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Polling Booth in Kokrajhar East Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kokrajhar East

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kokrajhar East Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1581Saral.P.Ara L.P. School 968Saral.P.Ara
2Dakhin Saralpara L.P. School 552Dakhin Saralpara
3581Saralpara L.P. School952Saralpara
4622Ultapani L.P. School 545Ultapani
5622Ultapani L.P. School714Ultapani
6Salbari Swrang L.P. School 1006Salbari Swrang
7463Genduguri L.P. School 778Genduguri
8463Genduguri L.P. School1057Genduguri
9Jharbari High School 1150Jharbari
10462Mahendrapur L.P. School1061Mahendrapur
11875 Uttar Maligaon L.P. School 473Uttar Maligaon
12Bashbari L.P. School 721Bashbari
13Bashbari High School612Bashbari
14Bashbari M.E. School 808Bashbari
15Bashbari High School 584Bashbari
16Bashbari High School663Bashbari
17Athiabari M.E. School258Athiabari
18486 Padmabil L.P. School 441Padmabil
19Athiabari M.E. School921Athiabari
20247Bangaljhora L.P. School 631Bangaljhora
21247Bangaljhora L.P. School780Bangaljhora
22328Pachim Patgaon L.P. School 777Pachim Patgaon
23328Pachim Patgaon L.P. School643Pachim Patgaon
24Patgaon High School 409Patgaon
25668Pub Maligaon L.P. School 543Pub Maligaon
26668Pub Maligaon L.P. School 577Pub Maligaon
27Samarpur L.P. School 1151Samarpur
28West Maligaon L.P. School 879West Maligaon
29230Sialmari J.B. School 997Sialmari
30230Sialmari J.B. School529Sialmari
31259Lariadanga L.P. School425Lariadanga
32930 Pakriguri L.P. School 813Pakriguri
33203Lakhanabari L.P. School 352Lakhanabari
34822 Uttar Athiabari L.P. School 627Uttar Athiabari
35559 Athiabari L.P. School 545Athiabari
36203 No. Lakhnabari L.P. School 690Lakhanabari
37Ramfalbil Govt. H.E. School 1062Ramfalbil
38Ramfalbil Govt. H.E. School487Ramfalbil
39931South Lakhnabari L.P. School626South Lakhnabari
40Charagaon L.P. School 581Charagaon
41199 Hasraobari L.P. School613Hasraobari
4228Dakshin Patgaon L.P. School539Dakshin Patgaon
43325Sijuguri Gir L.P. School638Sijuguri Gir
44900Mestabari L.P. School553Mestabari
45902Bhomraguri L.P. School 981Bhomraguri
46902Bhomraguri L.P. School158Bhomraguri
47Bishmuri L.P. School 815Bishmuri
48522 Bishmuri L.P. School 710Bishmuri
49Aminpara L.P. School 551Aminpara
50No.3 Bhawragowja L.P. School 687Bhawragowja
51Bishmuri L.P. School 578Bishmuri
52621Pub Bahangaon L.P. School 765Pub Bahangaon
53621Pub Bahangaon L.P. School386Pub Bahangaon
54New Bashbari L.P. School 819New Bashbari
55New Bashbari L.P. School 768New Bashbari
56Dakshin Karigaon L.P. School 951Dakshin Karigaon
5776Aflagaon L.P. School707Aflagaon
58102 No. Kalaigaon L.P. School 388Kalaigaon
59288Uttar Maoriagaon L.P. School774Uttar Maoriagaon
60194 Anthaibari L.P. School 236Anthaibari
61874Joynary L.P. School 670Joynary
62874Joynary L.P. School761Joynary
63680Dakshin Dobragaon L.P. School 418Dakshin Dobragaon
64Sutarpara Boro Basti L.P.School 616Sutarpara Boro Basti
65680Dakshin Dobragaon L.P. School579Dakshin Dobragaon
