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Polling Booth in Lakhimpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Lakhimpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Lakhimpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Johing Tea Estate L.P. School 842Johing a Esta
2Johing Tea Estate Staff Club 939Johing a Esta
3Nabajyoti L. P. School 914Nabajyoti
4Koilamari Tea Estate L.P. School R. S.723Koilamari
5Gyanudaya Madhya M.E.School R. S567Gyanudaya Madhya
6Koilamari Tea Estate L.P.School 640Koilamari
7Gyanudaya Madhya M.E.School 575Gyanudaya Madhya
8Koilamari Tea Estate Staff Club 632Koilamari
9No.1 Rajgarh Dafala L.P. School 1077Rajgarh Dafala
10Kakoi Balijan L.P.School 675Kakoi Balijan
11Kakoi Balijan L. P. School 953Kakoi Balijan
12Ujjalpur L.P. School 772Ujjalpur
13Ujjalpur High School 526Ujjalpur
14Junubasti L. P. School 577Junubasti
15Rangajan M. E. School R.S686Rangajan
16Rangajan High School 567Rangajan
17Rangajan M. E. School 1090Rangajan
18Barbil L. P. School 1231Barbil
19Bagalijan L. P. School R. S.1063Bagalijan
20Bagalijan L. P. School 844Bagalijan
21Nolkota L. P. School 716Nolkota
22Collegiate High School R. S.761Collegiate
23Buwalguri L. P. School 615Buwalguri
24Collegiate High School1143Collegiate
25Collegiate High School 674Collegiate
26Chukulibhoria M.E. School 1177Chukulibhoria
27Santipur Mising L.P.School 1130Santipur Mising
28Sarigoan L.P.School 1114Sarigoan
29Bodimuri Sisu Kalyan Primary School 867Bodimuri
30Bodimuri Sisu Kalyan Primary School 444Bodimuri
31Napam Junior Basic School R. S.1190Napam
32Napam Junior Basic School 394Napam
33Chaboti Bahumukhi H.S.School 1040Chaboti Bahumukhi
34Chaboti Janajati L.P.School 769Chaboti Janajati
35Saboti Bohumukhi H. S. School 1097Saboti Bohumukhi
36Uttar Nakari L.P.School R. S.1385Uttar Nakari
37Uttar Nakari L. P. School L. S.959Uttar Nakari
38Nakari L.P.School 825Nakari
39Nakari L.P.School 865Nakari
40North Lakhimpur Rly. M.E.School 879North Lakhimpur Rly.
41Rupjyoti L.P.School 709Rupjyoti
42Panindra High School 1218Panindra
43Panindra High School 795Panindra
44Town M.V.School 839Town
45Panindra High School 976Panindra
46Madharam Gogoi L.P.School 1176Madharam Gogoi
47Madharam Gogoi L.P.School 261Madharam Gogoi
48Lakhimpur Academy H. S.School 976Lakhimpur
49Lakhimpur Academy H. S. School 824Lakhimpur
50Lakhimpur Academy H. S. School 796Lakhimpur
51Govt. Higher Secondary School North Lakhimpur 843North Lakhimpur
52Govt. Higher Secondary School North Lakhimpur 1000North Lakhimpur
53North Lakhimpur Gir H. S. School R. S.953North Lakhimpur
54North Lakhimpur Gir H. S. School 884North Lakhimpur
55Rohdhola L.P.School R. S.971Rohdhola
56Rohdhola L.P.School 615Rohdhola
57Gopi Nagar L. P. School 854Gopi Nagar
58Rahdhola L. P. School 673Rahdhola
59Bazar L.P. School 996Bazar
60Bazar L.P. School655Bazar
61Bazar L. P. School 643Bazar
62Mandal Berek North Lakhimpur R. S.918North Lakhimpur
63Mandal Berek North Lakhimpur 728North Lakhimpur
