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Polling Booth in Kaliabor Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kaliabor

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kaliabor Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Kuwaritol High School 604Kuwaritol
2Kuwaritol High School 530Kuwaritol
3Kuwaritol High School 714Kuwaritol
4Darigaji Nimna Buniyadi School546Darigaji
5Kuwaritol Girls High School Hatigaon845Kuwaritol, Hatigaon
6Barbhagia High Scholl559Barbhagia
7Baraligaon L.P. School899Baraligaon
8Namgaon Buniyadi School 841Namgaon
9Namgaon Buniyadi School 487Namgaon
10Halowagaon L.P. School975Halowagaon
11Missa Mukh L.P. School507Missa Mukh
12Missa Bhuyan Patty L.P.School580Missa Bhuyan Patty
13Khaloi Ati L.P. School 450Khaloi Ati
14Khaloi Ati L.P. School 651Khaloi Ati
15Gahaguri L.P. School881Gahaguri
16Dighali L.P. School602Dighali
17Radhala Jb School 826Radhala
18Radhala Jb School (Madhyam Khanda)573Radhala
19Radhala Jb School 557Radhala
20Pachim Kaliabor Majalia School640Pachim Kaliabor
21Pachim Kaliabor Majalia School685Pachim Kaliabor
22Baruawati L.P. School781Baruawati
23Baruawati L.P. School463Baruawati
24Lakhanabandha L.P. School697Lakhanabandha
25Lakhanabandha L.P. School667Lakhanabandha
26Khamkhuwa L.P. School 700Khamkhuwa
27Khamkhuwa L.P. School 595Khamkhuwa
28Bharidhuwa H. School654Bharidhuwa
29Bharidhuwa H. School490Bharidhuwa
30Kulidonga L.P. School732Kulidonga
31Kulidonga L.P. School589Kulidonga
32Samdhara L.P. School 573Samdhara
33Samdhara L.P. School 542Samdhara
34Sensua L.P. School647Sensua
35Deurichilabandha Mv School676Deurichilabandha
36Maz Pubthoria Gp Office553Maz Pubthoria
37No 3 Niz Kaliabor L.P. School644Niz Kaliabor
38Hatimura L.P. School597Hatimura
39Pubtharia M.V. School994Pubtharia
40Kuwaritol Muktab School736Kuwaritol
41Anganwadi Centre, Teliagaon857Teliagaon
42Jawani L.P. School613Jawani
43Gakhirekhati L.P. School687Gakhirekhati
44Naltoli L.P. School804Naltoli
45Naltoli L.P. School889Naltoli
46Mahmod Ali Muktab L.P. School1084Mahmod Ali
471No Barghuli Bil.P.Ar L.P. School960Barghuli Bil.P.Ar
48Sapmari Majaliya M.V. School601Sapmari Majaliya
49Sapmari Majaliya M.V. School608Sapmari Majaliya
50Barghuli M.E. Madrassa551Barghuli
51Barghuli M.E. Madrassa604Barghuli
52Borghuli H Madrassa 675Borghuli
53Borghuli H Madrassa 701Borghuli
54Burbandha Bazar L.P. School709Burbandha Bazar
55Sulung L.P. School1080Sulung
56Sulung Community Holl525Sulung
57Sulung Primaryschool 561Sulung
58Sulung Prim.E.Ry School 605Sulung
59Hatibandha L.P. School815Hatibandha
60Hatibandha Bazar L.P. School669Hatibandha Bazar
61Garaimari Primaryschool 779Garaimari
62Garaimari Primaryschool 635Garaimari
63Bhakuwamari Primaryschool920Bhakuwamari
64Hatiakhuwa Primaryschool828Hatiakhuwa
65Madhabdev Adarsha M.E. School610
66Kuhimari Mv School 919Kuhimari
67Kuhimari Mv School 279Kuhimari
68Dharamtul L.P. School 701Dharamtul
69Dharamtul L.P. School 641Dharamtul
70Madhya Kaliabor Girls High School1027Madhya Kaliabor
71Niz Chilabandha L.P. School 511Niz Chilabandha
72Niz Chilabandha L.P. School 491Niz Chilabandha
73Kamakhya Sonari Majalia Vidyalaya801Kamakhya
74Kamakhya Primaryschool 572Kamakhya
75Kamakhya Primaryschool 640Kamakhya
76Silghat M.E. School705Silghat
77Silghat Balak L.P. School973Silghat Balak
78Kaliabor Bagan Babu Club456Kaliabor Bagan
79Kaliabor Bagan L.P. School759Kaliabor Bagan
80Madhatari M.E. School562Madhatari
81Madhab Majalia M.V.School715Madhab Majalia
82Rangalu Mikirgaon L.P. School403Rangalu Mikirgaon
83Sikoni Pothar L.P. School863Sikoni Pothar
84Sikoni Chah Bagan Primaryschool642Sikoni Chah Bagan
