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Polling Booth in Lumding Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Lumding

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Lumding Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Dakhin Lumding M. E. School 780Dakhin Lumding
2Dakhin Lumding M. E. School331Dakhin Lumding
3Adaha Sishu Hindi L.P. School 746Adaha
4Adaha Sishu Hindi L.P. School 454Adaha
5Adaha Sishu Hindi L.P. School 717Adaha
6Nabarun Vidyalaya 483Nabarun
7Nabarun Vidyalaya550Nabarun
8Bani Vidyamandirl. P. School 699Bani
9Bani Vidyamandirl. P. School 770Bani
10Bani Vidyamandirm.E.School 844Bani
11Bani Vidyamandirm.E.School 468Bani
12Lumding Rly. H. S. School 874Lumding Rly.
13Lumding Rly. H. S. School 863Lumding Rly.
14Lumding Rly. H. S. School 623Lumding Rly.
15Lumding Rly. H. S. School 1070Lumding Rly.
16East Lumding High School 646East Lumding
17East Lumding High School 570East Lumding
18East Lumding L. P. School 558East Lumding
19East Lumding High School 1005East Lumding
20Pranab Vidyapeeth L. P. School 590
21Pranab Vidyapeeth L. P. School482
22Pranab Vidyapeeth M. E. School 486
23Pranab Vidyapeeth M. E. School934
24National L P School 820
25B.L.B.S.D.V. Hindi High School 621
26Ramkrishna Vidyapeeth L. P. School 994
27Ramkrishna Vidyapeeth M. E. School 879
28Ramkrishna Vidyapeeth M. E. School 1107
29National H. S. School 712
30National H. S. School 678
31National H. S. School 602
32B.M.B. L. P. School 816
33B.M.B. M. E. School 639
34B.M.B. High School 711
35B.M.B. High School 570
36Lumding Assamese Govt. L. P. School 860Lumding Assamese
37Lumding Assamese High School 608Lumding Assamese
38Sri Sri Sankardev Bidyalaya 482
39Longmailoo L. P. School 408Longmailoo
40Harlongpher L. P. School 956Harlongpher
41Harlongpher L. P. School 869Harlongpher
42Harlongpher M. E. School 697Harlongpher
43Harlongpher M. E. School 690Harlongpher
44Adaha L P School 966Adaha
45Bimala Prasad Chaliha L. P. School 861Bimala Prasad Chaliha
46Pub Lumding Anandanagar L. P. School 730Pub Lumding Anandanagar
47Pub Lumding Anandanagar L. P. School731Pub Lumding Anandanagar
48Patu Pathar L. P. School 765Patu Pathar
49Chandura L. P. School 607Chandura
50Chandura L. P. School624Chandura
51Sodamoni Teralangshu L. P. School 751Sodamoni Teralangshu
52Donbosco English School 632
53Donbosco English School 438
54Donbosco English School 547
55Donbosco English School 483
56Binapani L. P. School 957Binapani
57Binapani L. P. School 793Binapani
58Dakhin Lumding L.P. School 813Dakhin Lumding
59Dakhin Lumding High School 760Dakhin Lumding
60Dakhin Lumding High School 747Dakhin Lumding
61Madhabdev Hindi M.E. School 877
62Madhabdev Hindi M.E. School229
63Nokhuti Hussainia Madrassa 615Nokhuti Hussainia Madrassa
64Nokhuti Hussainia Madrassa 945Nokhuti Hussainia Madrassa
65Nokhuti High School 577Nokhuti
66Nokhuti High School 786Nokhuti
67Nokhuti High School 763Nokhuti
68Khagorijan M. E. School 654Khagorijan
69Khagorijan M. E. School735Khagorijan
70Nishan Gaon L. P. School 1010Nishan Gaon
71Pani Ram Basumatari M. E. School 1032Pani Ram Basumatari
72Pani Ram Basumatari M. E. School 864Pani Ram Basumatari
73Pani Ram Basumatari M. E. School 639Pani Ram Basumatari
74Azaharul Muktab L. P. School 528Azaharul Muktab
75Natun Bazar Janapriya Muktab L. P. School 748Natun Bazar Janapriya Muktab
76Natun Bazar Janapriya Muktab L. P. School779Natun Bazar Janapriya Muktab
77Jahangir Muktab L. P. School 745Jahangir Muktab
78Jahangir Muktab L. P. School732Jahangir Muktab
79Nakhuti Bazar L. P. School 767Nakhuti Bazar
802 No. Sarthey Gaon L. P. School 657Sarthey Gaon
