.P. School 886Molakhowa
261662New Dewaneralga L.P.School1000New Dewaneralga
27Beparipara L.P.School 920Beparipara
28Hatsingimari College 897Hatsingimari
301636 Char Kasaripara L.P. School 541Char Kasaripara
311636 Char Kasaripara L.P. School 549Char Kasaripara
321343 Bangrirchar J.B. School 1124Bangrirchar
33Newajespur Barmanpara L.P. School 771Newajespur Barmanpara
34Newajespur Barmanpara L.P. School765Newajespur Barmanpara
35Manik Sarkar High School 563Manik Sarkar
36Manik Sarkar High School 558Manik Sarkar
37Santipur M.E. School 692Santipur
38Borairalga M.E. Madrassa 907Borairalga
39Khagrarchar L.P. School 669Khagrarchar
401098 No. Mekurer Alga L.P. School 442Mekurer Alga
4174 No. Kokradanga J.B. School 799Kokradanga
421912 Kalairalga L.P. School 391Kalairalga
431924 Boraikandi L.P. School 568Boraikandi
441924 Boraikandi L.P. School 609Boraikandi
451987 Doyerchar L.P. School 563Doyerchar
46Kanaimara High School 529Kanaimara
47407 No. Saheberalga J.B. School 696Saheberalga
481639 No. Shisumara L.P. School 574Shisumara
493 No. Fulerchar L.P. School 642Fulerchar
503 No. Fulerchar L.P. School 644Fulerchar
511589 No. Kharuabandha L.P.School 890Kharuabandha
521589 Kharuabandha L.P. School 619Kharuabandha
53Janata H.S. School 592Janata
54Kharuabandha M.E. School 618Kharuabandha
55Kharuabandha M.E. School 679Kharuabandha
56Fulerchar M.E. School 1013Fulerchar
57Fulerchar M.E. School 1136Fulerchar
58Janata H.S. School 676Janata
59Fekamari Hajipara L.P. School 684Fekamari Hajipara
60Fekamari M.E. School 929Fekamari
61Fekamari L.P. School 809Fekamari
622 No. Kanaimara J.B. School 802Kanaimara
63Char Kanaimara L.P. School 965Char Kanaimara
64Changurchar L.P. School 862Changurchar
65Changurchar L.P. School 858Changurchar
66Puran Diara M.E. School 886Puran Diara
67Ujan Jhagrarchar L.P. School 454Ujan Jhagrarchar
68Telipara L.P. School 599Telipara
691 No. Diara Jb School 558Diara
70125 No. Kathalbari L.P. School 693Kathalbari
71Kathalbari M.E. School 710Kathalbari
72Charbari L.P. School 1052Charbari
731586 No. Bekardoba L.P. School 572Bekardoba
74 565
751189 No. Bamunpara J.B. School 814Bamunpara
761189 No. Bamunpara Jb. School 756Bamunpara
771587 No. Moynabandha L.P. School 713Moynabandha
78South Moynabandha L.P. School 494South Moynabandha
791488 No. Pecharkandhi L.P. School 633Pecharkandhi
801488 No. Pecharkandhi L.P. School 587Pecharkandhi
81Pecharkandhi M.E. School 645Pecharkandhi
82285 No. Manullahpara J.B. School 540Manullahpara
83Manullahpara M.E. School 558Manullahpara
84Pub Manullahpara Lp School 677Pub Manullahpara
85Manullahpara High School 768Manullahpara
86Sewraguri M.V. School 688Sewraguri
87Sewraguri M.V. School 584Sewraguri
88487 No. Bangtimari L.P. School 1026Bangtimari
891637 No. North Pipulbari L.P. School 758North Pipulbari
901637 No. North Pipulbari L.P. School 787North Pipulbari
91Tangaon L.P. School 676Tangaon
