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Polling Booth in Golakganj Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Golakganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Golakganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1749 No. Pokalagi Silghagri L.P. SchoolN.APokalagi Silghagri
21059Pokalagi Mandol Para L.P School N.APokalagi Mandol Para
31059Pokalagi Mandol Para L.P School.N.APokalagi Mandol Para
4Chagalia High School RN.AChagalia
5Chagalia High School L813Chagalia
6210 Uttar Sagolia L.P. SchoolN.AUttar Sagolia
7210 Uttar Sagolia L.P. School569Uttar Sagolia
8Chagalia High School M1020Chagalia
9475Pundibari L.P School 921Pundibari
10475Pundibari L.P School 476Pundibari
1177 No. Choto Digaltari Upgrade Lp SchoolN.AChoto Digaltari
12Ghogorpar Sr. Madrassa919Ghogorpar
13Ghogorpar Sr. Madrassa902Ghogorpar
14Bidyardabri M.E School 747Bidyardabri
15Bidyardabri M.E School 767Bidyardabri
162258 North Khalisamari L.P. School414North Khalisamari
17893 Chagolia L.P. School522Chagolia
18Kaimari (Nayahat) M.E School 695Kaimari (Nayahat)
19Kaimari (Nayahat) M.E.School692Kaimari (Nayahat)
20157Kaimari Kunja Narayan L.P School 965Kaimari Kunja Narayan
21157Kaimari Kunja Narayan L.P School 938Kaimari Kunja Narayan
22Jhinjinirkuti M.E School587Jhinjinirkuti
23924 No. Koimari Harimandir Lp School654Koimari Harimandir
242213 No Koimari Iii Amguri L.P. School1276Koimari Iii Amguri
25784Bishkura Pallimangal L.P.School ,735Bishkura Pallimangal
26784Bishkura Pallimangal L.P.School ,682Bishkura Pallimangal
27Bishkura Pallimangal M.E. School 589Bishkura Pallimangal
28Bishkura Pallimangal M.E. School 627Bishkura Pallimangal
291989Holiram L.P.School.892Holiram
301989Holiram L.P.School.738Holiram
311969 No.Kharkhari L.P. School 320Kharkhari
321969 No.Kharkhari L.P. School 362Kharkhari
332348 Pathardubi L.P.School1030Pathardubi
3491No. Madhyapetla J.B.School R1070Madhyapetla
3591No. Madhyapetla J.B. School L610Madhyapetla
36Kumarganj M.E. School625Kumarganj
372327 No Koimari Kodamtala L.P School R1012Koimari Kodamtala
382327 Koimari Kodamtala L.P School L969Koimari Kodamtala
392328 No. Koimari Lohajani L.P. School424Koimari Lohajani
40Kaimari M. V. School1076Kaimari
41782 No. Simlabari L.P. School937Simlabari
42Lohajani M.E.School 891Lohajani
43Lohajani M.E.School 829Lohajani
44206 No. Bidyadabri L.P School 1034Bidyadabri
45759 Sudhakhowarkuti L.P. School820Sudhakhowarkuti
46206 No. Bidyardabri L.P. School L661Bidyadabri
4718 No.Chagolia L.P.School1115Chagolia
48Halakura H.S. School 725Halakura
49Halakura Hs School759Halakura Hs School
502210Bidyardabri Baladoba L.P. School1178Bidyardabri Baladoba
51Dibyamayee L.P.School(R.)676Dibyamayee
52Dibyamayee L.P.School628Dibyamayee
53746Ganesar Dham L.P.School1016Ganesar Dham
54748Dimachara L.P.School 661Dimachara
55748Dimachara L.P.School609Dimachara
56Bousherkuti L.P.School885Bousherkuti
5747Dighaltari L.P.School1211Dighaltari
58Kherbari R.M. Sr. Madrassa883Kherbari R.M. Sr. Madrassa
59Kherbari J.N. M.E. School1112Kherbari J.N.