66710Dabligaon Amguri L.P. School 708Dabligaon Amguri
67710Dabligaon Amguri L.P. School876Dabligaon Amguri
68New Amguri Venture L.P. School 1044New Amguri Venture
69New Amguri Venture L.P. School 453New Amguri Venture
70Pachkhaljhora Venture L.P. School 819Pachkhaljhora Venture
71393Belguri L.P. School765Belguri
72Naigaon Batabari L.P. School 491Naigaon Batabari
738Banugaon L.P. School950Banugaon
74194 No. Anthaibari L.P. School 396Anthaibari
7587Nalbari L.P. School732Nalbari
76Bhalukmari L.P. School 637Bhalukmari
77Simbargaon High School 1139Simbargaon
78Harinaguri L.P. School 468Harinaguri
79Simbargaon High School 501Simbargaon
80327 No. Duramari L.P. School 888Duramari
81327 No. Duramari L.P. School 933Duramari
82204Haltugaon L.P. School572Haltugaon
83204Haltugaon L.P. School 781Haltugaon
8497Monchergaon L.P. School 888Monchergaon
8597Monchergaon L.P. School834Monchergaon
86Puthimari M.V. School 934Puthimari
87Puthimari M.V. School 425Puthimari
88Munchirghop L.P. School 1100Munchirghop
89154Dangarkuti L.P. School945Dangarkuti
9033Ghilaguri J.B. School 666Ghilaguri
9133Ghilaguri J.B. School636Ghilaguri
92Ghilaguri Jb School (New Building) 524Ghilaguri
93Shikargaon L.P. School 569Shikargaon
94Taktara L.P. School 547Taktara
95Bonorgaon High School 662Bonorgaon
96Bonorgaon High School 829Bonorgaon
97167Gothobari L.P. School 298Gothobari
98167Gothobari L.P. School764Gothobari
99205Madhya Kalugaon L.P. School1099Madhya Kalugaon
100Debargaon High School843Debargaon
101Debargaon High School 535Debargaon
102Debargaon High School557Debargaon
103Gaurang High School 982Gaurang
104Gaurang High School 941Gaurang
105322Ghosekata L.P. School1105Ghosekata
106605Beltari L.P. School437Beltari
107Chandrapara M.V. School 632Chandrapara
108256Bechargaon L.P. School955Bechargaon
109Titaguri L.P. School 694Titaguri
110Titaguri L.P. School 552Titaguri
11170Diajijhiri L.P. School1018Diajijhiri
11270Diajijhiri L.P. School 323Diajijhiri
11329Haluadal L.P. School762Haluadal
114190Bhumki L.P. School850Bhumki
115190Bhumki L.P. School 521Bhumki
116Bijulibari Nrep Primary School 706Bijulibari
117Bijulibari Nrep Primary School (New Building) 620Bijulibari
118319Kumguri L.P. School1105Kumguri
119577Kathalguri L.P. School 774Kathalguri
120577Kathalguri L.P. School691Kathalguri
121Pachim Titaguri L.P. School 1323Pachim Titaguri
122326Mojabari L.P. School693Mojabari
123318Janagaon L.P. School 536Janagaon
124Bhabanipur L.P. School 1160Bhabanipur
125318Janagaon L.P. School901Janagaon
126733Kumguri L.P. School860Kumguri
127Daloabari M.E. School 664Daloabari
128Bhotgaon Tilapara L.P. School 933Bhotgaon Tilapara
129255Dimalgaon L.P. School 736Dimalgaon
130255Dimalgaon L.P. School 633Dimalgaon
131255Dimalgaon L.P. School988Dimalgaon
132No. 137 Dobragaon Partii L.P. School854Dobragaon Partii
133317Khargaon L.P. School896Khargaon
134Kokrajhar Tea Garden L.P. School 1068Kokrajhar
135Kokrajhar Tea Garden L.P. School 863Kokrajhar
136164Banglabari L.P. School 447Banglabari
137164Banglabari L.P. School750Banglabari