92Aber Ali M.E. School 829Aber Ali
93Aber Ali M.E. School 676Aber Ali
94460 No.Pipulbari L.P.School 700Pipulbari
95460 No.Pipulbari L.P.School 705Pipulbari
96Kukurmara M.E.School 532Kukurmara
972129 Boalia L.P. School 864Boalia
98337 No.Kukurmara Gir L.P.School 763Kukurmara Gir
99337 No.Kukurmara Gir L.P.School 657Kukurmara Gir
1001250 No. Kukurmara Nama Daspara L.P.School 828Kukurmara Nama Daspara
101Okhrabari L.P.School 613Okhrabari
102Okhrabari L.P.School 601Okhrabari
1031731 No.Aratgaon L.P.School 851Aratgaon
1041164 No.Dharakoba L.P.School 935Dharakoba
105Assamkata L.P.School 617Assamkata
10681No.Bhurakata L.P.School 751Bhurakata
107Bhurakata M.E. School 748Bhurakata
10881 No.Bhurakata L.P.School 789Bhurakata
109Baliabil L.P. School 797Baliabil
110Baliabil L.P. School 759Baliabil
111Nandia L.P.School 683Nandia
112Nandia L.P.School 686Nandia
1131178 No.Bor Bilakandi L.P.School N.ABor Bilakandi
1141178 No.Bor Bilakandi L.P.School N.ABor Bilakandi
1151525 No.Kumargati L.P.School 690Kumargati
116Shalibhoi L.P.School 510Shalibhoi
117Shalibhoi L.P.School670Shalibhoi
118Shadullahbari M.E.Madrassa1128Shadullahbari
119Shadullahbari M.E.Madrassa 621Shadullahbari
120897 Sadullahbari L.P. School 572Sadullahbari
1211291 No. Tepolpara L.P School 932Tepolpara
1221291 No. Tepolpara L.P School 900Tepolpara
1231291 No. Tepolpara L.P School (New) 217Tepolpara (New)
124463 No.Pankata L.P School 593Pankata
125463 No.Pankata L.P School 786Pankata
126Chomrashali M.E School 625Chomrashali
127Mak Azad College Baghapara 575Baghapara
128Naribhita L.P School 558Naribhita
129Chomrashali M.E School 784Chomrashali
130M.A.K. Azad College Baghapara 779Baghapara
131Patangitola L.P.School 821Patangitola
132Patangitola L.P.School 842Patangitola
133Kalapani H.S.School 950Kalapani
134Kalapani H.S.School 1008Kalapani
135956 No. Baoshkata L.P.School 963Baoshkata
136Chirakhowa M.V.School 1018Chirakhowa
1372036 Kutirghat Lp School 946Kutirghat
138Chirakhowa M.V.School 329Chirakhowa
139305 No. Chirakhowa Bengerbhita L.P.School 809Chirakhowa Bengerbhita
140305 No. Chirakhowa Bengerbhita L.P.School 887Chirakhowa Bengerbhita
141Urarbhoi L.P.School 831Urarbhoi
142Urarbhoi L.P.School 777Urarbhoi
1431865 No Dumartola L.P.School 762Dumartola
1441865 No Dumartola L.P.School 904Dumartola
145Diara M.E.School 671Diara
146Diara M.E.School 648Diara
14756 No.Pathuria L.P School 1067Pathuria
148Namargaon High School 1100Namargaon
149Namargaon High School 975Namargaon
150Keshervita L.P. School 753Keshervita
151Jhowdanga Nayagaon L.P School 755Jhowdanga Nayagaon
152Jhalorchar L.P School 707Jhalorchar
153Jhalorchar L.P School 703Jhalorchar
154Jhawdanga High School 901Jhawdanga
155Jhalorchar M.E School 624Jhalorchar
156Kadamtoli L.P School 926Kadamtoli
157Jhawdanga M.E Madrassa 805Jhawdanga
158Aratgram L.P.School 610Aratgram
159Aratgram L.P.School 611Aratgram
160Rangapani L.P School 817Rangapani