812 No. Sarthey Gaon L. P. School607Sarthey Gaon
82Sarkey Basti L. P. School 1079Sarkey Basti
83Sarkey Basti L. P. School797Sarkey Basti
84Jhanju Bazar E.G.S. Centre 731Jhanju Bazar
85Jhanju Bazar E.G.S. Centre770Jhanju Bazar
86Uttar Sarkey Basti L. P. School 1005Uttar Sarkey Basti
87Uttar Sarkey Basti L. P. School 841Uttar Sarkey Basti
88Ambari E.G.S. Centre 1004Ambari E.G.S. Centre
89Jarangdisha L. P. School 928Jarangdisha
90Jarangdisha L. P. School885Jarangdisha
91Swami Bibekananda L. P. School 584Swami Bibekananda
92Swami Bibekananda L. P. School596Swami Bibekananda
93Fakaruddin Ali Ahm.E.D L. P. School 677
94Fakaruddin Ali Ahm.E.D L. P. School833
95Hatikhali N.C.L.P. School 574Hatikhali
96Hatikhali N.C.L.P. School551Hatikhali
97Rastra Bhasa Hindi L. P. School 823
98Rastra Bhasa Hindi L. P. School 929
99Lumding College Main Building 697Lumding
100Lumding College Main Building 718Lumding
101Netaji L. P. School 720
102Netaji L. P. School811
103Lumding College Main Building934Lumding
104Lumding Gir High School Shantipara 1156Lumding Gir Shantipara
105Lumding Gir High School Shantipara 1143Lumding Gir Shantipara
106Lumding College (Science Deptt) 572Lumding
107Lumding College (Science Deptt)568Lumding
108Lumding College (Comm.E.Rce Deptt.) 586Lumding
109Lumding College (Comm.E.Rce Deptt.)585Lumding
1102 No. Derapathar Hajong Gaon L. P. School 636Derapathar Hajong Gaon
1111 No. Derapathar L. P. School 512Derapathar
1121 No. Derapathar L. P. School 940Derapathar
1132 No. Derapathar L. P. School 477Derapathar
1143 No. Derapathar L. P. School 583Derapathar
1153 No. Derapathar L. P. School629Derapathar
1164 No. Derapathar L. P. School 718Derapathar
117Kandura Govt. L. P. School 775Kandura
118Dakhin Kandura Dangbor L. P. School 1042Dakhin Kandura Dangbor
119Pub Kandura L. P. School 994Pub Kandura
120Pandabasti L. P. School 1053Pandabasti
121Bora Gaon Lal Bahadur Sastri L. P. School 937Bora Gaon Lal Bahadur Sastri
122Bonbegena Atti L. P. School 701Bonbegena Atti
123Bhalukmari J. B. School 961Bhalukmari
124Khring Khring L.P. School 604Khring Khring
125Khring Khring L.P. School 566Khring Khring
126Khring Khring L.P. School 933Khring Khring
127Azarbari L. P. School 1016Azarbari
128Swami Vibekananda M. E. School 837Swami Vibekananda
129Swami Vibekananda M. E. School 814Swami Vibekananda
130Joysagar L. P. School 786Joysagar
131Joysagar L. P. School781Joysagar
1321 No. Ramnagar Bimala Prasad Chaliha L. P. School 577Ramnagar
1331 No. Ramnagar Bimala Prasad Chaliha L. P. School524Ramnagar
1342 No. Ramnagar L. P. School 770Ramnagar
1352 No. Ramnagar L. P. School 823Ramnagar
136Rani Pukhuri L. P. School 801Rani Pukhuri
137Rani Pukhuri L. P. School 817Rani Pukhuri
138Rani Pukhuri L. P. School 1072Rani Pukhuri
1391 No. Pipal Pukhuri L. P. School 672Pipal Pukhuri
1401 No. Pipal Pukhuri L. P. School622Pipal Pukhuri
141Good Smaritan English School 1140
142Good Smaritan English School 878
143Purana Kaki Bazar Govt.L.P. School 544Purana Kaki Bazar
144Purana Kaki Bazar Govt M.E. School 752Purana Kaki Bazar
145Purana Kaki Kachari Gaon L. P. School 563Purana Kaki Kachari Gaon
146Purana Kaki Kachari Gaon L. P. School 490Purana Kaki Kachari Gaon
147Purana Kaki Kachari Gaon L. P. School 568Purana Kaki Kachari Gaon
148Purana Kaki Kachari Gaon L. P. School 660Purana Kaki Kachari Gaon
149Purana Kaki Bazar Govt M. E. School 807Purana Kaki Bazar
150Purana Kaki Bazar Govt L.P. School 653Purana Kaki Bazar
151Barjaha L. P. School 777Barjaha
152Udali Bazar M. V. School 800Udali Bazar
153Udali Kachari Gaon L. P. School 771Udali Kachari Gaon