138164Banglabari L.P. School (New Building)761Banglabari
139Magurmari L.P. School 1206Magurmari
140Magurmari M.E. School 522Magurmari
141Daloabari Bagicha L.P. School 778Daloabari Bagicha
142229Sukanjhora L.P. School1015Sukanjhora
143394Gopinathpur L.P. School1008Gopinathpur
144810Bichimari L.P. School 1155Bichimari
145810Bichimari L.P. School304Bichimari
146527 Kashimari L.P. School 934Kashimari
147497Chechapani L.P. School 455Chechapani
1481154 Middle Chechapani L.P. School 858Middle Chechapani
149497Chechapani L.P. School949Chechapani
150Sishukalyan L.P. School 1418Sishukalyan
151Adaha Bidyapith 646Adaha
152Sishukalyan L.P. School 1023Sishukalyan
153Monoroma Bilasini Bidyapith 1335Monoroma Bilasini
154Monoroma Bilasini Bidyapith 766Monoroma Bilasini
155Santinagar Pathsala L.P. School 783Santinagar
156Uttama Sen Bidyalaya 843
157Uttama Sen Bidyalaya717
158Bpc Memorial English School 940
159Uttama Sen Bidyalaya 1374
160Bpcm English School 1146
161Dn Himmastsingka High School 1315
162Dn Himmastsingka High School 1050
163Tengapara L.P. School 1357Tengapara
164Tengapara Bengali High School 916Tengapara
165Tengapara L.P. School 1443Tengapara
166Gir H.S. School 575
167Gir H.S. School 763
168526Town Kokrajhar Gir L.P. School709Town Kokrajhar Gir
169Gir H.S. School259
170Kokrajhar Vidyapith High School 708Kokrajhar
171166Town Jb School735
172Kokrajhar Vidyapith High School 1115Kokrajhar
173Dakhin Kokrajhar Town L.P. School (Hatimatha) 1310Dakhin Kokrajhar Town
174Govt. Hs & Mp School 1247
175Govt. Hs & Mp School 633
176804 Rupnath Brahma Vidyapith 738
177804 Rupnath Brahma Vidyapith 795
178Narabari L.P. School 586Narabari
179Narabari L.P. School 654Narabari
180160Batabari L.P. School1052Batabari
181Office Of The E.E. (Irrigation) Champamati Project 1113Champamati
182Joypur Zakir Hussain L.P. School 760Joypur Zakir Hussain
183Joypur M.E. Madrassa 836Joypur
184Joypur Zakir Hussain L.P. School 1002Joypur Zakir Hussain
185Gendrabil Lp School 1160Gendrabil
186Uabari L.P. School 674Uabari
187No. 268 Gendrabil L.P. School 447Gendrabil
188414Mokrapara L.P. School 638Mokrapara
189308 Diabari Banjarmakha Jb School 1123Diabari Banjarmakha
190414Mokrapara L.P. School571Mokrapara
191Janata M.E. School 908Janata
192Janata M.E. School 1026Janata
19327Bhotgaon L.P. School773Bhotgaon
194Bhotgaon M.E. School 635Bhotgaon
195Bhotgaon High School 1037Bhotgaon
196Bhotgaon High School 744Bhotgaon
19783Medhipara L.P. School 756Medhipara
19883Medhipara L.P. School520Medhipara
19993Thanadarpara L.P. School709Thanadarpara
200Bhotgaon Tilapara L.P. School 1117Bhotgaon Tilapara
201Raynadabri M.E. School 1137Raynadabri
202Raynadabri M.E. School 897Raynadabri
203Joypur Relief Camp 980Joypur
204Joypur Relief Camp 704Joypur
205Chandrapur L.P. School 471Chandrapur
206387Haijraiguri L.P. School (New Lauripara Relief Camp)281Haijraiguri
207Joypur Relief Camp 673Joypur
208901 Guwabari L.P. School 245Guwabari
209Bishmuri Temporary Relief Camp 964Bishmuri

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