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Polling Booth in Jamunamukh Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Jamunamukh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jamunamukh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Patia Pathar L.P. School927Patia Pathar
2Gor Ali Kahargaon L.P. School1032Gor Ali Kahargaon
3Nogoyapam Kahargaon L.P. School 697Nogoyapam Kahargaon
4Nogoyapam Kahargaon L.P. School 611Nogoyapam Kahargaon
5Kandulimari L.P. School637Kandulimari
6Rabindra Bidyamandirhigh School657
7Rabindra Bidyamandirhigh School 712
8Jamunamukh College 635Jamunamukh
9Jamunamukh College 455Jamunamukh
10Amiruddin Moktab School402Amiruddin Moktab
11Amtola Maktab School 728Amtola Maktab
12Amtola Maktab School 695Amtola Maktab
13Jamunamukh Bengali L.P. School 756Jamunamukh
14Jamunamukh Bengali L.P. School 859Jamunamukh
15Baliram Janata L.P. School 493Baliram Janata
16Barjan L.P. School 885Barjan
17Barjan L.P. School 588Barjan
18Baliram Janata L.P. School 502Baliram Janata
19Binnakandi M.E. School817Binnakandi
20Jugijan L P School743Jugijan
21Jamunamukh Hs School 641Jamunamukh
22Jamunamukh Hs School 697Jamunamukh
23Dekerua L.P. School 790Dekerua
24Dekerua L.P. School 734Dekerua
25Sarupathar L.P. School 801Sarupathar
26Sarupathar L.P. School 771Sarupathar
27Bheloguri L.P. School 866Bheloguri
28Bheloguri L.P. School 802Bheloguri
29Bheloguri L.P. School 600Bheloguri
30Bheloguripathar L.P. School 835Bheloguripathar
31Bheloguripathar L.P. School 612Bheloguripathar
32Changmaji Mikirgaon L.P. School 749Changmaji Mikirgaon
33Changmaji Mikirgaon L.P. School 739Changmaji Mikirgaon
34Changmaji Mikirpathar L.P. School786Changmaji Mikirpathar
35Niz Modartoli L.P. School 652Niz Modartoli
36Niz Modartoli L.P. School 623Niz Modartoli
37Sardargaon L.P. School963Sardargaon
38Modartoli Mikirgaon L.P. School 789Modartoli Mikirgaon
39Modartoli Mikirgaon L.P. School 771Modartoli Mikirgaon
40Changmaji L.P. School 784Changmaji
41Changmaji L.P. School 820Changmaji
42Changmaji Mikirghat L.P. School 732Changmaji Mikirghat
43Changmaji Mikirghat L.P. School 813Changmaji Mikirghat
44Charlok Adarsha L P School710Charlok
45Jangal Block M.E. School 743Jangal Block
46Jangal Block M.E. School 653Jangal Block
47Vedoati L.P. School915Vedoati
48Nikarimukh L.P. School965Nikarimukh
49Chaliha L.P. School697Chaliha
50Bhagiramgaon L.P. School 698Bhagiramgaon
51Bhagiramgaon L.P. School 590Bhagiramgaon
52Habigaon L.P. School821Habigaon
53Habigaon L.P. School 731Habigaon
54Sankardev L.P. School 662Sankardev
55Sankardev L.P. School 497Sankardev
56Indira Gandhi L.P. School 1051Indira Gandhi
57Indira Gandhi L.P. School 1024Indira Gandhi
58Daboka Moktab School 931Daboka
59Daboka Moktab School 843Daboka
60Daboka Bidya Mondir L.P. School 582Daboka
61Daboka Bidya Mondir M.E. School 764Daboka
62Daboka Bidya Mondir L.P. School 1157Daboka
63Daboka Pathar L.P. School 906Daboka Pathar
64Daboka Pathar L.P. School 1053Daboka Pathar
65Dakhin Daboka Pathar Adarsha L.P. School1035Dakhin Daboka Pathar
66Daboka Bidyaniketon L.P. School1029Daboka Bidyaniketon
