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Polling Booth in Jania Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Jania

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jania Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1369 No. Madulijhar Girls L.P. School 937Madulijhar
2369 No. Madulijhar Girls L.P. School 1035Madulijhar
3128 No. Dekarbori L.P. School 550Dekarbori
4128 No. Dekarbori L.P. School 533Dekarbori
5Dekarbori M.E. Schhol1057Dekarbori
6Ruposhi High School629Ruposhi
7698 No. Saruharid L.P. School1049Saruharid
81917 No. Chalchalia Girls L.P. School549Chalchalia
9713 No. Barharid L.P. School563Barharid
1013 No. Roha Boys L.P. School811Roha
11667 No. Khatakuchi L.P. School 1113Khatakuchi
12667 No. Khatakuchi L.P. School 434Khatakuchi
13670 No. Jamarkur L.P. School879Jamarkur
14Kamarpara M.E. Madrassa 1077Kamarpara
15Kamarpara M.E. Madrassa 788Kamarpara
16Ruposhi Janapriya M.E. School 844Ruposhi Janapriya
17Ruposhi Janapriya M.E. School 1029Ruposhi Janapriya
18102 No. Dharmapur L.P. School907Dharmapur
19810 No. Haldhia Pachimpara L.P. School 727Haldhia Pachimpara
20810 No. Haldhia Pachimpara L.P. School 573Haldhia Pachimpara
21113 No. Ghugubari L.P. School 963Ghugubari
22113 No. Ghugubari L.P. School 527Ghugubari
23583 No. Deukura L.P. School918Deukura
2493Bilortari L.P. School983Bilortari
25276 No. Monakocha L.P. School799Monakocha
26308 No. Lachanga Girls L.P. School 659Lachanga
271668 No. Dakshin Lachanga L.P. School469Dakshin Lachanga
28308 No. Lachanga Girls L.P. School 1149Lachanga
29930 No. Guileza L.P. School 855Guileza
30930 No. Guileza L.P. School 891Guileza
31Charcharia M.E. School804Charcharia
32586 No. Sri Rampur L.P. School278Sri Rampur
3397 No. Galia L.P. School 656Galia
3497 No. Galia L.P. School 645Galia
35Balaipathar Mv School 1081Balaipathar
36Balaipathar Mv School 1027Balaipathar
37176Mowamari L.P. School910Mowamari
38212 No. Lachanga L.P. School506Lachanga
391669 No. Kaurjahi L.P. School479Kaurjahi
40114 Kasukati L.P. School852Kasukati
41806 No. Kharballi L.P. School 780Kharballi
42806 No. Kharballi L.P. School 739Kharballi
43Kharballi M.E. Madrassa341Kharballi
44929 No. Amguri L.P. School 818Amguri
45929 No. Amguri L.P. School 478Amguri
46216 No. Kalgachia Basic L.P. School 1015Kalgachia
47216 No. Kalgachia Basic L.P. School 940Kalgachia
481150 No. Dimapur L.P. School1041Dimapur
49Kalgachia Me School 614Kalgachia
50Kalgachia Me School 608Kalgachia
51Gunialguri L.P. School 715Gunialguri
52192 Pub Gunialguri L.P. School833Gunialguri
53Gunialguri L.P. School 629Gunialguri
5479Dabandia L.P. School 1018Dabandia
5579Dabandia L.P. School 698Dabandia
56597 No. Nadiarpara L.P. School544Nadiarpara
57587 No. Tapeswara Girls L.P. School 649Tapeswara
58587 No. Tapeswara Girls L.P. School 576Tapeswara
591714 No. Pachim Tapeswara L.P. School735Pachim Tapeswara
60Azizpur L.P. School 737Azizpur
61Azizpur L.P. School 677Azizpur
62362 No. Balapathar L.P. School 798Balapathar
