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Polling Booth in Jagiroad Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Jagiroad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jagiroad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Nizgobardhan L.P. School 888Nizgobardhan
2Nizgobardhan L.P. School 836Nizgobardhan
3Gobardhan Coloni L.P. School1042Gobardhan Coloni
4Hatibagara L.P. School591Hatibagara
5Dhekiabori L.P. School853Dhekiabori
6Loonmati L.P. School607Loonmati
7Ouguri L.P. School 385Ouguri
8Ouguri L.P. School 349Ouguri
9Burha Mayong L.P. School400Burha Mayong
10Hatimuria L.P. School764Hatimuria
11No.1 Murkata L.P.728Murkata
12Mayong H.S. School 791Mayong
13Mayong H.S. School 729Mayong
14Mayong H.S. School 546Mayong
15Sildubi L.P. School933Sildubi
16No.1 Khulabhuyan L.P.School870Khulabhuyan
17No.2 Khulabhuyan L.P.School861Khulabhuyan
18Sanjukta Kuranibori L.P.School 764Sanjukta Kuranibori
19Sanjukta Kuranibori L.P.School 669Sanjukta Kuranibori
20Kukuwari L.P.School1068Kukuwari School
21Nakarahabi L.P.School792Nakarahabi School
22Hatigarh L.P. School616Hatigarh
23Buraburi M.E. School 827Buraburi
24Buraburi M.E. School 803Buraburi
25Buraburi M.E. School N.ABuraburi
26Buraburi High School839Buraburi
27Khalani Beel L.P.School 680Khalani Beel
28Khalani Beel L.P.School 740Khalani Beel
29Kamarpur L.P. School1049Kamarpur
30Dhamkhunda L.P. School948Dhamkhunda
31Dhipujijan Pam L.P. School 913Dhipujijan Pam
32Dhipujijan Pam L.P. School 943Dhipujijan Pam
33Thengbhanga L.P. School 1040Thengbhanga
34Thengbhanga L.P. School 919Thengbhanga
35Chalani Bahadalani M.E. School 585Chalani Bahadalani
36Chalani Bahadalani M.E. School 621Chalani Bahadalani
37Borpak Jungle L.P.1034Borpak Jungle
38Garumara Dalani L.P. School 703Garumara Dalani
39Garumara Dalani L.P. School 649Garumara Dalani
40Satkhapari L.P. School790Satkhapari
41Murkata L.P. School 815Murkata
42Murkata L.P. School 513Murkata
43Boha Unnatpara L.P. School950Boha Unnatpara
44Bardalani L.P. School 802Bardalani
45Bardalani L.P. School 711Bardalani
46Garubandha L.P. School1041Garubandha
47Phalihamari L.P. School 448Phalihamari
48Phalihamari L.P. School 733Phalihamari
49Phalihamari L.P. School 641Phalihamari
50Phalihamari Habi L.P. School1168Phalihamari Habi
51Phalihamari M.E. Madrassa917Phalihamari
52Gagalmari L.P. School 911Gagalmari
53Gagalmari L.P. School 717Gagalmari
54Khatarbori L.P. School 626Khatarbori
55Goroimari L.P. School661Goroimari
56Bakalibori L.P. School 607Bakalibori
57Bakalibori L.P. School 640Bakalibori
58Beradia L.P. School789Beradia
59Bamunjari M.E. School605Bamunjari
60Khatorbori L.P. School 803Khatorbori
61Borkurani L.P. School 815Borkurani
62Borkurani L.P. School 1017Borkurani
63No.1 Gagalmari L.P. School 783Gagalmari
64No.1 Gagalmari L.P. School 744Gagalmari
65Gagalmari M.E. Madrassa1069Gagalmari
66Garakhiadhap L.P. School 961Garakhiadhap
67Garakhiadhap L.P. School 1137Garakhiadhap
68Hatibhangi L.P. School 1202Hatibhangi
69Hatibhangi L.P. School 1149Hatibhangi
70Sidhaguri L.P. School 1121Sidhaguri
