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Polling Booth in Lahowal Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Lahowal

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Lahowal Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Lepetkata Te L.P. School 581Lepetkata
2Lepetkata T.E. L.P. School 446Lepetkata
3Lepetkata T.E. Mazdoor Club 435Lepetkata
4Kakoti Gaon L.P. School 765Kakoti Gaon
5Lepetkata Kachari L.P. School 854Lepetkata Kachari
6Lepetkata Kachari L.P. School 706Lepetkata Kachari
7Bolai T.E. L.P. School 617Bolai
8Bolai T.E. Mzdoor Club 503Bolai
9Duliagaon L.P. School 622Duliagaon
10Dainijan L.P. School (C.No.1) 621Dainijan
11Dainijan L.P. School (C.No.2.) 478Dainijan
12Mancotta T.E. L.P. School 838Mancotta
13Mancotta Te Staff Club 701Mancotta
14Kacharibari L.P. School 690Kacharibari
15Chengalijan Lp School 430Chengalijan
16Kacharibari L.P. School864Kacharibari
17Khania Gaon L.P. School 651Khania Gaon
18Khania Gaon L.P. School Middle673Khania Gaon
19Sisu Niketon H.E.School.589Sisu Niketon
20Sisu Niketon H.E.School.642Sisu Niketon
21Khaniagaon L.P. School 1064Khaniagaon
22Sonali Sangha 915Sonali Sangha
23Nirmali Gaon Gir High School 724Nirmali Gaon Gir
24Nirmali Gaon Gir High School 858Nirmali Gaon Gir
25Nirmali Gaon Gir High School 815Nirmali Gaon Gir
26Nirmali Gaon Gir High School812Nirmali Gaon Gir
27Dakhin Jalan L.P.School 676Dakhin Jalan
28Dakhin Jalan L.P.School 725Dakhin Jalan
29Dakhin Jalan L.P.School 675Dakhin Jalan
30Dakhin Jalan L.P.School 673Dakhin Jalan
31Kadamoni L.P. School 777Kadamoni
32Kadamoni L.P. School729Kadamoni
33Kadamoni L.P. School 609Kadamoni
34Kadamoni L.P. School 638Kadamoni
35Ozani Hatimura L.P. School No.1 1050Ozani Hatimura
36Banipur Maina Parijat 702Banipur Maina Parijat
37Ujani Hatimuria L.P.School574Ujani Hatimuria
38Chaualkhowa Madrassa M.E.School 564Chaualkhowa
39Chaualkhowa Madrassa M.E.School 592Chaualkhowa
40Chaulkhowa Madrassa Me School556Chaulkhowa
41Chaulkhowa Madrassa Me School 482Chaulkhowa
42Muhita Dutta Lp School 983Muhita Dutta
43Muhita Dutta Lp School1043Muhita Dutta
44Hatimura Gaon L.P. School 683Hatimura Gaon
45Bakpara Te L.P. School 667Bakpara
46Bakpara Te L.P. School 466Bakpara
47Khanikar Te Lp School 679Khanikar
48Lekai L.P. School 680Lekai
49Lekai L.P. School 678Lekai
50Sesa Te L.P. School533Sesa
51Central Crech House Of Sessa T.E. 433Sessa T.E.
52Temtow Te L.P. School 633Temtow Te
53Sesa Te Mazdoor Club 780Sesa
54Jokai Kaliyani L.P. School 797Jokai Kaliyani
55Harak Pathar L.P. School 395Harak Pathar
56Konwar Gaon L.P.School 675Konwar Gaon
57Khamti Ghat M.E. School 686Khamti Ghat
58Natun Borbil L.P. School 669Natun Borbil
59No. 2 Bhurbhuri L.P. School 446Bhurbhuri
60Hahsara Gaon L.P. School 675Hahsara Gaon
61Sengamari L.P. School 508Sengamari
62Bortemtow Gaon L.P. School 517Bormtow Gaon
63Bortemtow Gaon L.P. School (New Building) 531Bormtow Gaon
64Bortemtow Gaon L.P. School 514Bormtow Gaon
65Bokpara L.P. School592Bokpara
66Bokpara L.P. School(New Building) 625Bokpara
67Bokpara L.P. School425Bokpara
68Lahowal L.P. School 895Lahowal
69Bishnujyoti M.E. School 777Bishnujyoti
70Bishnujyoti M.E. School 711Bishnujyoti
71Bakul M.E. School 578Bakul
72Bakul High School 519Bakul
73Bakul M.E. School 724Bakul
74Timona Gaon L.P. School 931Timona Gaon
75Agnipather L.P. School 459Agnipather
76Timona Te L.P. School 332Timona
77Timona Te L.P. School755Timona
78Ziliguri L.P. School 360Ziliguri
7913 No. Lunpuria L.P. School 725Lunpuria
80Tamulbari Te L.P. School 673Tamulbari
81Tamulbari T.E. Staff Club 761Tamulbari
82Chagolikota Dangorpathar L.P. School 713Chagolikota Dangorpathar
83Pub Chagalikata L.P. School 655Pub Chagalikata
84Rajgarh L.P. School 546Rajgarh
85Nagaon L.P. School 559Nagaon
86Kuwari Pathar L.P. School 870Kuwari Pathar
87Romai Te L.P. School784Romai
88Romai Te Club 476Romai
89Romai Te Lp School378Romai