63362 No. Balapathar L.P. School 754Balapathar
64Balapathar M.E. School455Balapathar
651293 No. Pachim Sawpur L.P. School 718Pachim Sawpur
661293 No. Pachim Sawpur L.P. School 631Pachim Sawpur
67858 No. Sawpur L.P. School781Sawpur
68938 No. Bamuntari Sariatpur L.P. School 735Bamuntari Sariatpur
69938 No. Bamuntari Sariatpur L.P. School 697Bamuntari Sariatpur
70267 No. Bamuntari L.P. School1100Bamuntari
71414 No. Digjani L.P. School 836Digjani
72414 No. Digjani L.P. School 844Digjani
73176 No Balagaon L.P. School1014Balagaon
74312 No. Khudrakuchi L.P. School673Khudrakuchi
751763 No. Bk Girls L.P. School659
76266 No. Langla L.P. School1092Langla
771680 No. Bagulamari L.P. School1029Bagulamari
7876Chenimari L.P. School961Chenimari
79786 No. Titapani L.P. School 833Titapani
80786 No. Titapani L.P. School 788Titapani
81B. T. M. E. Madrassa733
82218 No. Rampur L.P. School 917Rampur
83218 No. Rampur L.P. School 747Rampur
84Khelli Ayenuddin M.E. Madrassa 812Khelli Ayenuddin
85Khelli Ayenuddin M.E. Madrassa 732Khelli Ayenuddin
86318 No. Banghugi L.P. School 915Banghugi
87318 No. Banghugi L.P. School 891Banghugi
88933 No. Sawrachara L.P. School 1120Sawrachara
89933 No. Sawrachara L.P. School 660Sawrachara
901304 No. Sawrachara Reserve L.P. School1074Sawrachara Reserve
91769 No. Kapahtoli L.P. School 654Kapahtoli
92769 No. Kapahtoli L.P. School 623Kapahtoli
931057 No. Solmari L.P. School 726Solmari
941057 No. Solmari L.P. School 757Solmari
95780 No. Chandmama L.P. School 610Chandmama
96780 No. Chandmama L.P. School 641Chandmama
97452 No. Khatartari L.P. School 687Khatartari
98452 No. Khatartari L.P. School 626Khatartari
99101Kandulia L.P. School 836Kandulia
100101Kandulia L.P. School 697Kandulia
101412 No. Haldia Bartari L.P. School 694Haldia Bartari
102412 No. Haldia Bartari L.P. School 664Haldia Bartari
10341Khudrakhowa Girls L.P. School1027Khudrakhowa
1041792 No. Aprupi L.P. School1004Aprupi
105Barbhitha High School 791Barbhitha
106Barbhitha High School 863Barbhitha
10778Hatchara L.P. School 644Hatchara
10878Hatchara L.P. School 592Hatchara
109937 No. Muhia L.P. School946Muhia
1101993 No. Paschim Garalipam L.P. School1101Paschim Garalipam
111167Dakshin Chandmama Girls L.P. School810Dakshin Chandmama
112Isabpur M. V. School 756Isabpur
113Isabpur M. V. School 800Isabpur
114232 No. Nasatra L.P. School N.ANasatra
115Pakhakata L.P. School716Pakhakata
116232 No. Nasatra L.P. School 732Nasatra
117Baghekhaiti L.P. School617Baghekhaiti
1181717 No. Uttar Banglipara L.P. School585Uttar Banglipara
11918 Banglipara L.P. School874Banglipara
1201236 No. Daukmari L.P. School 717Daukmari
1211236 No. Daukmari L.P. School 671Daukmari
1221113 No. Uttar Chapra L.P. School718Uttar Chapra
1231520 No. Chapra Girls L.P. School557Chapra
124808 No. Chapra L.P. School 647Chapra
125808 No. Chapra L.P. School 657Chapra
126834 No. Salekura L.P. School 576Salekura
127Pub Salekura L.P. School601Pub Salekura
128834 No. Salekura L.P. School 872Salekura
1291777 No. Uttar Jania L.P. School875Uttar Jania
