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Polling Booth in Katlicherra Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Katlicherra

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Katlicherra Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Dhanipur M.V. School 644Dhanipur
2Dhanipur M.V. School 659Dhanipur
3Lala M.V.School995Lala
4Lala M.V.School 942Lala
5Prankrishna H.S. Bilika Bidyalaya933Prankrishna
6Prankrishna H.S. Gir School567Prankrishna
7Prankrishna H.S. Gir School 1059Prankrishna
861 No. Umed Nagar L.P. School 641Umed Nagar
9234 No. Bishnupur L.P. School 651Bishnupur
10234 No. Bishnupur L.P. School660Bishnupur
11Lala H.S. M.P. School 587Lala
12Lala H.S. M.P. School 673Lala
13Sarbanandapur Mv School 739Sarbanandapur
14Sarbanandapur Mv School 591Sarbanandapur
15169 Sarbanandapur Gir Maktab 852Sarbanandapur Gir
16206 No. Nizvernerpur L.P.School 893Nizvernerpur
17206 Nizvernerpur L.P. School 840Nizvernerpur
18Janata M.V. School 784Janata
1955Koiya L.P. School614Koiya
20Babuline L.P.School 583Babuline
21Koyah Bazar Tilla L.P.School 650Koyah Bazar Tilla
22456 Koyah Hindi L.P.School 744Koyah
23Koiya Boundary L.P. School 560Koiya Boundary
2453 No. Bangalpur L.P. School 900Bangalpur
25382 No. Tantu L.P. School 922Tantu
26Gulam Wajid Ali M.E. School 716Gulam Wajid Ali
2780 No. Dhanipur L.P. School 1228Dhanipur
28368 No. Niyamatpur L.P.School 982Niyamatpur
29179No. Seralipur L.P. School 1090Seralipur
30663 Saplarpar L.P. School 784Saplarpar
31A.K. High Madrassa 660
32Joymangal H.E. School 912Joymangal
33706 Chararpar L.P. School 1209Chararpar
34Mamodpur M.V. School 1198Mamodpur
35Mamodpur M.E. Madrassa 680Mamodpur
3639 Mamodpur Pahar L.P. School 566Mamodpur Pahar
37279No. Nagdigram L.P. School 1090Nagdigram
38293No. Rongpur L.P. School 1045Rongpur
39386No. Uttar Rongpur L.P. School 583Uttar Rongpur
40100No. Rongpur L.P. School 756Rongpur
41Apin Janamangal Sr. Basic 790
42Aji Mia M.E. School 653
43Ramchandi Hindi L.P. School 794
44Dinanath Plain Tribal Basic School 675
45Dinonathpur M.E. School 1047Dinonathpur
46380No. Dinanathpur L.P. School 671Dinanathpur
47366No. Dinanathpur L.P. School 1031Dinanathpur
48Aranyapur M.V. School 574Aranyapur
49Aranyapur Mv School 563Aranyapur
50Swarnamoyee L.P. School 934Swarnamoyee
51Winchester Mission High School 777
52253No. Harish Nagar L.P. School 1304Harish Nagar
5367 Apin L.P. School 1065
54153No. Rongpur M.V. School (Boalipar) 675Rongpur
55153No. Rongpur Mv School 738Rongpur
56503 Apin Hindi L.P. School 663
5750 Sahabad Maktab 698Sahabad Maktab
58264 Sahabad L.P. School 1013Sahabad
59470 Bagha Dhighi L.P. School 999Bagha Dhighi
60Gobindchand Mv School 620Gobindchand
61640No. Rongpur L.P. School 894Rongpur
62379 Bonogram L.P. School 1030Bonogram
63Swarupchand Sr. Basic Gir School 1007Swarupchand
64Katlicherra Gir'High School 822Katlicherra
65Charlmarch H.S. School 664Charlmarch
66Charlmarch H.S. School 718Charlmarch
67Charlmarch H.S. School 861Charlmarch
68384 Mahadeb Pathsala 667Mahadeb
69349No. Bajemara L.P. School 974Bajemara
70334 Bilpar L.P. School 794Bilpar
71Dholai Haricharan Mv School 577Dholai Haricharan
72Dholai Haricharan Mv School 805Dholai Haricharan
73754 Sonacherra L.P. School 910Sonacherra
74262No. Rupacherra L.P. School 943Rupacherra
75272 Mohadevpur L.P. School 739Mohadevpur
76175 Bilgaon L.P. School 651Bilgaon
77Hazi Majar Ali M.E. Madrassa 762
78Dholai Molai M.E. School 795Dholai Molai
79121 Dayalpur L.P. School 722Dayalpur
80188 Ujan Dholai L.P. School 693Ujan Dholai
81188 Ujan Dholai L.P. School 575Ujan Dholai
82161 Kabuli Tilla L.P. School 362Kabuli Tilla
83688 No. Chantilla L.P.School 763Chantilla
84Kukicherra C Class L.P. School 102Kukicherra
85Kukicherra Govt. Jr. Basic School 821Kukicherra
86301 Baruncherra L.P. School 1020Baruncherra
87301 Baruncherra L.P. School 960Baruncherra
88369 Gramthan L.P.School 723Gramthan
89369 Gramthan L.P.School 475Gramthan
90Manipur M.V. School 907Manipur
91Bhagabanpur P.T. Basic School 634Bhagabanpur
92372 Bhagabanpur L.P.School 763Bhagabanpur
93Monipur H.E. School 738Monipur
