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Polling Booth in Gossaigaon Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Gossaigaon

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gossaigaon Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1742, Janaligaon L.P. School 865Janaligaon
2742, Janaligaon L.P. School 840Janaligaon
3590 Bongaon L.P. School923Bongaon
4993 Choraigaon L.P. School317Choraigaon
5456 Raimona L.P. School 746Raimona
6456, Raimona L.P. School 837Raimona
7Mothambil M E School477Mothambil
8Mothambil M.E. School 580Mothambil
9398, Amritpur L.P. School940Amritpur
10986, Dumbazar L.P. School1035Dumbazar
11999, Oxiguri L.P. School918Oxiguri
12609, Dalgaon L.P. School915Dalgaon
13996, Ranipur L.P. School436Ranipur
14507 Lotamari L.P. School985Lotamari
15297, Nandipur L.P. School581Nandipur
16Takampur L.P. School 921Takampur
17Takampur L.P. School 611Takampur
18No. 2. Takamtukum L.P. School.600Takamtukum
19558, Uttar Gongia L.P. School 595Uttar Gongia
20558, Uttar Gongia L.P. School 579Uttar Gongia
21Dakhin Gongia L.P. School 793Dakhin Gongia
22Dakhin Gongia L.P. School 1066Dakhin Gongia
23457, Bharat Nagar L.P. School982Bharat Nagar
24Kachugaon M.E. School335Kachugaon
25Dhardhara L.P. School 597Dhardhara
26Dhardhara L.P. School 532Dhardhara
27244, Jaleswari L.P. School 729Jaleswari
28986 Uttar Lotamari L.P. School.781Uttar Lotamari
29985, Jaleswari L.P. School1073Jaleswari
30296, Pokalagi L.P. School820Pokalagi
31390, Nasraibil L.P. School1071Nasraibil
32130, Boshgaon L.P. School812Boshgaon
33587, Soraibil L.P. School348Soraibil
34727, Ballamjhora L.P. School 991Ballamjhora
35727, Ballamjhora L.P. School 841Ballamjhora
36997, Kusumbil L.P. School 602Kusumbil
37997, Kusumbil L.P. School 653Kusumbil
38533, Balagaon L.P. School840Balagaon
39245, Suribari L.P. School572Suribari
401000, Alinagar L.P. School635Alinagar
41726, Lakriguri L.P. School828Lakriguri
42Fulkumari L.P. School524Fulkumari
43Boroghopa L.P. School 527Boroghopa
44Boroghopa L.P. School 395Boroghopa
45Ramdew L.P. School958Ramdew
461085, Hari Nagar L.P. School526Hari Nagar
47508, Amlaiguri L.P. School797Amlaiguri
48536, Sindrijhora L.P. School1017Sindrijhora
49113, Katribari L.P. School689Katribari
50626, Majati L.P. School893Majati
51625, Rajendrapur L.P. School816Rajendrapur
52Jakati L.P. School826Jakati
53298, Hatigarh L.P. School961Hatigarh
541176, Singibil L.P. School847Singibil
55Mandaria L.P. School1056Mandaria
56237, Khagrabari L.P. School543Khagrabari
57534, Jambuguri L.P. School1047Jambuguri
58202, Gaonchulka L.P. School532Gaonchulka
59156, Borobadha L.P. School 738Borobadha
60461, Madhyanagar L.P. School657Madhyanagar
61Kashiabari M.E. School 1088Kashiabari
62Kashiabari M.E. School 725Kashiabari
63Kashiabari M. E. School589Kashiabari
64265, Pakriguri L.P. School778Pakriguri
651011, Burasara L.P. School730Burasara
66264, Ghaksa J.B. School 568Ghaksa
67264, Ghaksa J.B. School 586Ghaksa
68Bhorpur L.P. School974Bhorpur
69995, Barjabil L.P. School879Barjabil
70Kanhupara L.P. School 804Kanhupara
71Kanhupara L.P. School 988Kanhupara
72530, Gurufela L.P. School 608Gurufela