130Jania High School 363Jania
131Jania High School 569Jania
132144 No. Jania L.P. School608Jania
133279 No. Chunpura L.P. School 732Chunpura
134279 No. Chunpura L.P. School 899Chunpura
135926 No. Mahammadpur L.P. School966Mahammadpur
136940 No. Rupakuchi L.P. School1022Rupakuchi
137Kadong High School 836Kadong
138Kadong High School 753Kadong
1391280 No. Nabajyoti L.P. School 832Nabajyoti
1401280 No. Nabajyoti L.P. School 1043Nabajyoti
14139 Balikuri 2 No. L.P. School 554Balikuri
14239 Balikuri 2 No. L.P. School 862Balikuri
143322 No. Uttar Balikuri L.P. School1177Uttar Balikuri
14486 Balikuri Nc L.P. School 680Balikuri Nc
14586 Balikuri Nc L.P. School 591Balikuri Nc
1461022 No. Balikuri Colony L.P. School 982Balikuri Colony
1471022 No. Balikuri Colony L.P. School 1035Balikuri Colony
148928 No. Rubhi L.P. School 694Rubhi
149Balikuri M.E. Madrassa551Balikuri
150928 No. Rubhi L.P. School 830Rubhi
151Sonapur M.E. Madrassa 832Sonapur
152Sonapur M.E. Madrassa 761Sonapur
153298 No. Kadong L.P. School911Kadong
154170 Kalampur L.P. School696Kalampur
1551224 No. Rasulpur Girls L.P. School 788Rasulpur
1561224 No. Rasupur Girls L.P. School 422Rasupur
15770Kandapara L.P. School 845Kandapara
15870Kandapara L.P. School 788Kandapara
1591794 No. Gagalmari L.P. School603Gagalmari
1601774 No. Uttar Gagalmari L.P. School710Uttar Gagalmari
161Medhirtary M.E. Madrassa1154Medhirtary
162997 No. Dakshin Bhograndha L.P. School859Dakshin Bhograndha
1635Gajia L.P. School778Gajia
164Bkt M.E. Madrassa768
165376 No. Tetelirtal L.P. School 574Tetelirtal
166376 No. Tetelirtal L.P. School 669Tetelirtal
1671003 No. Karertal L.P. School764Karertal
1681754 No. Dakshin Karertal L.P. School453Dakshin Karertal
1691199 No. Sidhani L.P. School 1112Sidhani
170939 No. Lurfuria L.P. School1017Lurfuria
171802 No. Alipur Roufala L.P. School 637Alipur Roufala
172802 No. Alipur Roufala L.P. School 619Alipur Roufala
173Hasanpur L.P. School540Hasanpur
174944 No. Tapajuli Pathar L.P. School1037Tapajuli Pathar
175932 No. Gobindapur L.P. School 762Gobindapur
176Govindapur M.E. Madrassa464Govindapur
177932 No. Gobindapur L.P. School 715Gobindapur
1781214 No. Kayemari L.P. School914Kayemari
1791349 No. 4 No. Bhera L.P. School508Bhera
180398 No. Sitoli L.P. School 800Sitoli
181398 No. Sitoli L.P. School 870Sitoli
182213 No. Dakshin Sitoli L.P. School752Dakshin Sitoli
183829 No. Patlikuchi L.P. School 623Patlikuchi
184829 No. Patlikuchi L.P. School 581Patlikuchi
1851497 No. Rangapani Girls L.P. School 797Rangapani
1861497 No. Rangapani Girls L.P. School 789Rangapani
187Bheragaon L.P. School734Bheragaon
1881014 No. Kopoha L.P. School 795Kopoha
1891014 No. Kopoha L.P. School 676Kopoha
1901769 No. Patlikuchi Jalimuddin L.P. School617Patlikuchi Jalimuddin
191564 No. Nalirpar L.P. School599Nalirpar
1921170 No. Bhatkuchi L.P. School761Bhatkuchi
193377 No. Bhatkuchi L.P. School 756Bhatkuchi
194377 No. Bhatkuchi L.P. School 679Bhatkuchi

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