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Polling Booth in Kamalpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kamalpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kamalpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
154 No.Kachari Solmari L.P. School N.AKachari Solmari
660 No.Dakshin Bardol L.P. School821Gosai Solmari
660 No.Dakshin Bardol L.P. School821Dakhin Bordol
763 No.Uttar Bardol L.P. School1232Uttar Bordol
763 No.Uttar Bardol L.P. School1232Hiragata
8Madhukuchi Girls M.E. School 844Madhukuchi
9Madhukuchi Girls M.E. School 1107Madhukuchi
1039(I) Barlessakona L.P. School 761Barlessakona
1139(I) Barlessakona L.P. School 656Barlessakona
12Nagaon L.P. School397Dagaon
12Nagaon L.P. School397Nagaon
13Athara Jr. Basic School 1264Dagaon
13Athara Jr. Basic School 1264Athara
14Athara Jr. Basic School 728Dagaon
14Athara Jr. Basic School 728Athara
15No. 57 Dagaon L.P. School1119Alipur
15No. 57 Dagaon L.P. School1119Dagaon
16No.43 Dagaon L.P. School457Dagaon
17Dagaon High School531Soula
18No.47 Panara L.P. School1029Panara
19Lokapriya Bordoli M.E. School 701Jajikona
20Lokapriya Bordoli M.E. School 677Jajikona
20Lokapriya Bordoli M.E. School 677Dhankunda (Dhankhanda)
21Hasong M.E. School 872NizHassang
22Hasong M.E. School 1300NizHassang
23Karoibari L.P. School827Koroibari
24No.55 Kalmoni J.B.School 676Kalmani
25No.55 Kalmoni J.B.School 650Kalmani
26No.38 Barkuriha Jb School 777Barkuriha
27No.38 Barkuriha Jb School 699Barkuriha
28No. 56 Titkuri L.P. School1127Titkuri
29Tikuri No.61 L.P. School 726Titkuri
30Tikuri No.61 L.P. School 681Titkuri
31Rangia Sr. Basic School 833Rangia Town
31Rangia Sr. Basic School 833Rangia Town
31Rangia Sr. Basic School 833Rangia Town
32Rangia Sr. Basic School 1096Rangia Town
32Rangia Sr. Basic School 1096Rangia Town
32Rangia Sr. Basic School 1096Rangia Town
33Uttar Balahati L.P. School 1041Balahati
34Uttar Balahati L.P. School 1014Balahati
35Gasbari High School 834Bardangeri Kuchi
36Patidarrong Balika Bidyapith721Bardangeri Kuchi
37Gasbari High School 1062Garogaon
38Gasbari High School608Pubpar Lokra
39Sepkuchi Moktab 699Khepkuchi
40Sepkuchi Moktab 650Khepkuchi
41Ganakjhar L.P. School1165Ganakjhar
42Mahajanpara L.P. School695Mahajan Para
43Mahajanpara L.P. School 878Mahajan Para
44Lokra Barnagar L.P. School855Gorka
44Lokra Barnagar L.P. School855Lokra Barnagar
45Jaykuchigaraka Milon Lp School616Gorka
46Pachim Patidarrong Moranoi L.P. School 996Gorka
46Pachim Patidarrong Moranoi L.P. School 996Jaikuchi
47Madhya Jatia Bhangara L.P. School980Jatia Bhangra
48Uttar Jatia Bhangara L.P. School1180Jatia Bhangra
49Makundapur L.P. School659Jatia Bhangra
49Makundapur L.P. School659Makundapur
50Pubpar Jatia Bhangara L.P. School 761Pubpar Jatia Bhangra
51Pubpar Jatia Bhangara L.P. School 730Pubpar Jatia Bhangra
52Patidarrong Jb School 832Sutar Gaon
52Patidarrong Jb School 832Dhulara
53Patidarrong Jb School 1012Sutar Gaon
53Patidarrong Jb School 1012Dhulara
54Patidarrong Bidyapith 1156Bangal Gaon