73530, Gurufela L.P. School 911Gurufela
74532, Joymahat L.P. School 852Joymahat
75532, Joymahat L.P. School 505 Joymahat
76528, Brojabil L.P. School602Brojabil
771027, Panowary L.P. School123Panowary
78505, Doikhorguri L.P. School773Doikhorguri
7947, Ballimari L.P. School702Ballimari
801022, Saljuri L.P. School1076Saljuri
81844, Matiapara L.P. School 684Matiapara
82844, Matiapara L.P. School 656Matiapara
83844, Matiapara L.P. School 765Matiapara
84188, Sapkata L.P. School 860Sapkata
85188, Sapkata L.P. School 586Sapkata
86Maktaigaon H.S.School438Maktaigaon
87470, Polashguri L.P. School 1049Polashguri
88No.1 Polashguri Nabajyoti L.P. School639Polashguri
89584, Hasrawbari L.P. School729Hasrawbari
901012, Howriapet L.P. School1168Howriapet
91111, Gothaibari L.P. School678Gothaibari
92Khoksaguri M.V. School1111Khoksaguri
93Jaraguri H. School 705Jaraguri
94Jaraguri H. School 677Jaraguri
95No.2 Khoksaguri L.P. School422Khoksaguri
96642, Bajugaon L.P. School649Bajugaon
97No.2 Howriapet Nabajyoti L.P. School1016Howriapet Nabajyoti
98788, Goladangi Thuribari L.P. School932Goladangi Thuribari
99589, Dawaguri L.P. School 931Dawaguri
100717, Gokulkata L.P. School899Gokulkata
101589, Dawaguri L.P. School 534Dawaguri
10258, Dawaguri L.P. School 956Dawaguri
10358, Dawaguri L.P. School 548Dawaguri
104683, Burichatam L.P. School1035Burichatam
105No.2 Polashguri L.P. School785Polashguri
106531, Bhomrabil L.P. School 826Bhomrabil
107531, Bhomrabil L.P. School 639Bhomrabil
108Bhomrabil M.E.M.606Bhomrabil
109464, Serfanguri L.P. School 489Serfanguri
110464, Serfanguri L.P. School 877Serfanguri
111Malaguri M.V. School 375Malaguri
112Malaguri M.V. School 1140Malaguri
1131024, Habrubil L.P. School 699Habrubil
1141024, Habrubil L.P. School 644Habrubil
115Habrubil M.E. School373Habrubil
116Habrubil High School1172Habrubil
117Dhauliguri L.P. School 710Dhauliguri
118Dhauliguri L.P. School 468Dhauliguri
119295, Silbhaji L.P. School548Silbhaji
120Sishukalyan Sikha Mandir L.P. School 778
121Sishukalyan Sikha Mandir L.P. School 673
12218 No. Gossaigaon L.P. School1057Gossaigaon
123Gossaigaon Girls H. School852Gossaigaon
124Sastri Vidya Pith M.E. School833
125Sastri Vidya Pith L.P. School674
126Gossaigaon Town Keshab Deka Memorial L.P. School 634Gossaigaon Town
127Inspection Bunglow Irrigation Gossaigaon572Gossaigaon Town
128Bishuram Memoriall.P. School R/S793
129Bishuram Memorial L P School Ls413
130Gossaigaon Town Keshab Deka Memorial L.P. School 859Gossaigaon Town
131Padmabil L.P. School.759Padmabil
132E.E. (Phe) Office , Gossaigaon949Gossaigaon
133Aee Office (Phe), Gossaigaon791Gossaigaon
134E.E. (Phe) Office , Gossaigaon714Gossaigaon
135Harafuta Telipara L.P. School673Harafuta Telipara
136468, Sahajuri L.P. School664Sahajuri
137Kamarpara L.P. School719Kamarpara
138Guma Reserve M.E. School1076Guma Reserve
139Rangagaon M.V. School866Rangagaon
1401123, Harafutamission L.P. School 1113Harafutamission
1411123, Harafutamission L.P. School 668Harafutamission
142Damrapara L.P. School683Damrapara
143258, Simultapu L.P. School 687Simultapu
144258, Simultapu L.P. School 1093Simultapu
