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Polling Booth in Hajo Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Hajo

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hajo Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1No. 208 Lachi Bishnupur L.P. School 627Lachibishnupur
1No. 208 Lachi Bishnupur L.P. School 627Lachibishnupur
1No. 208 Lachi Bishnupur L.P. School 627Hemdol
2No. 208 Lachi Bishnupur L P School 593Lachibishnupur
3No. 202 Dhuhibala Muktab L P School 699Dhuhibala Muktab
4No. 202 Dhuhibala Muktab L P School592Dhuhibala Muktab
5No. 202 Dhuhibala Muktab L P School594Dhuhibala Muktab
6Larma Gourhati Nabajyoti Girls High School793Larma Gourhati
6Larma Gourhati Nabajyoti Girls High School793Larma Gourhati
6Larma Gourhati Nabajyoti Girls High School793Larma Gourhati
7Uttartari Milan Primaryschool 660Uttartari Milan
8Uttartari Milan Primaryschool 977Uttartari Milan
8Uttartari Milan Primaryschool 977Uttartari Milan
9Pub Nowapara Primary School785Nowapara
10Gaurbala L.P. School 1105Gaurbala
11Gaurbala L.P. School 346Gaurbala
12Balisatra High School 934Balisatra
13Balisatra High School 830Balisatra
14No. 214 Uttar Baliasatra L. P. School 542Balisatra
15No. 214 Uttar Baliasatra L. P. School 614Alipur
15No. 214 Uttar Baliasatra L. P. School 614Balisatra
16Purnakhumdum Pub Par L.P. School 551Purnakhumdum
17Purnakhumdum Pub Par L.P. School 520Purnakhumdum
17Purnakhumdum Pub Par L.P. School 520Garamsung
18No. 205 Simalua L.P. School 737Simalua
19No. 205 Simalua L.P. School 419Simalua
19No. 205 Simalua L.P. School 419Goakhal
20Baranghati High L. P. School 588Baranghati
21Baranghati High L. P. School656Baranghati
22Baranghati High L. P. School 776Baranghati
23Baranghati High L. P. School 241Baranghati
23Baranghati High L. P. School 241Dudlong
24Patrapukhuripar High School757Barpulla
25Doichapara L.P. School475Daisapra
26Kampeeth M.E. School 536Koya
26Kampeeth M.E. School 536Diplang
27Kampeeth M.E. School 523Koya
28Palapara No.2 L.P. School537Palapara
29Garput Bapuji M.E. School895Garpot
29Garput Bapuji M.E. School895Sadaikuchi
30Souramuri L. P. School 912Souramuri
31Souramuri L. P. School 504Souramuri
32Sorabari L. P. School 898Sarabari
33Sorabari L. P. School 438Sarabari
34Natun Sorabari L. P. School 994Sarabari
35Natun Sorabari L. P. School 497Sarabari
36Hablakha Janapriya L. P. School 800Hablakha
37Hablakha Janapriya L. P. School 768Hablakha
38No. 85 Barni L.P. School 634Barni
39No. 85 Barni L.P. School 726Barni
40Barni M.E. Madrassa 597Barni
41Barni M.E. Madrassa 490Barni
42Barni M.E. Madrassa 741Barni
43Barni M.E. Madrassa 523Barni
44Da Barni L.P. School602Barni
45Saniadi A.S.A. Girls High School 592Saniadi
46Saniadi A.S.A. Girls High School 492Saniadi
47Adhiarpara L.P. School827Adhiyarpara
48Bihdia L.P. School388Bihdia
49B.A.S. Madrassa H.S. School 568Saniadi
50B.A.S. Madrassa H.S. School 444Saniadi
51B.A.S. Madrassa H.S. School 891Saniadi
52Saniadi Saklapara High School 630Chakanapar (Saniadi)
53Saniadi Saklapara High School 571Sakanapar (Saniadi)
54Doloitola L.P. School 790Daloitola
55Doloitola L.P. School 803Daloitala
56Khopnikuchi M. E. School 751Khopani Kuchi
57Khopnikuchi M. E. School 846Khopani Kuchi
58Khopnikuchi M.E. School 1023Khopani Kuchi