54Patidarrong Bidyapith 1156NaSatra
55Loch Lp School706Loch
56Patidarrong Bidyapith693Loch
57Muktapur L.P. School 745Muktapur
58Muktapur L.P. School 772Muktapur
59Bargaon L.P. School1263Bargaon
60Belkona Mv School1183Bargaon
60Belkona Mv School1183Belkona
61Mahipalkuchi L.P. School814Mahipal Kuchi
61Mahipalkuchi L.P. School814Barigaon
62Arjundev M.E. School779Mahipal Kuchi
62Arjundev M.E. School779Balikuchi
63Tulamati L.P. School1153Tulamali
64Saledol L.P. School1229Saulmari
65Hahara L.P. School1186Hahara
66Lesakona L.P. School697Lochakona
67Moukuchi L.P. School827Maukuchi
68Jawaharlal Nehru High School 683Bamungaon
69Jawaharlal Nehru High School 661Bamungaon
70Jawaharjyoti High School1017Kendukona
70Jawaharjyoti High School1017Laukuri
71Ghopla L.P. School1092Ghopla
72Kacharua Moktab L.P. School1241Kacharua
73Sundarisal Sishu Bidyalaya 609Sundarisal
74Sundarisal Sishu Bidyalaya 548Sundarisal
75Sundarisal Girls M.E. School530Sundarisal
76Puthimari High School 1252Soneswar
76Puthimari High School 1252Azara
77Puthimari High School 1096Soneswar
77Puthimari High School 1096Dekarkuchi
77Puthimari High School 1096Barangabari
80No.327 Dwigunpar L.P. School1168Degunpar
81No.1 Dwigunpar L.P. School734Degunpar
82Bardekpar L.P. School579Bardekpar
83No.116 Bardekpar L.P. School485Bardekpar
84No.2 Dwigunpar L.P. School576Degunpar
85Sourakara Balok L.P. School 661Chowrakara
86Sourakara Balok L.P. School704Chowrakara
87Kusumpur L.P. School1018Kusumpur
87Kusumpur L.P. School1018Khudra Sesha
88Guiya Girls M.E. School726Guiya
89Guiya Girls M.E. School711Guiya
90Dakhin Singra L.P. School419Dakhin Singra
91No.126 Moihati L.P. School1143Maihati
91No.126 Moihati L.P. School1143Maguri
92510 No. Singra Lp School1153Singra
92510 No. Singra Lp School1153Barkha
93Palara L.P. School1090Palara
94No.2 Athgaon (Bahbari) L.P. School 621Athagaon
95No.2 Athgaon (Bahbari) L.P. School 627Athagaon
96Binapani High School 711Athagaon
97Binapani High School 664Athagaon
98Baruajani L.P. School 799Baruajani
99Baruajani L.P. School 869Baruajani
100Pub Borka L.P. School1035Barkha
101Pachim Borka L.P. School662Barkha
102Pachim Borka L.P. School651Barkha
103Dalang Minon L.P. School1197Dalang
104No.68 Panitema Balak L.P. School1085Panitama
105Panitema Radha Krishna Jugal Milon L.P. School665Panitama
106Chei Sardar Ballavbhai Petel L.P. School673Chei
107Sonapur L.P. School709Sonapur
108Sonapur L.P. School685Sonapur
109No.278 Raipat L.P. School697Raipat
110No.278 Raipat L.P. School695Raipat
110No.278 Raipat L.P. School695Dhonaka (Dhonuka)
1111236 No. Kalakuchi L.P. School993Kalakuchi
112Kamal.P.Ur H. S. School1174Kamalpur
112Kamal.P.Ur H. S. School1174Dinkar
113Maniari L P School970Maniari
114Boragog L.P. School1236Borgog
115Borgaon L.P. School 908Bargaon
116Borgaon L.P. School 530Bargaon
117Baregaon L.P. School1165Baregaon
118No.1 Dorakahara L.P. School775Darakahara
118No.1 Dorakahara L.P. School775Paikana
119Dorakahara High School 683Darakahara
