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Polling Booth in Khumtai Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Khumtai

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Khumtai Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Kamargaon Danoharchuk L.P. School 803Kamargaon Danoharchuk
2Thengalgaon L.P. School 995Thengalgaon
3Thengalgaon M.E. School 297Thengalgaon
4Barua Kachupathar High School 789Barua Kachupathar
5Baruagaon L.P. School 694Baruagaon
6Borahi Chonkola L.P. School 573Borahi Chonkola
7Borahi Chonkola M.E. School 718Borahi Chonkola
8Madhya Bongaon L.P. School 770Madhya Bongaon
9Madhya Garigaon L.P. School 1180Madhya Garigaon
10Chungihola L.P. School 860Chungihola
11Leteku Chapori L.P. School 403Leku Chapori
12Gyandeep M.E. School 788Gyandeep
13Baruakhat L.P. School 1086Baruakhat
14Butolikhowa Bagan L.P. School 595Butolikhowa Bagan
15Madhya Khumtai L.P. School 692Madhya Khumtai
16Khumtai Adaha L.P. School 683Khumtai Adaha
17No1 Butolikhowa L.P. School745Butolikhowa
18Hautoli Puranimati L.P. School 741Hautoli Puranimati
19Senduriting Bagan L.P. School 700Senduriting Bagan
20Senduriting Bagan L.P. School375Senduriting Bagan
21Natunmatibagan L.P. 1066Natunmatibagan
22Natunmatibagan L.P. 758Natunmatibagan
23Potiapathar M.E. School 923Potiapathar
24Moukhowa L.P. School 677Moukhowa
25M.E.Lamora L.P. School 691Lamora
26M.E.Lamora High School 606Lamora
27Habichowa Pather L.P. School 885Habichowa Pather
28Chinatoly Sr. Basic School 1139Chinatoly
29Betioni Sr. Basic School 860Betioni
30Betioni Sr. Basic School 393Betioni
31Karunating L.P. School 666Karunating
32Borfollong Bagan L.P. School 913Borfollong Bagan
33Doria Bagan L.P. School 1013Doria Bagan
34Doria Bagan L.P. School 847Doria Bagan
35North Goronga Bagan L. P School 661North Goronga Bagan
36Chinatoly High School 777Chinatoly
37Napamua L.P. School 653Napamua
381 No Bhulaguri Gaon L.P. School 458Bhulaguri Gaon
39Three No. Bhulaguri Lp School 888Bhulaguri
40Adhaatra Henchowa Bapuji High School 888Adhaatra Henchowa Bapuji
41Adhaatra Henchowa Bapuji High School 529Adhaatra Henchowa Bapuji
42Norajogi M.E. School 379Norajogi
43Nabheta L.P. School1091Nabheta
44Dhansiripar L.P. School 937Dhansiripar
45Halmora Bagan L.P. School 707Halmora Bagan
46Halmora Bagan L.P. School 689Halmora Bagan
47Dulakhoria L.P. School 996Dulakhoria
48Norakonwar L.P. School 694Norakonwar
49Norakonwar L.P. School 603Norakonwar
50Akagaon Balak L.P. School 1171Akagaon Balak
51Malua Habi L.P. School 339Malua Habi
521 No. Betioni L.P. School 605Betioni
531 No. Betioni L.P. School 671Betioni
54Handiquegaon L.P. School 447Handiquegaon
55Charengia Moidamoni L.P. School 750Charengia Moidamoni
56Gangadhar M.E. School 760Gangadhar
57Gourangasatra L.P. School 683Gourangasatra
58Borguri Sr. Basic School 826Borguri
59Kathkotia L.P. School 1140Kathkotia
60Habial L.P. School 461Habial
61Habial L.P. School 819Habial
62Khonikor Mv School 655Khonikor
63Khonikor Mv School 652Khonikor
64Missamora Adaha Lp School 974Missamora Adaha
65Missamora Bagan L.P. School 844Missamora Bagan
66Srimanta L.P. School 746Srimanta
67Rangolitingbagan L.P. School 837Rangolitingbagan
68Korioni High School 1119Korioni
69Korioni High School 692Korioni
70Joraguri L.P. School 1035Joraguri
71Somania L.P. School 542Somania
72Gormorachapori L.P. School 822Gormorachapori
