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Polling Booth in Hojai Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Hojai

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hojai Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Jugijan Higher Secondary School 724Jugijan
2Jugijan Higher Secondary School707Jugijan
3Jugijan Higher Secondary School 684Jugijan
4Jugijan Higher Secondary School590Jugijan
5Jugijan M.E. School 701Jugijan
6Jugijan M.E. School 684Jugijan
7Pub Bogoriguri L. P. School 526Bogoriguri
8Pub Bogoriguri L. P. School 824Bogoriguri
9Kachari Basti L. P. School, 670Kachari Basti
10Kachari Basti L. P. School, 680Kachari Basti
11Saotal Basti L. P. School 502Saotal Basti
12Saotal Basti L. P. School 529Saotal Basti
13Uttar Bidyanagar L. P. School 1209Uttar Bidyanagar
14Uttar Bidyanagar L. P. School 927Uttar Bidyanagar
15Pachim Gopal Nagar L.P. School 619Pachim Gopal Nagar
16Pachim Gopal Nagar L.P. School 613Pachim Gopal Nagar
17Pachim Gopal Nagar L.P. School 1050Pachim Gopal Nagar
18Donkigaon L. P. School 718Donkigaon
19Donkigaon L. P. School 735Donkigaon
20Borpukhuri L.P. School(Assamese), 1024Borpukhuri
21Borpukhuri L.P. School(Assamese), 963Borpukhuri
22Borpukhuri L.P. School (Bengali) 671Borpukhuri
23Borpukhuri L.P. School (Bengali) 678Borpukhuri
24Borhola L. P. School 518Borhola
25Borhola L. P. School 943Borhola
26Fakaruddin Ali L.P. School536
27Amlipukhuri L. P. School 726Amlipukhuri
28Amlipukhuri L. P. School 433Amlipukhuri
29Amlipukhuri Reserve L.P. School894Amlipukhuri Reserve
30Dakhin Bedeoati L. P. School992Dakhin Bedeoati
31Nam Dobaka Gaon L.P.. School1102Nam Dobaka Gaon
32Nam Dobakagaon M.E.School 546Nam Dobakagaon
33Nam Dobakagaon M.E.School 486Nam Dobakagaon
34Nam Dobaka Pathar M.E. School1158Nam Dobaka Pathar
35Hindu Block M. V. School648Hindu Block
36Hindu Block Gaon Panchayat Office762Hindu Block Gaon
37Nahar Gaon Muktab School840Nahar Gaon
38Ashinagar Muktab School 745Ashinagar
39Ashinagar Muktab School 709Ashinagar
40Dakhin Ashinagar Balika L.P. School 685Dakhin Ashinagar Balika
41Dakhin Ashinagar Balika L.P. School 636Dakhin Ashinagar Balika
42Nilbagan Hafijia Madrassa536Nilbagan Hafijia Madrassa
43Pub Solmarijan L. P. School 578Solmarijan
44Pub Solmarijan L. P. School 696Solmarijan
45Pub Jugijan L. P. School818Jugijan
46Pachim Jugijan L. P. School577Pachim Jugijan
47Balirampathar L.P. School.545Balirampathar
48Barafuti L. P. School853Barafuti
49Hayang Basti Bengali L.P. School 463Hayang Basti Bengali
50Hayang Basti Bengali L.P. School 582Hayang Basti Bengali
51Rajbari L. P. School 674Rajbari
52Rajbari L. P. School 639Rajbari
53Dayamoyee High School 614Dayamoyee
54Dayamoyee High School 879Dayamoyee
55Uttar Radhanagar No.1 L.P. School839Uttar Radhanagar
56Dhakin Radhanagar L.P. School.470Dhakin Radhanagar
57Kenduguri Janajati L. P. School 593Kenduguri Janajati
58Kenduguri Janajati L. P. School 480Kenduguri Janajati
59Sibpur L. P. School1103Sibpur
60Waregeding L. P. School889Waregeding
61Solmari L. P. School916Solmari
62Na Bhanga L. P. School 980Na Bhanga
63Nobhanga L. P. School 412Nobhanga
