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Polling Booth in Jonai Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Jonai

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jonai Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Kabu Chapori Lp School 994Kabu Chapori
2Kabu Chapori Lp School 472Kabu Chapori
3Kabu Chapori Lp School 497Kabu Chapori
4Kemi L P School 664Kemi
5Kemi Lp School 820Kemi
6Sirung L P School332Sirung
7Jelem L P School 487Jelem
8Jelem L P School 552Jelem
9Jelem L P School 934Jelem
10Mahmara L P School 650Mahmara
11Mahmara Lp School 577Mahmara
12Udaypur L P School796Udaypur
13Bahir Jonai L P School 675Bahir Jonai
14Bahir Jonai L P School 494Bahir Jonai
15Bahir Chilai L P School953Bahir Chilai
16Nahar Chilai L P School936Nahar Chilai
17Luhijan L P School 832Luhijan
18Luhijan L P School 836Luhijan
19Bera Chapori Lp School 854Bera Chapori
20Bera Chapori L P School 769Bera Chapori
21Jonai Bazar L P School 587Jonai Bazar
22Jonai Town Hindi L P School581Jonai Town Hindi
23Jonai Bazar L P School 744Jonai Bazar
24Jonai Bazar L P School 690Jonai Bazar
25Jonai Higher Secondary School 677Jonai Higher Secondary School
26Jonai Higher Secondary School 1052Jonai Higher Secondary School
27Jonai Higher Secondary School 1027Jonai Higher Secondary School
28Nepali Basti L P School 587Nepali Basti
29Migom Dolung L P School570Migom Dolung
30Nepali Basti L P School 946Nepali Basti
31Nepali Basti L P School 818Nepali Basti
32Murkong Selek Balika Bidyalaya 680Murkong Selek Balika Bidyalaya
33Murkong Selek Balika Bidyalaya 645Murkong Selek Balika Bidyalaya
34Murkong Selek Balika Bidyalaya 1030Murkong Selek Balika Bidyalaya
35No 3 Rayang L P School1038Rayang
36Rayang Balijan L P School1013Rayang Balijan
37Thengsuwa L P School 717Thengsuwa
38Thengsuwa L P School 906Thengsuwa
39Rayang Ratkey L P School871Rayang Ratkey
40Rayang Kuli L P School919Rayang Kuli
41Silikhaguri L P School488Silikhaguri
42Amritpur L P School 598Amritpur
43Amritpur L P School 858Amritpur
44No 2 Sirampuria L P School 767Sirampuria
45No 2 Sirampuria L P School 571Sirampuria
46Tari Bijoypur L P School 633Tari Bijoypur
47Tari Bijoypur L P School 624Tari Bijoypur
48Tari Bijoypur L P School 743Tari Bijoypur
49No 1 Sirampuria L P School982Sirampuria
50Kampung Jonai Mukh L P School797Kampung Jonai Mukh
51Nahar Detak L P School 619Nahar Detak
52Nahar Detak L P School 471Nahar Detak
53Nahar Detak L P School 992Nahar Detak
54Namoni Bijoypur L P School804Namoni Bijoypur
55Namoni Bijoypur L P School 1029Namoni Bijoypur
56Jonekareng Siga L P School585Jonekareng Siga
57Jonekareng Siga L P School1010Jonekareng Siga
58Amarpur L P School 981Amarpur
59Amarpur L P School 572Amarpur
60Amarpur L P School 807Amarpur
61Gali Borbali L P School 875Gali Borbali
62Gali Borbali L P School 661Gali Borbali
63Kathalguri L P School 562Kathalguri
64Kathalguri L P School 625Kathalguri
65Kathalguri L P School 1010Kathalguri
66No 2 Milanpur L P School685Milanpur
67Sikari L P School 596Sikari
68Sikari L P School 832Sikari
69Tako Gitung L P School 790Tako Gitung
70Takko Gitung L P School 721Takko Gitung
71Laimekuri High School 831Laimekuri
72Laimekuri High School 1015Laimekuri
73Borong Choraibari L P School985Borong Choraibari
74Borong Choraibari L P School695Borong Choraibari
75Ramdhan L P School 633Ramdhan
76Ramdhan L P School 750Ramdhan
77Ramdhan L P School 590Ramdhan
78Dikhari L P School 685Dikhari
79Dikhari L P School 277Dikhari
80Borati L P School 742Borati
