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Polling Booth in Jaleswar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Jaleswar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jaleswar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Pub Chaildhara L.P. School879Chaildhara
2Pathakata L.P. School800Pathakata
3712 No. Kaminibhita L.P. School784Kaminibhita
4Balapara L.P. School 749Balapara
5Balapara L.P. School 688Balapara
6Fetengapara J B School728Fetengapara
7Haguripara L.P. School938Haguripara
8Karaibari Boys M.E. Madrassa677Karaibari
9Betbari L.P. School626Betbari
10Takimari Mv School 836Takimari
11Takimari Mv School 882Takimari
12Chalakura L.P School384Chalakura
13Takimari Barbila Lp School922Takimari Barbila
14Ratangaon L.P. School944Ratangaon
15Pachim Kathuri L.P. School1029Pachim Kathuri
16Pub Kathuri L.P. School681Kathuri
17Dakhin Kathuru Lp School596Dakhin Kathuru
18Karaibari L.P. School1096Karaibari
19Chilarbhita L.P. School939Chilarbhita
202 No.Chilarbhita L.P. School1050Chilarbhita
21Dhobakura L.P. School 831Dhobakura
22Dhobakura L.P. School 908Dhobakura
231015 No Keshrapara L.P. School758Keshrapara
24Katarihara M.E. School 1173Katarihara
25Katarihara M.E. School 1100Katarihara
26Chatapara Me Madrasa170Chatapara
27Tarangapur Me Madrassa809Tarangapur
28Tarangapur High School 710Tarangapur
29Tarangapur High School 622Tarangapur
30Suparibhita L.P. School (R/W731Suparibhita
31Suparibhita L.P. School576Suparibhita
32Fershatarai Me Madrassa199Fershatarai
33Joleswar Bazar Central L.P. School114Joleswar Bazar Central
34Jaleswar L.P. School 840Jaleswar
35Jaleswar L.P. School 822Jaleswar
36Bamunirbhita L.P. School.613Bamunirbhita
37Bamunirbhita L.P. School.N.ABamunirbhita
38Sardarvita L.P. School387Sardarvita
39Takimari L.P. School938Takimari
40Jaleswar High School 951Jaleswar
41Jaleswar High School 1082Jaleswar
42Satbhendi L.P. School886Satbhendi
43Damuribhasa L.P. School685Damuribhasa
44Joldoba L P School714Joldoba
45Uttar Tekona Lp School828Uttar Tekona
46Katarihara Jb School 684Katarihara
47Katarihara Jb School 456Katarihara
48Bhalukmari L.P. School861Bhalukmari
49Siyalkanda L.P. School1016Siyalkanda
502165No. Boro Nishinpur Lp School708Boro Nishinpur
51Jambari L.P. School1020Jambari
52Kulamuwa Mv School 669Kulamuwa
53Kulamuwa High School661Kulamuwa
54273 Beldubi Sirakuti L.P. School580Beldubi Sirakuti
55501 Chandatari L.P. School974Chandatari
56Kalnai Kulamuwa L.P. School482Kalnai Kulamuwa
57Gobratari L.P. School380Gobratari
581287 No.Ful.P.Ur L.P. School 797FuUr
591287 No Fulpur Lp School S/WN.AFulpur
60M.E.Dobeel Aladibala L.P. Schooll841Dobeel Aladibala
61M.E.Dartari L.P. School 547Dartari
62553M.E.Dartari L.P. School 934Dartari
63M.E.Dartari M.E. School829Dartari
641896Amtoli Sundarpara Parti L.P. School,725Amtoli Sundarpara Parti
65Jamadarhat L.P. School303Jamadarhat
66Kajimuddin Memoriall.P. School 774Kajimuddin
67Kajimuddin Memoriall.P. School 563Kajimuddin
68Sirakuti High School1035Sirakuti
69433 Jamadarpara Jb School867Jamadarpara
70Jamadarhat Janata High School674Jamadarhat
71278Sundarpara L.P. School 919Sundarpara
72278Sundarpara L.P. School 884Sundarpara
73Moirakushi L.P. School 776Moirakushi
74Moirakushi L.P. School 735Moirakushi
75Airkata Mv School 893Airkata
76Airkata Mv School 827Airkata
77Airkata High School801Airkata