59Deharkuriha M.E. School 836Dehar Kuriha
60Deharkuriha M.E. School 863Dehar Kuriha
61Barsali High School1114Bhelkar
62Bhelkar L. P. School 705Bhelkar
63Bhelkar L. P. School 821Bhelkar
64Ratanpur L. P. School 713Bangalpara
65Ratanpur L. P. School 879Bangalpara
66Barkhalihamari L.P. School 821Barkhalihamari
67Barkhalihamari L.P. School 337Barkhalihamari
68Soulmari L.P. School660Bhumarbadi
68Soulmari L.P. School660Solmari
69Tapabari L.P. School884Tapabari
69Tapabari L.P. School884Gandheli Tari
70Tapabari Pandit Neheru L.P. School1138Tetelia
71Sastar L.P. School967Saar
72Bangal.P.Ara L.P. School557Chatala Badi
73Ujankuri M.E. School 718Ujankuri
74Ujankuri M.E. School 1067Ujankuri
75Ujankuri L.P. School986Ramdia
76Ramdia High School 752Majarkuri (Ct)
77Ramdia High School 568Majarkuri (Ct)
78Ramdia High School 419Majarkuri (Ct)
79Majarkuri L.P. School 551Majarkuri (Ct)
80Majarkuri L.P. School 452Majarkuri (Ct)
81Majarkuri L.P. School 687Majarkuri (Ct)
81Majarkuri L.P. School 687Sarubakara
82Jagannath L.P. School858Bangal Tola
83Rupnagar Balika L P School R742Bangal Tola
84Rupnagar Balika L P School L500Bangal Tola
85Konwarpur L. P. School 765Konwarpur
86Konwarpur L. P. School 617Konwarpur
87Dakhin Singra Anchalik High School 582Konwarpur
88Dakhin Singra Anchalik High School 504Konwarpur
89Konwarpur M.E. School608Dakshin Singra
90Dihina L.P. School 689Dihina
91Dihina L.P. School 612Dihina
92Dihina L.P. School 603Dihina
93Ekadi Kandharpar L.P. School938Akadi
94Ekadi Milan L.P. School969Akadi
95Rajabazar Thakuria Supa L.P. School 636Raja Bazar
96Rajabazar Thakuria Supa L.P. School 612Raja Bazar
97Hirajani L.P. School786Hirajani
98Kalitakuchi L.P. School858Kalita Kuchi
98Kalitakuchi L.P. School858Kulhati
99Kalitakuchi M.E. School889Kalita Kuchi
99Kalitakuchi M.E. School889Kulhati
100Bagta High School 782Bagta
101Bagta High School 603Bagta
102Bagta High School 775Bagta
103Bagta High School 579Bagta
104Bagta M. V. School686Bagta
105Rajabazar Girls L.P. School972Bagta
106Satdola M.E. School536Hadala
107Satdola L.P. School 696Hadala
108Satdola L.P. School 680Hadala
109Bhomarbari L.P. School515Bhumar Badi
110Hadala L.P. School874Hadala
111No.1 Japia L.P. School 643Japia
112No. 1 Japia L.P. School 449Japia
113Japia Janata L P School580Japia
114Japia Milan High School 719Japia
115Japia Milan High School 725Japia
116Helecha L.P. School968Helesha
117Ukhura L.P. School 542Ukhura
118Ukhura L.P. School 540Ukhura
119Ukhura Madrassa956Ukhura
120Borombai M E Madrassa 710Mokhania
121Borombai M E Madrassa625Mokhania
122Ketekibari L.P. School665Ketekibari
123Tetelia L.P. School691Tetelia
124Bausi L.P. School628Bausiloutoli
125Tetelia Lawtoli L.P. School 777Tokradia Loutari
126Tetelia Lawtoli L.P. School 320Tokradia Loutari
127No. 1253 Bahana L.P. School705Bahana
128No. 307 Chechamukh L.P. School 718Sesamukh
129No. 307 Chechamukh L.P. School 859Sesamukh
129No. 307 Chechamukh L.P. School 859Sesamukh
130Chechamukh M.E. School802Sesamukh
131Bardadhi Girls L.P. School1090Bardadhi
132Pachgaon M.E. School 820Gerua
133Pachgaon M.E. School 581Bardadhi
134Pachgaon M.E. School 438Bardadhi
135Abhaypur L.P. School 575Abhoypur
136Abhaypur L.P. School 545Abhoypur
137Abhaypur L.P. School 888Abhoypur
