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Polling Booth in Hailakandi Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Hailakandi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hailakandi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
164 No. Bhajantipur L.P. School893Bhajantipur
2Bhajantipur M.E. School758Bhajantipur
3Khalilia Madrassa708Khalilia Madrassa
4Purba Sonapur M.V. School751Purba Sonapur
5950 Srimanta Shankar Dev Asami L.P. School586
6Nitai Nagar High School 810Nitai Nagar
7Nitai Nagar M.E. School838Nitai Nagar
8Dakhin Bhishnughar L.P. School878Dakhin Bhishnughar
9420 Tikarbasti L.P. School 768Tikarbasti
10420 Tikarbasti L.P. School 617Tikarbasti
1149 Mahatma Gandhi L.P. School733
1220 Rangauti L.P. School675Rangauti
13439 No. Rangauti L.P. School722Rangauti
14561 Chei Brajapur L.P. School 1138Chei Brajapur
15Ratanpur M.E. School618Ratanpur
16610 Ratanpur L.P. School636Ratanpur
1788 Ratanpur L.P. School934Ratanpur
18486 Bandukmara L.P. School562Bandukmara
19429 Bandukmara L.P. School573Bandukmara
20Bahadurpur M.E. Madrassa 937Bahadurpur
21Bahadurpur M.E. Madrassa 963Bahadurpur
22443 Dakhin Bahadurpur L.P. School 691Dakhin Bahadurpur
23443 Dakhin Bahadurpur L.P. School 675Dakhin Bahadurpur
24661 Brajapur L.P. School671Brajapur
25Hilal Uddin Memorial M.E. School921
269 Bandukmara L.P. School 383Bandukmara
279 Bandukmara L.P. School 1007Bandukmara
281051 Purbalal L.P. School 654Purbalal
291051 Purbalal L.P. School 628Purbalal
30767 Bandukmara R.A. L.P.School871Bandukmara
3146 Samarikona L.P. School 1153Samarikona
3246 Samarikona L.P. School 1215Samarikona
33871 Mirargram L.P. School881Mirargram
34Matijuri M.E. School887Matijuri
35203 Matijuri Girls L.P. School884Matijuri
36166 Kajirkona L.P. School881Kajirkona
3712 No Paikan L.P. School 616Paikan
3812 Paikan L.P. School570Paikan
3912 No.Paikan L.P. School 955Paikan
40Brajapur M.V. School795Brajapur
41120 Vichingsa Maktab L.P. School 676Vichingsa Maktab
42120 Vichingsa Maktab L.P. School 665Vichingsa Maktab
43714 Vichingsa L.P. School827Vichingsa
44660 Bilpar Dhumkar Elementary L.P. School1105Bilpar Dhumkar
45Alia Madrassa 758
46Alia Madrassa 727
47Astc Office Building536
48Rangauti G.P.S.S. Ltd. 450Rangauti
49Harijan L.P.School756Harijan
50Rangauti G.P.S.S. Ltd. 713Rangauti
5128 Nilmoni Pathsala 604Nilmoni Pathsala
5228 Nilmoni Pathsala 564Nilmoni Pathsala
53338 Bishnunath L.P. School 659Bishnunath
54338 Bishnunath L.P. School 600Bishnunath
55Narayanpur M.V. School 593Narayanpur
56Narayanpur M.V. School 570Narayanpur
57144 Vichingsa L.P. School 703Vichingsa
58144 Vichingsa L.P. School 814Vichingsa
59Churamoni M.V. School919Churamoni
60111 Dudpur L.P. School838Dudpur
61Bauarghat M.E. School 857Bauarghat
62Bauarghat M.E. School 683Bauarghat
63Bauarghat M.E. School 649Bauarghat
6477 Chandrapur L.P. School657Chandrapur
65Kuchila M.E. School 850Kuchila
66Kuchila M.E. School 716Kuchila
67142 Bashdohor L.P. School936Bashdohor
68Janakalyan M.V. School1027Janakalyan
69578 Polly Mangal L.P. School525Polly Mangal
70151 Rongpur Maktab518Rongpur
7135 Dakhin Sonapur L.P. School751Dakhin Sonapur
7232 Sonapur L.P. School939Sonapur
73Sonapur Rajbao M.E. School758Sonapur Rajbao
74Narshing Das Model High School 906
75Narshing Das Model High School 736
7685 Kalacherra L.P. School767Kalacherra
77Nimaichandpur High School 627Nimaichandpur
78133 Gulurbangha Maktab L.P. School910Gulurbangha Maktab
7957 Purba Rajyeswarpur L.P. School 612Purba Rajyeswarpur
8057 Purbo Rajyeswarpur L.P. School 533Purba Rajyeswarpur
81424 Anoarpar L.P. School848Anoarpar
82462 Saheb Ramtuk L.P. School359Saheb Ramtuk
83562 Sarbodoya L.P. School885Sarbodoya
84Nimaichandpur High School 871Nimaichandpur
85Nityanandapur M.E. School 705Nityanandapur
86Nityanandapur M.E. School 512Nityanandapur