67Daboka Bangla Bidyaniketon M.E. School1003Daboka Bangla
68Daboka Balika High School 925Daboka Balika
69Daboka Balika Hugh School 979Daboka Balika
70Nahorgaon L.P. School1052Nahorgaon
71Forest Village L.P. School 783Forest Village
72Forest Village L.P. School 880Forest Village
73Urdhagaon M.E. School 759Urdhagaon
74Urdhagaon M.E. School 958Urdhagaon
75Dikharumukh L.P. School 846Dikharumukh
76Dikharumukh L.P. School 893Dikharumukh
77Kacharipara Moktab School907Kacharipara
78Mikirpara L.P. School480Mikirpara
79Pub Jaroni M.E. School 712Jaroni
80Pub Jaroni M.E. School 673Jaroni
81Karoiguri L.P. School 658Karoiguri
82Karoiguri L.P. School 722Karoiguri
83Dakhin Udmari Soukat Ali Muktab School 936Dakhin Udmari Soukat Ali Muktab
84Dakhin Udmari Soukat Ali Muktab School 956Dakhin Udmari Soukat Ali Muktab
85Rowarpar Moktab School 947Rowarpar
86Rowarpar Moktab School 910Rowarpar
87Lankarali Moktab School920Lankarali
88Fokruddin Mv School900Fokruddin
89Namati L.P. School903Namati
90Paschim Jaroni M.E. Madrassa 776Paschim Jaroni
91Paschim Jaroni M.E. Madrassa 834Paschim Jaroni
92Pub Jamunagaon L.P. School839Pub Jamunagaon
93Pubjamunagaon M.E. School770Pubjamunagaon
94Paschim Jamunagaon L.P. School887Paschim Jamunagaon
95Nadirpar L.P. School818Nadirpar
96Sadargaon Mokamtola L.P. School802Sadargaon Mokamtola
97Sadargaon Mokamtola M E School840Sadargaon Mokamtola
98Dakhin Nowabil Azad M.E. School 867Dakhin Nowabil Azad
99Dakhin Nowabil Azad M.E. School 821Dakhin Nowabil Azad
100Ambari M.E. School 734Ambari
101Ambari M.E. School 713Ambari
102Ambari M.E. School 790Ambari
103Ambari L.P. School941Ambari
104Ghaniarpar Forest L.P. School 709Ghaniarpar Forest
105Ghaniarpar Forest L.P. School 867Ghaniarpar Forest
106Nilbagan M.E. School1026Nilbagan
107Nilbagan Adarsha L.P. School923Nilbagan
108M.E.Thigaon L.P. School 700Thigaon
109M.E.Thigaon L.P. School 702Thigaon
110Sowpurgaon L.P. School 695Sowpurgaon
111Sowpurgaon L.P. School 583Sowpurgaon
112Singirpar Muktab School 745Singirpar
113Singirpar Muktab School 549Singirpar
114Paschim Moudanga L.P. School 850Paschim Moudanga
115Paschim Moudanga L.P. School 788Paschim Moudanga
116Jamuna Moudanga Krishipam Nigam No.1 L.P. School893Jamuna Moudanga
117Moudanga L.P. School635Moudanga
118Moudangapathar L.P. School1125Moudangapathar
119K A Hekim L.P. School670K A Hekim
120Borhawar Ak Azad M E School1067Borhawar Ak Azad
121Borhawar Moktab L.P. School 555Borhawar Moktab
122Borhawar Moktab L.P. School 537Borhawar Moktab
123Moudanga M.E. Madrassa 962Moudanga
124Moudanga M.E. Madrassa 948Moudanga
125Morajhar Higher Secondery School 714Morajhar
126Morajhar Higher Secondery School 723Morajhar
127Morajhar Higher Secondery School 574Morajhar
128Morajhar Higher Secondery School 703Morajhar
129Saharan Moktab School 1104Saharan
130Sutarpur L.P. School988Sutarpur
131Hatikhali L.P. School 662Hatikhali
132Hatikhali L.P. School 469Hatikhali
133Paschim Hatikhali L.P. School873Paschim Hatikhali
134Matikhola L.P. School 639Matikhola
135Matikhola L.P. School 583Matikhola
136Padumoni L.P. School 695Padumoni
