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Polling Booth in Howraghat Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Howraghat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Howraghat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Rongagora M.E. School 597Rongagora
2Rongagora M.E. School 735Rongagora
3Silimkhuwa L.P. School 672Silimkhuwa
4Silimkhuwa L.P. School 557Silimkhuwa
5Angjokpani L.P. School 795Angjokpani
6Angjokpani L.P. School 671Angjokpani
7Napani L.P. School 363Napani
8Napani L.P. School 511Napani
9Parkup Pahar L.P. School987Parkup Pahar
10Jungthung L.P. School784Jungthung
11Virvar L.P. School955Virvar
12Balijuri M.E. School 791Balijuri
13Balijuri M.E. School 767Balijuri
14Angjokpani High School733Angjokpani
15Sarpo Kathar L.P. School 638Sarpo Kathar
16Sarpo Kathar L.P. School 626Sarpo Kathar
17Rongmong Bey M.E. School667Rongmong Bey
18Sarpo Kathar L.P. School 712Sarpo Kathar
19 Donghap L.P. School593Donghap
202 No. Donghap L.P. School605Donghap
21Panjuri L.P. School550Panjuri
22 Bithilangso L.P. School744Bithilangso
23Dengaon High School 554Dengaon
24Dengaon High School 530Dengaon
25Dengaon High School 774Dengaon
26M.E.Rok Govt. M.E. School767
27Palam Gaon L.P. School457Palam Gaon
28Thedong L.P. School844Thedong
29Pungaji L.P. School 578Pungaji
30Pungaji L.P. School 538Pungaji
31Tekelangjun L.P. School667Tekelangjun
32Baghpani L.P. School 684Baghpani
33Baghpani L.P. School 457Baghpani
34Bheloughat L.P. School 518Bheloughat
35Bee Sarpo L.P. SchoolN.ABee Sarpo
36Bheloughat L.P. School 710Bheloughat
37Chirilangso L.P. School325Chirilangso
38Sangthia L.P. School733Sangthia
39Bura Hanse L.P. School N.ABura Hanse
40Bura Hanse L.P. School 752Bura Hanse
41Chokraghat L.P. School 598Chokraghat
42Chokraghat L.P. School 505Chokraghat
43Jhasiguri L.P. School543Jhasiguri
44Dongkachingthu M.E. School 560Dongkachingthu
45Dongkachingthu M.E. School 628Dongkachingthu
46Dongkachingthu M.E. School 705Dongkachingthu
47Sunapur Anondapur L.P. School 560Sunapur Anondapur
48Sunapur Anondapur L.P. School 505Sunapur Anondapur
49Ramsing Tisso L.P. School 730Ramsing Tisso
50Ramsing Tisso L.P. School 589Ramsing Tisso
51Englong Sabor L.P. School657Englong Sabor
52Rongjangphong L.P. School N.ARongjangphong
53Rongjangphong L.P. School 514Rongjangphong
54Phongbirik L.P. SchoolN.APhongbirik
55Sam Taro L.P. School380Sam Taro
56Dokmoka High School485Dokmoka
57Dokmoka H.S. School1270Dokmoka
58Dokmoka L.P. School1154Dokmoka
59Pamgaon L.P. School 805Pamgaon
60Pamgaon L.P. School 548Pamgaon
61Phuloni L.P. School 563Phuloni
62Phuloni L.P. School 548Phuloni
63Phuloni L.P. School 843Phuloni
64Parakhowa M.E. School1144Parakhowa
65Parakhowa L.P. School694Parakhowa
66Mulajan L.P. School 591Mulajan
67Mulajan L.P. School 379Mulajan
68Kauri Pathar L.P. School 613Kauri Pathar
69Kauri Pathar L.P. School 737Kauri Pathar
70Ram Pathar L.P. School 732Ram Pathar
71Ram Pathar L.P. School 917Ram Pathar
72Rongpi Kethe L.P. School 425Rongpi Kethe
73Rongpi Kethe L.P. School 583Rongpi Kethe
74Sildharampur L.P. School 701Sildharampur
75Sildharampur L.P. School 516Sildharampur
76Langlai L.P. School 822Langlai
77Langlai L.P. School 664Langlai
78Mohamaya L.P. School540Mohamaya
79Mohamaya Sing Teron L.P. School 659Mohamaya Sing Teron
80Mohamaya Sing Teron L.P. School 532Mohamaya Sing Teron
81Kajesora L.P. School 518Kajesora