73Lengera Chapori L.P. School 798Lengera Chapori
74Dessoiporia Janajati L.P. School 821Dessoiporia Janajati
75Dessoiporia Janajati M.E. School 853Dessoiporia Janajati
76Nobhonga Bapuji High School 699Nobhonga Bapuji
77Puranimati Bhakatgaon L.P. School 668Puranimati Bhakatgaon
78Chokial L.P. School 737Chokial
79Chokial L.P. School 1066Chokial
80Hanhsowagaon L.P. School 936Hanhsowagaon
814 No. Gelabeel Abhyasan L.P.School 995Gelabeel Abhyasan
824 No. Gelabeel Abhyasan L.P.School 811Gelabeel Abhyasan
83Mudoibarisowa L.P. School 1041Mudoibarisowa
84Muhiram Hazarika M.E. School 645Muhiram Hazarika
85Muhiram Hazarika High School 643Muhiram Hazarika
86Doliabasti L.P. School 929Doliabasti
87Missamora L.P. School 647Missamora
88Missmora L.P. School 626Missmora
89Molaikumar L.P. School 661Molaikumar
90Molaikumar L.P. School 663Molaikumar
91Doyangia Gowalgaon L.P. School 813Doyangia Gowalgaon
92Sankardev High School 803Sankardev
93Sankerdev High School 652Sankerdev
94Panchayat Bhawan Uttar 1044
95Bongalgaon L.P. School 678Bongalgaon
96Bongalgaon L.P. School 776Bongalgaon
97Kuralguri High School 968Kuralguri
98Kobal L.P.School (Kobalpam) 739Kobal
99Goriasuti L.P. School 429Goriasuti
100Khokondoguri L.P. School 879Khokondoguri
101Umakanta L.P. School 696Umakanta
102Umakanta L.P. School 668Umakanta
103Dhodang L.P. School 1107Dhodang
104Nahoroni M.E. School 1091Nahoroni
105Lukumai L.P. School 945Lukumai
106Gurujugonia High School 690Gurujugonia
107Gurujugonia High School 626Gurujugonia
108Jugoniagaon L.P. School 702Jugoniagaon
109Gonakpukhuri High School 519Gonakpukhuri
110Jailmoni L.P. School 1103Jailmoni
111Batiporia Sr. Basic School 791Batiporia
112Kurighoria L.P. School 746Kurighoria
113Alengmuria L.P. School 1094Alengmuria
114Rangdhali Jr. Basic School N.ARangdhali
115Dhekial Gir High School 661Dhekial Gir
116Moliagaon L.P. School 873Moliagaon
117Hatiekhowabagan M.E. School 799Hatiekhowabagan
118Borkathanibagan L.P. School 863Borkathanibagan
119Chetiagaon L.P. School 575Chetiagaon
120Rohdhola L.P. School 1173Rohdhola
121Dakhin Hengera M.E. School 274Dakhin Hengera
122Dakhin Hengera M.E. School 1013Dakhin Hengera
123Dakhin Hengera Bagan L.P. 995Dakhin Hengera Bagan
124Dakhin Hengera Bagan Club 798Dakhin Hengera Bagan
125Chutojan L.P. School 886Chutojan
126Chutojan Bagan Club 635Chutojan Bagan
127Chutojan L.P. School 368Chutojan
128Athabari Lp School 551Athabari
129Dogachola Lp School 255Dogachola
130Kothiatoli L.P. School 674Kothiatoli
131Kothiatoli L.P. School 343Kothiatoli
132Bhulukiting Bagan L.P. School 477Bhulukiting Bagan
133Natun Balijan Sr. Basic School 935Natun Balijan
134Borjan M.E. School 879Borjan
135Borjan M.E. School 335Borjan
136Two No. Dolakhoria L.P. School 960Dolakhoria
137One No. Dolakhoria L.P. School 1068Dolakhoria
138Sialekhati Sr. Basic School 716Sialekhati
139Sialekhati Bapuji Lp School 617Sialekhati Bapuji
140Jamuguri L.P. School 906Jamuguri
141Tailyapani Lp School 504Tailyapani
142Gohaingaon L.P. School 776Gohaingaon
143Chutiagaon L.P. School 874Chutiagaon
144Kanugaon L.P. School 871Kanugaon
145Chowkitingbagan L.P. School 690Chowkitingbagan
146Chowkiting Bagan L.P. School 567Chowkiting Bagan
147Bhatoubari L.P. School 646Bhatoubari

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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