60479Jinkata L.P.School 738Jinkata
61479Jinkata L.P.School 644Jinkata
621638 No Paschim Jinkata L.P. School803Paschim Jinkata
63404Dighaltari L.P.School998Dighaltari
64751 Sonakhuli L.P. School1089Sonakhuli
652008Dighaltari L.P.School.1018Dighaltari
66Dighaltari High Madrassa R671Dighaltari
67Digaltari High Madrassa L563Dighaltari
68622Kherbari L.P.School R,816Kherbari
69622Kherbari L.P. School 833Kherbari
702351Gharialdanga L.P. School871Gharialdanga
71161Gharialdanga L.P.School1184Gharialdanga
72758Ratheswari L.P.School 970Ratheswari
73758Ratheswari L.P.School 892Ratheswari
74342Rajarhat L.P.School 889Rajarhat
75342Rajarhat L.P.School 876Rajarhat
76Borobalurchar Hafiz Ali M.E.Madrassa527
771069 Boro Balur Char L.P. School788Boro Balur Char
78333 Bhangaduli L.P. School619Bhangaduli
79333 Bhangaduli L.P.School739Bhangaduli
80587Vatipetla L.P.School 1118Vatipetla
812188 No. Alokjhari L.P. School371Alokjhari
82587Vatipetla L.P.School 962Vatipetla
832273 No. Hari Mandir Uttar Kachokhana L.P.School889Uttar Kachokhana
84539Uttar Kachokhana L.P.School R,617Uttar Kachokhana
85539 No. Uttar Kachokhana Lp School L591Uttar Kachokhana
86721Paglahat Bazar L.P.School934Paglahat Bazar
872189 Harincharakuti L.P. School889Harincharakuti
88379 Paglahat L.P.School.1054Paglahat
89379 Paglahat L.P.School.1065Paglahat
902463 Paschim Maragadadhar L.P. School951Paschim Maragadadhar
91Agamoni H.S. School.563Agamoni
92Agamoni Girls M.E. School979Agamoni
931267 No. Maisarchar L.P. School983Maisarchar
94Progati College R634Progati
95Pragati College L602Progati
961690Satbhani L.P. School1037Satbhani
971633 No.Kaldoba L.P.School.1134Kaldoba
981633 No.Kaldoba L.P.School.962Kaldoba
99Uttar Jhapusabari M.E. School720Uttar Jhapusabari
1002207 Merarkuti L.P. School721Merarkuti
1012088 No. Superikuti L.P. School455Superikuti
102337Bamundanga L.P. School942Bamundanga
103Mailkani Devi M.E. School650Mailkani Devi
104736 Gar Bhamondanga L.P. School678Gar Bhamondanga
105735Kuti Bamundanga L.P. School557Kuti Bamundanga
106Khagendra Narayan Baruah High School R654
107Khagendra Narayan Baruah High School L556
108Baruapara M.V. School1026Baruapara
109Ronpagli M.V. School 627Ronpagli
1102209 Sainaler Kuti L.P. School702Sainaler Kuti
111Ronpagli M.V. School 1110Ronpagli
1129Sarpakata L.P.School 738Sarpakata
1139Sarpakata L.P.School 731Sarpakata
114306Boroharir Dham L.P. School ,784Boroharir Dham
115827 Malipara L.P. School748Malipara
116306Boroharir Dham L.P. School ,438Boroharir Dham
1172352 No. Ramraikuti I L.P. School826Ramraikuti
118Satrasal Hs Bidyapith 730Satrasal
119Satrasal Hs Bidyapith 646Satrasal
120Pabarchara M.E. School 597Pabarchara
121Pabarchara M.E. School 624Pabarchara
1221907 No. Pabarchara L.P. School993Pabarchara
123Agomoni Sr. Basic School 1020Agomoni
1241544 No. Talli L.P. School509Talli
125Agomoni Sr. Basic School 914Agomoni
1262413 No. Pub Shernagar L.P.School1038Shernagar
1271476Agomoni J.B. School1066Agomoni
128Maisharchar L.P. School978Maisharchar
1292419 No. Paschim Moisha L.P. School696Paschim Moisha
13057 Purni L.P. School 882Purni
13157 Purni L.P. School 862Purni