81Borati L P School 477Borati
82Siker Komonselek L P School780Siker Komonselek
83Telam Lakhipur L P School 608Telam Lakhipur
84Telam Lakhipur L P School 557Telam Lakhipur
85Telam Janajati High School 865Telam Janajati
86Telam Janajati High School 496Telam Janajati
87Telam Janajati M E School 667Telam Janajati
88Telam Janajati M E School 528Telam Janajati
89Bagariguri L P School 423Bagariguri
90Bagariguri L P School 596Bagariguri
91Badalpur L P School805Badalpur
92Mechaki Chapori L P School 793Mechaki Chapori
93Mechaki Chapori L P School 698Mechaki Chapori
94Mechaki Chapori L P School 1085Mechaki Chapori
95Uluwani L P School 677Uluwani
96Uluwani L P School 581Uluwani
97Amlakhi Pait L P School 576Amlakhi Pait
98Amlakhi Pait L P School 593Amlakhi Pait
99Amlakhi Pait L P School 727Amlakhi Pait
100Amlakhi Pait L P School622Amlakhi Pait
101Dekapam L P School 638Dekapam
102Dekapam L P School 622Dekapam
103Rampur Bijoypur L P School759Rampur Bijoypur
104Bibari L P School 538Bibari
105Bibari L P School 722Bibari
106Namkir L P School 686Namkir
107Namkir L P School 854Namkir
108Michamara L P School 814Michamara
109Michamara L P School 612Michamara
110Bapuji M E School 727Bapuji
111Bapuji M E School 483Bapuji
112Joypur L P School 842Joypur
113Joypur L P School 761Joypur
114Magurmari L P School 698Magurmari
115Magurmari L P School 545Magurmari
116Handique Milan L P School 875Handique Milan
117Handique Milan L P School 587Handique Milan
118Roun L P School 572Roun
119Roun L P School 694Roun
120Taduniya L P School 506Taduniya
121Taduniya L P School 765Taduniya
122Sonapur L P School 738Sonapur
123Sonapur Lp School 787Sonapur
124Kherani L P School 671Kherani
125Kherani L P School 428Kherani
126Simen Chapori L P School 719Simen Chapori
127Simen Chapori L P School 695Simen Chapori
128Simen Chapori L P School 741Simen Chapori
129Simen Chapori L P School 732Simen Chapori
130Somkong L P School 800Somkong
131Somkong L P School 576Somkong
132Somkong L P School 575Somkong
133Somkong L P School 563Somkong
134Somkong M E School 864Somkong
135Somkong M E School 805Somkong
136Chengajan L P School 841Chengajan
137Chengajan Lp School 739Chengajan
138Dijmur L P School 889Dijmur
139Dijmur L P School 596Dijmur
140Dijmur L P School 515Dijmur
141Bokajan L P School 941Bokajan
142Bokajan L P School 661Bokajan
143Mising Chapori L P School 972Mising Chapori
144Mising Chapori L P School 528Mising Chapori
145Mising Chapori L P School 1041Mising Chapori
146Simen Mukh L P School 662Simen Mukh
147Simen Mukh L P School 824Simen Mukh
148Chengajan Majorbari L P School930Chengajan Majorbari
149Chengajan Majorbari M E School 522Chengajan Majorbari
150Chengajan Majorbari M E School 778Chengajan Majorbari
151Chengajan Majorbari M School 886Chengajan Majorbari
152Ananda Nagar L P School 676Ananda Nagar
153Ananda Nagar L P School 723Ananda Nagar
154Ananda Nagar Majorbari L P School 612Ananda Nagar Majorbari
155Ananda Nagar Majorbari L P School 668Ananda Nagar Majorbari
156Ananda Nagar Majorbari L P School 557Ananda Nagar Majorbari
157Ananda Nagar Majorbari L P School 641Ananda Nagar Majorbari
158Kashinath Sarvoday M E School891Kashinath Sarvoday
159Na Pam Kuli L P School 583Na Pam Kuli
160Na Pam Kuli L P School 561Na Pam Kuli
161Na Pam Kuli L P School 475Na Pam Kuli
162Na Pam Kuli Anganwadi Centre688Na Pam Kuli
163Na Pam Kuli Lp School 850Na Pam Kuli
164Muktiar L P School 993Muktiar
165Muktiar Lp School 828Muktiar
166Bhagawan Bargarah L P School 569Bhagawan Bargarah