145No.1 Simultapu L.P. School 742Simultapu
146No.1 Simultapu L.P. School 347Simultapu
147785, Simultapu L.P. School880Simultapu
148785 Shimultapu L P School Ls428Simultapu
1491019, Srirampur Refujee L.P. School858Srirampur Refujee
150Srirampur H. School882Srirampur
1511020, Srirampur Mgr L.P. School 1079Srirampur Mgr
1521020, Srirampur Mgr L.P. School 641Srirampur Mgr
153467, Shyamaguri L.P. School 818Shyamaguri
154467, Shyamaguri L.P. School 578Shyamaguri
155Nilaijhora L.P. School R/S793Nilaijhora
156Nilaijhora L.P. School 929Nilaijhora
157722, Lotamari L.P. School 728Lotamari
158808, Ransupur L.P. School472Ransupur
159666, Failaguri L.P. School918Failaguri
160739, Majadabri L.P. School580Majadabri
1611018, Khayerghutu L.P. School608Khayerghutu
162377, Garumarachar L.P. School681Garumarachar
1631021, Kembolpur L.P. School1097Kembolpur
1641017, Jiadanga L.P. School977Jiadanga
1651121, Mallikapur L.P. School560Mallikapur
1661122, Karlingpur L.P. School682Karlin
167Mornai Tea Garden L.P. School692Mornai Tea Garden
168Mornai Tea Garden L.P. School708Mornai Tea Garden
169Mornai Cha Bagicha M.E. School920Mornai Cha Bagicha
170722, Lotamari L.P. School 657Lotamari
171Mornai Cha Bagicha H.School620Mornai Cha Bagicha
172533, Dingdinga Bazar L.P. School 486Dingdinga Bazar
173533, Dingdinga Bazar L.P. School 913Dingdinga Bazar
174Mandarkuti L.P. School545Mandarkuti
175610, Mahamayapur L.P. School1063 Mahamayapur
176Borjan L.P. School 720Borjan
177Borjan L.P. School 737Borjan
178365, Bherbheri L.P. School 1010Bherbheri
179365, Bherbheri L.P. School 950Bherbheri
180Dingdinga M.V. School 563Dingdinga
181576 No. Azad Shiksha Niketan L.P. School. Haripur.672Haripur
182Dingdinga M.V. School 607Dingdinga
183724, Basantipur L.P. School1143Basantipur
184Dhuturamari M.E. Madrassa931Dhuturamari
185720, Kacharigaon L.P. School 766Kacharigaon
186720, Kacharigaon L.P. School 726Kacharigaon
187588, Polashkandi L.P. School 686Polashkandi
188588, Polashkandi L.P. School 758Polashkandi
189738, Grahampur L.P. School367Grahampur
190359, Kukiladanga L.P. School811Kukiladanga
19189, Kamandanga L.P. School 388Kamandanga
192643, Kamandangakuti L.P. School 874Kamandangakuti
193358, Bakdokra L.P. School 1085Bakdokra
194358, Bakdokra L.P. School 292Bakdokra
195Garopara L.P. School469Garopara
196Gritingarkuti L P School735Gritingarkuti
197Sonalurdabri L.P. School821Sonalurdabri
198Pokalagi L.P. School 732Pokalagi
199Pokalagi L.P. School 759Pokalagi
200608, Ramnathpara L.P. School806Ramnathpara
201Tamarhat H.S.912Tamarhat
202Tamarhat H.S.School 985Tamarhat
203Tamarhat H.S. 1062Tamarhat
204117, Sapmari J.B.School 648Sapmari
205117, Sapmari J.B.School 676Sapmari
20680, Belpara J.B.School 971Belpara
207Talowagaon L.P. School1125Talowagaon
208Chotoguma M.V. School 1134Chotoguma
209Chotoguma M.V. School 845Chotoguma
210Chotoguma L.P. School 699Chotoguma
211Chotoguma L.P. School 699Chotoguma
212433, Kaimmati L.P. School 934Kaimmati
213433, Kaimmati L.P. School 559Kaimmati
214Sapkata H.School 492Sapkata
215Sapkata H.School 751Sapkata
216Sapkata M.E. School1017Sapkata

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