161Rangapani L.P School 761Rangapani
162Jhawdanga M.E Madrassa 1103Jhawdanga
163Jhawdanga High School 747Jhawdanga
164Monjhuri L.P School 624Monjhuri
165977 Damalkona L.P. School 783Damalkona
166Gouhori English Bidya Mandir High School 831Gouhori
167Gouhori English Bidya Mandir High School 683Gouhori
168440 No.Kuchnimara Gir Moktab 601Kuchnimara Gir Moktab
169440 No.Kuchnimara Gir Moktab 611Kuchnimara Gir Moktab
170Kuchnimara Jhordanga M.E.Madrassa 959Kuchnimara Jhordanga
171J.K.Arabic College 837
172J.K.Arabic College 843
173Jkac L.P. School 1156
174Kuchnimara Jhordanga M.E.Madrassa 291Kuchnimara Jhordanga
175102 No.Jhordanga L.P.School 660Jhordanga
176102 No.Jhordanga L.P.School 639Jhordanga
177102 No.Jhordanga L.P.School 1006Jhordanga
178Jhordanga Barman Para G.C Primaryschool 875Jhordanga Barman Para
179Jhordanga Barman Para G.C Primaryschool 866Jhordanga Barman Para
180Mankachar Puber Gaon L.P School 542Mankachar Puber Gaon
181Mankachar Puber Gaon L.P School 586Mankachar Puber Gaon
182Mankachar Puber Gaon L.P School 1111Mankachar Puber Gaon
1831896 No.Mankachar G.L.P School 873Mankachar
184Rashtrabhasha Bidya Mandir L.P.School N.A
185177 No.Mankachar J.B.School 982Mankachar
186177 No.Mankachar J.B.School 904Mankachar
187J.M.H.S.School 679
188776 No.Mankachar Namadaspara L.P. School 662Mankachar Namadaspara
189776 No.Mankachar Namadaspara L.P. School 619Mankachar Namadaspara
190Bibekananda M.E.School 569Bibekananda
191126 Bapuji Gir L.P. School 590Bapuji Gir
1921778 No.Saha Para L.P School 589Saha Para
1931778 No.Saha Para L.P School 734Saha Para
194765 Osmania Moktab 700Osmania Moktab
195A.A.Latif Gir Institute 877
196765 No Osmania Moktab 995Osmania Moktab
197509 No.Thakuranbari Namadaspara L.P School 640Thakuranbari Namadaspara
198509 No.Thakuranbari Namadaspara L.P School 609Thakuranbari Namadaspara
199Thakuranbari Namadaspara M.E.School 562Thakuranbari Namadaspara
200Thakuranbari Namadaspara M.E.School 600Thakuranbari Namadaspara
201Nayagaon L.P.School 824Nayagaon
202Nayagaon L.P.School 761Nayagaon
20382 Shialtari L.P School 653Shialtari
20482 Shialtari L.P School 644Shialtari
205Bhati Jhagraarchar M.E.Madrassa 652Bhati Jhagraarchar
206607 Sotimari Moktab L.P. School 633Sotimari Moktab
207Shadartila Boys L.P School 841Shadartila
208Kakripara Ajitullah Public Hs School 955Kakripara Ajitullah
209Kakripara Ajitullah Public Hs School 858Kakripara Ajitullah
210Beparipara L.P.School 498Beparipara
211Beparipara L.P.School 595Beparipara
212Beparipara L.P.School 637Beparipara
213Kakripara Amalgated L.P.School 955Kakripara Amalgated
214Kakripara Amalgated L.P.School 870Kakripara Amalgated
2151585 No.Dakergaon L.P.School 976Dakergaon
2161585 No.Dakergaon L.P.School 931Dakergaon
217317 No.Jhograrachar Gir L.P School 583Jhograrachar Gir
21860 No. Jhagrarchar Boys L.P. School 585Jhagrarchar

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