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Polling Booth in Kokrajhar West Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kokrajhar West

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kokrajhar West Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Nabi Nagar L.P. School 1085Nabi Nagar
2535 Rampur L.P. School 620Rampur
3Kachugaon H.S.School 1055Kachugaon
468 Islampur L.P. School 722Islampur
5Crc Building Islampur 637Islampur
6715 Nepalpara L.P. School 838Nepalpara
7715 Nepalpara L.P. School 885Nepalpara
8Narabari L.P. School 830Narabari
9923 Deborgaon L.P. School 660Deborgaon
10923 Deborgaon L.P. School 648Deborgaon
11Serfanguri M.E. School 977Serfanguri
12Kachugaon M.E. School 651Kachugaon
13857 Malbhog L.P. School 563Malbhog
14501 Raikhungbari L.P. School 834Raikhungbari
15501 Raikhungbari L.P. School 459Raikhungbari
16Thaplajhora Tamulpur L.P. School 770Thaplajhora Tamulpur
17Thaplajhora Tamulpur L.P. School 605Thaplajhora Tamulpur
18233 Chekadani L.P. School 517Chekadani
19Demdema L.P. School 790Demdema
20309 Boirali L.P. School 1229Boirali
21195 Kolobari L.P. School 1004Kolobari
22779 Anthaibari L.P. School 793Anthaibari
23Athiabari L.P. School 558Athiabari
24Gosainichina M.V. School 784Gosainichina
25290 Tengaigaon L.P. School 924Ngaigaon
26Kumguri J.B. School 455Kumguri
27Kumguri M.E.School 927Kumguri
28432 Panbari L.P. School 644Panbari
29Thaigirguri L.P. School 648Thaigirguri
30432 Panbari L.P. School 409Panbari
3190 Narayanpur L.P. School 765Narayanpur
32Gambariguri (Patakata) M.E. School 461Gambariguri (Patakata)
33644 Oxiguri L.P. School 766Oxiguri
34787 Gangar Saplong L.P. School 859Gangar Saplong
35108 Hakmabil L.P. School 351Hakmabil
36108 Hakmabil L.P. School 1003Hakmabil
37Gurufelahatigarh M.E. School1113Gurufelahatigarh
38Gurufelahatigarh M.E. School667Gurufelahatigarh
391004 Hatigarh L.P. School 620Hatigarh
40157 Koimari L.P. School 664Koimari
41743 Gardenpur L.P. School 729Gardenpur
42185 Gambaribil L.P. School 593Gambaribil
43185 Gambaribil L.P. School 645Gambaribil
44144 Guabari L.P. School 842Guabari
45No.1 Habrubari Alari L.P. School 559Habrubari Alari
461126 Garokotra L.P. School 755Garokotra
471126 Garokotra L.P. School 602Garokotra
4882 Jajlaigaon L.P. School 845Jajlaigaon
4996 Mukuldang L.P. School 491Mukuldang
50362 Chekadani L.P. School 634Chekadani
51141 Alengmari L.P. School 454Alengmari
52413 Bhutiapara L.P. School 682Bhutiapara
5323 Baghmara L.P. School 645Baghmara
54823 Gomabil L.P. School 611Gomabil
55823 Gomobil L.P. School 567Gomobil
56Dotma Gir H.S. School 950Dotma Gir
57Dotma Gir H.S. School 763Dotma Gir
58Dotma Gir H.S. School 689Dotma Gir
59263 Joyma Mission L.P. School 697Joyma
601003 Hudumkhata L.P. School 1153Hudumkhata
61640 Kadamguri L.P. School 712Kadamguri
62585 Anthaibari L.P. School 1045Anthaibari
6361 Joymaguri L.P. School 1170Joymaguri
64300 Kuakati L.P. School 515Kuakati
65300 Kuakati L.P. School 800Kuakati