87Nityanandapur M.E. School 537Nityanandapur
88Nityanandapur M.E School 498Nityanandapur
8937 Borbond L.P. School 1024Borbond
9037 Borbond L.P. School 1013Borbond
9194 Borbond L.P. School1028Borbond
92R.P. Bidyapith M.E. School1058
93Monsara Madrassa1091Monsara Madrassa
94106 Lakhi Nagar L.P. School 959Lakhi Nagar
95Narmadamoyee M.E. School503Narmadamoyee
96Brajabashi M.V. School 722Brajabashi
97Brajabashi M.V. School 611Brajabashi
98728 Saranarthipur L.P. School1011Saranarthipur
99Monasera High School 957Monasera
100Monasera High School 795Monasera
101Purba Kitterbond M.E. School903Purba Kitterbond
102262 Purba Kitterbond L.P. School791Purba Kitterbond
103K. Bacha Singh M.E. School 620
104K. Bacha Singh M.E. School 582
105128 Rajyeswarpur L.P. School835Rajyeswarpur
106Leishramkon Mithai M.E. School721Leishramkon Mithai
107Rajyeswarpur M.E. School861Rajyeswarpur
108Rajyeswarpur M. V. School769Rajyeswarpur
109101 Mirirgul L.P. School 698Mirirgul
110101 Mirirgul L.P. School 508Mirirgul
111Soyashmoyee M.E. School 833Soyashmoyee
112Soyashmoyee M.E. School 827Soyashmoyee
113Madaripar M.E. School917Madaripar
114B.L. M.E. School630
115544 Gaglacherra Bagan L.P.School815Gaglacherra Bagan
116566 Kalapahar Hindi L.P.School669Kalapahar
117Gaglacherra Iti L.P.School (Katal Tilla)538Gaglacherra Iti
118156 Kunkun Basti L.P. School262Kunkun Basti
119109 Umed Nagar L.P. School690Umed Nagar
120Umed Nagar M.E. School725Umed Nagar
121882 Harijan L.P. School 892Harijan
122882 Harijan L.P. School 825Harijan
123Chandrapur M.V. School 571Chandrapur
124Chandrapur M.V. School 496Chandrapur
125Bheul M.V. School 581Bheul
126Bheul M.V. School 622Bheul
12795 Bhabanipur L.P. School794Bhabanipur
128Sachiura M.E. School ,993Sachiura
129Sachiura M.E. School ,705Sachiura
130Sachiura M.E. School ,616Sachiura
131Monachera M.E. School653Monachera
132495 Lala Block L.P. School625Lala Block
133Lakhi Nagar M.V. School ,631Lakhi Nagar
134Lakhinagar M.V. School ,370Lakhinagar
135Lakhinagar M.V. School ,827Lakhinagar
136Aenakhal Aclass L.P. School ,766Aenakhal
137453 Aenakhal Hindi L.P. School872Aenakhal
138Aenakhal Aclass L.P. School ,859Aenakhal
139Singala M.E. School 652Singala
140Singala M.E. School 574Singala
141Rambhai Patel Janakalyan M.E. School 670
142Rambhai Patel Janakalyan M.E. School 577
14376 Sachiura L.P. School 152Sachiura
14476 Sachiura L.P. School 803Sachiura
14576 Sachiura L.P. School 757Sachiura
146537 Narsingpur Bagan L.P. School ,667Narsin
147537 Narsingpur Bagan L.P. School ,472Narsin
148537 Narsingpur Bagan L.P. School ,622Narsin
149537 Narsingpur Bagan L.P. School307Narsin
150655 Simanthila L.P.School748Simanthila
151539 Garden L.P.School379
152Indra Kumari Girls H.S. School ,865
153Indra Kumari Girls H.S. School 560
154Indra Kumari Girls H.S. School 547
155Indra Kumari Girls H.S. School549
156Rishi Arabinda L.P. School 1103
157Rishi Arabinda L.P. School 769
158522 No. Ananta Bidyaniketon L.P. School 739
159522 Ananta Bidyaniketon L.P. School 695
160522 Ananta Bidyaniketon L.P. School 770
161Graham M.V. School 868Graham
162519 Dayamoyee Pathsala 746
163Graham M.V. School 1081Graham
164519 Dayamoyee Pathsala 654
165519 Dayamoyee Pathsala 713
166524 Ramchandra Muktabashi L.P. School742
16799 Narayanpur L.P. School900Narayanpur
168523 Sri Chaitainya Bidyapith 568
169523 Sri Chaitainya Bidyapith 616
170523 Sri Chaitainya Bidyapith 963
171518 Radhamoni Pathsala 551
172518 Radhamoni Pathsala 439
173517 Shyamacharan Gyanada Sundhari Pathsala 613
174517 Shyamacharan Gyanada Sundhari Pathsala 715
175Harakishore High School 1285
176Harakishore High School 1202
177Haricharan Mahamaya High School 798
178Haricharan Mahamaya High School 1108
179917 Haricharan Mahamaya Pathsala 701
180917 Haricharan Mahamaya Pathsala 1047

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