120Dorakahara High School 774Darakahara
121Sarikat Jorapukhuripar L.P. School891Kharikat
122No.1 Sarikat L.P. School568Kharikat
123Bhitorkhola L.P. School1047Bhitarkhola
123Bhitorkhola L.P. School1047Natuanacha
124Bhitorkhola Moinasundari L.P.School599Bhitarkhola
124Bhitorkhola Moinasundari L.P.School599Natuanacha
125Barmaroi L.P. School724Barmarai
126Barmaroi L.P. School744Barmarai
126Barmaroi L.P. School744Marai
127Deuduar Sishu Bidyalaya796Deoduar
128Tuhura L.P. School557Tahura
129584 No. Tengabari L.P. School998Pialikhata
130Piyalikhata M.E. School867Pialikhata
131Modartola Bidyapith700Madanpur Sutiapara
131Modartola Bidyapith700Madanpur
132Modartola Bidyapith724Madanpur
132Modartola Bidyapith724Katanipara
132Modartola Bidyapith724Gopeswar
133Niz Modartola L.P. School1074NizMadartola
134Keshab Choudhury L.P. School679Kokeria
135Bardoipakhia L.P. School1266Bardaipakhia
136Jalimura L.P. School672Jalimura
137Jalimura L.P. School678Jalimura
138Alekjhari L.P. School524Alegjar (Alekjari)
138Alekjhari L.P. School524Jalimura
139Baihata Tarapriya Balika L.P. School701Baihata
140Baihata Tarapriya Balika L.P. School623Baihata
141No.65 Sajei L.P. School855Sajee
142No.2 Sajei L.P. School794Sajee
1432 No. Barhata L.P. School1051Barhata
144Karara H.S. School828Karara
145Karara No.2 L.P. School1040Karara
146No.1 Bihdia L.P. School1000Bihdia
147No.2 Bihdia L.P. School 729Bihdia
148No.2 Bihdia L.P. School 730Bihdia
149Barpanara L.P. School1066Barpanara
150Bama L.P. School839Baregaon
150Bama L.P. School839Bama Gaon
151Baregaon L.P. School993Baregaon
152Kharikat M.V. School 672Tulsikharikata
153Kharikat M.E. School 567Tulsikharikata
154Singarpara Patidarrong High School 729Singrapara (Singar Para)
154Singarpara Patidarrong High School 729Kendua
154Singarpara Patidarrong High School 729Jayantipur
155Singarpara Patidarrong High School 659Singrapara (Singar Para)
156Baredola L.P. School 754Baredala
156Baredola L.P. School 754Autala
157Baredola L.P. School 834Baredala
158Sahan L.P. School 757Sahan
159Sahan L.P. School 567Sahan
159Sahan L.P. School 567Haldha
16014 No. Patrapur L.P. School 646Patrapur
16114 No. Patrapur L.P. School 689Patrapur
162M.E.Karam Sishu Bidyalaya 661Bathan
163M.E.Karam Sishu Bidyalaya 625Bathan
16448 Dumunichowki Lp School241Dumnichaki (Dumunichaki)
165Malibari Pub Kamrup High School 674Mallibari
166Malibari Pub Kamrup High School675Mallibari
167Malibari Pub Kamrup High School 496Mallibari
168124Barhajara L.P. School1102Barhazara
16992 No. Titkuchi L.P. School976Titkuchi
1709 Majgaon L.P. School1091Maj Gaon
1709 Majgaon L.P. School1091Sutarkuchi
1712 No. Pingeleswar L.P. School1154Pingeleswar (Pingaleswar)
172Nanara Girls High School 885Nanara
173Nanara Girls High School 790Nanara
174Nagaon Chariali High Madrassa 621Nagaon
175Nagaon Lp School657Nagaon
176Nagaon Chariali High Madrassa 774Nagaon
177Radhakuchi L.P. School996Radhakuchi

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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