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Polling Booth in Majuli Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Majuli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Majuli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Sadhu Chapari L.P.School 424Sadhu Chapari
2Barua Chuk L.P.School 181Barua Chuk
3Adaha M.E.School 376Adaha
4Pragati M.E. School 492Pragati
5Hutar L.P.School 503Hutar
6Burha Chapori M.E. School 451Burha Chapori
7Madhya Ahatguri M.E.School 577Madhya Ahatguri
82 No Missamara L.P.School 359Missamara
9No 200 Missamora L P School 630Missamora
10Charaichapori L.P.School 614Charaichapori
11Dalkhowa L.P. School 452Dalkhowa
12186 No Salmorapar L P School 665Salmorapar
13Ujirati L.P.School518Ujirati
14Rowmora L.P.School 489Rowmora
151 No.Bhekelimukh L.P. School 691Bhekelimukh
16Erichapari Hemchandra M.E.School 372Erichapari Hemchandra
17Ahatguri High School 469Ahatguri
18Karatipar High School 855Karatipar
19Bebejia L.P.School 395Bebejia
20Major Chapari L.P.School 753Major Chapari
21Mahari Chuk M.E.School 904Mahari Chuk
22Borghuli L.P.School 218Borghuli
23Malapindha Janajati M.E.School 972Malapindha Janajati
24Balijan L.P.School 742Balijan
25Nalduar L.P.School 970Nalduar
26Chilakala L.P.School 937Chilakala
27Puranichapori L.P. School 404Puranichapori
28Kardoiguri Kaliagaon L.P.School 478Kardoiguri Kaliagaon
29Malapindha Koibatra L.P.School 794Malapindha Koibatra
30Madarguri L.P.School 775Madarguri
31Sri Luit High School 851Sri Luit
32Balichapori L.P.School 828Balichapori
33Kharjanpar High School 338Kharjanpar
34Kakorikota L.P.School 726Kakorikota
351 No. Bargayan L.P.School 732Bargayan
3684 No.Birinabari L.P.School 604Birinabari
37Chithadarchuk L.P.School 657Chithadarchuk
38Mahkina M.V.School 876Mahkina
39Sankarjyoti M.E. School 568Sankarjyoti
40Garamur Baatra L.P.School 902Garamur Baatra
41Sri Sri Pitambar Dev High School 631Sri Sri Pitambar Dev
42Mohkhuti Chapori L.P.School 528Mohkhuti Chapori
43Puranibari M.E.School 523Puranibari
44Garamur Milanpur Pawna L P School 562Garamur Milanpur Pawna
45Pitambar Dev Gir High School 654Pitambar Dev Gir
46Phutuki Sonai M.E.Dhi L.P.School 849Phutuki Sonai Dhi
47Sonapara L.P.School 788Sonapara
48Uttar Kamalabari M.V.School 657Uttar Kamalabari
491 No. Kamalabari L.P.School 946Kamalabari
502 No. Kamalabari L.P.School 632Kamalabari
51Auniati M.V.School 818Auniati
52Laholial L.P School 831Laholial
53Narayan Dev M.E. School 595Narayan Dev
54Ambedkar L.P.School 439Ambedkar
55Dhapak Gaon L.P.School 445Dhapak Gaon
56Santipur L.P.School 592Santipur
57Upar Sonowal L.P.School 737Upar Sonowal
58Botiamari L.P.School 578Botiamari
59Burha Kalita L.P.School N.ABurha Kalita
60Majorbari L.P.School 773Majorbari
61Deodia Ati M.V.School N.ADeodia Ati
62Bhogpuatra L.P. School 520Bhogpuatra
63Bahpara L.P.School 677Bahpara
64Kamalabari Grant L.P.School 652Kamalabari Grant
65Parijat High School 772Parijat
66Pokajara M.E.School 625Pokajara
6750 No.Pokajora L.P.School 406Pokajora
68Jokaibowa Kalitapar L.P.School 989Jokaibowa Kalitapar
69Ajarguri L.P.School 461Ajarguri
70Namoni Jokaibowa M.E.School 736Namoni Jokaibowa
71Jokaibowa Kalia M.E.School 982Jokaibowa Kalia
72102 No Uppar Kalia Jamudchuk L.P.School 710Uppar Kalia Jamudchuk
73Sonariati M.V.School 636Sonariati
74Rangachahi T.N.High School 642Rangachahi T.N.