781224 Sakharipara L.P. School314Sakharipara
791729 Folimai L.P. School 692Folimai
801729 No Folimai L.P. School446Folimai
812161 Mathakata Banachapa L.P. School929Mathakata Banachapa
82Satsiya L.P. School 703Satsiya
83Satsiya L.P. School 711Satsiya
84Tarangajhar L.P. School 632Tarangajhar
85Tarangajhar L.P. School L/W625Tarangajhar
86591 Parlimilan L.P. School640Parlimilan
87Gunaipani Ganestari Lp School558Gunaipani Ganestari
88Pamerbala L.P. School1101Pamerbala
89Bhimkhoj L.P. School818Bhimkhoj
90Matikhowa Lp School522Matikhowa
91Khalisarbhita L.P. School 765Khalisarbhita
92Khalisarbhita L.P. School 784Khalisarbhita
93Khalisarbhita High School 579Khalisarbhita
94Khalisarbhita High School 703Khalisarbhita
95Bherbheri L.P. School505Bherbheri
96Bherbheri Me Madrasa670Bherbheri
97Charaljhar L.P. School706Charaljhar
98Charaljhar M E Madrasa546Charaljhar
99Kumri L.P. School1061Kumri
100Parowa L.P. School1029Parowa
101Dingdinga Simlabari M.E. Madrassa 1126Dingdinga Simlabari
102Dingdinga Simlabari M.E. Madrassa 1036Dingdinga Simlabari
103Dhum.E.Rghat Mv School798DhuRghat
104Dhumerghat Mb School L375Dhumerghat
105Dhum.E.Rghat High School 915DhuRghat
106Dhum.E.Rghat High School 1174DhuRghat
107861 Chitlang L.P School 896Chitlang
108861 Chitlang L.P School 834Chitlang
109Gossaidubi L.P. School 779Gossaidubi
110Gossaidubi L.P. School 787Gossaidubi
111Gossaidubi M.E. School507Gossaidubi
112Saldhowa L.P. School904Saldhowa
113Chaukatola L.P. School711Chaukatola
114Bausatari Mv School827Bausatari
115Holdibari L.P. School571Holdibari
116Dapkarbhita L.P. School 649Dapkarbhita
117Dapkarbhita L.P. School 762Dapkarbhita
118Garojan Jb School 709Garojan
119Garojan Jb School 702Garojan
120Simlabari L.P. School 1026Simlabari
121937 No Fulgasa Girls Lp School875Fulgasa
122Simlabari L.P. School R774Simlabari
123Simlabari M.E. School606Simlabari
124Gumaijhar L.P. School 976Gumaijhar
125Gumaijhar L.P. School 934Gumaijhar
126Chataimari L.P. School725Chataimari
127Rakhalkilla L.P. School 878Rakhalkilla
128Rakhalkilla L.P. School 879Rakhalkilla
129161 Csoibari L.P. School983Csoibari
130Bandarmatha L.P. School449Bandarmatha
131Gournagar L.P. School 1175Gournagar
132Badondonga Lp School158Badondonga
133Gournagar L.P. School 1219Gournagar
134Ghugudoba L.P. School661Ghugudoba
135Ghugudoba Me Madrasa531Ghugudoba
136Hasdoba L.P. School 972Hasdoba
137Hasdoba L.P. School 738Hasdoba
138Rajmita L.P. School650Rajmita
139Rajmita Lp School611Rajmita
140Baicha L.P. School944Baicha
141Kharubhaj L.P. School1083Kharubhaj
142Simulkandi L.P. School882Simulkandi
143Folimari Manaspara Me School895Folimari Manaspara
144Kaltapur L.P. School743Kaltapur
145Kantapur Lp School 541Kantapur
146Folimari High School 653Folimari
147Folimari Highschool 605Folimari
148Panichali L.P. School424Panichali
149494 Kurshapakhri Lp School729Kurshapakhri
150Hurkasungi L.P School900Hurkasungi
151Thorko High School.1017Thorko
152Joyramkuchi Mv School1004Joyramkuchi
153Khariyapara L.P. School962Khariyapara
154Jhanchipara L.P. School437Jhanchipara
155Sigri Salhana L.P. School 819Sigri Salhana
156Sigri Salhana L.P. School 848Sigri Salhana
157Suarkona L. P. School521Suarkona
158Sighri L.P. School692Sighri
159Lakhipur Forest Ib794Lakhipur Forest
160Pukhuripar Mv School1006Pukhuripar
161Bolaikhamar Jb School660Bolaikhamar

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