64Dakhin Kenduguri L. P. School852Dakhin Kenduguri
65Siliguri Jahar L. P. School966Siliguri Jahar
66Siliguri L. P. School776Siliguri
67Alinagar L. P. School685Alinagar
68Fatehpur Balika L. P. School1057Fatehpur Balika
69Islam Nagar M. E. School 759Islam Nagar
70Islam Nagar M. E. School 798Islam Nagar
71Dasmati L.P. School1120Dasmati
72Dimrupar M. E. School587Dimrupar
73Dasmati L.P. School 336Dasmati
74Tengripar L. P. School814Tengripar
75Tengripar M. E. School769Tengripar
76Pub Nandalal.P.Ur Harinarayan L.P. School900Nandalal.P.Ur
77Hojai Town Nimna Buniyadi School791Hojai Town
78Hojai Town Nimna Buniyadi School 1002Hojai Town
79Hojai Town Nimna Buniyadi School 835Hojai Town
80Ashananda M. E. School535Ashananda
81Dangariyabari L.P. School928Dangariyabari
82Rastrabhasa M. E. School 607Rastrabhasa
83Rastrabhasa M. E. School 709Rastrabhasa
84Rastrabhasa M. E. School 882Rastrabhasa
85Rastrabhasa High School 691Rastrabhasa
86Rastrabhasa High School 760Rastrabhasa
87Jayantia Basti L.P. School648Jayantia Basti
88Alhajmontaj Ali L.P. School.,607Alhajmontaj Ali
89Deshabandhu Bidyapith907
90Deshabandhu Bidyapith 806
91Deshabandhu Bidyapith 686
92Deshabandhu Bidyapith Girls High School 711
93Deshabandhu Bidyapith Girls High School 565
94Rabindra Bidyalaya Higher Secondary School 1046
95Rabindra Bidyalaya Higher Secondary School 1006
96Rabindra Bidyalaya Higher Secondary School 827
97Rabindra Bidyalaya Higher Secondary School 437
98Rabindra Bidyalaya L. P. School 536
99Rabindra Bidyalaya L. P. School 824
100Hojai College (Science Det.)1075Hojai
101Hojai College (Arts Det.)980HojaI
102Abdul Hasib Higher Secondary School 631
103Abdul Hasib Higher Secondary School 667
104Abdul Hasib Higher Secondary School 670
105Abdul Hasib Girls High School519
106Gandhi Bidyapith High School 700
107Gandhi Bidyapith High School 617
108Adarsha Bidyaniketon M. E. School889
109Uttar Hojai Nimna Buniyadi School 381Uttar Hojai
110Uttar Hojai Nimna Buniyadi School 942Uttar Hojai
111Subash L. P. School 472Subash
112Subash L. P. School 670Subash
113Singari Basti L. P. School 749Singari Basti
114Singari Basti L. P. School 764Singari Basti
115Moina Pathar L. P. School336Moina Pathar
116Matikhola Public L.P. School 776Matikhola
117Matikhola Public L.P. School 657Matikhola
118Dhaninagar L. P. School910Dhaninagar
119Shyam Bud L. P. School (Assam)873Shyam Bud
120Kalinagar L. P. School 588Kalinagar
121Kalinagar L. P. School 818Kalinagar
122Kalinagar L. P. School 867Kalinagar
123Dakhin Hojai Komorakata Coop. Society1019Dakhin Hojai
124Office Of The B.D.O., Dhal.P.Ukhuri981Dhal.P.Ukhuri
125Milikbasti L. P. School 1042Milikbasti
126Milikbasti L. P. School 973Milikbasti
127No. 2 Amtola L. P. School 536Amtola
128No. 2 Amtola L. P. School 476Amtola
129Kumrakata Forest Villege L.P. School.783Kumrakata Forest Villege
130Komorakata Tribal L. P. School920Komorakata Tribal
131Raikata L. P. School756Raikata
132Deshbhakta Tarunram Phukan M. E. School838Deshbhakta Tarunram Phukan
133Raikata L. P. School 850Raikata
134Raikata L. P. School 311Raikata