132Kachokhana Hs School 920Kachokhana
133Kachokhana Hs School 987Kachokhana
134Sonarhat Sr. Madrassa R626Sonarhat
135Sonarhat Sr. Madrassa L612Sonarhat
136Sonarhat M.E. Madrassa.680Sonarhat
137Sonarhat M.E. Madrassa.650Sonarhat
1382349 Mowamarijhar L.P. School258Mowamarijhar
1392442 Barundanga L.P. School1142Barundanga
140777Uttar Barundanga L.P.School 609Uttar Barundanga
141777 Uttar Barundanga Lp School614Uttar Barundanga
142Pratapganj Bazar M.E. School 716Pratapganj Bazar
143Pratapganj Bazar M.E. School 736Pratapganj Bazar
1442220 No. Pub Maisa L.P. School740Maisa
145Boro Charaikhola M.E. School.874Boro Charaikhola
146Boro Charaikhola M.E. School.816Boro Charaikhola
147761 Futaniganj L.P. School743Futaniganj
1482030 Paglarhat L.P. School802Paglarhat
149Belguri M.V. School1004Belguri
15056Ratiadaha Boy'S Moktab L.P. School876Ratiadaha
151724Sindurai L.P. School 863Sindurai
152724Sindurai L.P. School 861Sindurai
1537Brajonath L.P. School R,567Brajonath
1547 No. Brajonath L.P. School 633Brajonath
1551914 No. Talli L.P. School985Talli
1562214 No. Jhaskal L.P. School 776Jhaskal
1572214 No. Jhaskal L.P. School 713Jhaskal
158729Jhashkal L. P. School702Jhaskal
159403 No. Girls L.P.School605
160241 Paikartari L. P. School972Paikartari
161Biskhowahat M.E. School892Biskhowahat
16240Ratiadaha L.P. School 681Ratiadaha
16340Ratiadaha L.P. School662Ratiadaha
164Ratiadaha High School356Ratiadaha
16524Charaikhola L.P. School622Charaikhola
166712Ratiadaha L.P.Schoo625Ratiadaha
167196 Paschim Ratiadaha L.P.School 1084Ratiadaha
168519Pachim Bisondoi L.P. School851Pachim Bisondoi
169719 Dakhin Bisondoi L.P. School998Dakhin Bisondoi
170Bisondoi D.B. High School 660Bisondoi
171Bisondoi Db High School514Bisondoi
1721527 Pashim Bisondoi Lp School949Pashim Bisondoi
17317Bisondoi L.P. School860Bisondoi
174950 Uttar Bisondoi L.P. School724Uttar Bisondoi
17562Harirhat L.P. School 945Harirhat
17662Harirhat L.P. School 658Harirhat
177718Tokrerchara L.P. School 814Tokrerchara
178718Tokrerchara L.P. School 790Tokrerchara
179196 Paschim Ratiadaha L.P.School 658Paschim Ratiadaha
1801515Pubkanuri L.P. School,624Pubkanuri
1812409 No. Kalidangarpar Prathomik Bidyalaya 649Kalidangarpar
1822409 No. Kalidangarpar Prathomik Bidyalaya617Kalidangarpar
183633Paglirpat L.P. School979Paglirpat
18437 Sonahat J.B. School850Sonahat
185Bapuji M.V. School904Bapuji
186319Harish Prodhani L.P. School 623Harish Prodhani
187319 Harish Prodhani Lp School L646Harish Prodhani
188770Lakhimari L.P. School 954Lakhimari
189770Lakhimari L.P. School 731Lakhimari
190245Lakhimari L.P. School 850Lakhimari
191245Lakhimari L.P. School 945Lakhimari
192700Dutta Narayan L.P. School 938Dutta Narayan
193700Dutta Narayan L.P. School 1065Dutta Narayan
194150Chinmayee Basic L.P. School800Chinmayee Basic
195Jogmohan Bidyapith 910Jogmohan Bidyapith
196Jogmohan Bidyapith 970Jogmohan Bidyapith
197Nababharat Pathshala M.E. School913Nababharat Pathshala
198Chilarai College686Chilarai
199Rahamatganj M.E. Madrassa 990Rahamatganj
200Rahamatganj Sr. Madrassa797Rahamatganj
201Rahamatganj M.E. Madrassa 673Rahamatganj

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