137Padumoni L.P. School 603Padumoni
138Dakhin Debosthan L.P. School 1039Dakhin Debosthan
139Dakhin Debosthan L.P. School 1006Dakhin Debosthan
140Dakhin Debosthan L.P. School 993Dakhin Debosthan
141Uttar Dimorupar Moktab School 937Uttar Dimorupar
142Uttar Dimorupar Moktab School 614Uttar Dimorupar
143Kapahbari L.P. School975Kapahbari
144Tarapur Tarkata L.P. School1074Tarapur Tarkata
145Tarkata L.P. School 740Tarkata
146Tarkata L.P. School 541Tarkata
147Padumpukhuri L.P. School 653Padumpukhuri
148Padumpukhuri L.P. School 581Padumpukhuri
149Pabhijuri L.P. School956Pabhijuri
150Dakhin Pabhijuri L.P. School855Dakhin Pabhijuri
151Solaghari L.P. School 1065Solaghari
152Solaghari L.P. School 788Solaghari
153No.1, Sibpur L.P. School 931Sibpur
154No.1, Sibpur L.P. School 571Sibpur
155No.1, Sibpur L.P. School 563Sibpur
156No.2, Sibpur L.P. School712Sibpur
157Burungatoli L.P. School1071Burungatoli
158Dighal Jaroni Moktab School 823Dighal Jaroni
159Dighal Jaroni Moktab School 805Dighal Jaroni
160Dighal Jaroni Moktab School 668Dighal Jaroni
161Okcheck Rohinipathar L.P. School 854Okcheck Rohinipathar
162Okcheck Rohinipathar L.P. School 813Okcheck Rohinipathar
163Okcheck Trishghari L.P. School513Okcheck Trishghari
164Okcheck Hatibandha L. P. School 593Okcheck Hatibandha
165Okcheck Hatibandha L. P. School 521Okcheck Hatibandha
166Pir Bazar Muktab School 786Pir Bazar
167Pir Bazar Muktab School 480Pir Bazar
168Borbali M. E. School 873Borbali
169Borbali M. E. School 731Borbali
170Borbali L. P. School 809Borbali
171Borbali L. P. School 747Borbali
172No. 1 Koroani Muktab School836Koroani
173No. 1 Koroani L. P. School 1043Koroani
174No. 1 Koroani L. P. School 860Koroani
175Tengatoli L. P. School 711Tengatoli
176No.421, Koroiani Moktab School.697Koroani
177Pub Bandarm.E.La L. P. School968Pub BandarLa
178Jalalabad L. P. School 595Jalalabad
179Jalalabad L. P. School 516Jalalabad
180Noor Nagar L. P. School636Noor Nagar
181Charing Pathar Muktab School 951Charing Pathar
182Charing Pathar Muktab School 890Charing Pathar
183Rahmat Nagar Madrassa676Rahmat Nagar
184Ahm.E.D Nagar L. P. School 880AhD Nagar
185Ahm.E.D Nagar L. P. School 798AhD Nagar
186Uttar Samorali L. P. School 825Uttar Samorali
187Uttar Samorali L. P. School 910Uttar Samorali
188Samorali Tupgaon L. P. School 584Samorali Tupgaon
189Samorali Tupgaon L. P. School 625Samorali Tupgaon
190Samorali M. E. School 463Samorali
191Samorali M. E. School 1033Samorali
192Samorali Muktab School 900Samorali
193Samorali Muktab School 861Samorali
194Madhyam Samorali No.1005 L.P. School 820Madhyam Samorali
195Madhyam Samorali No.1005 L.P. School 920Madhyam Samorali
196Dakhin Samorali (Choudhury Bazar) L. P. School 739Dakhin Samorali (Choudhury Bazar)
197Rahamania L.P. School941Rahamania
198Dakhin Samorali (Choudhury Bazar) L. P. School 962Dakhin Samorali (Choudhury Bazar)
199Morjong Pathar L. P. School 551Morjong Pathar
200Morjong Pathar L. P. School 546Morjong Pathar
201Pub Samorali L. P. School 717Pub Samorali
202Pub Samorali L. P. School 774Pub Samorali

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