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Polling Booth in Laharighat Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Laharighat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Laharighat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Bhuragaon College N.ABhuragaon
4Bhuragaon Adaha M.E. School N.ABhuragaon Adaha
6Bhuragaon M.E. School N.ABhuragaon
9Bhuragaon H. Sarkar H.S.S. N.ABhuragaon
12Bhuragaon Hindi L.P. School 644Bhuragaon
13Bhuragaon Hindi L.P. School464Bhuragaon
14Bhuragaon Gir M.E. School(New Building) 844Bhuragaon Gir
15Bhuragaon Gir M.E. School992Bhuragaon Gir
16Bhuragaon Gir M.E. School(Old Building) 923Bhuragaon Gir
17Bhuragaon Gir H.E. School 846Bhuragaon Gir
18Bhuragaon Gir High School 756Bhuragaon Gir
19Barukata L.P. School 705Barukata
20Bokani M.E. School 640Bokani
21Barukota Chahoria Primari School498Barukota Chahoria
22Kathpori L.P. School 736Kathpori
23No.2 Durabandhi Primari School 316Durabandhi
24Dakhin Jurbeel Colony L.P. School 453Dakhin Jurbeel Colony
25Baralimari High School 718Baralimari
26Baralimari High School 572Baralimari
27Baralimari L.P. School 786Baralimari
28Haibor Mirikamari L.P. School 821Haibor Mirikamari
29Sutirpar M.V. School 747Sutirpar
30Sutirpar M.V. School 839Sutirpar
31Sutirpar M.V. School832Sutirpar
32Dungarpar M.E. School 741Dungarpar
33Dungarpar M.E. School 696Dungarpar
34Sunduva L.P. School 800Sunduva
35Lengeri L.P. School 390Lengeri
36Banmuri M.V.. School 787Banmuri
37Roumari H.E. School 838Roumari
38Roumari H.E. School 710Roumari
39Japari M.V. School 891Japari
40Japari M.V. School 864Japari
41Betoni L.P. School 791Betoni
42Betoni L.P. School 826Betoni
43Hindu Japari L.P. School 868Hindu Japari
44Taptala L.P. School 501Taptala
46Kherkata L.P. School 620Kherkata
47Tengatoli L.P. School 632Tengatoli
48Bhuragaon L.P. School 69Bhuragaon
49Bhuragaon Hospital Road L.P. School 676Bhuragaon Hospital Road
50Bhuragaon Hospital Road L.P. School 674Bhuragaon Hospital Road
51Kupatimari L.P. School 1023Kupatimari
52Kupatimari L.P. School 793Kupatimari
53No.1 Borkur Balak L.P. School 687Borkur Balak
54No.1 Borkur Balaka L.P. School 659Borkur Balaka
55Seuji Pathar L.P. School 955Seuji Pathar
56No. 2 Borkur Balak L.P. School 724Borkur Balak
57No. 2 Borkur Balak L.P. School 632Borkur Balak
58Jatiabori L.P.School 571Jatiabori
59Nitmari Chapori L.P. School N 585Nitmari Chapori
60Nitmari Chapori L.P. School S 800Nitmari Chapori
61Tuhibori L.P. School 882Tuhibori
62Tilapara L.P. School 743Tilapara
63Tinisukia L.P. School 1030Tinisukia
64Tinisukia M.E. School 1032Tinisukia
65Tengaguri Kacharigaon L.P. School 548ngaguri Kacharigaon
66Tengaguri Kacharigaon L.P. School 601ngaguri Kacharigaon
67Swahid Mujamil Haque L.P. School 710Swahid Mujamil Haque
68Swahid Mujamil Haque L.P. School 747Swahid Mujamil Haque
69Balidunga M.E. School 884Balidunga
70Balidunga M.E. School 1016Balidunga
71Udalbheti L.P. School 749Udalbheti
72Udalbheti L.P. School 612Udalbheti
73Uttar Batalimari L.P. School 821Uttar Batalimari
74Uttar Batalimari L.P. School797Uttar Batalimari
75Falihamaripam M.V. School 623Falihamaripam
76Falihamaripam M.V. School553Falihamaripam
77Falihamaripam Senior Madrassa604Falihamaripam Senior
78Falihamaripam Senior Madrassa 577Falihamaripam Senior
79Falihamari Pathar M.V. School 969Falihamari Pathar
80Pubbalipara L.P. School1044Pubbalipara
81Hatilarua L.P. School 966Hatilarua
82Tengaguri M.V. School 679ngaguri
83Tengaguri M.V. School 722ngaguri
84Autalaboritup L.P. School 1058Autalaboritup
85Dakhin Autalabori L.P. School 671Dakhin Autalabori
86Dakhin Autalabori L.P. School 670Dakhin Autalabori
87Dhubangkhaiti L.P. School 1083Dhubangkhaiti
88Pachim Bhuyanbori Pam L.P. School 1035Pachim Bhuyanbori Pam
89No.2 Jaribor L.P. School 765 Jaribor
90No.2 Jaribor L.P. School 702 Jaribor
91Ouguri L.P. School 516Ouguri
92Bhakuamari L.P. School 705Bhakuamari
93Bhakuamari L.P. School 710Bhakuamari
94Batalimari L.P. School 602Batalimari
95Batalimari L.P. School 515Batalimari
96Bohibandha L.P. School 757Bohibandha
97Balijan L.P. School 606Balijan