71Sidhaguri L.P. School 1114Sidhaguri
72Patekibori L.P. School1075Patekibori
73Pachim Kaurihagi L.P.458Pachim Kaurihagi
74No.1 Burgaon L.P. School 1347Burgaon
75No.1 Burgaon L.P. School 946Burgaon
76Ashigar L.P. School 731Ashigar
77Ashigar L.P. School 729Ashigar
78Lecharibori L.P. School 736Lecharibori
79Lecharibori L.P. School 671Lecharibori
80Karatipam L.P. School 1087Karatipam
81Karatipam L.P. School 1143Karatipam
82Belobori L.P. School517Belobori
83Garjan L.P. School756Garjan
84Gagalmari L.P. School862Gagalmari
85Aphukhunda L.P. School601Aphukhunda
86 Sukatiputa L.P. School548 Sukatiputa
87Bangal.P.Ara L.P. School1003BangaAra
88Garmari M.E. School1063Garmari
89Bhalukaguri L.P. School 555Bhalukaguri
90Bhalukaguri L.P. School 576Bhalukaguri
91Bebejia L.P. School983Bebejia
92277 No Haribori Prathamik Bidyaloy773Haribori
93Garmari L.P. School736Garmari
94Sikshapradip M.E. School 1012Sikshapradip
952No Tikhabori Prathamik Bidyaloy111Tikhabori
96Kalbari L.P. School755Kalbari
97Nizghagua Sanjukta L.P. School 549Nizghagua Sanjukta
98Nizghagua Sanjukta L.P. School 551Nizghagua Sanjukta
99Bhalukaguri Govt. L.P. School511Bhalukaguri
100Sikshapradip M.E. School 525Sikshapradip
101Balimukh L.P. School 845Balimukh
102Balimukh L.P. School 655Balimukh
103Karchuabori L.P. School1103Karchuabori
104Jhargaon L.P. School1116Jhargaon
105Doipara M.V. School 622Doipara
106Doipara M.V. School 528Doipara
107Madanabori L.P. School489Madanabori
108Sontola L.P. School518Sontola
109Barampur L.P. School850Barampur
110Manaha High E. School 828Manaha
111Beloguri L.P. School356Beloguri
112Manaha High E. School 705Manaha
113Manaha Kacharigaon L.P. School808Manaha Kacharigaon
114Hatiutha L.P. School957Hatiutha
115Khandajan Borjari L.P. School1199Khandajan Borjari
116Nabahatia L.P. School589Nabahatia
117Kuloi M.V. School636Kuloi
118Borkuloi L.P. School742Borkuloi
119Barukata L.P. School936Barukata
120No.2 Manaha Swargia Rameswar Bordoloi L.P.School436Manaha
121Misamari L.P. School913Misamari
122Kumoi Kacharigaon L.P. School816Kumoi Kacharigaon
123Kumoi M.E. School822Kumoi
124Jagibhakatgaon H.S.School689Jagibhakatgaon H.S.School
125Dimaruguri L.P. School794Dimaruguri
126Darangial Borbheti L.P. School951Darangial Borbheti
127Jagi M.V. School1043Jagi
128Gova M.E. School806Gova
129Howlaveti L.P. School721Howlaveti
130Bangthaigaon L.P. School662Bangthaigaon
131Baghjap L.P. School873Baghjap
132Natun Bangalbori L.P. School646Natun Bangalbori
133Sutradal L.P. School521Sutradal
134Kakarjalah L.P. School780Kakarjalah
135Bangalbori L.P. School892Bangalbori
136No.2 Bangalbori L.P. School677Bangalbori
137Dungabori L.P. School 819Dungabori
138Dungabori L.P. School 750Dungabori
139Pachim Nagaon L.P. School 683Pachim Nagaon
140Pachim Nagaon L.P. School 731Pachim Nagaon
141Jagiroad Hindi L.P. School 1092Jagiroad
142Jagiroad Hindi L.P. School 969Jagiroad
143Jagiroad Hindi L.P. School 1116Jagiroad
144Jagiroad H.S. School 720Jagiroad
145Jagiroad H.S. School 673Jagiroad
146Jagiroad H.S. School 1239Jagiroad