154Pub Udali Kachari Gaon L. P. School 647Pub Udali Kachari Gaon
155Pub Udali Kachari Gaon L. P. School542Pub Udali Kachari Gaon
156Lachit Pathar L. P. School 611Lachit Pathar
157Lachit Pathar L. P. School661Lachit Pathar
158Dakhin Udali L.P. School 700Dakhin Udali
159Dakhin Udali L.P. School637Dakhin Udali
160Buribali L. P. School 937Buribali
161Niz Udali L. P. School 502Niz Udali
162Niz Udali L. P. School527Niz Udali
163Sing Gaon Muktab L. P. School 1012Sing Gaon Muktab
164Fakarudding Ali Ahm.E.D L. P. School 963
165Udali College 1005Udali
166Udali College 797Udali
167Baikuntagaon L. P. School 612Baikuntagaon
168Baikuntagaon L. P. School605Baikuntagaon
169Udali College 736Udali
170Binapani Bidyaniketon 598Binapani
171Binapani Bidyaniketon563Binapani
172Rajendra Vidyalaya 644
173Rajendra Vidyalaya652
174Bordoloipathar L. P. School 791Bordoloipathar
175Bordoloipathar L. P. School723Bordoloipathar
176Fultoli High School 629Fultoli
177Fultoli High School653Fultoli
178Borjaroni L. P. School 968Borjaroni
179Borjaroni L. P. School 830Borjaroni
180Juthang Basti L. P. School 783Juthang Basti
181Juthang Basti L. P. School749Juthang Basti
182Udali Tiniali L. P. School 762Udali Tiniali
183Juthang Basti Senior Madrassa 821Juthang Basti
184Nehru Bidyapith Pub Udali 662Pub Udali
185Nehru Bidyapith Pub Udali709Pub Udali
186Jaroni Gaon L. P. School 1043Jaroni Gaon
1871 No. Kaki L. P. School 488Kaki
1881 No. Kaki L. P. School 714Kaki
1891 No. Kaki L. P. School 652Kaki
190Aai Vetti L. P. School 768Aai Vetti
191Teliaati L. P. School 667Teliaati
192Nijarapar L. P. School 680Nijarapar
193Nijarapar L. P. School509Nijarapar
1942 No. Kaki Deowali L. P. School 505Kaki Deowali
1952 No. Kaki Deowali L. P. School560Kaki Deowali
1962 No. Kaki Adaha High School 446Kaki Adaha
197Lankajan M. E. School 682Lankajan
198Lankajan M. E. School638Lankajan
199Dakhin Jaroni L. P. School 598Dakhin Jaroni
2002 No. Kaki Adaha M. V. School 574Kaki Adaha
2012 No. Kaki Adaha M. V. School579Kaki Adaha
2023 No. Kaki Pathari L. P. School 472Kaki Pathari
2033 No. Kaki Pathari L. P. School429Kaki Pathari
2043 No. Kaki Mikir Gaon L.P. School 447Kaki Mikir Gaon
2053 No. Kaki Mikir Gaon L.P. School560Kaki Mikir Gaon
206Kaki Mikir Gaon Teralangso M.E. School 953Kaki Mikir Gaon Teralangso
207Manikpur L. P. School 2000 Bigha 1003Manikpur
208Kaki Mikir Gaon Teralangso M. E. School 557Kaki Mikir Gaon Teralangso
209Kaki Mikir Gaon Teralangso M. E. School590Kaki Mikir Gaon Teralangso
2103 No. Kaki Mikir Gaon L. P. School 713Kaki Mikir Gaon
2113 No. Kaki Mikir Gaon L. P. School760Kaki Mikir Gaon
212Manikpur L. P. School 2000 Bigha 782Manikpur
213Manikpur L. P. School 2000 Bigha786Manikpur
2143 No. Kaki Balisatra L. P. School 632Kaki Balisatra
2153 No. Kaki Thaisupar L. P. School 676Kaki Thaisupar
2163 No. Kaki Thaisupar L. P. School690Kaki Thaisupar
217Chalchali L. P. School 1022Chalchali
218Chalchali L. P. School870Chalchali
219Kaki Tangia Indira Joyanti M. E. School 719Kaki Tangia Indira Joyanti
220Kaki Tangia Indira Joyanti M. E. School 614Kaki Tangia Indira Joyanti
221Padum Pukhuri L. P. School 917Padum Pukhuri
222Uttar Borhula L. P. School 879Uttar Borhula
223Kaki Rampur Rastrabhasa L. P. School 571Kaki Rampur
224Kaki Rampur Rastrabhasa L. P. School591Kaki Rampur
225Padum Pukhuri L. P. School 891Padum Pukhuri
226Purana Kaki Ramnagar L. P. School 259Purana Kaki Ramnagar
227Kaki Tangia Indira Joyanti L. P. School 916Kaki Tangia
2283 No. Kaki Chariali L. P. School 916Kaki Chariali
2293 No. Kaki Moinapur L. P. School 561Kaki Moinapur

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