135Golaghatia Bastuhara L. P. School859Golaghatia Bastuhara
136Bidhyasagar M.E. School.940Bidhyasagar
137Gochorabasti M. V. School950Gochorabasti
138Dakhin Golaghatia Basti L. P. School 729Dakhin Golaghatia Basti
139Dakhin Golaghatia Basti L. P. School 649Dakhin Golaghatia Basti
140Golaghatia Bastuhara L. P. School 530Golaghatia Bastuhara
141Golaghatia Bastuhara L. P. School 599Golaghatia Bastuhara
142Bidyasagar M. E. School 630Bidyasagar
143Bidyasagar M. E. School 684Bidyasagar
144Telibasti L. P. School 825Telibasti
145Telibasti L. P. School 597Telibasti
146Telibasti L. P. School 996Telibasti
147Santiniketan L.P. School 666Santiniketan
148Santiniketan L.P. School 551Santiniketan
149Pub Dhaniram Pather L. P. School 980Dhaniram Pather
150Pub Dhaniram Pathar M.E.. School 620Dhaniram Pather
151Pub Dhaniram Pathar M.E.. School 656Dhaniram Pather
152Pub Dhaniram Pathar M.E.. School 858Dhaniram Pather
153Pachim Nandapur M. V. School 846Pachim Nandapur
154Pachim Nandapur M. V. School 388Pachim Nandapur
155Bishnupur L. P. School 679Bishnupur
156Bishnupur L. P. School 594Bishnupur
157Dhanuhar Basti L. P. School 728Dhanuhar Basti
158Dhanuhar Basti L. P. School 476Dhanuhar Basti
159Dhanuhar Basti Supahi Muktab School 676Dhanuhar Basti Supahi Muktab
160Dhanuhar Basti Supahi Muktab School 587Dhanuhar Basti Supahi Muktab
161Hira Basti L. P. School 763Hira Basti
162Hira Basti L. P. School 625Hira Basti
163Nagar Bashi M. E. School1125Nagar Bashi
164Itakhola Horizon L. P. School 796Itakhola Horizon
165Itakhola Horizon L. P. School 739Itakhola Horizon
166Padum Pukhuri High School770Padum Pukhuri
167Gouranagar L. P. School888Gouranagar
168Mainapur L. P. School1011Mainapur
169Bhimarali L. P. School 558Bhimarali
170Bhimarali L. P. School 592Bhimarali
171Jorang Pathar L. P. School742Jorang Pathar
172Lankajan Jamunasit L. P. School865Lankajan Jamunasit
173Kapilipar Natun Bazar Muktab School586Kapilipar Natun Bazar Muktab
174Hawaipur L. P. School 542Hawaipur
175Hawaipur L. P. School 592Hawaipur
176Dakhin Udaipur L. P. School 624Dakhin Udaipur
177Dakhin Udaipur L. P. School 518Dakhin Udaipur
178Kathaltoli M. E. School471Kathaltoli
179Aiveti Sankardev L. P. School843Aiveti Sankardev
180Jamuhandal L. P. School757Jamuhandal
181Udaipur L. P. School622Udaipur
182Pamgaon Bhagya Lakshmi L. P. School 740Pamgaon
183Pamgaon Bhagya Lakshmi L. P. School 665Pamgaon
184Jurapukhuri L. P. School913Jurapukhuri
185Sankarbasti L. P. School 642Sankarbasti
186Sankarbasti L. P. School 517Sankarbasti
187Lakhipur L. P. School 802Lakhipur
188Lakhipur L. P. School 668Lakhipur
189Binapani L. P. School (Baluhandar)902Binapani
190Pachim Bhalukmari L. P. School 647Pachim Bhalukmari
191Pachim Bhalukmari L. P. School 563Pachim Bhalukmari
192Pub Bhalukmari L. P. School 1049Pub Bhalukmari
193Pub Bhalukmari L. P. School 846Pub Bhalukmari
194Baluhandar L. P. School 912Baluhandar
195Baluhandar L. P. School 719Baluhandar
196Laskar Panchali Muktab 922Laskar Panchali Muktab
197Laskar Panchali Muktab 785Laskar Panchali Muktab
198Pachim Farmar Gaon L. P. School 627Pachim Farmar Gaon