167Bhagawan Bargarah L P School 511Bhagawan Bargarah
168Sili L P School710Sili
169Jipu Adi L P School 1036Jipu Adi
170Jipu Adi L P.School 546Jipu Adi
171139 Majorbari L P School 667Majorbari
172139 Majorbari L P School 429Majorbari
173Sibanagar L P School 718Sibanagar
174Sibanagar L P School 1099Sibanagar
175Sibanagar L P School 877Sibanagar
176Sila Jawaharlal Lp School 829Sila Jawaharlal
177Sila Jawaharlal L P School 551Sila Jawaharlal
178Chengajan L P School 709Chengajan
179Chengajan L P School 756Chengajan
180Chengajan L P School 884Chengajan
181Lakhipur L P School 864Lakhipur
182Manikpur Ma Malini L P School1038Manikpur Ma Malini
183Lalbahadur Lp School 973Lalbahadur
184Lalbahadur L P School 694Lalbahadur
185Lalbahadur L P School 788Lalbahadur
186Mithun Pathar Lp School 433Mithun Pathar
187Mithun Pathar L P School 698Mithun Pathar
188Brahmapur L P School 489Brahmapur
189Brahmapur L P School 845Brahmapur
190Phulbari L P School 646Phulbari
191Phulbari L P School 889Phulbari
192Phulbari L P School 1006Phulbari
193Phulbari L P School 848Phulbari
194Silapathar Hanuman Gadi L P School 683Silapathar Hanuman Gadi
195Silapathar Hanuman Gadi L P School 582Silapathar Hanuman Gadi
196Khanamukh L P School 472Khanamukh
197Khanamukh L P School 671Khanamukh
198Khanamukh L P School 670Khanamukh
199Khanamukh L P School 570Khanamukh
200No 2 Khanamukh L P School578Khanamukh
201Malinipur Mising L P School 607Malinipur Mising
202Malinipur Mising L P School 514Malinipur Mising
203Amritpur L P School909Amritpur
204Silapathar Donbosco High School650Silapathar Donbosco
205Silapathar Donbosco High School 939Silapathar Donbosco
206Silapathar Donbosco High School 1020Silapathar Donbosco
207Silapathar Donbosco High School 647Silapathar Donbosco
208Silapathar Residential High School 898Silapathar Residential
209Silapathar Residential High School 627Silapathar Residential
210Silapathar Residential High School 776Silapathar Residential
211Silapathar Residential High School 957Silapathar Residential
212Silapathar Town M V School 1011Silapathar Town
213Silapathar Town M V School 902Silapathar Town
214Silapathar Town L P School 1122Silapathar Town
215Silapathar Town L P School 770Silapathar Town
216Silapathar Town L P School 676Silapathar Town
217No 123 Anganwadi Centre658
218Silapathar Town L P School New Building 826Silapathar Town
219Silapathar Town L P School New Building 612Silapathar Town
220Silapathar Society L P School 755Silapathar Society
221Silapathar Society L P School 819Silapathar Society
222Silapathar Society L P School 750Silapathar Society
223Silapathar Society L P School 900Silapathar Society
224Kulamuwa L P School1023Kulamuwa
225Ayengiya Bali L P School964Ayengiya Bali
226Misingpur L P School 688Misingpur
227Misingpur L P School 545Misingpur
228Misingpur L P School 628Misingpur
229Misingpur L P School 387Misingpur
230Akajan Janajati High School 691Akajan Janajati
231Akajan Janajati High School 839Akajan Janajati
232Bormuriya L P School 954Bormuriya
233Bormuriya L P School 589Bormuriya
234Geluwa L P School929Geluwa
235Mechu Kachari L P School 630Mechu Kachari
236Mechu Kachari L P School 646Mechu Kachari
237Kenduguri L P School862Kenduguri
238Betanipam L P School 837Betanipam
239Betanipam L P School 465Betanipam
240Betanipam L P School 653Betanipam
241Betanipam L P School 700Betanipam
242Naharani Balijan L P School 498Naharani Balijan
243Naharani Balijan L P School 675Naharani Balijan
244Balijan Gelgeli L P School 589Balijan Gelgeli
