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Polling Booth in Jorhat Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Jorhat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jorhat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Kohar Gaon L.P. School1074Kohar Gaon
2652 Binapani L.P. School636Binapani
3Uttar Hati Chungi L.P. School592Uttar Hati Chungi
4Radhakrishna L.P. School879Radhakrishna
5Sankardev L.P. School835Sankardev
6Sankardev Yubak Sangha Puthibharal836Sankardev Yubak Sangha Puthibharal
7Chutiakari Govt. Junior Basic School442Chutiakari
8Dhapkata L.P. School 699Dhapkata
9Dhapkata L.P. School 795Dhapkata
10Brikudar Saikia Parbatia High School 993Brikudar Saikia Parbatia
11Brikudar Saikia Parbatia High School 525Brikudar Saikia Parbatia
12Brikudar Saikia Parbatia High School 1049Brikudar Saikia Parbatia
13Nowsalia L.P. School 921Nowsalia
14Nowsalia L.P. School 1020Nowsalia
15Sonari Gaon L.P. School 1106Sonari Gaon
16Sonari Gaon L.P. School 885Sonari Gaon
17Gyanjyoti L.P. School 684Gyanjyoti
18Gyanjyoti L.P. School 1025Gyanjyoti
19Gitarthi Girls High School 1121Gitarthi
20Gitarthi Girlshigh School 984Gitarthi
21Law College 726
22Law College 660
23Raiay High School( 903
24Raiay High School 1152
25Jorhat College 660
26Jorhat College 593
27Law College 558
28Bongal.P.Ukhuri Adarsa L.P. School 814Bongal.P.Ukhuri
29Gyanjyoti M.E. School767Gyanjyoti
30Bongal.P.Ukhuri Adarsa L.P. School 852Bongal.P.Ukhuri
31Jk Saikia Hom.E.Opathic College 897
32Bolia Gohain L.P. School 797Bolia Gohain
33Jk Saikia Hom.E.Opathic College 504
34Bolia Gohain L.P. School 940Bolia Gohain
35Bolia Gohain Pukhuri M.E. School378Bolia Gohain Pukhuri
36Bolia Gohain High School 1144Bolia Gohain
37Bolia Gohain Pukhuri High School 1115Bolia Gohain Pukhuri
38Sensuwa Gaon L.P. School Part581Sensuwa Gaon
39Sensuwa Gaon Lp School. N.ASensuwa Gaon
40Borbheta L.P. School752Borbheta
41Borbheta Public High School834Borbheta
42Krishiloya L.P. School 557Krishiloya
43Krishiloya L.P. School 723Krishiloya
44Borbheta M.E. School 932Borbheta
45Borbheta Chapori Nursery L.P. School Part707Borbheta Chapori
46Borbheta Chapori Nursery Lp School. .655Borbheta Chapori
47Jorhat Dev. Block Information Center937Jorhat
48Lichubari L.P. School918Lichubari
49Baghchung Charaibahi Gaon Panchayat Office834Baghchung Charaibahi Gaon
50Baghchung Adarsa L.P. School622Baghchung Adarsa
51Borbheta Majgaon L.P. School534Borbheta Majgaon
52Bishnupur Majdoor Adarsha Prathomik Vidyalay522Bishnupur
53No.130 Namoni Gaon L.P. School1045Namoni Gaon
54Namoni Gaon Biswajyoti Yova Shanga757Namoni Gaon
55Knowari Pukhuri Girls High School781Knowari Pukhuri
56Timtimia L.P. School561Timtimia
57No.142 Charingia L.P. School 665Charingia
58No.142 Charingia L.P. School 627Charingia
59Halowa Gaon L.P. School745Halowa Gaon
60Baliram Hazarika L.P. School1097Baliram Hazarika
61No.373 Napamua L.P. School844Napamua
62No.397 Katoni Adarsa L.P. School500Katoni
63No. 397 Katoni Adarsa Lp School. PartN.AKatoni
64No.442 Kushal Konwar L.P. School 792Kushal Konwar
65No 42 Kushal Konwar L.P. School 578Kushal Konwar
66Hatigarh Te L.P. School808Hatigarh Te
67Murmuria Te Mazdur Club 521Murmuria Te
68Murmuria Te Primary School 965Murmuria Te
69Murmuria Te Mazdurr Club 355Murmuria Te
70Murmuria Te Primaryschool Part590Murmuria Te
71Cinamara Te Mazdur Club943Cinamara Te
72Cinamara Girls High School931Cinamara
73Cinamara Girls High School 719Cinamara
74Cinamara Bagicha L.P. School744Cinamara Bagicha
75Iti, Jorhat702Jorhat
76Tokolai L.P. School 613Tokolai
77Toklai Bagicha Lp School Part524Toklai Bagicha
78Tokolai L.P. School 602Tokolai
79Tokolai Te L.P. School Part768Tokolai
80Garamur No 260 Dulia L.P. School929Dulia
81Jorhat Abhijantrik Primaryschool 751Jorhat
82Jorhat Abhijantrik Primaryschool 1035Jorhat
83Garamur Gitarthi L.P. School 724Garamur Gitarthi
84Garamur Anganbadi Kendra571Garamur
85Garamur Gitarthi L.P. School 1003Garamur Gitarthi
86No.83 Garamur Kumar Gaon L.P. School 971Garamur Kumar Gaon
87Garamur High School ( Part)456Garamur
88No 83 Garamur Kumar Gaon L.P. School 600Garamur Kumar Gaon