66171 Dahlapara L.P. School 995Dahlapara
67Kamaing Mv School 906Kamaing
68382 Patakata Gir L.P. School 459Patakata Gir
69170 Mauriagaon L.P. School 822Mauriagaon
70170 Mauriagaon L.P. School 834Mauriagaon
7120 Boragari J.B.School 1075Boragari
72169 Mokrapara L.P. School 704Mokrapara
73169 Mokrapara L.P. School 614Mokrapara
7438 Chalani Batabari L.P. School 845Chalani Batabari
75243 Molandubi L.P. School 556Molandubi
76741 Dolgaon L.P. School 1063Dolgaon
77741 Dolgaon L.P. School 660Dolgaon
78741 Dolgaon L.P. School 618Dolgaon
794 No. Binnyakhata L.P. School 678Binnyakhata
80B.B.H.S.School 833
811079 Baruapara L.P. School 1018Baruapara
821079 Baruapara L.P. School 644Baruapara
83430 Aiebhander Musalmanpara L.P. School 1104Aiebhander Musalmanpara
84723 Moamari L.P. School 612Moamari
85674 Khalisanimari L.P. School 1002Khalisanimari
86Dakhin Musalmanpara L.P. School 516Dakhin Musalmanpara
871078 Kuamari L.P. School 572Kuamari
88728 Dhepdhepi L.P. School 861Dhepdhepi
89Teteliguri L.P. School 655liguri
90140 Simlaguri L.P. School 1081Simlaguri
91564 Moinaguri L.P. School 795Moinaguri
92564 Moinaguri L.P. School 814Moinaguri
93146 Khuksi J.B.School 919Khuksi
94211 Boldia Bathan L.P. School 795Boldia Bathan
95No.2 Gossaigaon L.P. School 797Gossaigaon
96No.2 Gossaigaon L.P. School 610Gossaigaon
97599 Babubil L.P. School 454Babubil
98Padmapukhuri Mandal Hasda L.P. School 999Padmapukhuri Mandal Hasda
99599 Babubil L.P. School 974Babubil
100119 Guabari L.P. School 1095Guabari
101119 Guabari L.P. School 667Guabari
102Bhowragurisatbil L.P. School554Bhowragurisatbil
103454 Tokeyamari L.P. School 1107Tokeyamari
104506 Thuribari L.P. School 758Thuribari
105Bhowraguribaruapara M.E. School728Bhowraguribaruapara
106Bhowraguribaruapara M.E. School699Bhowraguribaruapara
107555 Aminkata L.P. School 827Aminkata
108Patialapara Mahendrapur L.P. School 367Patialapara Mahendrapur
109782 Bhowragurimandarpara L.P. School985Bhowragurimandarpara
110345 Aminkata Jb School 621Aminkata
111555 Aminkata L.P. School 578Aminkata
112345 Aminkata J.B.School 781Aminkata
1131072 Madhya Kachukata L.P. School 682Madhya Kachukata
1141072 Madhya Kachukata L.P. School 587Madhya Kachukata
115Milon M.E.School 777Milon
116Namapara L.P. School 958Namapara
117824 Khetranath L.P. School 788Khetranath
118Sankarpara M.E. School 680Sankarpara
119638 Kotpara L.P. School 784Kotpara
120635 Chithilaghop L.P. School 766Chithilaghop
121Chithilagram M.V. School 668Chithilagram
122Chithilagram M.V. School 614Chithilagram
123Chithila High School 660Chithila
124Chithila High School 566Chithila
125Saktiashram H.S.School 644Saktiashram
126Saktiashram H.S.School 586Saktiashram
127Saktiashram H.S.School 991Saktiashram
128562 Singimari L.P. School 673Singimari
129562 Singimari L.P. School 679Singimari
13067 Kashibari L.P. School 1063Kashibari
131Chakma M.E. School 520Chakma
132Chakma M.E. School 680Chakma
133Bashbari L.P. School 925Bashbari