245Balijan Gelgeli L P School 735Balijan Gelgeli
246Nilakhpur L P School 1062Nilakhpur
247Nilakhpur L P School 647Nilakhpur
248Nilakhpur L P School 720Nilakhpur
249Udaypur Deori L P School 916Udaypur Deori
250Udaypur Deori L P School 709Udaypur Deori
251No 2 Jengrai Simaluguri L P School553Jengrai Simaluguri
252Luguti Konwar Gaon L P School 576Luguti Konwar Gaon
253Luguti Konwar Gaon L P School 573Luguti Konwar Gaon
254Goroimari L P School 632Goroimari
255Goroimari L P School 681Goroimari
256Sreepani L P School 774Sreepani
257Sreepani L P School 815Sreepani
258Sreepani Deori L P School 807Sreepani Deori
259Sreepani Deori L P School 868Sreepani Deori
260Bhebeli L P School 991Bhebeli
261Bhebeli L P School 791Bhebeli
262Takawbari L P School 798Takawbari
263Takawbari L P School 492Takawbari
264Chowkhamting L P School 554Chowkhamting
265Chowkhamting L P School 804Chowkhamting
266Chowkhamting L P School 741Chowkhamting
267Sissiborgaon L P School913Sissiborgaon
268Sissiborgaon M V School 589Sissiborgaon
269Sissiborgaon M V School 609Sissiborgaon
270Satulachuk L P School785Satulachuk
271Dhunaguri L P School 966Dhunaguri
272Dhunaguri L P School 522Dhunaguri
273Gorhmara L P School 327Gorhmara
274Gorhmara L P School 790Gorhmara
275Gorhmara L P School 757Gorhmara
276Dhunaguri Pait L P School 721Dhunaguri Pait
277Dhunaguri Pait L P School 551Dhunaguri Pait
278Batuamiri L P School996Batuamiri
279Burisuti L P School 956Burisuti
280Burisuti L P School 769Burisuti
281Kulajan L P School 651Kulajan
282Kulajan L P School 790Kulajan
283Sardarchuk L P School 887Sardarchuk
284Sardarchuk L P School 633Sardarchuk
285Deorighat L P School 756Deorighat
286Deorighat L P School 602Deorighat
287Rekhachapori L P School Arne 795Rekhachapori
288Rekhachapori L P School Arne 763Rekhachapori
289Dibrugarh Mising High School Sekai 581Dibrugarh Mising Sekai
290Dibrugarh Mising High School Sekai 743Dibrugarh Mising Sekai
291Sekai Namghariya L P School 682Sekai Namghariya
292Sekai Namghariya L P School 335Sekai Namghariya
293Mahatma Gandhi M E School 447Mahatma Gandhi
294Mahatma Gandhi M E School 656Mahatma Gandhi
295Belong Sahaki Chuk L P School794Belong Sahaki Chuk
296Amguri Dambuk L P School 526Amguri Dambuk
297Amguri Dambuk L P School 708Amguri Dambuk
298Kebaranga L P School 603Kebaranga
299Kebaranga L P School 866Kebaranga
300Mechaki Tangani L P School 911Mechaki Tangani
301Mechaki Tangani L P School 893Mechaki Tangani
302Pumi M V School 629Pumi
303Pumi M V School 881Pumi
304Garumara Koroi L P School 763Garumara Koroi
305Garumara Koroi L P School 897Garumara Koroi
306Bhadiyachuk L P School890Bhadiyachuk
307Ubhota Pait L P School 482Ubhota Pait
308Ubhota Pait L P School 569Ubhota Pait
309Soliha Hapjan L P School999Soliha Hapjan
310Namkir Chapori L P School950Namkir Chapori
311Borbouli L P School 649Borbouli
312Borbouli L P School 743Borbouli
313Rangkop Bholakata L P School 787Rangkop Bholakata
314Rangkop Bholakata L P School 611Rangkop Bholakata
315Sorlung L P School749Sorlung
316Bijoypur Balijan L P School 888Bijoypur Balijan
317Bijoypur Balijan L P School 831Bijoypur Balijan
318Haldhibari L P School 714Haldhibari
319Haldhibari L P School 825Haldhibari
320Barchapori M E School 771Barchapori
321Barchapori M E School 780Barchapori
322Sissi Sumaniya L P School329Sissi Sumaniya
323Mouza Chapori L P School142Mouza Chapori

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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