199Pachim Farmar Gaon L. P. School 614Pachim Farmar Gaon
200Panchali M. E. Madrassa 609Panchali
201Panchali M. E. Madrassa 901Panchali
202Laskar Pathar High School652Laskar Pathar
203Dablong L. P. School 1076Dablong
204Dablong L. P. School 357Dablong
205Dablong L. P. School 751Dablong
206No. 2 Panchali Muktab 705Panchali Muktab
207No. 2 Panchali Muktab 936Panchali Muktab
208No. 2 Panchali Muktab 1113Panchali Muktab
209Kharikhana Bengali L. P. School 744Kharikhana Bengali
210Kharikhana Bengali L. P. School 654Kharikhana Bengali
211No. 2 Kapilipar L. P. School837Kapilipar
212Kapilipar Siraj Nagar Muktab School881Kapilipar Siraj Nagar Muktab
213Manduli Rastrabhasa L. P. School 739Manduli Rastrabhasa
214Manduli Rastrabhasa L. P. School 622Manduli Rastrabhasa
215Formarpar Pradip L. P. School 727Formarpar Pradip
216Formarpar Pradip L. P. School 653Formarpar Pradip
217Formarpar High School985Formarpar
218Akunta Nazrul L. P. School865Akunta Nazrul
219Simlaipathar M. E. Madrassa 695Simlaipathar
220Simlaipathar M. E. Madrassa 533Simlaipathar
221Khong Khong Basti L. P. School612Khong Khong Basti
222Bordolong L. P. School 862Bordolong
223Bordolong L. P. School 1008Bordolong
224Bordolong L. P. School 1036Bordolong
225No. 1 Samboria L. P. School 843Samboria
226No. 1 Samboria L. P. School 788Samboria
227Goria Pathar L. P. School698Goria Pathar
228No. 2 Samboria L. P. School 734Samboria
229No.2 Samboria L. P. School 763Samboria
230Krishna Nagar M. E. School 1289Krishna Nagar
231Krishna Nagar M. E. School 130Krishna Nagar
232Krishna Nagar L. P. School1063Krishna Nagar
233Rabindra Nath L. P. School 722Rabindra Nath
234Rabindra Nath L. P. School 711Rabindra Nath
235Lanka Netaji Bidyaniketon H. S. School 1323Lanka
236Lanka Netaji Bidyaniketon H. S. School 551Lanka
237Lanka Netaji Bidyaniketon H. S. School 822Lanka
238Lanka Gaon L. P. School 1383Lanka Gaon
239Lanka Gaon L. P. School 1113Lanka Gaon
240Sister Nivedita Girls High School979
241Sister Nivedita Girls High School1170
242Bibekananda Pathsala 1245
243Pachim Lankagaon L.P. School 817Pachim Lankagaon
244Pachim Lankagaon L.P. School 976Pachim Lankagaon
245Exservicem.E.N Colony M.E. School.1157Exservicem.E.N Colony
246Bibekananda Pathsala 1169
247Lanka Public Higher Secondary School 1030Lanka
248Lanka Public Higher Secondary School 898Lanka
249Lanka High School 951Lanka
250Lanka High School 1031Lanka
251Lanka High School 527Lanka
252Parsuram Majumdar Girls M.E. School 1362Parsuram Majumdar
2531098 Pub Bhalukmari L. P. School1078Bhalukmari
254No. 4 Lankeswari Grant L. P. School 592Lankeswari Grant
255No. 4 Lankeswari Grant L. P. School 1004Lankeswari Grant
256Bankim Chandra Adarsha Pathsala 769
257Bankim Chandra Adarsha Pathsala 527
258Lankeswari Grant No. 1 L. P. School931Lankeswari Grant
259Lankeswari Grant No. 2 L. P. School 1338Lankeswari Grant
260Lankeswari Grant No. 2 L. P. School 966Lankeswari Grant
261Masaka L. P. School804Masaka
262Masaka M.E . School965Masaka
263Singjuri L. P. School 563Singjuri
264Singjuri L. P. School 685Singjuri

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