94Nagacherra Tribal M.E. School 659Nagacherra Tribal
95104 Karicherra L.P.School 1030Karicherra
96741 Rajanikant L.P.School 718Rajanikant
97Shyampur M.E. Institute 845Shyampur
98244 Ujan Madhabpur L.P.School 1092Ujan Madhabpur
99244 Ujan Madhabpur L.P.School 548Ujan Madhabpur
100532 Sultani Bagan L.P. School 1058Sultani Bagan
101593 Bolda Boldi L.P.School 1069Bolda Boldi
102Bolda Boldi M.E. (Janata) Institute 597Bolda Boldi
103Cachar Joyan Punji M.E. School 567Cachar Joyan Punji
104595 Nandagram L.P.School 654Nandagram
105182 Choto Jamira L.P.School 953Choto Jamira
106Jamira High School 813Jamira
107150 Paloicherra L.P.School 648Paloicherra
108150 Paloicherra L.P.School 590Paloicherra
109Gharmura M.E. School 1100Gharmura
110Gharmura M.E. School 899Gharmura
111367 Jamira L.P.School826Jamira
112367 Jamira L.P.School 710Jamira
113367 Jamira L.P.School 622Jamira
114626 Pramod Nagar L.P.School 1027Pramod Nagar
115304 Swapanpur L.P.School 630Swapanpur
116304 Swapanpur L.P.School 641Swapanpur
117Charlma M.E. School 663Charlma
118649 Pabitra Mohan Pathsala 833
119649 Pobitra Mohan Pathsala 908
12070 Charlma L.P.School 628Charlma
12170 Charlma L.P.School608Charlma
122195 Binodini L.P. School 560Binodini
123Uttar Niskar L.P.School 625Uttar Niskar
124Abanti Memorial M.E. School 769
125535 Monipur C Class L.P. School 378Monipur
126535 Monipur C Class L.P. School800Monipur
127Monipur Mv School 502Monipur
12847 Killarbak L.P. School 857Killarbak
129627 Killarbak L.P. School 967Killarbak
130605 Trigangamukh L.P. School 537Trigangamukh
131634 Uttar Betcherra L.P. School 591Uttar Betcherra
132Nityananda M.E. School 567Nityananda
133631 Pachim Dariarghat L.P. School 688Pachim Dariarghat
134164 Dinonath Jr. Basic School 550Dinonath
135629 Jhalnacherra L.P. School 870Jhalnacherra
136629 Jhalnacherra L.P. School 716Jhalnacherra
137Umedgana L.P. School 723Umedgana
138Umedgana L.P. School 805Umedgana
139125 Jugicherra L.P. School 630Jugicherra
140511 Kukicherra L.P. School 565Kukicherra
141536 Dholai Bagan C Class L.P. School 746Dholai Bagan
142536 Dholai Bagan C Class L.P. School 745Dholai Bagan
143Memtilla L.P.School 784Memtilla
144538 Rupacherra C Class L.P. School 605Rupacherra
145538 Rupacherra C Class L.P. School600Rupacherra
146395 Rupacherra L.P. School 878Rupacherra
147529 Bernarpur C Class L.P. School 870Bernarpur
148529 Bernarpur C Class L.P. School556Bernarpur
149375 Ismailtilla L.P. School 693Ismailtilla
150378 Nunaikhal L.P. School 1054Nunaikhal
151B.B. Modi High School 669
15291 Lalacherra L.P. School 447Lalacherra
153466 Lalacherra Bagan Hindi L.P. School 794Lalacherra Bagan
154743 Chandranath L.P. School 911Chandranath
155552 Damcherra Prathomic Vidyalaya 544Damcherra
156552 Damcherra Prathomic Vidyalaya886Damcherra
157Temporary Structure 545
158Temporary Structure 537
159Kanchiwala L.P.School 631Kanchiwala
160Gutguti Venture L.P. School727Gutguti Venture
161Bagcherra Gulakram Venture L.P. School N.ABagcherra Gulakram Venture
162Riflemara Venture L.P. School 908Riflemara Venture
163Jacobpur M.E. School 796Jacobpur
164Jacobpur L.P. School 845Jacobpur
165592 Duttapur L.P. School 860Duttapur
166592 Duttapur L.P. School710Duttapur
167Kacharithal M.E. School 473Kacharithal
168325 Lalacherra L.P. School 779Lalacherra
169325 Lalacherra L.P. School 584Lalacherra
170Nunaicherra L.P. School 683Nunaicherra
171Temporary Structure (New) 656
172Nunaicherra L.P. School 932Nunaicherra
173129 Kacharithal L.P. School 935Kacharithal
174129 Kacharithal L.P. School 732Kacharithal
175Bilaipur Mv School 581Bilaipur
176154 Govt. Jr. Basic School 609
177Belaipur Mv School 789Belaipur
178365 Lalpani Gir L.P. School 782Lalpani Gir
179274 Barthal L.P. School 909Barthal
180337 Dhalcherra L.P. School 566Dhalcherra
181337 Dhalcherra L.P. School 637Dhalcherra
182506 Dhalcherra L.P. School 845Dhalcherra
183Dhalcherra Madrassa 927Dhalcherra
184Dhalcherra Madrassa 829Dhalcherra
185Gharmurah Mv School 724Gharmurah
186Gharmurah Mv School665Gharmurah
187Gharmurah Mv School 999Gharmurah

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