98Rajabori L.P. School 450Rajabori
99Nizgeruagaon M.E. School281Nizgeruagaon
100Nizgeruagaon High School862Nizgeruagaon
101Dikhoumukh L.P. School 891Dikhoumukh
102Geruati L.P. School 485Geruati
103Geruati L.P. School 480Geruati
104Bechamari L.P. School 667Bechamari
105Garapar L.P. School 529Garapar
106Garapar L.P. School 548Garapar
107Garapar M.E. School 628Garapar
108Amaraguri L.P. School 566Amaraguri
109Kamarbori L.P. School 344Kamarbori
110Patrabori L.P. School 444Patrabori
111Charaihagi L.P. School 426Charaihagi
112Jamadari L.P. School 874Jamadari
113Sialmari M.V. School 471Sialmari
114Dhekeramari L.P. School 196Dhekeramari
115Chenimari L.P. School 812Chenimari
116Chenimari L.P. School801Chenimari
117Dakhim Chenimari L.P. School 1132Dakhim Chenimari
118Dakhim Chenimari L.P. School 722Dakhim Chenimari
119Chutiagaon L.P. School 1168Chutiagaon
120Chutiagaon L.P. School 1025Chutiagaon
121Dhumkura L.P. School 1124Dhumkura
122Dhumkura L.P. School569Dhumkura
123Garakhiakhuti L.P. School 569Garakhiakhuti
124Mikirgaon L.P. School 695Mikirgaon
125Dakhin Mikirgaon L.P. School 746Dakhin Mikirgaon
126Kathani L.P. School 980Kathani
127Kathani L.P. School 798Kathani
128Bagalipara Balika L.P. School 957Bagalipara Balika
129Bagalipara Balika L.P. School782Bagalipara Balika
130Rajagadhua L.P. School 773Rajagadhua
131Rajagadhua L.P. School714Rajagadhua
132Moritoli L.P. School 1040Moritoli
133Borkhabal L.P. School 823Borkhabal
134Pub Borkhabal L.P. School 807Pub Borkhabal
135Dhingarati L.P. School 877Dhingarati
136Dhingarati L.P. School 863Dhingarati
137Amaraguri L.P. School 1046Amaraguri
138Jalakiabori M.E. School 624Jalakiabori
139Jalakiabori M.E. School703Jalakiabori
140Borbori L.P. School 1143Borbori
141Satiantali L.P. School 1055Satiantali
142Pachim Satiantoli L.P. School 874Pachim Satiantoli
143Bagalipara Balak L.P. School 577Bagalipara Balak
144Chetuaikhaiti L.P. School 1253Chetuaikhaiti
145Bhuyanbori Pathar L.P. School 623Bhuyanbori Pathar
146Bhuyanbori Pathar L.P. School 563Bhuyanbori Pathar
147Dhupguri L.P. School 727Dhupguri
148Kushtoli L.P. School 855Kushtoli
149Kushtoli L.P. School981Kushtoli
150No. 1 Titatola L.P. School 640 Titatola
151No. 2 Titatola L.P. School 573 Titatola
152Pub Titatola L.P. School 592Pub Titatola
153Batobori L.P. School 919Batobori
154Duamari L.P. School 661Duamari
155Duamari L.P. School 634Duamari
156Udkati L.P. School 623Udkati
157Udkati L.P. School 612Udkati
158Rajabori L.P. School 506Rajabori
159Rajabori L.P. School1011Rajabori
160Kahibari L.P. School 471Kahibari
161Kahibari L.P. School880Kahibari
162Pub Palahjuri L.P. School 922Pub Palahjuri
163Palahjuri L.P. School 818Palahjuri
164Palahjuri L.P. School 757Palahjuri
165Dakhin Sarusala L.P. School 1045Dakhin Sarusala
166Dakhin Sarusala L.P. School 954Dakhin Sarusala
167Panchabori L.P. School 480Panchabori
168Charaihagi L.P. School 568Charaihagi
169Charaihagi L.P. School 506Charaihagi
170Pachim Sapkati L.P. School N.APachim Sapkati
171Kacharibori L.P. School 1178Kacharibori
172Pachim Kacharibori L.P. School 1101Pachim Kacharibori
173Dewaguri L.P. School 609Dewaguri
174Dewaguri L.P. School 612Dewaguri
175Bowalguri L.P. School 1232Bowalguri
176Bowalguri M.E. Madrassa 1171Bowalguri
177Boribandha L.P. School 788Boribandha
178Boribandha L.P. School699Boribandha
179Laobhurunga Balak L.P. School 649Laobhurunga Balak
180Laobhurunga Balika L.P. School 724Laobhurunga Balika
181Mahmara L.P. School 578Mahmara
182Mahmara L.P. School 628Mahmara
183Lelabori L.P. School 697Lelabori
184Pub Lelabori L.P. School 787Pub Lelabori
185Nagabandha L.P. School 709Nagabandha
186Nagabandha L.P. School 688Nagabandha
187Nagabandha High School 896Nagabandha
188Nagabandha High School 1024Nagabandha
189Pub Laharipam L.P. 670Pub Laharipam
190Pub Laharipam L.P. 608Pub Laharipam
191Dakhin Goroimari L.P. School 624Dakhin Goroimari
192Dakhin Goroimari L.P. School 671Dakhin Goroimari
193Goroimari M.E. Madrassa. 814Goroimari
194Goroimari M.E. Madrassa.853Goroimari

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