138Kulhati Girls High School 692Kulahati
139Kulhati Girls High School 687Kulahati
140No.3 Kulhati L.P. School 852Kulahati
141No.3 Kulhati L.P. School 833Kulahati
142Kulhati Uttam Chandra Bharali High School 738Kulahati
143Kulhati Uttam Chandra Bharali High School 510Kulahati
144Hajo S.B.S.K.R. H.S. School 926Hajo
145Hajo S.B.S.K.R. H.S. School 594Hajo
146Hajo Bharalitola L.P. School718Hajo
147Barchapari L.P. School936Barsapari
147Barchapari L.P. School936Saktibari
148Hajo Kaibartatola L. P. School 678Hajo
149Hajo Kaibartatola L. P. School 698Hajo
150Hajo Namasudrapara L.P. School 1004Hajo
151Hajo Namasudrapara L.P. School 489Hajo
151Hajo Namasudrapara L.P. School 489Patni
152Kushaboi L.P. School679Patni
153Hajo Aananta Kandali L.P. School 652Hajo
154Hajo Aananta Kandali L.P. School 514Hajo
155Hajo Girls High School 625Hajo
156Hajo Girls High School 739Hajo
157Hajo Devalaya L.P. School 670Hajo
158Hajo Devalaya L.P. School 339Hajo
158Hajo Devalaya L.P. School 339Hajo
159No.2 Hajo Girls M.E. School 655Hajo
160No.2 Hajo Girls M.E. School 345Hajo
160No.2 Hajo Girls M.E. School 345Hajo
161No.2 Hajo Girls M.E. School 673Hajo
162No.2 Hajo Girls M.E. School 376Hajo
162No.2 Hajo Girls M.E. School 376Hajo
163Kachuwarbri L P School R603Manah Kuchi
164Kachuwarbri L P School L569Manah Kuchi
165Barambai High School R627Manah Kuchi
166Barambai High School L481Manah Kuchi
167Manahkuchi Janata M.E. School627Manah Kuchi
168No.1 Manahkuchi L.P. School 753Manah Kuchi
169No.1 Manahkuchi L.P. School 700Manah Kuchi
170Tanganmari L.P. School 817Tangunmari
170Tanganmari L.P. School 817Panditar Pam
171Tanganmari L.P. School 344Tangunmari
171Tanganmari L.P. School 344Panditar Pam
172Dakhin Gaon Burah Pam L. P. School 575Gaonburar Pam
173Dakhin Gaon Burah Pam L. P. School 641Gaonburar Pam
174Hardia Pam L.P. School 688Hardia Pam
175Hardia Pam L.P. School 365Hardia Pam
175Hardia Pam L.P. School 365NizHardia
176Khetrihardia H. S. School607Khetri Hardia
177Dampur No.4 Sowansah L.P. School455Sobanshah
178No. 540 Sowansah L.P. School850Sobanshah
179Silguri M.E. School 725Silkuri
180Silguri M.E. School 521Bamundi
180Silguri M.E. School 521Silkuri
181Bamundi High School 843Hatimura
182Bamundi High School 811Hatimura
182Bamundi High School 811Barlah
183Bamundi Girls High School 628Barlah
184Bamundi Girls High School 722Barlah
185Bamundi Basic School641Barlah
186Tripara L.P. School740Halo Gaon
187Halogaon M.E. School 898Halo Gaon
188Halogaon M.E. School 734Halo Gaon
188Halogaon M.E. School 734Halo Gaon
189Halogaon M.E. School 580Halo Gaon
190Sarulah Barlah M E School 591Sarulah
191Sarulah Barlah M E School493Sarulah
192Sarulah Barlah M E School 763Sarulah
193Tokradai L.P. School 679Tokradia
194Tokradai L.P. School 301Tokradia
194Tokradai L.P. School 301Ujan Tokradia
195Sanpara L. P. School 848Sanpara Grant
196Sanpara L. P. School 595Sanpara Grant
197Dampur H. S. School 629Dampur
198Dampur H. S. School 460Dampur
198Dampur H. S. School 460Dampur
199Dampur H. S. School 896Dampur
200Pub Dampur L.P. School 661Dampur
201Pub Dampur L.P. School 836Dampur
202Bardmpur L.P. School 876Bardampur
203Bardampur L.P. School 664Bardampur
203Bardampur L.P. School 664Bardampur

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