82Kajesora L.P. School 775Kajesora
83Narlongati L.P. School542Narlongati
84Rongkut Matikhola L.P. School 589Rongkut Matikhola
85Rongkut Matikhola L.P. School 535Rongkut Matikhola
86Uttar Borbil M.E. School 897Uttar Borbil
87Uttar Borbil M.E. School 829Uttar Borbil
88Borgonga L.P. School965Borgonga
89Ampukhuri L.P. School900Ampukhuri
90Podum Pukhuri L.P. School 857Podum Pukhuri
91Podum Pukhuri L.P. School 714Podum Pukhuri
92Tarabasa L.P. School 629Tarabasa
93Tarabasa L.P. School 458Tarabasa
94Loringthepi L.P. School618Loringthepi
95Poschim Tarabasa L.P. School 564Poschim Tarabasa
96Poschim Tarabasa L.P. School 560Poschim Tarabasa
97Uttar Borbil L.P. School998Uttar Borbil
98Uttar Borbil Block No. 2 L.P. School 668Uttar Borbil
99Uttar Borbil Block No. 3 High School 860Uttar Borbil
100Uttar Borbil Block No. 3 High School 910Uttar Borbil
101Uttar Borbil Block No. 3 L.P. School 902Uttar Borbil
102Uttar Borbil Block No. 3 L.P. School 629Uttar Borbil
103Uttar Borbil Block No. 3 L.P. School 888Uttar Borbil
104Rongkut Block No. 4 L.P. School 1074Rongkut Block
105Janaklyan M.E. School1137Janaklyan
106Rongkut Block No. 4 L.P. School 785Rongkut Block
107Rongkut Block No. 4 L.P. School 206Rongkut Block
108Rongkut Block No. 2 L.P. School L/W)836Rongkut Block
109Rongkut Block No. 2 L.P. School 821Rongkut Block
110Eradighal.P.Ani L.P. School848EradighaAni
111Sikari Engti Gaon L.P. School782Sikari Engti Gaon
112Samoguri L.P. School 698Samoguri
113Samoguri L.P. School 794Samoguri
114 Samoguri Gaon L.P. School1072Samoguri Gaon
115Gorokhia Pukhuri L.P. School557Gorokhia Pukhuri
116Amoni L.P. School425Amoni
117Beloguri M.E. School 528Beloguri
118Beloguri M.E. School 631Beloguri
119Beloguri M.E. School 681Beloguri
120Beloguri L.P. School 760Beloguri
121Beloguri L.P. School 770Beloguri
122Matikhula L.P. School 695Matikhula
123Matikhula L.P. School 652Matikhula
124Dhoujukha L.P. School 532Dhoujukha
125Dhoujukha L.P. School 536Dhoujukha
126Pankumar Charilai L.P. School 625Pankumar Charilai
127Pankumar Charilai L.P. School 777Pankumar Charilai
128Pankumar L.P. School629Pankumar
129Khorsing Athoi L.P. School366Khorsing Athoi
130Dumukhi Jaljuri L.P. School 624Dumukhi Jaljuri
131Dumukhi Jaljuri L.P. School 409Dumukhi Jaljuri
132Dighalpani L.P. School 721Dighalpani
133Dighalpani L.P. School 516Dighalpani
134Borongatoli L.P. School489Borongatoli
135Jamuna Gaon L.P. School940Jamuna Gaon
136Dighaliati L.P. School912Dighaliati
137Okkereng Pathar High School 587Okkereng Pathar
138Okkereng Pathar High School 674Okkereng Pathar
139Hatipora L.P. School 729Hatipora
140Hatipora L.P. School 517Hatipora
141Panditghat High School473Panditghat
142Pubgojalipar L.P. School 872Pubgojalipar
143Pubgojalipar L.P. School 522Pubgojalipar
144Tilai Danga Jurapukhuri L.P. School 1053Tilai Danga Jurapukhuri
145Tilai Danga Jurapukhuri L.P. School 855Tilai Danga Jurapukhuri
146Howraghat High School 841Howraghat
147Howraghat High School 680Howraghat
148Howraghat High School 723Howraghat
149Howraghat L.P. School842Howraghat
150Howraghat M.E. School1044Howraghat
151Lemtem Singnar L.P. School307Lemtem Singnar
152B.K.B. High School 622
153B.K.B. High School 770
154Rongtara L.P. School 704Rongtara
155Rongtara L.P. School 484Rongtara
156Borjuri Kleng Bey L.P. School916Borjuri Kleng Bey

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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