134Bashbari L.P. School 691Bashbari
1351173 No. Hangsabil L.P. School 1176Hangsabil
136586 Banglabari L.P. School 669Banglabari
137397 Bhumka L.P. School 903Bhumka
138397 Bhumka L.P. School 373Bhumka
139852 Patial Para M.E.Madrassa 693Patial Para
140852 Patial Para M.E.Madrassa 760Patial Para
141Tuibil M.E.School 965Tuibil
142450 Kachuabil L.P. School 700Kachuabil
143450 Kachuabil L.P. School 814Kachuabil
144557 Lakhipara Tengnarbhita L.P. School 1180Lakhipara ngnarbhita
145557 Lakhipara Tengnarbhita L.P. School 727Lakhipara ngnarbhita
146557 Lakhipara Tengnarbhita L.P. School 581Lakhipara ngnarbhita
147Joypur L.P. School 810Joypur
148Joypur L.P. School 962Joypur
149491 Kusumbil L.P. School 686Kusumbil
150491 Kusumbil L.P. School 815Kusumbil
151496 Protapkhata L.P. School 793Protapkhata
152409 Protapkhata L.P. School 1085Protapkhata
153306 Mahishbathan L.P. School 512Mahishbathan
1541071 Rimijhimighop L.P. School 351Rimijhimighop
155432 Bhuban Nagar L.P. School 667Bhuban Nagar
156453 Khejurbari L.P. School 559Khejurbari
157440 Fakiragram L.P. School (Purani Bazar) 866Fakiragram
15872 Kharida Chandala L.P. School 832Kharida Chandala
159Fakiragram M.E. School (Purani Bazar) 1013Fakiragram
160776 Pachagarh Rastrabhasha Vidyapith 662Pachagarh
161776Pachagarh Rastrabhasha Vidyapith 580Pachagarh
162Pachagarh L.P. School 665Pachagarh
163Pachagarh L.P. School 575Pachagarh
164Fakiragram H.School 646Fakiragram
165Fakiragram H.School 655Fakiragram
166430 Ravapara L.P. School 1097Ravapara
167125 Karaitari L.P. School 1037Karaitari
168919 Sandalartari L.P. School 909Sandalartari
169Koraitola L.P. School 893Koraitola
170919 Totpara L.P. School 1009Totpara
171361 Kaljhar L.P. School 1110Kaljhar
172361 Kaljhar L.P. School 866Kaljhar
173Jogdoi M.V.School 616Jogdoi
174Jogdoi M.V.School 688Jogdoi
175Jogdoi M.V.School 895Jogdoi
176443 Satyapur L.P. School 892Satyapur
177411 Singimari L.P. School 861Singimari
1781208 Panbari L.P. School 586Panbari
1791031 No. Fulkumari L.P. School 426Fulkumari
180131 Harbhangagossaigaon L.P. School1164Harbhangagossaigaon
181131 Harbhangagossaigaon L.P. School761Harbhangagossaigaon
1821074 Madhurjhar L.P. School 1043Madhurjhar
183594 Khuriabari L.P. School 732Khuriabari
184594 Khuriabari L.P. School 548Khuriabari
185661 Bamunigaon L.P. School 872Bamunigaon
1861073 Faluguri L.P. School 828Faluguri
187Jamunatari L.P. School 1186Jamunatari
188Kartimari L.P. Bidyapith 1044Kartimari
189Kartimari L.P. Bidyapith 639Kartimari
190455 Dudumari L.P. School 407Dudumari
191Khankhraibari L.P. School 466Khankhraibari
192No.2 Balapara Mostafa Nagar L.P. School 970 Balapara Mostafa Nagar
193307 Balapara J.B.School 1092Balapara
194Asharikandi Kartimari L.P. School 1086Asharikandi Kartimari
195919 Sandalartari L.P. School 326Sandalartari
196Kachugaon L.P. School 1009Kachugaon
197Mokrambil L.P. School 1144Mokrambil

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