64Tul Junior Basic School 856Tul
65Office Of The Executive Engineer Aseb 1047Aseb
66Office Of The Executive Engineer Aseb 844Aseb
67Town High Madrassa 1048
68Town M. E. Madrassa 767
69Town High Madrasa N.Lakhimpur 1351N.Lakhimpur
70Town High Madrassa N.Lakhimpur L.S1194N.Lakhimpur
71Aziz Baruah L.P.School 866Aziz Baruah
72Aziz Baruah L.P.School 785Aziz Baruah
73Somdiri Bantow L.P.School R. S.1166Somdiri Bantow
74Oo The Ex. Engineer Mech.Divn. W.R.Deptt.1038
75Office Of The District Agriculture Officer 978
76Office Of The District Agriculture Officer L. S.970
77Somdiri Bantow L.P. School L. S.804Somdiri Bantow
78Somdiri Bantow L.P.School777Somdiri Bantow
79North Lakhimpur College 1090North Lakhimpur
80North Lakhimpur College 633North Lakhimpur
81No. 1 Rownapur L.P.School 677Rownapur
82No. 1 Rownapur L.P.School 1154Rownapur
83No.2 Rownapur L.P.School 1149 Rownapur
84No.2 Rownapur L.P.School 535 Rownapur
85Bamundoloni L.P.School 1190Bamundoloni
86Barpukhuri L.P.School 1092Barpukhuri
87Borpukhuri L.P.School 813Borpukhuri
88Barpukhuri Sanskrit Tol School 414Barpukhuri Sanskrit
89Lahon Bahadur L.P.School 785Lahon Bahadur
90Lahon Bahadur L.P.School 882Lahon Bahadur
91Gharmora L.P.School R. S.762Gharmora
92Gharmara L.P. School Sarba Siksha Wing 526Gharmara
93Gharmora L.P.School L. S.1051Gharmora
94Office Of The Lakhimpur Goan Panchayat 703Lakhimpur Goan
95Office Of The General Manager Dicc 944
96Office Of The General Manager Dicc 964
97Nakari High School 948Nakari
98Nakari High School L. S.773Nakari
99Rongpuria L.P.School R. S.1041Rongpuria
100Rongpuria L.P.School L. S.712Rongpuria
101Mohaijan L.P. School 688Mohaijan
102Mohaijan L.P.School 1036Mohaijan
103Baghmara L.P.School 821Baghmara
104Baghmara L.P School L. S.696Baghmara
1052 No. Bamunijan L.P.School 789Bamunijan
106325 No. Dambukial L.P.School 876Dambukial
107Solichuk L.P.School 851Solichuk
108Solichuk L.P.School 439Solichuk
109Kopak Chapori Senior Basic School 960Kopak Chapori
110Mahora Borchapori L.P.School 958Mahora Borchapori
111Balibheta L.P.School. 981Balibheta
112Azad Senior Basic School 611
113Gorehoga Goan Jr. Basic School Abhyasan 763Gorehoga Goan
114Gorehoga Goan Jr. Basic School Abhyasan 854Gorehoga Goan
115Kohan Gaon L.P.School 686Kohan Gaon
116Telahi L.P. School 916lahi
117Telahi L.P. School 877lahi
118Senshuwa L.P.School 746Senshuwa
119Senshuwa L.P.School 604Senshuwa
120Bhaskar Sr. Basic Lp School R. S.1124Bhaskar
121Bhaskar Sr. Basic Lp School 349Bhaskar
122Bar Kamalaboria L.P.School R. S.686Bar Kamalaboria
123Bor Kamalaboria L.P.School L. S.892Bor Kamalaboria
124Ulubari L. P. School 666Ulubari
125Ulubari L. P. School 473Ulubari
126Rajkhowa L.P.School R. S.1117Rajkhowa
127Rajkhowa L.P.School L. S.653Rajkhowa
128Na Pamuwa L.P.School 508Na Pamuwa
129Na Pamuwa L.P.School L. S.647Na Pamuwa
130Gohain Tekela L.P.School 700Gohain kela
131Top Topi L.P.School1006Top Topi
132Booria L.P.School 786Booria