75254 No.Barda Rangachahi L.P.School845Barda Rangachahi
76Na Gaon Gosaibari M.E.School 794Na Gaon Gosaibari
77Borguri Rupjyoti M.E.School 582Borguri Rupjyoti
78Thakuuti Gualabari M.E.School 582Thakuuti Gualabari
79123 No. Jorbil L.P.School 133Jorbil
80Nabajyoti Janajati M E School 623Nabajyoti Janajati
81Pohumora L.P.School 705Pohumora
82Guwalabari L.P.School 606Guwalabari
83Dhowachala L.Pschool 586Dhowachala
84138 No Sukansuti L P School 432Sukansuti
85Mohkhuti Gereki L.P.School 785Mohkhuti Gereki
86Jawaharlal Nehru M.E.School 829Jawaharlal Nehru
87Deka Sensowa M.E.School 807Deka Sensowa
88Chamaguri L.P.School 959Chamaguri
89M.E.Kheli Gaon L.P.School 695Kheli Gaon
90Chamaguri Satra Rawnapar H.S. School 639Chamaguri Satra Rawnapar
9142 No.Rawnagaon L.P. School 587Rawnagaon
92Kamar Gaon L.P.School 837Kamar Gaon
93207 No.Potia L.P.School 679Potia
94Chumoimari L.P.School 693Chumoimari
95Dakhinpat Satra M.E.School 708Dakhinpat Satra
96Dakhinpat Kalitagaon L.P. School 570Dakhinpat Kalitagaon
97Dakhinpat Kumar Gaon L.P.School 766Dakhinpat Kumar Gaon
98Chumoimari Janajati M.E.School 320Chumoimari Janajati
9912 No. Karhal Gaon L.P.School 769Karhal Gaon
10011 No.Karhal Gaon L.P.School 797Karhal Gaon
10117 No.Bechamara L.P.School 466Bechamara
102Salmora M.V.School 670Salmora
103132 No.Kamjan Elengi L.P.School 513Kamjan Elengi
104Bangaon M.V.School 663Bangaon
105Bangaon Gir' High School 571Bangaon Gir
106M.E.Ragarh Narayan Dev H.S.School 857Ragarh Narayan Dev
107Nikinikhowa L.P.School 847Nikinikhowa
108Gayangaon M.V. School 794Gayangaon
109Napamua L.P.School589Napamua
110Ratanpur Lahan Sr.Basic School 664Ratanpur Lahan
111Kathalkhowa Kathamia L.P.School 652Kathalkhowa Kathamia
112Bhakatiduar High School 687Bhakatiduar
113Bhakatidowar M E School 305Bhakatidowar
114Padmashree M E School 476Padmashree
115Mudoibil Teliabari Sr.Basic School 665Mudoibil Teliabari
116Sriam High School 798Sriam
117Mohbheti Baligaon L.P.School 489Mohbheti Baligaon
118Hatimuria L.P.School 520Hatimuria
119Bapuchala L.P.School 799Bapuchala
120Amarjyoti High School 865Amarjyoti
121Phulani High School 979Phulani
122Karkichuk L.P.School 827Karkichuk
123Majuli Missing M.E. School 767Majuli Missing
1242 No.Phulani L.P.School 699Phulani
12574 No. Jengraichapori L.P.School 645Jengraichapori
126Jengrai Balichapori L.P.School. 447Jengrai Balichapori
12772 No.Jengrai L.P.School 711Jengrai
12873 No.Amguri L.P. School. 749Amguri
129Barpomua Rangam L.P..School 829Barpomua Rangam
130177 No.Tiniali Barpamua L.P.School 610Tiniali Barpamua
131Lakhimi Barpomua L.P.School 622Lakhimi Barpomua
132Barpomua Balak L.P.School 681Barpomua Balak
133Kathalguri L.P.School 697Kathalguri
134Jengraimukh High School 741Jengraimukh
135Bheuchuk Kumarbari L.P.School 770Bheuchuk Kumarbari
136Namani Cherpai L.P.School 578Namani Cherpai
137Namani Cherpai M.E.School 428Namani Cherpai
138Ujani Cherpai L.P.School 553Ujani Cherpai
139Major Deuri Tribal High School623Major Deuri Tribal
140Major Deuri Tribal High School 539Major Deuri Tribal
141Jonaki M.E.School 871Jonaki
142Panikhati L.P.School 873Panikhati
143Sukansuti L.P.School 843Sukansuti
144Phutchang L.P.School 706Phutchang
14554 No.Borbil L.P.School 760Borbil
146Monbhalchuk L.P.School 575Monbhalchuk
147Ratanpur Miri High School 831Ratanpur Miri
148Ratanpur Miri M.V.School 905Ratanpur Miri
149Ratanpur Gir High School 829Ratanpur Gir
150Ratanpurmiri Nehru Smriti L.P.School 813Ratanpurmiri Nehru Smriti
151Namani Lachan L.P.School 525Namani Lachan
15233 No. Lachan Baligaon L.P.School 573Lachan Baligaon
153No 140 Banaria Chapari Lp School 438Banaria Chapari
154Sonowal Kachari L.P.School 653Sonowal Kachari
15534 No.Chikari Kathalguri L.P.School 880Chikari Kathalguri
156Chawrekia L.P.School 536Chawrekia
157Namani Gezera L.P.School 779Namani Gezera
158Jabarchuk Kathani L.P.School 497Jabarchuk Kathani
159Takorchuk L.P.School. 334Takorchuk

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