90Ghograjan L.P. School 401Ghograjan
91Phutahula Gaon L.P. School 624Phutahula Gaon
92Rangliting Te Labour Club 684Rangliting
93Habichuk L.P. School 382Habichuk
94Teliapathar L.P. School 667liapathar
95Modarkhat Gir Hs School 745Modarkhat Gir
96Lahowal Gir School (No.1) 833Lahowal Gir
97Lahowal Gir School (No.2) 502Lahowal Gir
98Muttock Te Staff Club 480Muttock Te
99Nizmoidumia L.P. School 742Nizmoidumia
100Nizmoidumia L.P. School772Nizmoidumia
101Lahowal High School 612Lahowal
102Lahowal High School 580Lahowal
103Lahowal Hs School 857Lahowal
104Lahowal Hs School 817Lahowal
105Athabari L.P. School (Centre No. 1) 763Athabari
106Athabari L.P. School (Centre No. 2) 694Athabari
107Gathorop L.P. School (C. No. 1) 381Gathorop
108Gathorop L.P. School (C. No. 2) 595Gathorop
109Tita Dimoru Puberun L.P. School 532Tita Dimoru Puberun
110Tita Dimoru Kanai L.P. School 480Tita Dimoru Kanai
111Monohari Te L.P. School 631Monohari
112Monohari Te Lp School Centre No. Two262Monohari
113Maijan Te Mazdoor Club N.AMaijan
114Maijan Te Fonguri L.P. School N.AMaijan Fonguri
115Maijan Te Staff Club (No.1) 729Maijan
116Maijan Te L.P. School 484Maijan
117Maijan Te Staff Club (No.2)645Maijan
118Jodhraj Khemka M.E. School 667Jodhraj Khemka
119Green Wood Te L.P. School (Centre No. 1) 715Green Wood Te
120Green Wood Te L.P. School (Centre No. 2) 603Green Wood Te
121Green Wood Mazdur Club (Centre No. 1) 672Green Wood Te
122Green Wood Mazdur Club (Centre No. 2) 663Green Wood Te
123Oakland Te Lp School 383Oakland Te
124Kanai Gaon L.P. School 596Kanai Gaon
125Kanai Gaon L.P. School826Kanai Gaon
126Mukalbari Kamakhya L.P. School 763Mukalbari Kamakhya
127Mukalbari Te Staff Club 655Mukalbari
128Ganesh Bari Te L.P. Schol 885Ganesh Bari
129Sarupather Nabajyoti Lp School 447Sarupather Nabajyoti
130Sarupather Lp School 852Sarupather
131Mohanbari Te L.P. School578Mohanbari
132Mohanbari T.E. L.P. School532Mohanbari
133Mohanbari Airport L.P. School 974Mohanbari Airport
134Ekaratoli Longsoal L.P. School 838Ekaratoli Longsoal
135Ekaratoli Binoigutia L.P. School( Centre No. 1) 667Ekaratoli Binoigutia
136Ekaratoli Binoigutia L.P. School (Centre No. 2) 814Ekaratoli Binoigutia
137Moderkhat L.P. School (C.No.1) 328Moderkhat
138Moderkhat L.P. School (C.No.2 ) 879Moderkhat
139Chengelijan L.P. School562Chengelijan
140Chengelijan L.P. School429Chengelijan
141Romai Kordoibam L.P. School 742Romai Kordoibam
142Romai Bongali L.P. School 369Romai Bongali
143Shastriji H.E. School(C.No.1) 267Shastriji
144Shastriji High School(C. No.2) 796Shastriji
145Baluram Konwar Lp School 648Baluram Konwar
146Bapuji Mv School 522Bapuji
147Nahar Hako L.P. School 748Nahar Hako
148Alimur L.P. School 780Alimur
149Niz Moderkhat L.P. School 567Niz Moderkhat
150Natun Bachapathar L.P. School 662Natun Bachapathar
151Dikom Sesa T.E. L.P. School 619Dikom Sesa
152Bachapathar L.P. School 661Bachapathar
153Modarkhat Te L.P. School 800Modarkhat
154Dikom Sesa L.P. School 640Dikom Sesa
155Dikom Sessa L.P. School706Dikom Sessa
156Hezel Bank Te L.P. School 685Hezel Bank
157Hezel Bank Te Staff Club 370Hezel Bank
158Hazel Bank Te Labour Club 500Hazel Bank
159Dholajan Te L.P. School 644Dholajan
160Dholajan Main Line Mazdoor Club 368Dholajan Main Line
161Garpara L.P. School 720Garpara
162Larupuria L.P. School 419Larupuria
163Rohmoria Hs School308Rohmoria
164Rohmoria Hs School851Rohmoria
165Puberun L.P. School 774Puberun
166Bagaritalia L.P. School 635Bagaritalia
167Genichuk L.P. School 883Genichuk
168Nizrohmaria L.P. School812Nizrohmaria
169Thanai Te Mazdoor Club 510Thanai
170Thanai Te Staff Club 567Thanai
171Thanai Te Mazdoor Club909Thanai Mazdoor Club
172Thanai Te L.P. School 629Thanai
173Dhoopabar L.P. School 592Dhoopabar
174Chamani Maijan L.P. School339Chamani Maijan
175Chamoni Maijan L.P. School868Chamoni Maijan
176Phukan Khat L.P. School 940Phukan Khat

Last Updated on April 02, 2020