133Bhorti Sonowal Gaon L.P.School R. S.982Bhorti Sonowal Gaon
134Bhorti Sonowal Gaon L.P.School 838Bhorti Sonowal Gaon
135Pub Lesai Gaon L.P.School 1032Pub Lesai Gaon
136Kumarkata L.P.School 808Kumarkata
137Kumarkata L.P.School 1054Kumarkata
138Pachim Kharkati M.E.School 975Pachim Kharkati
139Dhenudhoria Katoni No. 2 L.P.School 859Dhenudhoria Katoni
140Panigaon H. S. School R. S.1069Panigaon
141Panigaon H. S. School L. S.395Panigaon
142Indira Gandhi High School 994Indira Gandhi
143Acharikhona Kalita Gaon L.P.School 829Acharikhona Kalita Gaon
144Acharikhona Kalita Gaon L.P.School L. S.427Acharikhona Kalita Gaon
145Pub Telahi M.E.School R. S.957Pub lahi
146Pub Telahi M.E.School L. S.363Pub lahi
147Kutuhaguri L.P.School 852Kutuhaguri
148Basagaon M.E.School R. S.849Basagaon
149Basagaon M.E.School L. S.566Basagaon
150Bosa Goan Gir High School R. S.765Bosa Goan Gir
151Bosa Goan Gir High School 665Bosa Goan Gir
152Bosa Gaon Sarba Sikhsa Building 472Bosa Gaon
153South Telahi Senior Basic School 692South lahi
154South Telahi Senior Basic School 644South lahi
155Jorkhat Baligaon L.P.School 994Jorkhat Baligaon
156Bamun Gaya L.P.School 548Bamun Gaya
157Bamun Gaya L.P.School Sarba Siksha Wing 840Bamun Gaya
158Solmora Me.School 737Solmora
159Amtola M.E.School 751Amtola
160Gohain Khat Balijan L.P. School 490Gohain Khat Balijan
161Amtola Bishnupur L.P. School 853Amtola Bishnupur
162Pokadol L.P.School Amtola502Pokadol
163Amtola Bishnupur L. P. School 229Amtola Bishnupur
164Bordubi M.E.School 984Bordubi
165Bordubi L.P. School 339Bordubi
166Bordubi M.E.School 1034Bordubi
167Bordubi L.P. School 289Bordubi
168Kahiduwar L.P.School 877Kahiduwar
169Kahiduwar L.P.School L. S.428Kahiduwar
170Halodhi Ati L.P.School 828Halodhi Ati
171Naali Miri L.P.School R. S.595Naali Miri
172Naali Miri L.P.School 470Naali Miri
173Na Ali M.E.School798Na Ali
174Adisuti L.P.School 674Adisuti
175Gowalbari 707 No.Lp School 467Gowalbari
176Acharkata Gamchuk L.P.School 677Acharkata Gamchuk
177Dhala Balijan L.P.School 724Dhala Balijan
178Pub Telahi Senior Basic School 823Pub lahi
179Pub Telahi Senior Basic School 299Pub lahi
180Namani Kaha Chapori L.P.School 741Namani Kaha Chapori
181Jengrai Paken Lp School 633Jengrai Paken
182Dafalakata High School 832Dafalakata
183294 Dafalakata L.P. School 732Dafalakata
184Puronidhola L.P.School 836Puronidhola
185Ligiramukh Chanong Gaon L.P.School 1039Ligiramukh Chanong Gaon
186Kulamuwa Miri L.P.School 560Kulamuwa Miri
187Kulamuwa Miri L.P.School 565Kulamuwa Miri
188Maraliamukh L. P. School 529Maraliamukh
189Ghesek L.P.School 770Ghesek
190Khablu Pamua L.P.School 770Khablu Pamua
191Jugibari L.P.School 669Jugibari
192Baralimora L.P.School L. S.846Baralimora
193Garmur Dambokial L.P.School 840Garmur Dambokial
194Uttar Dambokial L.P.School 592Uttar Dambokial
195Lohit Khablu High School 404Lohit Khablu
196Lohit Khablu High School 984Lohit Khablu
197Pathorichuk M.E.School 765Pathorichuk

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