85Sikoni Chah Bagan L.P.School West856Sikoni Chah Bagan West
86Sikoni Borhola Me School844Sikoni Borhola
87Sikoni Borhula L.P. School896Sikoni Borhula
88Sakmuthi Chah Bagan Primaryschool684Sakmuthi Chah Bagan
89Sakmuthi Chah Bagan Primaryschool493Sakmuthi Chah Bagan
90Khelmari Labour Club990Khelmari Labour Club
91Keliden Chah Bagisha L.P. School 653Keliden Chah Bagisha
92Keliden Chah Bagisha L.P. School 656Keliden Chah Bagisha
93Keliden Chah Bagisha Babu Club 555Keliden Chah Bagisha
94Kelidenchah Bagisha Babu Club 515Kelidenchah Bagisha
95Surya Hatigaon Primaryschool677Surya Hatigaon
96Hatigaon Chah Bagisa L.P. School808Hatigaon Chah Bagisa
97Nijori L.P. School810Nijori
98Missa Chah Bagan L.P. School 953Missa Chah Bagan
99Missa Chah Bagan L.P. School 704Missa Chah Bagan
100Bamuni H. School845Bamuni
101Bamuni L.P. School (Uttar Khanda)841Bamuni
102Bamuni L.P. School 535Bamuni
103Jawkata L.P. School704Jawkata
104Mathoughat L.P. School710Mathoughat
105Dalgaon Muktab School 712Dalgaon
106Dalgaon Muktab School 770Dalgaon
107Dolgaon Pram.E.Ry L.P. School915Dolgaon Prary
108Hatbor L.P. School 501Hatbor
109Hatbor L.P. School 535Hatbor
110Nasatra Primaryschool 586Nasatra
111Nasatra Primaryschool 571Nasatra
112Jakhalabandha L. P. School801Jakhalabandha
113Ramananda Dev. Balika High School922Ramananda Dev. Balika
114Jakhalabandha High School998Jakhalabandha
115Sarubhagiya L.P. School763Sarubhagiya
116Bankateswar L.P. School 512Bankateswar
117Bankateswar L.P. School 554Bankateswar
118Garubandha L.P. School 760Garubandha
119Garubandha L.P. School 702Garubandha
120Lambodar Barua Baghjan Primaryschool775Lambodar Barua Baghjan
121Baghmari M.E. School533Baghmari
122Baghmari Primaryschool1037Baghmari
123Kuthari Govt. J.B. School 770Kuthari
124Kuthari Govt. J.B. School 444Kuthari
125Najan L.P. School1058Najan
126Kuthari High School560Kuthari
127Harmati L.P. School903Harmati
128Bagari L.P. School582Bagari
129Burapahar M.E. School883Burapahar
130Burapahar L.P. School418Burapahar
131Rangalo L.P. School 562Rangalo
132Rangalo L.P. School 565Rangalo
133Phulaguri G.P. Office960Phulaguri
134Lengteng Bagan L. P. School 599Lengteng Bagan
135Lengteng Bagan L. P. School 509Lengteng Bagan
136Lengteng Bagan Babu Club592Lengteng Bagan
137Sonajuri Adarsha Parthamik Bidyalaya1000Sonajuri
138Sonajuri L.P. School931Sonajuri
139Dijuvelly Koloni L. P. School570Dijuvelly Koloni
140Dijuvelly Bagan Mazdur Club814Dijuvelly Bagan
141Dijuvelly Chah Bagan L. P. School 515Dijuvelly Chah Bagan
142Dijuvelly Chah Bagan L. P. School 467Dijuvelly Chah Bagan
143Anjukpani Bagan L.P. School 463Anjukpani Bagan
144Anjukpani Bagan L.P. School 531Anjukpani Bagan
145Dewsur Shang Primaryschool523Dewsur Shang
146Rekapahar L. P. School792Rekapahar
147Charchabari L.P. School742Charchabari
148Salna Bagan Primaryschool646Salna Bagan
149Salbari Rajiv Gandhi L.P. School674Salbari Rajiv Gandhi
150Salna Bagan Mazdur Club834Salna Bagan
151Barghat Division L. P. School 455Barghat Division
152Barghat Division L. P. School 514Barghat Division
153Salna Bagan Babu Club 510Salna Bagan
154Salna Bagan Babu Club 555Salna Bagan
155Borhula Primari School772Borhula
156Bon Bibhagor Paridarshan Bhawan, Simonabasti921Simonabasti
157Simonabasti Sarkari Primaryschool732Simonabasti
158Jatiakachari L.P. School749Jatiakachari
159Longkoi Sarkari L.P. School695Longkoi
160Lungsung Chah Bagan Babu Club729Lungsung Chah Bagan
161Kathalguri L.P. School584Kathalguri
162Anjukpani Bagan Mazdur Club911Anjukpani Bagan

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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