147Nakhula L.P. School 749Nakhula
148Nakhula L.P. School 679Nakhula
149Jagiroad H.S. School 1305Jagiroad
150Chenimari L.P. School906Chenimari
151Paliguri L.P. School 670Paliguri
152Paliguri L.P. School 739Paliguri
153Chakumaku L.P. School 724Chakumaku
154Chakumaku L.P. School 804Chakumaku
155Dayong Belguri L.P. School504Dayong Belguri
156Bangfor L.P. School857Bangfor
157Bishnurabha L.P. School 859Bishnurabha
158Indiranagar L.P. School855Indiranagar
159Bishnurabha L.P. School 1327Bishnurabha
160Jagiroad College 1139Jagiroad
161Taraksen L.P. School 699Taraksen
162Taraksen L.P. School 675Taraksen
163Jagiroad College 832Jagiroad
164Swahid Lakhi Deka M.E. School 816Swahid Lakhi Deka
165Ghunusha L.P. School 510Ghunusha
166Swahid Lakhi Deka M.E. School 2208Swahid Lakhi Deka
167Ghunusha L.P. School 1071Ghunusha
168Kendriya Vidyalaya 1071
169Nakholagrant L.P. School839Nakholagrant
170Kendriya Vidyalaya 1044
171Kendriya Vidyalaya 1121
172Deosal Refuji L.P. School 1069Deosal Refuji
173Deosal Refuji L.P. School 1034Deosal Refuji
174Udmari L.P. School 1023Udmari
175Udmari L.P. School 608Udmari
176Sitajakhala M.E. School 1015Sitajakhala
177Sitajakhala M.E. School 1081Sitajakhala
178Kumarkuchi L.P. School883Kumarkuchi
179Kuthari L.P. School833Kuthari
180No. 1 Palahguri L.P. School 932Palahguri
181No. 1 Palahguri L.P. School 895Palahguri
182Saru Matiparbat L.P. School379Saru Matiparbat
183 Matiparbat L.P. School1211Matiparbat
184Muladhari L.P. School892Muladhari
185Basundhari L.P. School1145Basundhari
186Bhugduba L.P. School393Bhugduba
187Alisinga L.P. School1138Alisinga
188Katahguri L.P. School 809Katahguri
189Katahguri L.P. School 710Katahguri
190Telahi L.P. School924Telahi
191Purani Telahi L.P. School937Purani Telahi
192Naramari L.P. School 952Naramari
193Naramari L.P. School 1129Naramari
194Patrabori L.P. School786Patrabori
195Beloguri L.P. School229Beloguri
196Marakalong L.P. School N.AMarakalong
197Marakalong L.P. School 841Marakalong
198Rupaibori Balika L.P. School570Rupaibori
199Rupaibori Balak L.P. School1086Rupaibori
200Dekagaon L.P. School924Dekagaon
201Apa Karbi L.P. School785Apa Karbi
202Ahatguri L.P. School 1017Ahatguri
203Ahatguri L.P. School 889Ahatguri
204Dharamtul High School 687Dharamtul
205Dharamtul High School 822Dharamtul
206Ramkrishna Bidyamandirl.P. School 962
207Ramkrishna Bidyamandirl.P. School 664
208Dakhin Dharamtul G.P. Office701Dakhin Dharamtul
209Silchang Govt. L.P. School 624Silchang
210Silchang Govt. L.P. School 961Silchang
211Makaria L.P. School666Makaria
212Nellie Govt. M.V. School 1141Nellie
213Nellie Govt. M.V. School 1341Nellie
214Nellie Borpayak H.E. School1119Nellie Borpayak
215Ulukushi L.P. School 858Ulukushi
216Ulukushi L.P. School 791Ulukushi
217No.2 Gopalkrishna Bagan L.P. School891Gopalkrishna Bagan
218Bangaldhara L.P. School953Bangaldhara
219Dapanibori L.P. School865Dapanibori
220Borbori L.P. School 946Borbori
221Borbori L.P. School 529Borbori
222Bhalukaguri L.P. School705Bhalukaguri

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