89Garamur High School875Garamur
90Jorhat College 1133Jorhat
91No 2 Ward L.P. School896
92Lakhi Union L.P. School 679Jorhat
93Lakshi Union L.P. School N.AJorhat
94Lakshi Union High School (Boys Section) 582Jorhat
95Lakshi Union High School (Boys Section) 636Jorhat
96Rajkumar Ch.Narayan Singha Adarsa Girls L.P. School 1079
97No.4 Practicing Mv School 738
98No 4 Practicing Mv School (L .)574
99Rajkumar Ch.Narayan Singa Adarsa Girls School 501
100Govt M.E. School719
101Muktab Adarsa L.P. School829Muktab
102Devi Charan Baruah Girls High School 382
103Devi Charan Baruah High School 966
104Devi Charan Bauah Girls College1011
105No4 Ward L.P. School 940
106No 4 Ward L.P. School 746
107Polytechnic High School (Part A)526
108Polytechnic High School (Part.B)1162
109Politechnic High School (Partc)1076
110Darangichuk L.P. School 1110Darangichuk
111Darangichuk L.P. School 788Darangichuk
112Northest Jorhat Unnayan Kendra849Northest Jorhat
113Kalyan Sangha L.P. School 977Kalyan Sangha
114Kalyan Sangha L.P. School 1066
115Bharati Vidyalya 249
116Bharati Vidyalaya 547
117Rastrabhasha Vidyalaya 764
118Rastrabhasha Vidyalaya 399
119Rastrabhasha Vidyalaya 953
120Macharhat L.P. School1173Macharhat
121Gopal Ch L.P. School621
122Rastrabhasha High School631Rastrabhasha
123Chitrajyoti Club1007
124Kochariparia L.P. School 1157Kochariparia
125Kochariparia L.P. School 1334Kochariparia
126Rahmani Muktab (Royal Road)642Rahmani Muktab
127Puza Utuwa Dubi L.P. School843Puza Utuwa Dubi
128Raiay L.P. School542
129Raiay M.E. School 621
130Nakari Adarsha L.P. School 652Nakari
131Nakari Adarsha L.P. School 976Nakari
132106 Desoi Naagar L.P. School830Desoi Naagar
133Mahatma Gandhi College394
134Jagannath Baruah Arjya Vidyalaya1039
135Gopal Ch L.P. School 709
136Joymati Girls High School397Joymati
137No. 101 Jankhana L.P. School853Jankhana
138Jankhana M.E. School993Jankhana
139No. 92 Owna L.P. School860Owna
140Kalyani High School 826Kalyani
141Kalyani High School 718Kalyani
142Nawboisa Girls L.P. School1005Nawboisa
143Dishoi Nagar M.E. School1121Dishoi Nagar
144Potia Gaon L.P. School926Potia Gaon
145No. 93 Napamuwa L.P. School985Napamuwa
146No. 157 Kaliani L.P. School1001Kaliani
147Charigaon Chapori L.P. School257Charigaon Chapori
148Nam Kokila High School 779Nam Kokila
149Bhitar Kokila L.P. School646Bhitar Kokila
150Kumar Gaon L.P. School724Kumar Gaon
151Rangdoi Bamun Gaon M.E. School756Rangdoi Bamun Gaon
152Nam Kakila High School 522Nam Kakila
153Komar Gaon L.P. School1004Komar Gaon
154Mout Gaon L.P. School981Mout Gaon
155Mout Gaon Lp School Part1018Mout Gaon
156Bahona Me School753Bahona
157Charigaon M.E. School673Charigaon
158Gajpuria L.P. School865Gajpuria
159Kolakhowa L.P. School 674Kolakhowa
160Kolakhowa L.P. School 545Kolakhowa
161Sankardev L.P. School952Sankardev
162Dhenususha Boys L.P. School 661Dhenususha
163Dhenususha High School617Dhenususha
164Dhenususha Boys L.P. School 543Dhenususha
165No. 81 Borigaon Lp SchoolN.ABorigaon
166Dhenususha High School 843Dhenususha
167Kenduguri Konwari Pukhuri L.P. School993Kenduguri Konwari Pukhuri
168Gohain Tekela L.P. School 639Gohain Tekela
169Gohain Tekela L.P. School 479Gohain Tekela
170Chandoi Tekela L.P. School860Chandoi Tekela
171Aggragami Shanskritik Anusthan566Aggragami Shanskritik Anusthan
172No 2 Bamun Gaon L.P. School1017Bamun Gaon
173Saudkuchi Satra L.P. School423Saudkuchi Satra
174Kacha Goral M.E. School958Kacha Goral
17513 No Nowsalia L.P. School785Nowsalia
17630 No Hatigarh Girls L.P. School429Hatigarh
177No. 30 Hatigarh Girls Lp School. PartN.AHatigarh
178Kotohabaria L.P. School884Kotohabaria
179Nabajyoti High School695Nabajyoti
180Nalkata L.P. School1081Nalkata
181Sorojani Devi Girls High School752Sorojani Devi
182Pragati M.E. School444Pragati
183Baghmoria Gaon L.P. School630Baghmoria Gaon
184Baghmoria Gaon Lp School. Part622Baghmoria Gaon
185Charigaon Girls High School1062Charigaon
186Bhuyan Chuk L.P. School829Bhuyan Chuk
187Dahikhor L.P. School862Dahikhor
188No.108 Dagaon L.P. School878Dagaon
189Rangdoi Adarsa L.P. School1150Rangdoi Adarsa

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